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Electronic Currents 2.0: your source for commercial-free, hand-picked, quality electronic dance music!

Coming to you this summer (2013) via the radio and through online, on-demand streaming.

Hosted by Richard Paton, Electronic Currents is a radio show that offers listeners the best in house, trance, UK garage, progressive, drum and bass, and electro. In other words, the widest possible mix of electronic dance music (EDM).

Each episode features new and classic tracks that exemplify this stylistic range, from the rhythmic energy of house to the soaring melodies of epic trance, the skipping beats of drum and bass, and mellow soundscapes of chillout.  Different and distinct as they are, they all exemplify a fundamental element of  EDM: it is music with the power to move you, both physically and emotionally.

Why the 2.0?

For several years, Richard hosted an earlier version of EC that was broadcast  on NPR affiliate WGTE FM 91. That program drew a tremendous following of loyal listeners throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. In 2010, Richard decided to take a sabbatical from producing the program in order to pursue other interests.

Now, after a three-year hiatus, Richard is ready to bring Electronic Currents back to the air in a fresh and revitalized form. This new EC promises to be bigger, better and bolder - and will be made available to a much wider audience this time around, through online distribution.

Where will I be able to listen?

WGTE will broadcast Electronic Currents via traditional radio (we have four transmitters scattered throughout Northwest and West Central Ohio). We also stream our signal online, so it can be heard world-wide. In addition, we plan to offer the program as an on-demand streaming podcast through our website, so you'll be able to access it from practically anywhere, at any time.

Who is producing the show?

Electronic Currents will once again be produced and distributed by WGTE Public Media in Toledo, Ohio. WGTE brings both PBS and NPR programming to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, and has a proven track record of award-winning television and radio production.

Through direct public support, we've managed not only to bring the best in national programming to our audience, but we've also produced many successful local programs for both radio and TV.

That's where you come in!

Kickstarter is a natural fundraising tool for Public Radio. The majority of our budget comes directly from the people, and with Kickstarter, you can apply your donation directly to the project of your choice!

Our goal is to raise enough money to fund an initial season of 26 episodes of Electronic Currents.

The majority of those start-up costs come from buying (and sometimes licensing) music tracks. We also need to cover production costs that take place outside of WGTE (some interviews, for example). While expenses for a public radio program like this are not exorbitant, we still need your support to get it off the ground.

Want to hear more? Listen to an example of Richard's work on the original version of Electronic Currents.

For an even better idea of what the show is about and how we'll use your investment, watch Richard's introductory video (at the top of this page). We hope you'll join us and many others in bringing this worthy and excellent radio program back to the air!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

While there are risks and challenges involved in launching any new radio program, we don't foresee anything that we can't handle. Here are a few hypotheticals:

Problem: We won't attract enough listeners.

Solution: We're Public Radio. We don't run ourselves on a commercial model, so we're not beholden to advertisers (who pay attention only to numbers and demographics). Also, we're in the business of bringing music to the public that isn't heard anywhere else. That's why Kickstarter is a natural place to raise start-up revenue - it's the listeners themselves who pay the bills, and we don't need to make a profit.

Problem: We won't be able to find enough interesting music to use on the program.

Solution: As a whole, EDM is a huge and multifaceted genre. No need to worry about finding an unlimited supply of interesting stuff - our host Richard Paton is one of the best authorities on the subject.

Problem: Doesn't it cost much more than what you're asking to actually produce a radio show?

Solution: Yes it does - but most of the architecture is already in place (since we're a radio station with in-house production facilities). WGTE will incorporate much of the cost of the program into our general budget as part of standard operating costs (equipment, power, space, web tech, etc). The amount we're looking to raise represents additional costs for one season's worth of episodes that are not already part of our operation.


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