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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Today is the day!!

At 10am PST February 27, your Steam, GOG and Humble Store keys were officially activated. Backers and folks who bought the Collectors Edition of SRR can now download their free copy of Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

In addition, we have updated Shadowrun Returns to version 1.2, and added the ability to save your game at any time (and in any story, including Dead Man’s Switch AND User-Generated Content).

It’s hard to believe that one of our Kickstarter stretch goals has grown into such a major release for our little studio. Dragonfall is actually much bigger than our original campaign - some completionist-type folks are reporting as much as 18 hours long!

Beyond the new campaign, city, characters, equipment, portraits, enemies, save functionality, and editor features, you’ll find lots of small improvements in the game. We really went all out for this expansion and we hope you like it as much as we do.

We've had a blast developing Dragonfall and would love to continue making stories in the Shadowrun Universe!

To do that, we’re gonna need your help getting the word out about Dragonfall. Remember, we’re an indie studio and work directly for our audience - no publisher with deep marketing pockets here!

So please take a moment RIGHT NOW to post one of the links below to your favorite social media sites, fan forums, store forums - anywhere you think they’ll get some positive attention. 

  • Kotaku’s Mike Fahey says, “Dragonfall is the Shadowrun I Know and Love"
  • DanW accidentally got a hold of an early copy of Dragonfall while helping us beta test version 1.2. We felt pretty bad about “giving and then taking away”, so we gave him an early look at the campaign. His impressions can be read in “Road Movie to Berlin: One Fan's Semi-Official Preview of Dragonfall”.
  • Swedish Tavern posted this wonderful SPOILER FILLED "Let's Play" video recording of his first hour impressions of the campaign. Mikael’s emotion and enthusiasm is absolutely infectious and we loved listening to his reactions to what’s happening on screen.
  • Now, if you’d prefer to remain RELATIVELY spoiler free, you can watch Harebrained Scheme’sLightly Edited Let's Play” and see what sort of choices and options you’ll have in the game.
  • And, of course, any great reviews you find!
And here are a few more links suitable for sharing (um, right now):
As you can imagine, we’re anxiously waiting to see how the world receives our new story. We put a lot into it and hope it shows how hard we’ll work to grow and improve the Shadowrun experience if we get the chance.

We’re very grateful for all the support you’ve given us over the last 23 months. It’s been a pleasure bringing Shadowrun back to the screen for you.

Danke schön!!!

PS - If you haven't received your Steam key yet, please check your spam folder and then email us at
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    1. Alexey Cibinogin on

      Finished Dragonfall, and it was great!

      Do you have any future plans for SR?

    2. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      I hope that the German translation of Dragonfall will not take as long as the one for Returns. I understand English perfectly well, but since I saw how many people enjoyed my German Let's Play Returns - with all read, acted texts - I would love to continue that with Dragonfall :)


      Finished Dragonfall, and with the exception of a lack of a proper epilogue, loved every second of it :)

      I want more campaigns like this for Shadowrun Returns! How about one in Hong Kong or Neo-Tokyo? How about one in the 70s of 4th and 5th Edition? How about a heavy combat campaign in the Amazon warzone?

      Can we start a petition for a kickstarter just to finance new campaigns? :D

    4. RC on

      Hoi Valery!

      Thanks for the intel, Chummer! Though, with your post script, I think you kind of spelled out the issue, particularly for people with bandwidth caps who need to know for sure what they're downloading. ^_^

    5. Valeriy on

      In fact, Humble Store has some sort of indication of the new version:
      1) red "new" text appearing when the version changed
      2) its files (after initial release) often have a numerical string attached which in fact is time of update in UNIX-time format
      3) previously they posted times of update in "last updated" field but with recent (I mean yesterday) interface update that field seems to be missing

      P.S. Now Humble Store have a new version of the game which, I assume, is 1.2.5. Will download it later today.

    6. RC on

      It looks like GoG updated to version 1.2.5 - Humble Store doesn't seem to have a way to tell what version is available without actually downloading and installing. Hrm.

    7. Valeriy on

      Version 1.2.5 is available only on Steam so I can not update. Nor I have to as far as I know because from what I've read on steam forums it is just an intermediate "beta" patch (lots of fixes but also lots of new bugs). When the new version will be mature enough I believe HBS will release it on Humble Store.

    8. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      just finished dragonfall (didn't have the time yet to complete the first campaign). all i want to say is that beside some minor irritations (handling of loot and gear in the party), this game was all i wished for. i LOVED the characters and the subplots. pls just make more DLCs, especially ones where i can keep the team. man i love those guys. i don't want to lose them. and i want to build my character. he's got one essence left but i bet i could fit some alpha-ware in him if time and nuyen permit. keep up the good work guys and gals, AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!

    9. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!

      Just to note, Shadowrun Returns is now on version 1.2.5 - if you're not updated yet and having an issue, it may help, chum. ^_^

      Also, I highly suggest for ongoing technical help, you visit either the Steam forums (even if you're not using the Steam version) or the official Shadowrun Returns forum at where lots of other helpful Chummers can pitch in to provide solutions, alongside HBS's devs as they have the time to help too ^_^

      And, keep an eye on the updated Shadowrun Returns wiki Troubleshooting FAQ here as well:

      Ja Mata!



    10. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hi Valery - 1.2.3 is an important update and is live on Humble right now.

    11. Valeriy on

      Hello, HBS!
      Can you reveal approximate update time on Humble Store?
      Or 1.2.3 is just minor Steam-only update?

    12. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hi everyone.

      Just wanted to let you know that version 1.2.3 went live late last night. Here's a link to the release notes.

      We've also posted a troubleshooting guide too.


    13. Missing avatar

      SebastianVW on

      Just wanted to report that I'm also still getting the Stahl bug. I let the game update automatically, but I think I might have started this character before the patch went out. Would that affect it?

    14. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Have fun, sbenrap!

      And remember - no spoilers! :)

    15. sbenrap on

      @Morten & @HBS: Got my GOG keys! :) Off I go to play. Thanks!

    16. Hans Cummings

      Great job. I'm enjoying Dragonfall more than Dead Man's Switch, and I thought that was really well done (though I do agree some of the criticisms were valid; they just didn't affect my enjoyment of the game). I don't know if you're going to give any more expansions to Backers, but I'll gladly pay for more expansions like this one!

    17. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Have you seen this one yet?

      "The new campaign setting is utterly compelling, the writing is some of the industry’s finest with astounding prose and character development and the added content simply equates to an experience that is only rivaled by the genre’s best." 4.5/5

    18. Missing avatar

      That One Guy on

      I liked Dead Man's Switch and am LOVING Berlin. Please, please tell me that Hong Kong is coming!

    19. Missing avatar

      fluxcore on

      I liked Dead Man's Switch just fine, but so far, Dragonfall is better in every way. Well done, team.

    20. sbenrap on

      @Morten & @HBS: Yeah, I didn't get a GOG key either, sent a 3rd request...

    21. Morten Poulsen

      sbenrap &HBS - I haven't received a gog key yet, so I have sent another request.

    22. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Greg Xavier - sorry about that! We've fixed it and the update will come out asap!

    23. David How on

      Just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I like what you did with Dragonfall. I enjoyed the original campaign but the Dragonfall campaign is better. It's a lot of what I always imagined shadowrun to be I love it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    24. Missing avatar

      Greg Xavier on

      Loving it so far, but I also had the bug with Volker Stahl where I let him escape but the game behaves as if I killed him.

    25. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      All Steam and GoG keys were sent out. If you still haven't gotten yours, re-ping us at and we'll hook you up!

    26. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      bluemi - that issue was fixed yesterday. You just need to update your Steam build if it hasn't automatically updated already.

    27. bluemi on

      I downloaded it yesterday from Steam and I see a dev string as an overlay. Hope that is getting fixed soon.

    28. Missing avatar

      AuldWolf on

      I honestly think that the one thing that would make Shadowrun sell is the one thing you don't want us to have. I've spoken with my tumblr circle and they feel that the whole modding scene is tremendously limited when you compare it with something like Neverwinter Nights, which is the closest fair comparison. it's very locked down, and this means that the kinds of stories people are allowed to tell are incredibly limited.

      We can't add new tools, weapons, skills, races, assets, or anything along those lines. I don't know if this has changed, but it was true the last time we checked. The thing is is that the reviews of Shadowrun were basically the same as the reviews of the original Neverwinter Nights. The initial campaign is beyond mediocre, but it might be okay if modders do interesting things with it.

      And thus far they haven't really been allowed to. It's been a very limited affair. Even Torchlight II has more in the way of modding capacity, and that's a little sad.

      I think that Shadowrun is honestly doomed to fail unless the modding potential is opened up. I know you're protective, but you also have to make money, as you've said. And a lot of people saw the original campaign and just don't want to have anything to do with future products unless it puts power in the hands of modders.

    29. Nekator

      Really liking Dragonfall so far :)

    30. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on


      "One of the most memorable and complex RPG stories of the decade."

      Spread the word!

    31. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      It appears that GoG put up the wrong version of the game. They are identical but one has the Dev Build string. They're fixing it. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Ant on

      Scratch that, I simply re-downloaded the core game from GoG and everything is fine.
      Except the fact that I'm seeing the "Development Build" String.
      I'm so happy you decided to upgrade all of us mac users to Beta Pledges even one and half year after the kickstarter campaign :P:P:P

    33. Missing avatar

      Ant on

      For some reason I get stuck at the first loading screen.
      I create my character and then nothing... Even "saving" keeps being displayed.
      I'm on a Mac and running the GOG version. Anyone else with the same issue?

    34. sbenrap on

      @HBS & Morten, I too asked for GOG keys and did not yet receive any. I thought maybe the mail was lost (since I sent it almost a week ago) so I issued another when it was actually released on GOG. As I didn't yet receive a response for either one I'm guessing that I just have to wait some more?

    35. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Thanks for reporting back, Santiago! Glad to hear you got sorted out.

    36. Senkh on

      Now that is a dam solid gameplay. Loved it. When can we start kickstarting the next one? :)

    37. Santiago Mendez on

      After some emailing, and confusion, I finally received my key. Installing now, then play time. Can't wait to play this one thru, looks fun.

    38. Morten Poulsen


    39. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Morten Poulsen - Yes, we're sending out GoG keys like mad. :) We're a bit backed up but never fear - we'll get to you asap!

    40. Avarchillion on

      And Danke schön to you too. :-)
      I did not have that much time to play Dragonfall, but so far I love it!
      Especially as I am a German and running the shadows in Germany is just so much fun.

      So thank you for making this great game and thank you a second time for this FREE addon for us Kickstarter backers!

      This is exactly how you make fans love you. Please continue doing work like this. :-)

    41. Morten Poulsen

      Have you started sending out gog keys for Dragonfall? I sent a mail to on the 22nd, and have not received a gog key yet. With 36,000 backers, I understand that it could take some time to process everything :-)

    42. madGamer on

      Great expansion, better than the first one. I hope for a new kickstarter to a new expansion even better and a longer. :)

    43. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Matthia - Dragonfall is only available in English right now.

    44. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Enjoying DF and already looking forward to the next expansion, wherever it might take place...Hoping you'll be able to add in astral segments similar to what you've done with the Matrix.

    45. RC on

      Hoi Baptiste!

      No, it's an issue some Mac users are having. Are you on the Steam BETA build in your Steam settings? If so, try switching back to the non-Beta build. Note: this will trigger a redownload of the game.

      You can also try disabling Overlay in Steam.

      I'm NOT sure either of these will help. If they don't, drop HBS an email via and when they're up in the morning, they'll likely be able to help. You're not the only Mac user seeing the development build info ^_^

      Ja Mata!


    46. Baptiste on

      It is just awesome !
      One question : is it normal that there is a mention "Development Build : release..." on the top of main menu ?

    47. LuckyLuigi on

      Played for an hour yesterday and looking great ! Thanks for supplying the keys on time and also the GOG key without asking, I appreciate good service :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Matthia on

      Dragonfall already supports the Italian language? Or when this version will be released?

    49. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      For people who are searching for keys, remember to check your older emails because keys were sent out about a week ago. I'd forgotten about it myself.