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Very simple, very fun game about lions, zebras, antelopes, elephants and hippopotamuses. Build a herd of zebras or antelopes to win!
Very simple, very fun game about lions, zebras, antelopes, elephants and hippopotamuses. Build a herd of zebras or antelopes to win!
Very simple, very fun game about lions, zebras, antelopes, elephants and hippopotamuses. Build a herd of zebras or antelopes to win!
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    1. Richard Lee on

      Got my cards today, they look fab. Getting my daughter to go to bed may be a problem.

    2. NotDomo on

      Got ours today. They're awesomely cute. =D

    3. Jonathan Jones on

      Hi Sonya
      My deck arrived last week and looks great! I can't wait to give it to my nephew for his birthday!

    4. Cyrill Lampart on

      Hi Sonya, the deck arrived this morning here in the UK. Can't wait to show them to my daughter. The cards look great and it's all complete. Great job!

    5. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Hello Xelkelvos.

      I'm sorry to hear that about your cards! Is it all of your Lion cards that are discolored? I just went and checked and the ones I still have here look the same as the others to me. It's possible that your Lion cards were printed when the printer was low on one of the ink colors perhaps. I did look over every card 2 or 3 times before putting them in the boxes, so I'm sorry I didn't catch that. Is it enough of a problem that you want me to replace the Lion cards?


      (and as a side note, the thought of your color-blind friend seeing the discoloration more easily had me thinking that it would be neat to see a Kickstarter of flash-cards for color-blind people, where only color-blind people could see the words on them. I'm not color-blind though so there is no way I could take on such a project! If anyone wants to take that idea and run with it, go right ahead :)

    6. Xelkelvos on

      Just played my first game with them last night. It was simple and fun. A great filler.

      There is just one problem: there's some discoloration with my set of cards. I don't know if it's a problem others have, but there is a problem with mine. It is minor and I didn't notice it until it was pointed out to me (by a friend who was color-blind). The backs of my set of Lion cards seems to be slightly redder when compared to the others. Additionally, the fronts of certain cards are slightly off color compared to their brethren.

    7. Chris Earl on

      Got mine here in Aus yesterday, they look great, can't wait to play a game with them!

    8. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Thanks guys! I read the comments to Acacia. First she said, "Mom, you better send out more packages!" Then she asked, "Why do they want our game?" I told her because it's a fun game and that it was a good idea.

    9. Missing avatar


      Hi, I got the game late last week, and I think it's great! :)

    10. Andrew Gorz on

      Acacia, Sonya...what can I say. The cards look great! They came just in time. My family and I are taking the train to Chicago and this will provide an excellent diversion on the trip. My daughter could not stop fawning over them. We had to promise that we would leave them on her nightstand before she would go to bed. Thanks once again for all your hard work.

    11. Josh Thompson on

      Got mine. Haven't had a chance to play with them yet, but they do look quite good.

    12. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      I really appreciate all the comments :) I read them to Acacia this morning and she liked them too. I'm glad you're enjoying the game and pleased with the card quality.

    13. Daniel Vore on

      We played a three player game last night. It was a lot of fun, even for three adults. Thanks Sonya for this project and I look forward to the next game you and your daughter are working on!

    14. Joshua Taube

      Mine arrived. Played three games with my two year, mommy helped him. He one the first two but I finally, narrowly beat him on the third. His favorite was using the lion to try to chase "reindeer" (antelopes).

    15. Daniel Vore on

      got it! thanks sonya! I'm impressed by the cards! I'll have a write up on BGG sometime this weekend after my wife and I play a few games.

    16. Dr.Benn

      Hi Sonya,
      Received mine today. They look & feel great! Will be taking them to the grandkids tomorrow. Will try to get pix for you this weekend. You deserve some kind of special award for producing such a superb product and delivering BEFORE the estimated delivery date. Hearty congratulations and thanks.

    17. Daniel Vore on

      Mine arrived, though it is at my parents house, I had it send there since I am moving soon. I will pick it up tomorrow and update. I plan on doing a write up on it on BGG this weekend.

    18. Scott Henshaw

      My deck of cards arrived today and they are with the original artwork, just the way I wanted them!
      Thank you so much and a hearty congratulations to you and your daughter for a fine Kickstarter campaign.

    19. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Sherry, she is very excited, and yes she did give me another project. She wants me to make a board game about growing a garden. When she described it, it sounded to me like she's asking me to turn Farmville into a board game LOL! So that is our next big project together, and I'm hoping to have it ready by the end of the summer.

    20. Sherry Collins-Evans on

      They are so kool and i am very excited about the sucess of your tell me what is your daughter's responds to all of this... did she give you more

    21. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Hello Howie, I was planning to add extra decks automatically if someone increased their pledge by multiples of $8 (early bird), $10 (international), or $9 (everyone else). If anyone pledged extra but does NOT want an extra deck of cards, then they should message me. I'll write more on this in my next post update. Thanks for the comment. I hope my explanation cleared up your concern!

    22. Howie Lee

      Hi, I just fill out the response form, but it does not has area to specify the extra decks, should I send you message about extra decks?

    23. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      You're welcome :)

    24. Daniel Vore on

      got my PnP today!!! gonna print it out and play it tomorrow. thanks Sonya!

    25. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Hi Richard; I messaged you. There is no need to pay twice for the PDF but if your friend wants to contribute just out of the goodness of his heart, he can send me the $5 via Paypal. There is a "donate" button on my website in the side column on the right. ( After I have fulfilled all the Kickstarter orders I'll be putting a page on my website for anyone who missed funding and would still like to order a deck of cards or the Print-and-Play PDF.

      I don't mind if anyone wants to print extra copies of the print-and-play version for friends or family. I will ask that no one share it excessively, though. Like, please don't post it online somewhere for free download, or send it to everyone on your email list :) But printing a few extra copies of the game for people you know is totally okay by me.

    26. Richard Lee on

      Hi Sonya, very excited by this game. As another fan from across the pond I went for the PDF option. When I told my friend at work about it he would also like a PDF. Is there a way I can increase my pledge to $10 and then I will print it out twice.

    27. Daniel Vore on

      congrats one the successful project!

    28. Eric Arsenault on

      Congratulations ! :)

    29. Alan Graham on

      Only managed to jump in at last minute when reminder showed after pledging for Jackpot (, also heard about it on SomethingAwful. Glad there's a PDF option as the postage from US to UK rules out that option :(

    30. Missing avatar


      Yay, got through the hyena! Fingers crossed for a last minute funding surge.

    31. Daniel Vore on

      42 hours to go! looks like we will get to the hyena!

    32. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Hello Chris, yes you may use the new images on your blog and on BoardGameGeek to help promote the project. I appreciate your help! Thank you!

    33. Chris Norwood on

      Hi Sonya! I'm so glad that I stumbled onto your project, because I also have a 4-year-old little girl (along with her 2-year-old sister) who will love this game! I'm local to Graham (I actually live down in the southern part of Alamance County), and I just happened to see your project in the local section.

      The thing is, I'm also a boardgame blogger and podcaster (, and I'll try to do what I can to find you a few more backers before the project ends. Can I use the new images of the cards on my blog and add them to BoardGameGeek for you as well?

    34. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      I was planning to put two in the deck. I could make it as many as five, but it's a rather powerful card, so my thought was that fewer is probably better.

    35. Dr.Benn

      Congrats on 2K! Now that the hyena is in sight, I'd like to toss in my 2 cents worth. I really like the concept of the hyena, but I'm more about strategy than random events, so I plan to play the hyena as an action card. Having said that, is there any chance of including more than one of these in a deck?

    36. Daniel Vore on

      wohoo! Giraffe!!

    37. Daniel Vore on

      Kicktraq has this project hitting somewhere around 2 -3k. We should get a good rush in the last 5 days or so. lets hope we can hit 3k or more. I want me some Hyenas!

    38. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Thank you for the encouragement! I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on the new artwork, and I'm working on some options for the back of the cards. I really appreciate all the encouragement and support I've been getting on this! I can't wait until the cards come in and I can show them to Acacia.

    39. Daniel Vore on

      My wife and I have been watching this. The new design sold us. It look really great. lets hope we hit some stretch goals.

    40. Peter Vaughan

      Congrats Sonya,

      Watching the video on how to play sold me. Simple yet with interesting mechanics. I'm a game designer myself, and I have a 3 1/2 year old boy who I've got playing a few games now, and I think he'll love it. Good luck on the fulfillment. Love the new art!

    41. Eric Arsenault on

      Keep up the good work and best of luck to you, I dont have any kids but I plan on using this game as a mini game inside my Dungeon and Dragon game but I might pick up an extra copy or 2 before this kickstarter is over :) Maybe a change of logo for the front page with the new designs would attract more people to check out the game, just an idea.

    42. Missing avatar


      Sonya, I'll of course defer to your knowledge of the costs. I'm just suggesting it because Kicktraq has pretty consistently been showing that the project is on trend to finish short of $3500. From observing other projects, I've noticed that smaller stretch rewards spaced closer together can have more of a stick-and-carrot effect than a single big reward placed after a huge gap on a ratio basis. If breaking the $3500 current reward into three parts (say Giraffe at $2000, Hyena at $2750, and Wildebeest at $3500) otherwise works for you financially, then I would say that's a great idea.

    43. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Hi Srynerson. You're right that it is a big jump there. The main reason for the jump is that by increasing the size of the deck, not only are the printing charges going up for printing more cards, but so are the shipping charges and the cost for the full color boxes as the box size will increase, meaning if I want to still keep it under $10, I have to be able to order in larger bulk quantities to keep prices down. Does that make sense? Though, if there is an interest, I could possibly add one animal at a time to the deck, and break up the stretch goal of $3500 into three stretch goals. Adding the wildebeest will be most expensive, as it would require more lions and hippos to balance out the ratios of herd animals to predators to defense cards. The giraffe and hyena can be added without changing the other ratios, as they don't directly effect the survival of the herd animals. Thoughts?

    44. Missing avatar


      Any thoughts as to adding an inexpensive stretch reward between $1500 and $3500? That's a fairly wide "desert" in the stretch offerings given the original goal and pledge levels for this project (i.e., an extra 200 basic game pledges to move up to the next reward when the base goal only required 35 basic game pledges to fully fund the project).

    45. Clang on


      Sunday Dec 9, 12:52pm EST

      Game Varant Idea.
      Hi Sonya,
      Could you make this into a Christian themed game?
      Rules would be the same but the pictures would be diffrent of couse!

      Antelopes and Zebras = Chirstian followers
      Lions =Demons/devil

      There are a bunch of free cilpart here if you dont want to paint these.

    46. Clang on


      I just put this game up on Board Game Geek. Just waiting for it to be approved by the admins..

    47. Sonya Justice 9-time creator on

      Thank you for all the comments and encouragement! I have posted about this project on BGG as per the suggestions of many (in comments and also in messages). So many people have given feedback to me through messages and I'm very thankful for all the suggestions I've gotten as far as how and where to market this project. Please continue to help me promote! Thank you so much!

    48. Dominion on

      I shared it on Facebook as well after hearing about it on SomethingAwful's gaming forum. I know lots of people with children about this age and it looks perfect, while still being a decent enough game mechanically that parents won't get bored playing it with their kids. I hope it really blows up.

    49. Missing avatar

      Gregory Short on

      Well, it got shared on SomethingAwful and I know a number of people there backed it (that's how I heard about it) and it's being shared around on facebook as well. I mean, here we are already funded, and there's still a month and a half to go!

    50. SacredRoach

      Gregory, I totally agree. Being featured as a staff pick is good...but people need to talk it up. Maybe an entry on BGG? Not sure how to do that, but this definitely deserves a mention.

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