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A fleet of undead warships models, for collection or to be used with any fantasy naval wargaming ruleset.
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We’re two brothers who are finally trying to give form to our passions through Kickstarter.

Among all the games we have played in the past, we have a soft spot for  naval wargaming played with fantasy warships with strange powers, that allow to field bizarre and greatly characterized vessel models.

Our Kickstarter offers an undead naval fleet composed by resin hand sculpted models, that strive to recapture the look and the feeling of the miniatures of the last two decades of the past century, that in our minds remains the ‘golden age’ of tabletop wargaming, without renouncing to an original touch.

Even if done mainly for fun, we’ll use the response to this little crowdfunding both to test the general interest for fantasy naval wargaming, and to collect funds to invest further in our Gravetides project.

Gravetides is a dying world where naval warfare, due to the relentless rising of the seas level, is more and more prevalent, and the races that populate it fight among each other and against the common foe of the minions and creatures of The Defiler, a parasite from another plane of existence that has corrupted in strange and unnatural ways the realms it has invaded.

While the ancient peoples of the Dwarfs and the Elves are struggling day after day to resist the invasion, some the human reigns that have not yet been assimilated by the Defiler, in a desperate attempt to escape the corruption brought by the invader, have renounced their humanity, turning themselves into Necrorealms, ruled by liches, vampires and other sorts of undead, a form of warped existence that the Defiler seems unable affect.

Free from the corruption of The Defiler, the self proclaimed Necroreges - even in undeath - continue to wage war one against the other, in an unending struggle for supremacy that does not spare the other races and nations of Gravetides.

So, in the true spirit of crowdfunding, the collected pledges will be actually used to develop an idea, that without your financial support would never see the light as a real product.

Help us creating a new world!

The Ships

For the sake of simplicity, there is just one pledge, that includes an undead fleet designed and set up to be used with the most in-print, and out-of-print, naval fantasy rule sets.

Veterans of this kind of miniature games may recognize the warships included, and the corresponding composition of the fleet.

To give a taste of the spirit behind the fantasy world we are imagining, the background text of each vessel will be referred to the Gravetides universe.

Drifting Mausoleums are a daunting and terrifying sight: constructed from the carcasses of a giant abyssal fish or some other marine creatures, they bring into battle an imposing mausoleum that hosts - guarded by a circle of necromancers - the phylactery of a mighty Lich, whose magical energy is channeled by the sorcerers to fuel the ship movement, and to create the defensive aura of decay that surrounds its massive bulk.

Due to the rareness of phylacteries, it is unknown how much Drifting Mausoleums are actually in existence: having a Drifting Mausoleum disabled, or worse sunk, may speak utter defeat to the undead fleet or even to the whole Necrorealms, as creating such a vessel may be a very difficult task.

Corpseships appear as vessels composed by remains, wreckages or even whole parts of sunk warships, kept together by the souls of their crews, bonded by necromantic spells to the ship they once belonged to.

Even if they are moved by the wind, their large shredded sails, made from the very ghostly essence of the souls of long dead crews, do not fill even in the strongest of gales, giving their movement an eerie quality that add to their already unnerving appearance.

The most prominent feature of these slick and agile warships is their forward ram, that appears to be a physical continuation of the hull itself.

Bonerammers are created by necroshaping spells that mold piles of dead bones into ship form, making these vessel look like floating shells from some twisted marine mollusk or coral.

This bizzare vessels are infused with magical energy, that allows them to move on the battle seascape, and that if channeled through their ram, may add to the already devastating damage they can normally cause on enemy ships.

Dreadships appear as decaying ships, mounting a single huge catapult of their front, acting in squadrons as fire support for larger and less maneuverable warships.

Dreadships are usually crewed by relentless zombies and armored skeletons, led by a necromancer acolyte or by a small cabal of apprentices.

The Pledge

Pledging will grant you a fleet composed by the following undead warships.

The undead ships models offered in this Kickstarter are carefully hand crafted like the old school miniatures whose memory they seek to recall, and they can be used with existing rule sets, as well as with the Gravetides rules if they will ever see the light.

All models will be finely cast in gray resin by a professional printer, as shown in the following pictures, that exactly depict what you will receive.

See more photos of the models at the Gravetides Facebook page:

A shared photo albums with both painted and unpainted models can be found here:

With the exception of the Bonerammer, ships require very simple assembly, as masts, and other assorted parts (like the Drifting Mausoleum gigantic ribs) have to be glued in place.

Even if the printing process is state-of-the-art, one or two air bubbles may remain trapped in the silicone mold, and create very tiny recesses into the  miniature that may have to be filled with modelling putty. 


It is possible to expand the basic fleet, or getting more then one fleet, by adding single ships models.

Just add to your pledge the required amount as indicated below.

 At the end of the campaign, in the final survey, you will be able to specify which models you've added to your pledge.

Flying Monsters

The undead fleet takes often a tactical advantage by including Flying Monsters such as the Revenant and the DracoMort.

These two models add-ons were at first locked, but as work on them has significantly progressed, we decided to unlock them in advance.

Just add them to your pledge just by increasing it by their relative amount.

Have a look at the campaign update to see some WIP on the sculpting, as the following sketches will give you an idea of how they will be finalized.

The winged shadow of the Revenant darkens the sky, as it nosedives to board enemy ships, and the scythe of its wraith rider reaps through their crews like dry hay.

The DracoMort is the reanimated corpse of a dragon, resurrected and brought into battle under the control of its necromantic raider.

DracoMort can attack enemy ships from above by breathing ice, lighting or clouds of decay, depending on the nature of the dragon when it was still alive.


Fleets will be carefully packaged in boxes in order to arrive intact to their destination.

All packages will be fulfilled from Italy, and worldwide shipping will be automatically added to the pledge, depending on the package destination.

The shipping fee has been calculated assuming that the weight and the dimensions of the package won’t be over what we’ve estimated as most probable, and includes the cost of packaging materials.

To handle possible exceptions, PayPal invoices will be sent to individual pledger in order to fulfill the difference in shipping cost.

Contact us directly before the end of the campaign about any doubts you may have about additional shipping costs.

Local taxes and custom fees are not included, and must fulfilled by the recipient of the package. 

About Us

We’re two Italian brothers with a passion for gaming and modelling, doing this for fun, and to test if we’ll be able to do more then a single fleet of fantasy warships.

If this Kickstarter is a success, we plan to develop further our Gravetides project, creating more fleets, and actually try to publish (in a form or another) our core rules, now in advanced development.

Among the fleets we’re thinking about, besides the classical Dwarfs, Elves and Orcs, are the vessels of Frostbare, a nation of undead from the northern ice plains, the warships of the quadrumvirate of the alchemical Liches, and the vampire realm of the degenerate Blood Sycophants.


Models have been painted by the hugely talented Matteo Murelli.

The game mat used in the photos is from Deep Cut Studio.

Risks and challenges

Even if we’ve pledged a fairly high number of Kickstarters (we’re listed as ‘Superbacker’), this is our first crowdfunding experience, and we’re trying our best to make it as smooth as possible by careful planning.
The printer we’ve chosen is within our area of residence, does professional works for some of the main model firms in Italy, and is the same that has produced the samples used to show off the rewards. The challenges might include us not being able to deliver successfully in the expected time frame, if the printer is late for some reason out of our control, or if the Flying Monsters Add-Ons will take a bit to be sculpted.

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    • 1 x Dreadhips Squadron (3 models)
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