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A tactical turn-based RPG, set on a world fallen into a medieval dark age after the collapse of a spacefaring civilization.
A tactical turn-based RPG, set on a world fallen into a medieval dark age after the collapse of a spacefaring civilization.
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(Almost) All of the News and We Could Use Your Help!

Posted by Whale Hammer Games (Creator)

Hey Folks! 

We’ve had a huge month (plus a few weeks) since the last time we posted an update. Let me catch you up quickly: 

  • Last week we sent off review builds to press, so we’re now waiting with baited breath for news of who is reviewing the game and what they think of it. 
  • This is our last week of development before we send off our builds to the storefronts we’re launching on. It’s all polish at this stage, making Tahira as good as we can before we get it into your hands. 
  • We ran the backer beta from June through till mid-July and it was a big success. Having more eyes to help us test the game and giving all of the excellent feedback we received has made a massive impact on the game. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and especially to those who gave us large amounts of their time to help make the game better, you know who you are. 

We’re really happy with how the game is playing and we are really looking forward to having you all play it. There’ll be more news, likely later in the week about how we’ll be managing distribution of the game keys and digital rewards. 

We need your help 

As you would all know very well, the game’s industry has become very competitive over the last few years. Releasing a game for an indie is like dropping a glass of water into a river and hoping that enough people notice how fresh and delicious your water is. Terrible metaphor? Perhaps… 

The point is that we need all the help we can get for Tahira's launch. As the first people to believe in Tahira, there are a few things you can do to help us get the word out about the game: 

Steam Wishlists – Tahira is now on Steam, if that’s where you play your games, please add it to your Steam wishlists! 

Steam Reviews – Once you’ve had a chance to play Tahira, we would really appreciate you taking the time to post a review on our Steam page, or on any other stores we release the game on! 

Show the trailer to everyone who you think might care!


Delightful Music from Max LL! 

As we build up to release, Max is releasing a track from the official soundtrack each week. He’s posted two so far: 

A Better Future: 


We Have Been Here Before: 


As always, you can stay up to date with the goings on at Whale Hammer Games and with Tahira by following us on social media! 

Tahira Facebook 

Tahira Twitter 

Whale Hammer Games Facebook 

Whale Hammer Games Twitter 

That’s all for now! 

Talk soon, 

Peter C


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    1. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      We'll send them out on the 31st of August when the game launches.

    2. Missing avatar

      mbpopolano24 on

      When are we getting our keys?

    3. Javier Alemán on

      Hey guys,

      I'm from the Spanish indie website Nivel Oculto. As a backer myself I didn't ask you for a review key, so we'll be posting our review with my own.

      Also, you're added in our "indie calendar":