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Please join us in our documentary about the father of Claymation and creator of the California Raisins + more!
Please join us in our documentary about the father of Claymation and creator of the California Raisins + more!
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    1. Marq Evans Creator on

      Hi Robert aka Joe Cracker :)
      It's my hope we'll be able to release the film on Blu-Ray but a bit too early to tell for sure. It will depend on the distributor, but I'll definitely push for it. And if we can get rights to include some of the specials and shorts, I would love to include. Great idea!

    2. Robert C. McGee aka Joe Cracker on

      Will the movie be released on Blu-Ray and or include any old claymation tv specials and shorts?

    3. Tavis Balkin on

      So glad this project received full funding! To piggyback on what the commenter below said, the Claymation Christmas special was a Christmas tradition in my house as well. And who could forget The California Raisins and the Noid? Absolute classics. Looking forward to the film!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas was a major part of my family's Holiday tradition as my sister and I were growing up, and I've since shared with with my son. So glad to have been able to help bring his story to life.

    5. Missing avatar

      Celerian on

      Very happy you achieved your goal. I wish I could have done more because this work deserves to be shared! I’m only 29 but, my brother (30 RIP) and I were always fans of his work. We especially loved Michael Jackson Speed Demon video, which was aesthetically pleasing and very exciting to see as children. Thank you for creating something to encompass Will’s brilliance.

    6. Missing avatar

      GAIL QUAIL on

      I'm so incredibly happy at the tender age of 65 to be part of your Daydream and own a tiny bit of your history. All my prayers and good intentions on this incredible adventure. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

    7. Missing avatar

      jonathan woolf on

      Mazel Tov, as my people say. I can't wait to see the finished product. As a career key grip, who spent years working with miniatures, motion control, Lord of the Rings and all that, as well as working in your old studio in Portland, I have been hoping this would happen. Just great. Need a doco grip?

    8. T.R. Norton on

      Congratulations!! Very impressed and intrigued with what I have seen so far, so looking forward to the final product.

    9. Jesse Blanchard on

      Oh man! I can't wait for this to get funded!

    10. Marq Evans Creator on

      Us too, Gerry! We had the privilege of interviewing Peter Lord of Aardman and it was a fantastic experience. We'd love to interview Nick as well!

    11. Gerry McGrory on

      I'd love to see Nick Park get interviewed in this documentary.

    12. Mike Cecconi on

      I am pledging on behalf of my brother, as a birthday present as he is a huge California Raisins fan, will I be able to get the thank you put in his name?