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Change the future by sending dreams into the past in this unique and stunningly beautiful 45 min set collection game for 1-6 players
Change the future by sending dreams into the past in this unique and stunningly beautiful 45 min set collection game for 1-6 players
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More Art Stretch Goal Reached and NEW STRETCH GOALS ANNOUNCED!

Posted by Weird Giraffe Games (Creator)

Stretch Goal Met

This is the first time, in my history of running four kickstarter campaigns, that I've ever put out two updates on the same day! It's for a very exciting reason, though; we hit that More Art stretch goal! Both Kicktraq and Backertracker couldn't handle your enthusiasm for Dreams of Tomorrow and the goal was met. We're so happy about this that we're releasing two more stretch goals! With 25 hours to go, I think we can meet at least one, if tomorrow can hold up to today. 

 The first is for a Free Postcard for any backer receiving a physical copy of the game, with the ability for others to do add-ons in the pledge manager. 

 Then Linen Finish, as I love component upgrades and this is one of my favorites. 

Social Goals

Current Status of the Social Goals:  

The Facebook Like goal was met! WE NEED JUST ONE MORE GOAL TO GET THE DREAMIEST ENGINEER CARD. We hope you are all as excited about this as we are! 

Questions for You  

These are the current top names for the Dreams of Tomorrow Mini Expansion: Resonance, Harmony, Divergence, and Awaken. 

Which do you like better? Any other suggestions on names? 

Please answer on the main comments section, so we can keep all the discussion together and get a conversation going!

Kickstarter Live

We'll be playing Dreams of Tomorrow tomorrow as the Kickstarter is in it's final hours. If you have any questions, we'll answer them and hopefully have a great time bringing in the end of the Kickstarter. 

It'll be at 9:00pm EDT (8:00pm CDT/ 7:00pm MDT/ 6:00pm PDT). We would love if you posted some questions by following the link on the preview video on the Kickstarter page or commented on the Kickstarter page.  

Here's the link to the live feed:

Really Final Push

There's 25 hours to go and you have all been amazing! Not only did we get the more art stretch goal, but we're so close with the Social Stretch goal, as well! 

Please keep up sharing the campaign and reviews and commenting on the page and we'll definitely hit at least one of the stretch goals, if not both! 

Thank you all so much for your support, backing, commenting, and sharing. We couldn't be here without you and really appreciate all that you've done. With the Kickstarter coming to its end, we go to updating monthly, so let's advantage of the time left in the campaign!

Carla, Nick, and Fluffins,

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    1. Jennifer Bisson

      Oooh, desktop (or phone....) digital wallpaper art would be amazing!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle (FLIPSID3 Gaming)

      I really LOVE the postcard! I would love to have a high definition digital version for my computer desktop as well if that would ever be considered for a SG or something. Beautiful art!

      For the mini expansion I'm sticking to my guns - I really love Resonance. It just rings true for me.

    3. John C. Sheetz on

      Depending on the expansions theme I like Awaken or Awakening.

      Love whatever you do, can't wait for the game.

    4. fallenape

      So glad to see additional stretch goals!

    5. Diana, Mistress of Pineyapples

      Linen finish is one of my absolute favs as well, and that postcard looks stunning, I hope it all comes through :)

    6. Ben on

      "Harmony" sounds great, draws in my mind a peacefull and regenerating night :)
      Can't wait to see the game :D