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So we've wrapped up our 1st slate of films & we're ready to start the 2nd. Help us fund 5 five more indie shorts ... or maybe even 10!
So we've wrapped up our 1st slate of films & we're ready to start the 2nd. Help us fund 5 five more indie shorts ... or maybe even 10!
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proof that we're sending out the last rewards. watch your mailbox if you gave $150 or more. =)

(our deepest apologies to the three of you who didn't get us your address in time, because we obviously can't send you your rewards. we'll make the videos available via secure download once we finally hear from you, but we're sorry we weren't able to get you all the tangible items.)

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here they come!

hey all,

we were REALLY hoping to get the last remaining rewards out to you big money people during WMMFest in June, but WMMFest and Equal Writes just kicked our butts and we've been recovering ever since. the good news is that the response from both has been amazing and we've been kinda sifting through it and making some extremely interesting plans for our future as a collective (really exciting stuff actually, we can't wait to share it all with you). of course that doesn't make it okay for us to not send you high rollers the rewards you so completely deserve.

so now that we finally have the completed films of Slate Two (except for "Strong Love" which is still in some stage of production / post-production – and will be sent out on its own once complete), we're putting together the official Slate Two DVDs, which will include two extra films - "The Rwanda Blend" from Sam Zvibleman (originally a Slate One film) & "Drain" by Collin Blair (the first of the three 'extra' Slate Two films to be completed). we've planned a shipping party this weekend and if all goes according to plan, the eighteen of you who gave $150 and up should be receiving your rewards shortly (however that number includes the three of you who still haven't sent us your address and t-shirt size - so please email that info to ASAP to get your rewards as well)!

please remember as you receive the Slate Two DVDs that many of the pieces on it (if not all) are CURRENTLY being submitted to festivals around the country - perhaps even the world -, so please do NOT post online anywhere or make available for viewing or ripping or torrenting in any way. if festival programmers happen to find this content online, they're likely to assume it has already been released and then deny it immediately. a very clear reminder will be posted on the Slate Two DVD cases which will be sent, but it's a point all our filmmakers have asked us to make abundantly clear. please remember: these copies are for your personal enjoyment as contributors to our campaign and yours alone.

for everybody who gave, but gave less (and hopefully received your rewards already), we are currently figuring out how to make all our films available for purchase online somewhere, but the Slate Two films obviously won't be available until they've had plenty of time to make the festival rounds. just keep your eye on and sign up for our newsletter to get that news when it comes out.

thank you all again SOOOOO much for making this chunk of films possible. we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Chad Kukahiko
Director or Interactive/Operations
We Make Movies

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WMMFest has begun

last Saturday night we screened the first of our WMMFest films, a feature film by Eric Michael Kochmer titled "Way Down In Chinatown". tonight we begin our shorts screenings. Thursday night is the first of our two Slate Two screenings, so if you have any free tickets please contact us to reserve your seat. email to reserved your place. if you'd like to buy tickets go to and to peruse the films in the festival go to

we hope to see you there!

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guess what? nearly all of the Slate Two films are nearing completion. that means we're having screenings!!! yay!

here's the info: we're actually having a whole miniature film festival within the much larger Hollywood Fringe Festival which kicked off last night at Fringe Central Station at 6314 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. we're screening one feature film and 24 different shorts. all shows are $10 each and all of the shorts screenings (two of which are dedicated to the finished Slate Two films and the one completed Slate One film - yay!) are 21+ - but that also means drinks will be available for purchase at all screenings! sorry, kiddies.

here's the thing though: Strong Love, by John Sandel, was not finished in time for the film festival. that means that when we ship out the last of our packages in about ten days, they will NOT include 'Strong Love'. however, they WILL include two bonus films instead - The Rwanda Blend from Slate One and Drain - one of our three extra Slate Two films.

the complete Slate Two films (plus Rwanda Blend and Drain) are screening on Thursday, June 20th and Tuesday, June 25th. if you have free tickets to any of our screenings from giving to either the Slate One or Slate Two campaigns, you can definitely use them for ANY of these screenings - even the screening of the one feature film "Way Down In Chinatown" or the three other shorts screenings in WMMFest. to redeem them just email me at with the date and number of tickets you plan to redeem and then please make sure you bring the hard copies of the tickets that you should have received by mail. i'll respond as soon as possible letting you know whether or not your reservation was in before the show was sold out. please remember that until you receive an email confirmation from me, you should not expect your seat(s) to be held.

NOTE: that if you're one of the Slate Two people who are also owed a Slate Two DVD ($150 and up), you haven't been sent the hard copies of your tickets yet - just make note of that in your email to me and i'll respond with your reservation confirmation. if you plan to come to the screening and would like us to hold onto your rewards so that you can pick them up at the box office, please let us know right away.

if you'd like to buy more tickets, go to and if you're interested in purchasing one of only thirty $35 All Festival Passes (giving you access to all SEVEN of our WMMFest screenings), go to

so i think that's it for now. thanks again for your support! we hope to see you at the WMMFest soon!

We Make Movies, Director or Interactive, Operations

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thanks for your patience


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