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I wrote a comedy, won an award, self-published, and now need the benefit of a professional book editor.

I wrote a comedy, won an award, self-published, and now need the benefit of a professional book editor. Read More
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About this project

My debut comedy novel, Running After Tall Sexy Men was chosen as an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist (ABNA) in 2011. I admit, after eight years of writing, re-writing, and tweaking the damn thing, I was bolstered by praise, and self-published the book early this year. Despite a good reception, the book could use the careful and professional hand of a line editor. And maybe some design work, such as page layout, and an overhaul on the cover.  (which I happen to like, but the font work has been critiqued as 'unreadable'.)

 Four years of art school, down the tube.

 Where's the money going?

 Good question, I ask myself that every day.

Before I publish a physical, paper book, (hardcover/paperback) I really would prefer to submit a manuscript that shows the benefits of a hard, professional edit. I cringe every time I read a review of someone else's 'obviously self-published' work. The big publishing houses never let a manuscript out in the wild without multiple edits-I'd like to give my book the attention it deserves without the public scorn around grammar and spelling issues. I would then re-release the Ebook version as a second edition. 

Unless HBO/Showtime/AMC comes knocking sooner than expected (they are about 18 months overdue), additional work needs some cash outlay. Each version needs a separate ISBN number (the number assigned to published work). I currently own the rights to the Ebook, under my company Weebil Publishing. In order to create hard copies, I will need to purchase additional ISBN numbers.The majority of the funds kickstarted will go toward a professional editor, purchasing the first run of books,more marketing (giveaways, ads etc), and quite possibly, some effort to turn the work into a screenplay format, to pursue interest in the work as a cable series (or a movie, I'm flexible...)

Hey S.A., why'd you self-publish anyway?

I love it when people call me 'Ess-a', like I'm a bad-ass Latina in East L.A.

Who likes rejection anyway? I'm still getting over an early growth-spurt and a terrible complextion. I did a round of submitting queries to traditional publishers, and even got a full manuscript request.

 The result? 'In the current publishing marketplace, we do not feel that we could successfully represent this work' (that was an agent). I admit, I didn't send it out to hundreds, more like ten.

 That comment of 'the current publishing marketplace' is an ongoing theme in the world of traditional publishing, but the last few years has created interesting opportunities for authors to take on the process on their own...if they have the cash (cough, cough), and the chutzpah.

As it is self-published, an excerpt of the book is available in a variety of places on the web, and is currently holding a place in line for greatness at

On the off chance that this project exceeds my modest goals exponentially, I am considering the following:

 A: hire the cutest little group of NYU film students, and shoot it as a web series. 

B: Take a screenwriting course and turn into a shootable series. Sell to Amazon

C: use the extra funds for water and snacks as I camp out in front of an HBO development executive's office (okay, just a thought)

Thank you for your potential support, and I wish I'd thought of this 6 months ago...

About that video...

Yo, people, it was done in Flash, on my 'temporary' computer that is replacing the one with all my nifty sound files. The more Flash gets winnowed out, the less I've been working in it, so my apologies for not making a Disney epic...


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