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STiiCKs® use real wood and strong magnets to frame art.
STiiCKs® use real wood and strong magnets to frame art.
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A deal for Turkey Day

Posted by Brandon Knowlden (Creator)
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Hello everyone, for those of you outside North America, this Thursday marks one of the United States' most beloved holidays. Thanksgiving. Its a time to relax, enjoy the company of loved ones and most importantly, give thanks.

One thing I am very thankful for this year is having your support as I lean into the winds of uncertainty to launch not only Stiicks, but the Well Made brand. I've received a LOT of emails asking about purchasing additional sets of Stiicks so as a thank you to you, the Backers, I've decided to offer each and every one of you first dibs on a pretty sweet deal.

The "Full Set" reward currently offers 1 set of each of the 4 different Stiicks sizes. Well, not anymore. From here on out, you get to choose whatever sizes you want! To upgrade, just log in and select the "Full Set" reward tier. All 4 Large? no problem, it'll save you $40!

Questions? We thought you might...

  • What does this mean if you're already backing the Full Set reward?

Well, it's your lucky day because now you can choose whatever sizes you want. As always, you'll be choosing your finish at the end of the campaign or when the reward tier sells out we may ask for your info a little early – whichever comes first.

  • What if I've already provided my information?

Don't worry about it, we're all about doing a little extra work so you can get exactly what you want. Your information isn't locked in until the survey is sent after the campaign ends.

  • Why are we opening up just this reward option?

Plain and simple, it's all that's left for Christmas delivery! While every set of Stiicks is currently available for January delivery, only 27 of the Full Set rewards are left and we want them gone.

And one last thing. Our neighbors over at the Dartstrip campaign – – have just 24 hours to go and wanted us to tell you to tell yourself you might want to give it a look. It's a super-fun product that also uses magnets. Unroll the white-steel strip from the well designed package in any length you'd like and snap it off. Peel off the back, stick it to a wall and use the included magnets to hang until your heart's content. Bottom line, we know you love Stiicks, but you might just love Dartstrip too.

Thanks again for the continued support. Stiicks are already in production and we'll be sharing some really fun photos and videos with you soon!



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