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Change the future by sending dreams into the past in this unique and stunningly beautiful 45 min set collection game for 1-6 players
Change the future by sending dreams into the past in this unique and stunningly beautiful 45 min set collection game for 1-6 players
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Mini Expansion Stretch Goal Met!

Posted by Weird Giraffe Games (Creator)

Stretch Goal Hit!

Thanks to everyone who shared the campaign, we've hit the next stretch goal! We are so excited, as this mini expansion adds in some extra content that we really enjoy and free to all Kickstarter backers! Watch the video below to learn more.

I had hoped to have some art ready, but James Masino, the illustrator, is still hard at work creating so we should have some of the artwork for the next update! 

The next stretch goal is more art for the cards! Right now, half of all the art is unique, BUT all the art could be unique! With your help, we could make it happen! 

Questions for You  

What more would you like to know about Dreams of Tomorrow? 

Anything art wise that you would like to see changed with the game?  

What would you like to see in our next KS Live video? 

We love being able to interact with you in the videos and want to bring you the content that you really want! We would love to hear your answers in the main Kickstarter page comments, so we can keep them all together and get a conversation going! 

Social Goals 

 We've made some progress on the social goals! With your help, we'll be able to make them all and add in the Dreamiest Engineer card! (The name of the card could change.) 

Current Status of the Social Goals:  

The goal for Twitter followers has been reached! We're halfway there and could just make it with two days to go! 

Final Push

The final 48 hours is going to hit tonight and we need your help to make Dreams of Tomorrow the best game it can possibly be! Please consider reaching out to one person you think would be interested in the game and sharing the campaign or some of the reviews. We would seriously appreciate it, as we want to reach that final stretch goal! 

Feel free to reach out, either via comments, messages, email (, or the social media of your choice!

Thanks so much for getting this far with us, we can't wait to bring Dreams of Tomorrow to you!

Carla, Nick, and Fluffins


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    1. Missing avatar

      Steven Ritch on

      I like resonance for expansion name

    2. Weird Giraffe Games 5-time creator

      Kyle, we'll definitely talk about the game origins in our last KS Live; thanks for the excellent topic!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kyle (FLIPSID3 Gaming)

      Wicked excited for the mini expansion! Looks like it's going to add some unique elements to the game play. I especially like the idea that some cards have negative VP but the up-sell to using them is if you can combine them in with resonance combination to get a bonus out of them.

      As far as art feedback - I love everything I'm seeing. I have no feedback on that element - keep up the great work!

      For KS Live videos - I'm always wicked interested to hear backgrounds on the creation of games. What inspired certain elements of the game and what imaginations ended up feeding the creation process to end up where you are today. Why were you drawn to certain artists for this game and how do you feel their art reflects the feeling you wanted for the game. Anything along those lines is fascinating to me.

      Excitement is definitely continually building for me for this game - I can't wait!