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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Bryce Lynch on

      Dunklezhan's ghost playing Wasteland with Harlequin and Billy Idol?

    2. Missing avatar

      William Hochella

      Good, good. I was going to be Very Sad if they didn't make it.

    3. Missing avatar

      GeltonTorr on

      Well, Jordan requests and we Runners deliver - what more is there to say?

    4. Yowza on

      Kitten eating a dragon! Yay!

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin B. Stevenson on

      Dragon eating a kitten easter egg!!!!

    6. Ian Perley on

      @Josh Gilbert. Kill it with... fire? Or no, scratch that. Pet it with fire?

    7. Ross Levine
      on guys made it to 1.75! What were you going to add for that again?

    8. Marty Czosnyka on

      How bout a dragon posing as a kitten?

    9. Marty Czosnyka on

      How bout a dragon posing as a kitten?

    10. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      What about a Dragon named Kitten?

    11. Missing avatar

      Biff255 on

      i want a kitten eating a dragon XD

    12. Senkh on

      Hmm, facebook mini-game? Sequel?

    13. Missing avatar

      sitasan on

      there is novels with an Adept for hero, i dunno the title, but it s on of my favorites.

      and yes, you are incredible Harebrained to do that possible in Shadowrun Return.

      Now what is coming next? at 2 million? i can't imagine that

    14. George Dodge on

      If you hit $2m, throw in Co-Op.

    15. TygerKrash on

      @MisterLurch means without Digital Rights management.. usually invasive Software that in theory prevents piracy.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mr. Eff on

      MisterLurch, DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and is used by some software in an attempt to control copying. DRM has a history of causing problems for legitimate users.

    17. Missing avatar

      MisterLurch on

      what does DRM free mean?

    18. Roflmaou on

      Nikki-it's already reached 1.75 when including paypal. so you has your ninja!

    19. Nikki on

      oh $20,000 till my magical ninja :D

    20. Ryan Robinson

      I'm surprised that none of the 5-7.5k have gone and all the 10k have.
      More levels, or more stuff at higher levels, couldn't hurt- but I'm not sure what sorts of swag they could add in that they haven't already.

    21. David McCloskey on

      I am very pleased, and quite impressed with the support that Shadowrun Returns has gotten.

      I actually got into the tabletop before the video games came out, and when they did I was so happy. I still remember how much I played the SNES version.

      Of course, it doesn't reach the endless hours I've dedicated to the multiple editions of the Shadowrun pen and paper RPG. That game will be with me until I die.

      I can't wait for Shadowrun Returns to be out!

      Slot and run, chummers!

    22. Missing avatar

      tony peterson on

      Could we get the final paypal and kickstarter numbers?

    23. Missing avatar

      antonio on

      They really should have added more slots at 10k and 500 a while ago. Makes no sense, especially since 10k was sold out so long ago...

    24. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Yeah, I'd like the kitten and dragon option if we get it. I just wish I had more money to pledge.

    25. Tim Filler on

      I think not eric, but u can also pledge via paypal directly on the HBS Homepage - so the got the 1.75 maybe already ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      Creston on

      @ Eric Ziegler: The counter here doesn't show people who donated through Paypal. They've probably pulled in about 50K or so through PP.

    27. eric ziegler on

      Wait what? It's not at 1.75mil. Did they just change there mind?

    28. Brian Lee on

      I have a cat named Ketchup. I bet she's crunchy.

    29. Missing avatar

      Auxilius on

      I shall hunt and slaughter the dragon who dare eating a kitten.

    30. Joshua Fennema on

      Dragon Cat?


    31. Murat Öğüt on

      Dragon shapeshifting feature for kittens?

    32. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on


      I totally forgot Paypal! :D

      Bam! Now lets just see how ur going to implement all this goodness- that last goal isnt that special... even though i want it. ^^

      Just take what u got and deliver proper 2D-Sr-Goodness...

      HMMMM... on a 2nd note:
      Make it MODDABLE(import assets ec.) and i'll up my pledge to 275$!

    33. Stephanie Edwards on

      Kittragons ftw!!!! (Dragittens?)

    34. Patricia on

      RAAAAAAAA for Adepts!!!!!!!!!
      :D :D :D

    35. Torgamous on

      @Ian: Paypal donations don't show up on the Kickstarter page.

    36. Matt on

      And a new tier somewhere between $250 and $1000 would help... or even add more at $500, they sold out.

    37. Jeff Hitchcock on

      I would love to see the old modules developed for launch.: Universal Brotherhood, DNA/DOA, Mercuial, Harlequin, Double Exposure, Super Tuesday, Brainscan, A Killing Glare, Harlequin's back, etc etc etc.

    38. David on

      I'm thinking its about 50.

      233 left would be 1767. Minus 1716 = 51 ish?

    39. Bachtiar Rahady on

      I only want a nice looking old-school physical box I can hold.

    40. Matt on

      Yeah, if we have a shot at this we need to know where we stand.

    41. David on

      *Dark chuckle*

      Can you guys confirm current Paypal totals?

    42. Ian Quadrio on

      I'm confused. According to the total on my screen you're $35k shy of 1.75m. which is 285k shy of 2mil. Is my screen not working?

    43. Missing avatar

      JackFlash on

      How about a minigame where you just pin Harlequin down and kick him in the fork a few times?

    44. Wayne F Newton on

      Remember that as the money goes up the features already included will be improved, rather than adding new features at every level it showed that in the progress chart they had, but certainly a nice new kitten getting eaten by dunkelzahn would be a thought....or perhaps a nice signed poster of the cover art of shadowrun.. or even an In game style poster of Maria mercurial concert or somthing, like you used to get in some of the source books!

    45. Bernhard Tischler

      I vote for genetically mutated hamsters which are technologically enhanced with microwaves. This would be a dream for all Maniac Mansion fans :-D... but well, kitten eating dragon comes really next to it :-D (hey, what about dragon eating kitten? I'd really want to see such cuties :-D)

    46. Missing avatar

      Frank Marcelli on

      What is going to $2 million going to provide? If I missed what the next set of content enrichment was announced, please, someone forward me that info!

    47. Adam Torma on

      Thanks for the Adepts. I just hope this last strench doesn't end up as a frustration (not getting there).