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Posted by TG (Creator)

I've just been made aware that "The Radio" has ended up on a music piracy site. 

The only people in the world who have had access to that exact copy were Kickstarter downloaders. 

I'm going to be a hardass about this. The downloader who shared the record with this site are hurting The Slackers and a small independent label. Fortunately, Whatevski does have access to big-time legal services, and we'll be able to have it removed.

I'm not yet accusing anyone here of wrong doing - I'm thrilled with the support, but also dismayed of this leak.

Let's do it this way - I'll give amnesty if the person who shared it lets me know. Else, I may be forced to remove the download until it's removed from the illegal site.



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    1. Hooked on Wax on

      Sadly, piracy is built in the system. Whatever the motivation, the desire to share is an understandable, human urge. It is poor laws and too many legal disputes that are in the way of progress. In terms of public awareness campaigns, pay-per-play compensation for creators or negotiating that artists receive any percentage of targeted ad revenue that comes in from fans accessing their own content is hard to find in this erratic sorta "free grab for all" model developed decades ago on Netscape Navigator. I think that indie labels, esp the digital platforms, now want to "trim the fat" from the big two labels and demand people raking in advertising or file sharing profits negotiate for a system that will better sustain an artist's career over the long term. The twisted part is that the whole aim of the artist is to get their music Heard and Enjoyed, gaining worldwide distribution. Ugh, I'm confused!?! And I don't know what it's called "pirating" anyway, sounds like a glorification of illegal sharing. They should really just call it something less glamourous, cause it's these gosh darn kids that are probably doing most of it anyway! We should track their IPs and put them in Digital Detention ... forever!!! You hear that??? Now stop downloading illegally or the government will come after YOU with the patriot act and throw ya in a pit of despair for not thinking before you share!

    2. Missing avatar

      John Brodie on

      File sharing of concerts and other material that is not commercially available is a great thing but taking someone's hard work that has been offered at a VERY reasonable price and STEALING it from them multiple times is really a sad crime. There is no BS about Robin Hood taking from the rich to give to the poor here - everyone worked very hard with this project to good stuff and the Slackers have given us a collection of music that they really deserve to get rewarded financially for! I hope the thieves will agree and BUY the music from a legit source. JB

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      Gerardo Lomeli on

      Thank you for hooking me up with such kick-ass tunes, you're the best!

    4. Missing avatar

      chris gresham on

      I have not received a link yet either.

    5. TG Creator on

      To clarify my earlier statement. I am not conducting a witch hunt. Yes, it sucks that a year's work was put up for free on the web in the form of the kickstarter download. But generally we don't chase down piracy. And, anyone who's ever dealt with me, or Whatevski knows that we're not assholes, and go above and beyond to make our fans and community happy.

      However, the reason for the possible takedown is all business related, and not a punishment. Since the record is cover songs, we are beholden to the original rights holders, like Madonna, Elton John, and Jefferson Airplane. I don't want to have to deal with their legal teams, or publishing reps.

      As hard as it is to get an illegal download taken down from a Russian piracy site, it's even harder to prove that the label had nothing to do with the illegal download, and that we're in the right as far as the royalties we've paid out.

      That's all. I'm sorry some of you got upset with the harshness of the situation. Hoping if you were put off, that we can all file it under "shit happens".

      If you'd like to talk privately, email me directly at

      Peace and love,


    6. Johanna Gan on

      That sucks. It makes me feel like it's not only a knife in the back to The Slackers, but also to all of us who supported this project. I hope whoever did this does come forward, and although I don't agree with share first-buy later as MarkAsUnknown guy says (that's why there are sample tracks or sound cloud!), I hope for the positive and that it will introduce more people to the Slackers who will honestly pay for the album and support them through shows and other means. Sending you love <3 ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Timothy Cornish on

      I'm in the same boat as Steven - I've not received a download link yet either.

      Not a major issue - I'm really looking forwards to getting to hear the album (and I won't be illegally downloading it to do so), but completely understand if you have to suspend the download while you're sorting this out.

    8. Steven Sevchuk on

      Hey guys,.. I was a $12 pledger and didn't get a link for the download link between the emails for updates 7 and 8.

      Am I missing something?

    9. Ska Bob on

      Contact the site and file a DCMA claim, they make it difficult so read their DCMA page. For quicker action, notify any file hosting sites the album is available on and tell them to remove it and you are the copyright holder.

      Ive seen this happen to a Seattle's ska bands latest release who also used kickstarter. I think there are people making the minimum pledges to gain early access to albums . They then post the files and get kickbacks when people sign up for the premium accounts at the file hosting services.

      You may want to look though the backers who made the minimum pledge, and see if they also funded a large number of musically unrelated (rock-hiphop-dance,etc) projects. Then contact kickstarter.

    10. TG Creator on

      The Whatevski policy is not to chase down pirated copies of our releases. However, since we're dealing with a small group of people w/ access to the exact version of the record that appears on the illegal site, we are responding. Totally not cool. Neither the band, or myself are going to lose sleep over being disappointed, but it's definitely not cool.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ton de Jong on

      How senseless. On behalf of all other backers: Feel free to ensure appropriate legal measures.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Wooten on

      I have to say this is one of the best Slackers albums yet and I am honored and absolutely thrilled that I was able to be a part of backing this band and their hard work! I am an independent film maker and I completely understand your frustration with the recent chain of events. I've already downloaded my copy....thanks! If you need to remove the download until you can handle this situation you'll have no complaints from me. Keep up the good work!

    13. Missing avatar

      MarkAsUnknown on

      ah come on. you're funding is successful. it's totaly normal today. sure, it's not cool. but, when i'm downloading a album and i like it, i buy it. if i don't like it, i delete it.
      of course, if you're a slackers fan you have to buy it! but if you download it and maybe when they play in your city and some friends of you goin to the concert, maybe you go to, because you remember, ah, the slackers, yeah i got something from them on my computer...
      and so, you get your money, not for the download, but in an other way and maybe he buys a tshirt on the concert too.

      hope you know what i wanna say...sry for my english, it's not so good. i hope you know what i wanna say.

      And buy the goddamn album! it's totaly awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      bash on

      Damn, putting the new CD on a music piracy site is not nice at all! And so quick, got my download instructions just a couple of hours ago. You're completely right, surely hope that the person who shared it steps forward.

    15. Missing avatar

      Carolyn on

      What an a**hole!