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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.

Countdown to the Return!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Hey everybody!

It’s hard to believe that the launch of Shadowrun Returns is only 7 days away. Holy smokes! It’s been quite a marathon. Thanks for sticking with us during this amazing adventure.  

Remember back in December, during Jordan’s fireside chat, when he said we didn’t have a marketing budget? Well... we still don’t. But we have something better than money. We have our community. 

We have you. 

If you believe that crowdfunded games should be encouraged... 

If you believe that indie studios should be supported... 

If you believe that the Shadowrun universe should live, thrive, and survive... 

This is your call to action. [Cue heroic music.]

Take this freshly-minted trailer for Shadowrun Returns and post it! Share it! Write pithy comments about it! Show it to your mom!

But wait, there’s more... 

We’ve got new Facebook profile pics and cover images. We’ve got Twitter avatars. Wallpaper for your PC. Wallpaper for your phone. Here's the link:

As gamers, we know that a lot of paid marketing efforts are kind of useless. Most of us rely on the opinions of people we trust to help us figure out what we want to play next. So please get the word out and get people talking - not just about the game but about how they have the power to add to it and tell their own stories using the Editor.

Thanks again. We’ll see you on launch day!



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    1. Missing avatar

      leperkhaun on

      bah i tried to take leave put my shop has too many people out.

    2. Missing avatar

      Goatee on

      One of the best run kickstarters I've backed! Way to go HBS! Can't wait!

      yes that is a lot of exclamations!!!!

    3. Armin Wolff on

      Awesome Trailer, looking forward to thursday like a kid on chrismas eve! :-P
      My mom, however was bit confused. She's 71, doesn't speak English, and it would take me a week alone to explain the concept of cybernetics to her... :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Philip Evans on

      Hello. I feel it was worth my money; I am very pleased the way the game is turning out.

    5. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Just a reminder, folks - If you haven't received an email with your Steam key, please send us and email at so we can get that out to you.


    6. Steffen Simonet on

      Hmpf, I have a ton of unplayed games here, but I just wanna play Shadowrun now! ^^

    7. Syd on

      I just had some kind of... vision. Backers were getting an early access to the game. Either it will materialize in our dimension, or I just need to get some sleep until Thursday.

    8. Stefan Croker on

      I am spamming this video about like spammer mcspamstein. The way I see it the more people who get it the more chance of getting extra stuff for it. Stuff is good! You need more stuff!

    9. Valeriy on

      Speed of a naval squadron is determined by speed of the slowest ship. A game is released fully only when the last target platform sees the game. Before that moment I personally consider everything to be a mere preview. So, I have no intention to advertise unfinished game. Nor I have any intentions to spread ill word. So, for now I stay silent up until the moment I personally see the product.

      P. S. Congratulations, HBS! It seems we are actually getting somewhere. Soon some of us backers will have a chance to see whether this all worth anything or not. Now to make that final push towards finish line!

    10. Missing avatar

      Lion on

      No thanks.

      If anything, I will be telling people not to buy it as to discourage people like you from keeping things from backers until the last minute.

      I can't make you change but I can sure do my part.

    11. William on

      I plastered this stuff everywhere! Thank you for the great game!

    12. Wayne F Newton on

      Hey Guys could we have another Fireside chat, I miss jordan talking on like an old mate oh and Mitch who is now forgiven for the Xbox game :-)

    13. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Randy - and anyone else who hasn't gotten their Steam key email - please email us at with your Kickstarter email address and your Backer level so we can get those to you. Thanks!

    14. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Steffan - Everyone gets the same version of the game. The only difference is where you download the soundtrack and Anthology from - Backers and HBS preorders will download them from the HBS Account website and Steam buyers will get them from Steam.

    15. Missing avatar

      Emeraude on

      @Warren Nelson: Only to backers there is no such option for other people.

    16. Randy Snow on

      Still waiting for my key....

      But I have bought five copies of the game for people on Steam.

    17. Steffen Simonet on

      Woah, the Trailer looks really cool! I can't wait to play the game, I know it will be a blast.

      One thing I wanna ask. Why do we backers (or at least some from the higher tiers) don't get the Digital Deluxe Version on Steam? I backed the project with 125 Dollar and I just thougt that this would be enough to get the "best" version on steam. Sure, we can download the other stuff from your homepage, but I like steam and would be happy, do get the other stuff there too. Maybe you could give us keys to unlock the digital deluxe edition? Okay, I know that this would mean a lot of work for you guys.

      But don't get me wrong, that's just a small complaint! I can't wait to start playing the game. :)

      When is gonna be your next Kickstarter-Project? ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Warren Nelson

      @Shatterbrain This game will also be offered DRM free from their website.

    19. Missing avatar

      Scott Tooker

      Any chance of getting the wallpaper at 2560x1440 (27" monitor) or even better 2880x1800 (15" Retina Mac Book Pro)?

    20. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      Going to try and spread this around as best I can!

    21. Missing avatar

      Shatterbrain on

      I only encourage my friends to purchase games that are offered DRM-free.

    22. Nicholas Russell on

      I don't know about negative. Just because I say that the drm free version doesn't let you play as a hacker doesn't make me pessimistic. Stop looking on the down side of comment conversation.

      Mwah ha ha. Go my troll army, go!

    23. Missing avatar

      Joseph Gorndt on

      Alright, did some work and found the difference between the versions myself: for anyone else who was wondering. Then I scrolled down to the comments to see if editor info was there, and remembered why I stopped following the updates so closely. There certainly are some negative backers out there.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Zhang on

      Great job on the trailer. Looking forward to what will probably be the first successful big game story from Kickstarter.

    25. Missing avatar

      Joseph Gorndt on

      I'm sure that this information is available somewhere, but I don't have the faintest idea where to find it. What ended up being the difference between the Steam and DRM-free versions of the game? I could be wrong, but I was under the impression the you could only use user-created content and DLC on the Steam version; is that right? Either way, I'm stoked for this. I MAY take the day off to go nuts with it day one.
      Actually, that brings to mind another question: when will the level editor be released to the public? The only thing I may be more excited about than the game itself are the campaigns people create.

    26. Arno Blokhuis on

      I've done my part.

      I really hope this is going to be an awesome success. I absolutely adore the old setting Jordan and co gave us way back. I am also gearing up to bring a new group into the fold the weekend after SRR release. We start in 2050 and will be running the first adventure in the official timeline: Silver Angel :D

    27. Paul Chaplin (@CottlestonPie) on

      Came here to say I'm really looking forward to this, and to see whether there was any hint about progress on the Linux release since update 55... A bit sad to see there was nothing nice and obvious in this update, but for the benefit of other Linux users, I found this from HBS in the comments on the previous update:

      "Harebrained Schemes LLC 2 days ago

      Linux Users - Please don't feel that you're not getting any Harebrained love. We would just rather wait and give you real information rather than a patented "we're working on it." As soon as we get the PC and Mac release out the door, we'll be turning our efforts to the Linux version along with localization and Berlin. HBS"

      So that's moderately encouraging, and hopefully we'll hear some new in a couple of weeks, although I agree with the general feeling of being a bit unnerved by the total lack of encouraging sounds other than the above. Whatever the case, I'm just glad I'll soon be able to play yet another new game without having to install Windows. :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Bryden Campsie on

      In. Awe.

      The trailer is brilliant, the in-game footage is marvelous. I am so, so, so glad that I backed this!

      Bring on the 26th!

    29. Missing avatar

      Iolly on

      Welcome to the sprawl...
      I'm so looking forward to this :-)

    30. fredgiblet on

      Are we going to be able to pre-load it before launch day?

    31. Matthew Mather on

      Well I just got Skyrim Legendary Edition in the Steam sale and- What? I only have SEVEN DAYS to beat Skyrim and all the expansions!?! Oh man... Looks like I'm going to be pulling some all-nighters!

    32. Keith Mutch on

      Absolutely awesome!! Trailer is very good, you've done a great job HBS! I'm so glad and excited that i backed you guys. Complete faith in the team the whole step of the way from the beginning of the Kickstarter, i got my Steam keys the other day and i'm now looking forward to playing in the shadows once again.

      Thanks a million! You guys are awesome :)

    33. Ber on

      That launch trailer looks REALLY GOOD. Well done guys! I can't wait :)

    34. Sean Benner on

      @4ydx Isn't it a bit premature to be spreading the word not having played it yet? I mean don't get me wrong I am excited, but I cannot really endorse something I haven't used yet :)

      Im pretty sure we all endorsed it already, when we threw our money at them after the mere possibility of the game being made!

    35. kcjnz on

      I'm just endorsing a product I backed because I'm happy it got made. If it stinks, I'll take it all back!! ;)

    36. Frederik Vezina

      I gladly backed your SR project for over a hundred bucks, on faith.
      I also poked everyone I thought would be interested, and got most of them to back your vision, for varied amounts.
      I will, however, wait until I've played a game before I tell anyone they should *buy* it.
      Poke us again for word-of-mouth 48 hours to a week after release. If you did things right, we'll be *certain* to let people know.

    37. 4ydx on

      Isn't it a bit premature to be spreading the word not having played it yet? I mean don't get me wrong I am excited, but I cannot really endorse something I haven't used yet :)

    38. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Can't wait for my cyberpunk fix!

    39. James Siebe on

      With all of us redeeming our Steam keys, we've just pushed into the 100 top sellers, even during the summer sale! How's that for publicity for ya!

    40. Estephan Sarcinelli on

      Now if only we could pro-load it...

    41. Sean Benner on

      oop, I just had the bass on my sub turned up. Haha. But the troll named Cobb is still a must.

    42. Sean Benner on

      Thats Adam Baldwin right? Does he do voice work in the game as well?! There needs to be a Troll named Cobb with his voice in SR canon!

    43. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      Any chance to do a preload on Steam a day or two early? I really want to just get down on this right outta the gate!

    44. Missing avatar

      meowstef on

      I'm going to be waiting to tell my friends how great this is till I know how great this is

    45. PeterD - Obs Ord / SR 3.93 on

      But. Seven days will take ... like ... years...

    46. Jonathan on

      If you guys want to make a splash on G+, you could get an official page, and a single post, and try to get all of the backers on G+ to +1/share it and push it out wide enough to get floated in their What's hot section. Right now, the Shadowrun penetration over there is minimal :)

    47. kcjnz on

      done, Facebook avatar and background changed and video posted!

    48. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      Hah, get the word out? I've been corrupting people for over a year. I converted a ton of people going onto random MMOs going "that Shadowrun game" and people are like "THIS EXISTS? I MUST HAVE IT! YOU'RE JOKING, RIGHT? YOU BETTER BE TELLING THE TRUTH ON THIS!" Just convinced a friend to check it out who wanted to use it for her university's game design program ... but the management didn't want to come to the party. More exposure will lead to more community content, more community content will lead to more people getting the game, more buzz will also spread the word. It's my wish that various educational outlets pick up the Shadowrun Returns toolset to teach students game design and that'll just spread the lore and concept of Shadowrun to a whole new generation.

    49. Eric Friesen on

      Looks great! I did what I could to help promote.

      Glad the game is releasing on Steam for those of us that like the convenience, the auto updates, the save game syncing and all the rest. I too didn't realize steam keys had been sent out. Searched my email for "steam key" and there it was.