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A turn-based tactics RPG about a princess, set during an age of darkness after the collapse of space faring civilisation.
A tactical turn-based RPG, set on a world fallen into a medieval dark age after the collapse of a spacefaring civilization.
A tactical turn-based RPG, set on a world fallen into a medieval dark age after the collapse of a spacefaring civilization.
1,283 backers pledged AU$ 68,755 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      Sadly there won't be a episode 2 any time soon. The game is selling steadily when we go on sale, but nor particularly well. We've nearly recouped the money we put in ourselves to make it.

      We've all got different jobs now in different cities. Never say never, we'd still like to, but for now the idea is resting.

    2. Radon on

      So, where is in update on who things went and where you are heading now? Did you mange to create enough revenue to do the second episode on your own? Or are you preparing to kickstart that one as well?

    3. Whale Hammer Games Creator on


      Chris! There was an issue with some of the Humble emails, which was how we sent out backers keys. Please PM us and we'll sort you out a key. We're very sorry that happened to you.

    4. Chris Hore on

      I never got my key :(

    5. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      So glad you enjoyed it!
      The voice actors listed did all of the V/O for combat and the small number of ambient vocal sounds like laughing that were used in the story sections. We don't have any plans to add them in the future, much as we'd love to.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris S

      Just finished the game, and am already excited for Episode 2. That last (real) battle was way hard...I loved it.

      Quick question...I noticed voice actors in the credits. I know you didn't quite reach that stretch goal, but is that planned for the future? If so, I missed it.

    7. Dianne on

      I just started playing and I have to say I love the ambush mechanic, especially when paired with Vicious Strikes. I always like it when game mechanics are used as a narrative device, since it's one thing that games can do that no other medium can. I am enchanted by the story, the characters and above all the worldbuilding. There is a real sense of history in the world. It makes me want to visit all the places that inspired the game.

      I also suspect that Iba is the true protagonist and is pulling the strings behind the scenes. I suppose I'll find out if I'm correct about that when Super Fresh Ultimate Tahira X is released.

    8. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      Hey folks,
      It seems like a bunch of humble emails didn't make it to your inboxes. Most of you have already, but if anyone is still waiting on a key, please contact us through Kickstarter's message system and we will sort it out for you.

    9. Eric R. on

      Also no key yet.

    10. John Vaught II on

      Hello, I haven't received my steam key yet. :)

    11. Keith Andrews on

      Where do you email if you still have not got your Steam key?

    12. Missing avatar

      Cameron Skeens on

      Still haven't received a key yet.

    13. Missing avatar

      jorge kukurelo on

      I haven't received an email with my copy yet, how do i go about getting it?

    14. Nathan Stock on

      I am freakin' excited for tomorrow - it can't come soon enough. This is looking really really good. A passion project for you guys clearly.

    15. Howard Kistler

      @Creator: Just saw you on the GOG forums! Thanks very much for coming by and answering questions. I hope the game is a real success, a lot of posters are expressing interest in it.

    16. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      Hey Howard, I jumped into the forum thread. Thank you for the head's up! We're really psyched to get the game out there!

    17. Howard Kistler

      PS - For folks who are interested, the announcement thread on the GOG forums is here:
      I'm doing what I can to field questions about the game there. It would be awesome for the devs to stop in and say hi, we really appreciate that in our community.

    18. Howard Kistler

      Hurrah! I just saw the announcement on GOG that you are releasing on there! I do hope I'll be able to get my backer's copy as a GOG key, it's my gaming vendor of choice. And congratulations!

    19. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      Hey Motoki,
      There will be an update coming out later in the week. We didn't get to go to PAX East as we're based in Australia and it's too expensive for us to fly over and get a booth.

    20. Motoki on

      So we're 2 months from when it was said there would be an update and also past Pax East now. Can we get an update please?

    21. Missing avatar

      archer hawke on

      Ok great, Thanks for the answer :)

    22. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      Hi Archer,
      We completely understand where you're coming from. We'll have some more information in the next update about our timeline for release.

    23. Missing avatar

      archer hawke on

      Hey guys. Thanks for the last update. But do you have a timeline to share with us ? I don't mind that the initial date is not the good one, i prefer waiting and having a good final product. But having a little information on a possible delivery date would be nice.

    24. Elgar Storm (Crazy Hawk Games) on

      No worries. I totally understand that PAX is the focus for right now. And there is no point doing extensive testing on something that is not quite ready for it. Keep up the hard work, and best of luck for PAX.

    25. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      No worries Dianne, thank you :)

      That's a great idea, we'll have to see how we go with putting the build together for the show, but if we're not doing things desperately last minute then we may well do that.

    26. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      Hey Elgar,

      We're not totally sure at the moment. Once we get back from PAX we're going to sit down and work out what the best timeline is for the project. We're very sensitive to the fact that you and lots of others will be keen to get into it, but we need to make sure we're far enough along with the game and that we have the time to devote ourselves to working with you all.

      Our update after PAX will have more information about it.

    27. Dianne on

      Thanks for the shout out. :) We need more games like this! Looking forward to checking out the changes and meeting you folks at PAX AUS.

      Will you be releasing a KS update with the new build right before PAX AUS? I think it would be great if you could ask attendees at the show to direct their friends to the latest build so they can try it out.

    28. Elgar Storm (Crazy Hawk Games) on

      Nice to see that you are making progress. I figured you would be prepping hard for PAX at the moment.

      Any idea when you will be starting to work on the beta testing phase of things?

    29. Whale Hammer Games Creator on


      You will get a DRM free key, whether it's on GOG or through somewhere like the Humble Store, is yet to be determined. We'll let you know when we know :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Giles C Hjort-Tyson on

      Any chance of offering a key instead of steam?

    31. Belisarius

      Hi Bat - loved the look of the game and it's made in Australia, so I had to back it. Didn't have a choice :-)

    32. Lobst5r

      @Belisarius hi! I didn't know you backed Tahira. It's looking really good!

      @WhaleHammerGames my workspace is pretty trashed right now, but I'm still keeping a space saved for that mug! The new animation frame rates look very nice. Good luck at Pax Aus.

    33. Whale Hammer Games Creator on


      Here's fine :) Thanks for the feedback! On the to-do list is extending the environment art so the UI doesn't block the bottom of the battle. Haha we're going to start working on a tutorial as soon as we lock down Heroic Action and it should get a bit easier then!

    34. Whale Hammer Games Creator on


      Thanks! You're spot on with that description. For now, just commenting here or on the update itself would be good. Once we get a bit further along we'll look at creating a dedicated space for feedback and discussion.

    35. Belisarius

      Great update and great progress. I'm sure it's exhausting and rewarding!

      Is there a specific forum we should use to provide feedback on the current build?

    36. Simon Polenz

      Not sure if i should do this here but in the recent demo there is a little bug i noticed. Baruti when walking turns into a normal guard but when standing has Baruti's head again. Also the control bar in the bottom is to big so when there is a fight going on in the bottom half of a map you can´t really see where you are clicking. But really an interesting demo. Looking forward to more and to an easier difficulty haha.

    37. Christopher

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    38. Belisarius

      Great to hear and good luck at Pax. Do us proud :-)

    39. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      Hey Belisarius! Absolutely. Sorry about the big gap, we've been flat out hitting a deadline for PAX Aus. We should have a big update for you next week :)

    40. Belisarius

      Hello guys, any chance of an update?

    41. Lobst5r

      Oh man! I just watch the update, the knight takedown looks great!

    42. Whale Hammer Games Creator on

      Hey @the Bat!!

      Haha, that's great to hear! But we can't have you suffering for too long! We'll a nice big news update for you in the next couple of days :)

    43. Lobst5r

      Just sitting here... Thinking about Tahira...*sigh*...

      All this waiting is killing me...

    44. Missing avatar

      Thierry Mayrand on

      Good job guys! I'm glad you were able to get the funding you needed. I am really looking forward to the Tahira adventure!

    45. Lobst5r

      I didn't know you were considering extending your PayPal pledges, if you have any updates let us know, I've been tweeting news about projects that look really cool and still need a bump up. I can't wait to play this game! TAHIRA!

    46. Missing avatar

      Winterfeldt on

      Congratulations! :-)

    47. Stian on

      Congratulations guys, really looking forward to seeing more stuff from Tahira in the coming months!

    48. Springmonkey on

      @Whale Hammer
      I hope you can extend Paypal donations beyond the Kickstarter and I'm glad you're considering it. So, once again, congratulations on your success and I'm greatly looking forward to playing Tahira. Now, go enjoy your hard earned rest... you're going to need it. ;)

    49. Howard Kistler

      Once again, congratulations on making it! As I went to bed there were 4 hours left and it was really close, so I was glad to wake up to the good news.
      Now get coding! ;)

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