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Prepare for laughs, tears, and revelations in this modern take of the '90s classic game, True Colors. It's time for an Intervention.
Prepare for laughs, tears, and revelations in this modern take of the '90s classic game, True Colors. It's time for an Intervention.
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Intervention - A Party Game for Everyone's Worst Habits



"A hilarious way to get to know your friends and yourself a little better." -- Desiree Choy, Jetset Times

"It's the antidote to the boring party game." -- Bayard Catron, Game Theory

"All of the anal organization and over planning has yielded some rather hilarious content." -- Danielle Palmer-Friedman, The Daily at the University of Washington

"The gameplay of Intervention is quite simple but clever." -- Chris James, Casual Game Revolution

"The best parts of the 'social' board game." -- Reed Campbell, Broadway First National Tour of 'Nice Work If You Can Get It'

"Laughs were had, drinks were drunk." -- Forrest Bower, Bower's Game Corner 

Check out Forrest's full video review below!

Check out our interview on Seattle KOMO Radio!

Intervention is a party game for everyone's worst habits. 

The rules are simple. Each round, one person draws and reads aloud a Question Card. Everyone then anonymously votes for the player who best represents the answer to that question. Then, everyone guesses how many votes they think they received -- SOME, NONE, or MOST. Points are awarded to those who correctly guessed the amount of votes they received. 

Intervention allows you to call out your friends for the ridiculous things they do through clever, hilarious, and revealing questions. We've worked hard to ensure that each Question Card is unique and highlights a wide range of personality traits, quirks, and bad habits. Many Question Cards are modeled after our very own terrible friends, so we're sure they'll apply to your friends, as well. 

But, don't you fret -- we've carefully crafted each Question Card to avoid adding those that are too direct or just straight up "mean". Our goal is to have questions that are mostly hypothetical, but still poke fun at people's bad habits. 

The Print & Play
The Print & Play

Can't wait to play? Of course you can't. Intervention is available to download for free at so you can print and play right now. 

However, a free download is not why we're here. Every year, millions of people in the world are diagnosed with badhabitsitis. It truly is an epidemic. As such, we want to produce professionally-printed versions of our game so everyone can have easy access to the Intervention they desperately deserve.

The Kickstarter Edition of Intervention will be in a pretty box and include 378 standard, 2.5" x 3.5" cards, separated into:

  • 185 Question Cards
  • 12 Spiral Bound Voting Booklets (12 cards per Voting Booklet)
  • 12 Color-Coded Identifier Cards
  • 36 Guessing Cards (12 SOME, 12 NONE, 12 MOST)
  • PLUS any stretch goals we hit

Help us bring Intervention to the world. You need it, your friends need it, and the world needs it. 

Intervention was born as a simple game we used to play with our friends. We would grab some beers, sit around in a circle, ask funny and inappropriate "most likely to..." questions, and point at the person that was the best answer. Then, we would all enthusiastically shame the person who got the most votes. Admittedly, we are very easily amused, like a teenager who discovers Reddit for the first time. Nevertheless, it was enlightening that such a simple game could always keep us entertained for hours. 

Now that we're in our mid-20s and nostalgic of our better days, we decided to resurrect this game as a passion project and bring it out to other people, like you. We love this game, our friends love this game, and our parents hate this game. That's why we're sure you'll enjoy Intervention, too.

Intervention is the result of a lot of tweaking and retooling. We settled on adopting some of the game mechanics (specifically, the scoring system), from a popular 90's game called True Colors. However, all of our content is very much brand new. In short, we like to think of Intervention as a modern and improved version of True Colors.

We've spent the past year perfecting Intervention. We work day (and often night) jobs, but still come home and meet for hours to work on the game. It's been a super fun project and we are confident that the time and effort we've put in will result in a hilarious twist on your pre-games and game nights, as we have already seen during playtesting. 

The process for creating and approving a Question Card is rather rigorous and probably less efficient than we care to admit. We initially bounce card ideas off each other and put the good ones up for review. Each card then goes through a two-fold approval process. By the time a card is approved, it will have been discussed, rejected, tweaked, deliberated, and retweaked before ultimately being signed off on. Admittedly, we are (over-the-top) perfectionists. But, we realize that perfect execution can make or break our game. 

The Print & Play
The Print & Play

At this point, we are prepared for a professionally-printed version of Intervention. We have solidified the design and have almost all of the content finalized. Over the last several months, we have playtested the game countless times across a wide range of friend groups and acquaintances and have made the appropriate tweaks based on their feedback.

BUT...we need your help! Printing a professionally-done game is not cheap. As such, we're asking for $15,000 to help "kickstart" our first production run and bring the game out to you and your friends. We have a printing company lined up that currently produces many of today's top games and they are awaiting our order as soon as we are funded. 

We truly appreciate your help in funding this game and we hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed making it. 

PLEDGE $25 -- You get one copy of Intervention, delivered to your humble abode.

Once we send you a copy of Intervention, what you plan to do with it is really none of our business. If you would like more than one copy of the game, just choose this pledge level and add $25 for each additional copy.


  • THE CONTINENTALS: FREE. Shit's included, yo. America.
  • THE HI-AKs: Add $15 of da kine from ya, brah. You too, The Last Frontier.
  • THE INTERNATIONALS: Add $15 as well, friend/mate/amigo/ami/freund/dost/친구 / 友達 / 朋友

PLEDGE $100 -- One copy of Intervention, delivered. Plus, we'll work with you to create your very own Question Card to include in the Kickstarter edition game. We know your friends have some peculiarly annoying habits. Just imagine their faces when a card is read that is tailored directly to them. 

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE (RIP BILLY MAYS)! You'll also be forever immortalized in Intervention. We plan on including a special shoutout sheet with every Kickstarter edition of Intervention. If you pledge $100, we'll include your name, initials, email, twitter handle...whatever you want to use (within reason) to identify yourself on the sheet. Our special way of saying "thanks" to our loyal backers who made this all possible.

BREAKING NEWS: Production costs get cheaper the more copies we print. So, if we're able to raise significantly more mula than our minimum goal, we'll make the game even better. And better. And better. And better. 

$15,000 -- MINIMUM GOAL

When we hit this, we are funded! Everyone who donated at least $25 is guaranteed to receive a copy of Intervention.


The stock card quality is already pretty gosh-darn good. They'll have no problem withstanding the rigors of the game. However, we want to make sure that Intervention can handle the extracurriculars that will inevitably occur. So, if we hit $20K, we'll produce even higher-quality cards to help protect from beer spillage from your drunk friends, saliva from your vehement arguments, and tears from your shameful revelations.

$30,000 -- 50 BLANK CARDS

Intervention is the greatest party game of all time. Who is most likely to think that they can make it better?

You. We understand that people develop bad habits over time. We also realize that there are specific dynamics to every friend group that are difficult to capture with one-size-fits all cards. To accommodate for this, we'll include 50 blank cards in the deck if we hit this stretch goal. This will allow you to create your own content specific to whoever you want, whenever you want. 

$40,000 -- 50 MORE CARDS

Don't stop till you get enough. If you help us raise $40K, we'll include 50 more hilarious, revealing, and inappropriate Question Cards to the deck. This means more people getting the Intervention they deserve.


We have something super awesome in line if we can get to $50K. If all goes super well, we'll announce it after we hit $40K. Doesn't that sound super?

Intervention was created by three close friends, Francis, Vieje, and John. Francis and Vieje went to high school together in San Francisco. John and Vieje went to college together in Seattle. Alone, we are your average, white-collar postgrads. Together, we are Intervention.

If you're really that interested, though, here is an in-depth look at the three of us.

Francis, Vieje, and John
Francis, Vieje, and John

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Francis is a former Technical Project Manager at a large healthcare tech company. He currently attends a web development bootcamp to enhance his programming abilities. In his spare time, Francis likes to stalk people on LinkedIn and walk slightly out of his way to step on crunchy looking leaves. 

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Vieje is now residing in New York City working for a public accounting firm. A recovering (unsuccessfully) workaholic, he eases the pain of a long work week with a healthy dose of Seamless delivery and Intervention. In his spare time, Vieje likes to look out of his office window and contemplate if life would be better as a bird.

Born and raised in Tacoma, WA, John is now finishing up his final year of law school before moving to San Francisco to work in the rigorous world of big law. He is an avid sports fan who enjoys dive-bar mozzarella sticks as much as "four-dollar-signs-on-Yelp" beef tartare. In his spare time, John likes to awkwardly stare at his roommates and scrutinize their tendencies to come up with funny content for Intervention.

Risks and challenges

The game is 90% complete. We have the design and rules solidified. We have done countless hours of playtesting and tweaking. At this point, we are just finalizing our content to ensure that it meets our high standards for awesomeness.

We are currently working with a leading game manufacturer, AdMagic, who produces some of today's most well-known games. We understand that delays may happen (80% of Kickstarter projects are delayed) and have planned for such, accordingly. Through discussions with both previous game designers and our manufacturer, we have estimated a June ship time.

The Intervention team consists of a Certified Public Accountant, a soon-to-be Lawyer, and a Technical Project Manager. We have worked on many successful projects at our day jobs, so we are confident that we will deliver this project on time. All we need is your help to make our dream a reality.

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