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A conscious living manual that explains difficult human topics in a fresh and accessible way. Feel supported and inspired! (hardcover).
A conscious living manual that explains difficult human topics in a fresh and accessible way. Feel supported and inspired! (hardcover).
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Interview with illustrator Roos ten Broecke + first stretch goal

Posted by Wendy Van Mieghem (Creator)
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Hi all,

We've passed the first stretch goal (free minicards for backers of paper pledges!) and we're on our way to the second, woohoo! Only 6 days left before the campaign ends, and we're still € 1207 short. So your support and the support of new backers is really needed. Please continue to share and support this campaign!

That said, I'm so glad I am finally able to share with you the interview I had last summer with illustrator Roos ten Broecke. Below you find the recap, both in text and video. On my website (click here) you can read the full interview. Enjoy!

Warm greetings,

Wendy van Mieghem -

Illustrator Roos ten Broecke
Illustrator Roos ten Broecke

Recap of the interview

I know it is totally out of your comfort zone, so I really appreciate your efforts. The first thing I would like to ask you is: do you make a living out of making illustrations?

No, making illustrations is not my main professional activity. I also work as a mediator: a social worker for people who have difficulties finding a job. Besides, I try to find as many illustration opportunities as I possibly can.

And do you have certain routines when you make illustrations? For example, when you drew the ones for the book?

I don’t really have routines. Usually, I just jump in whenever I have the time. I remember, when I was working for the Dutch version of your book, I spent a lot of time outside. It was during spring and summer 2016 and it was wonderful weather. So I remember I drew a lot of the illustration for your book in the garden, with a cup of coffee.

I do make drafts usually. Just to get an idea of what is needed. I do it quickly. Once the scale and everything is in place, I start to work on the final illustration.

So now the English translation of the book is about to be published and find its way into the world. What’s it like for you Roos that your illustrations are spreading all over the world?

Well, it’s wonderful! And it’s scary as well, I think. Because I’ve never been so exposed in a way. So it’s still a bit new to me. But it’s nice to hear that it still touches people. And that it contributes to the story you want to tell and get out there. So it’s nice that it keeps going and receives new exposure, I think.

What was the book The wisdom behind emotion and feeling like for you? Did it touch you personally?

Yes, of course. I was used to reading small parts of the book, related to the illustrations I needed to make. But I remember this one illustration that I made, with the bridge between two pieces of land, representing the conditional and unconditional aspects of life. I found that part of the book very inspiring. It is very true. And at that time, it was useful for me. However, it wasn’t the easiest illustration to make. Making the illustration helped me understand what the chapter was about. It is my favorite.

OK, so the gap between conditional and unconditional, and the interaction between them, is your favorite part of the book?

Yes, I think so. Because I think it is very useful in life and very true. But it is not something that you think of by yourself. It is something that you can feel and recognize but it is hard to put it into words. The chapter, and the book entirely, does that wonderfully. Things that are not easy to name or to talk about, you make them talkable.

O, thank you Roos. That’s a wonderful compliment. I’m happy to be of service. Thank you so much for having this interview with me. Thank you for sharing your heart and efforts and devotion with me and the readers.

My pleasure.

Click here to read the full interview

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