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"SCIENCE: Ruining Everything Since 1543" is a collection of new & old SMBC comics all about science and scientists.
"SCIENCE: Ruining Everything Since 1543" is a collection of new & old SMBC comics all about science and scientists.
8,016 backers pledged $341,667 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Smithson on

      Hi there,
      I just realized I never received a download link for this ebook for my backing. Can you help me out, please?

    2. James Austin

      ...I suddenly realised my copy of this ebook was on my dead laptop. Crap.

    3. Daniel Wallace on

      You email saying you won't use this as a spam list but you spam everyone on the list ? I don't want to hear about your new stuff, thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      M. McClelland on

      Has Breadpig managed to find out where the autographed bookplates are yet? Last I'd heard they didn't have any information on their whereabouts, but that was back in March.

    5. Jacqland on

      I understand others are having issues of much greater importance regarding the rewards for this project, but there is STILL no mobi edition of this book available. It's said "coming soon" for a year now. I consider this a project that's failed to deliver on its promises. :(

    6. Missing avatar

      Evan Meehan on

      My address has changed - but rather than ask you to amend if and when you ship this, please give me a refund. If you do not I will have my credit card company deny these charges.

    7. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      I'm extremely disappointed with the bookplate. I was supposed to get a signed book, not a signed piece of paper. This project has ruined SMBC for me.

    8. Patrick Breen on

      After more than a week, I finally got a response (after I included every breadpig email I could find) that pretty much indicated they didn't even read what I sent. I confirmed / clarified. And radio silence.

      Breadpig doesn't care. Zach doesn't care.

      I'm done with kickstarter until there's some escrow arrangement. Too many "mistakes" on fulfillment. I'm willing to take a risk on something new. But not getting books or signatures when Zach pockets this much money? Something is F-d up...

    9. Missing avatar

      Evan Meehan on

      I emailed the breadpig customer service rep and have yet to receive a reply. I sent my email 12 days ago.

      When am I going to get a response?

    10. Paul Howie on

      Well this is massively disappointing:



      I'm a customer service representative for Breadpig. I'm contacting you on behalf of the SMBC Science: Ruining Everything kickstarter. Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Due to damages and a shortage of books, we have run out of hardcover copies of Science: Ruining Everything before being able to fulfill your order. We apologise profusely for this error on our end.

      However, despite this unfortunate news, we are gladly offering to send to you a paperback copy of Science: Ruining Everything, complete with a signed bookplate by Zach, and refund you the difference of the cost, $20.00. Alternatively, if you wish to have a full refund for the tier that you backed, just let us know and we can do that for you as soon as possible.

      Thank you so much for your time, patience, and consideration. We appreciate it deeply, and again, we're very sorry about this complication.

    11. Paul Howie on

      And here comes the update explaining everything. Fingers crossed now!

    12. Paul Howie on

      Finally get around to checking here and find out (reassuringly?) that I'm not the only one with no sign of my hardback / t-shirt. Disappointing.

    13. Missing avatar

      patrik mallaun on

      And another week gone by, messaged him again, still no response.

    14. Missing avatar

      patrik mallaun on

      No response to my last mail, no respoonse to my last comment here (my last message was from 16.1.2014...)

    15. Ed Moran on

      After I pestered Zach on Twitter (which I only did because I didn't know Breadpig is running the show on this), I did finally get some reply. Of course, I got a "we called the warehouse, but they haven't called back" non-answer eight days ago, so that isn't exactly encouraging. Complaining to KS wasn't exactly helpful, either. All they did was send BP an email and say that this "will certainly be taken into consideration should the project creator submit another project". Whatever that means. Much love to Zach, but Breadpig has really screwed the proverbial pooch. But hey, at least I got the actual book; sounds like a lot of people didn't/won't.

    16. Patrick Breen on

      340k in funding? But they can't (won't?) correct the shipping problems that they acknowledged they would back in October?

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Tausch on

      Still waiting for my hardcopy. I would really love some feedback. :|
      Any information if it was already sent/lost/delayed?

    18. Ed Moran on

      Meant to say, "If it continues much longer, I'm going to complaint to KS and see if they can help." Hurr fingers.

    19. Ed Moran on

      The lack of communication is very much not okay. If it continues much longer, I haven't heard anything since November. It's things like this that cause me to not want to Kickstart anything anymore.

    20. Missing avatar

      patrik mallaun on

      No signed books, no signed bookplates, one missing hardcover in the first shipment.
      Second shipment: wet (and therefore destroyed) unsigned hardcover. no bookplates. Massaged Zach a week ago and no response. These problems are unfortunate but can happen, the lack of communication is not o.k.

    21. Jacqland on

      The mobi digital version is still listed as "(coming soon)" on the website. Is there an ETA on when that will be up? It's been 7 months since that site went live and I don't want it to miss it before it goes offline...

    22. Missing avatar

      //-/ on

      Hi Zack,

      Still not heard from you since last year. Not received a thing. Ordered the Geek Pack.


    23. Missing avatar

      Noel Sandico on

      Hi Zack.

      I've sent a message, but I haven't heard anything back. I have not received anything at all from you guys. I got the Hard Hero. Thanks!


    24. Missing avatar

      Joe Komenda on

      Just sent a message to Breadpig - at this point I don't really care about the hardcover, but I paid an extra $40, so I think that either a book or a refund is in order.

      > Joe Komenda on October 30
      > Endocrinology
      > Hi Zachary,
      > I pledged at the Geek pack level ($40) and when you reached hardcover
      > level I upgraded by $40, > but only ever received the regular geek pack:
      > New Pledge Summary
      > $80.00
      > Sorry to hear things have gotten so messed up, I know you're doing your
      > best to make things right.
      > Regards,
      > Joe K

    25. Patrick Breen on

      (Originally sent as message w/no response - maybe a response here?)

      Hi - it's great that you acknowledged the shipping error back in October (I was a hard weiner that got duplicates and unsigned books). But - I never received the promised correction. Was there a form I needed to fill out? Anything else I needed to do?

    26. Missing avatar

      Eric Williamson on

      Hi Zach, PLATYPUS! :)

      I've tried sending a couple messages via Kickstarter, but haven't seen any responses... There were some problems with what I received, a strange mixture of the problems listed in the Update #54, and even if this is something where the ship has sailed, I'd like some closure, please. BTW, I pledged THE HARD WEINER. Definitely no bookplates, yet, either...

    27. Missing avatar

      William on

      Still no book plate here, with the THE HARDROCK pledge.

    28. K. Krezdorn on

      Anyone receiving those bookplates yet? I received the unsigned book some time back, but still no bookplate.

    29. Missing avatar

      Christian Tausch on

      Anyone (like me) with a shipping address in europe still waiting for the book?

    30. Jelena-Kristina Željeznjak on

      So... after finally getting my HARD HERO and paying 30$ of VAT for it I am left to wonder if the book is signed... where is the signature supposed to be? My book looks exactly like the PDF...

    31. Ed Moran on

      So ... how about those bookplates?

    32. Keith Babberney on

      Yay! Got mine today. Thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      Deno on

      what about that contest you ran for various science labs? I entered my lab and it was of those chosen by spooky action at a distance (or a cat...who knows?).
      Anywhoo, I've surfed around on the kickstarter pages for SCIENCE, and haven't seen anything about a follow-up....

    34. Michele Darrow on


      I ordered The Power Pack and received an email from Breadpig with a tracking number for DHL. I checked the tracking number a week or so later since I hadn't received anything. DHL had it down that they had tried to deliver to my address twice in the same day (Nov 2) and left notices both times, however there were no notices... So, I sent them an email (the only way DHL offers help) and received no response. I did this twice more with no response. I'm afraid that it's been long enough now, with no response, that the package would have shipped back to you guys. I'm sorry to make more work for you, but could have it resent please? I'll try to get in touch with Breadpig as well.


    35. Missing avatar

      Alexandru Nedel on

      Received the Bedrock pack after Breadpig un-blocked the order (October 30).
      The book looks great. Thanks!

    36. Missing avatar

      Odyssey Mom on

      I suspect that many cases of unsigned hardcover books were delivered in place of signed ones. Zach knows how many he signed and should know how many kickstarter hardcoveres there are. Arithmetic isn't rocket science.
      If you have a complaint, you should contact Breadpig, even if only to register your dissatisfaction. I don't mean to say that you shouldn't share your concerns here, rather that I don't think Zach reads these comments. (I hope that was respectful and considerate.)

    37. Clara Bush on

      Recieved my Multi-Nerd pack... no signatures in any of them =(

    38. Jelena-Kristina Željeznjak on

      @ Ryan, compare it to the pdf version.
      I'm eagrly awaiting my copy, I hope it will be signed after all this waiting.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      finally received my hardcover and it is beautiful. However, I'm not sure if it is "signed" as the only signature appears to have been printed on there during the printing of the book. Not sure if this is just because of the color of the ink or if the actually signature is missing.

    40. Keith Babberney on

      Still waiting for a Geek Pack. Any idea when it might show up?

    41. Missing avatar

      Odyssey Mom on

      @Kaushik. The sticker symbol is one of the sketches from the poster. I think it means that science debunks phrenology, 'which studies the relationships between a person's character and the morphology of the skull.'

    42. Kaushik S Balasubramanian on

      What does the sticker (35k reward) mean ? Is it from any of the comics ?

    43. Missing avatar

      pmdhazy on

      Got my book (Bedrock level) yesterday in the UK. Breadpig shipping email was on 30th October so 2 weeks is not bad.

    44. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

      I got my copy yesterday.

    45. Missing avatar

      Odyssey Mom on

      The mark on the forward page is not a signature. The pdf has the same mark. But I guess that you science nerds already knew that.

    46. Daniel Tebbutt on

      Got my multi-nerd today, none signed, but all hardcovers as requested. Relieved to see my message about hard covers got through as that was the most important bit for me :D

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