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Change the future by sending dreams into the past in this unique and stunningly beautiful 45 min set collection game for 1-6 players
Change the future by sending dreams into the past in this unique and stunningly beautiful 45 min set collection game for 1-6 players
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We've Reached the First Stretch Goal!

Posted by Weird Giraffe Games (Creator)

We've reached the first stretch goal! Thank you all for backing the project. We really appreciate all the shares you've done, as well! Getting to additional stretch goals happen because you reach out to those you know! 

Now, for the next stretch goal: 

 As for the Mini Expansion, here's a video from Liz of Beyond Solitaire on it! 

The images in the video are not at all what will be on the final cards for the Mini Expansion. 

"These two kind of dreams cards add some new strategic elements to the game and can really spice it up if you played a bunch of games of Dreams of Tomorrow. " - Liz, Beyond Solitaire 

New Reviews  

We've had a few new reviews come in!

You can read the rest of Gameosity's review here. 

 You can read the rest of Mari's review here

One of the best ways to get the news out about Dreams of Tomorrow beyond sharing a link to the Kickstarter campaign is to send friends to some of the game previews! 

New Interviews

Want to learn more about Dreams of Tomorrow and the people behind the game? Check out these interviews! 

Social Goals

We've made some progress on the social goals! With your help, we'll be able to make them all and add in the Dreamiest Engineer card! (The name of the card could change.) 

Current Status of the Social Goals: 

We haven't made any of the social goals yet, BUT there's been definite progress! Only 4 out of the 5 goals need to be made and we still have 13 days to do it in! We're getting close with BGG fans and Facebook Likes, plus Twitter Followers and Twitter Retweets aren't too far behind. If every 4th backer did all of these, we'd make all goal today! 

Part of it is the fact that I forgot to mention these goals in the previous updates, so I really apologize for that. We have gotten this far without the reminder, which is fantastic! Thanks to everyone that has helped to get us here. 

 Kickstarter Live Q&A Video Tomorrow!  

Do you have any questions about how Dreams of Tomorrow came to be, how we plan to make everything happen, and where do we go from here? Carla will be answering all your questions tomorrow at 9:00am EDT (10:00am CDT/ 11:00am MDT/ 12:00pm PDT). We would love if you posted some questions by following the link on the preview video on the Kickstarter page or commented on the Kickstarter page. 

We're also going to be going over all the reward levels, just in case you needed more information on those. Here's the link to the live feed:

Questions for You

How do you feel about the current Dreams of Tomorrow logo? Do you think it needs a font or color upgrade? We've been getting in some mixed thoughts on it and would love to hear what you think!

What would you like to see in our next KS Live video? We love being able to interact with you in the videos and want to bring you the content that you really want! 

Please answer these as comments on the main page, so we can keep them all together and get a conversation going! One of the best parts of Kickstarter is getting to know all of you a bit better! 

Thank You!  

We are all amazing! Thanks for being part of this campaign and helping us create something together.  

If you'd like to help us get to those stretch goals, please keep sharing the campaign and reviews of the game. With your help, we'll surely meet them before too long!  

Feel free to reach out, either via comments, messages, email (, or the social media of your choice!  

Thank you all so much!  

Carla, Nick, and Fluffins

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    1. Weird Giraffe Games 5-time creator

      Kyle, I'll try to cover that in the next live Q&A! That'd be a great conversation. Thanks for your input!

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyle (FLIPSID3 Gaming)

      Thanks for the great update! Regarding the logo - I think it looks perfectly fine - I'd leave it alone. You're the artist though - so follow whatever muse you think is best - but I wouldn't necessarily let the opinions of a few sway you. Would love to see a live interactions helping explain your process for creating the game and how you came up with the idea - what influenced you and what types of games perhaps you all play that helped inspire your desire to make games.