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Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
Shadowrun Returns brings back one of our most original & cherished game settings as a 2D turn-based RPG for tablets & PC.
36,276 backers pledged $1,836,447 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Valashar on

      John Esh: Next January there will be a release of the new core book Shadowrun 2050, which uses the current rules set but for the 1st/2nd edition setting. Should be a fun read and a good way to be able to show new players how the PnP game was in the same time frame that Shadowun Returns will be using.

    2. Missing avatar

      Scott Viverito on

      So wierd to have Game Depot mentioned ... was just there yesterday.

    3. Draco18s on

      I thought it was "Elves on Harleys" but I heard that third or fourth hand.

    4. John Claude on

      Last night I ordered the 20th anniversary core rules, Augmentations, Arsenal, and Street Magic all in anticipation of the CRPG. It'll be my first Shadowrun purchase in 14 years!

    5. Wayne F Newton on

      Yeah I can see what you mean matt just think as long as the rules they use catch the spirit of the game It doesn't matter if its based on the pnp rules.

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      Brandon Matson on

      Wow, when this hit 1M, I didn't think it has enough momentum to hit 1.8M, but it looks like it'll definitely get there.

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      Daryk Zirkle on

      @Matt Siedl: Thanks! I missed them adding that to the FAQ. And I'm with you on the rules mattering. They define the limits of what can be done at what confidence level, and as Ivan implied, that changed significantly between 3rd and 4th editions.

    8. Matt on

      @Wayne: The computer takes care of the bookkeeping, sure. But you still need to understand how statistics affect your character's actions, for example. There are definitely rules, even if you aren't the one rolling the dice.

    9. Wayne F Newton on

      yeah but mostly the actual computer game rules, so you won't need to see alot of stuff, and they can take alot of stuff into account because no ones doing the math, but if they do go for a set of rules I hope its second ed, mostly because they were good rules peoples main problem with them was how much stuff could slow down if people didn't know the rules.

    10. Matt on

      @Wayne: It's a turn-based game, so rules certainly matter.

    11. Wayne F Newton on

      Rules don't matter on a Cpu the world is what matters and the feel, as it is its the 2050s setting so I'll Imagine it will end at about Bug city 2057. and probably begin in 51 as thats where the early scenarios all started!

    12. Matt on

      @Ivan @Daryk From the FAQ:
      "Let's start here--Shadowrun was never about the rules. It's about the game world. If you need proof, look at the 1st Edition rules. They were. . . lacking. But the world caught on and the rules improved. So we intend to be true to the world and take our rule cues from the 2nd and 3rd Editions. They best represent the 2050 era time frame."

    13. Missing avatar

      Daryk Zirkle on

      I asked early on which PnP edition they were going to use, but they demurred on an answer, so there's still hope for 3rd Edition.

    14. Ivan on

      Nice vid, nice storys - thank you guys for sharing. I am a little worried about all those Shadowrun 4 Corebooks in the background. I hope they dont influence HBS too much. Shadowrun 4 made me quit playing ...

    15. Missing avatar

      Atte Karvinen on

      S-sized shirts would be nice.

    16. Nix on

      Can you please consider adding size S shirts? Think about the small guys/female players out there.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tim Talbert on

      What? Quickly checks FAQ... shirts... shirts... shirts!... rats! No 4XL? Not so good...
      I'm with William -- add 4XL shirts and I'll bump up to $175.

    18. Missing avatar

      William Hochella

      If the T-shirts were available in 4XL I'd probably be able to justify tossing an extra $50 in. :/

    19. Brad Mushill on

      thanks, it's always great to hear how much this means to the team working on it. I've never been this excited about a game in development before.

    20. Missing avatar

      JW on

      For two weeks, I have been considering to raise my pledge... and I always keep back, thinking: wait, for the /other/ OS, I have to buy a separate license, so save the money for that.
      Why is that you are giving backers just one OS each? "PC, Mac *or* Linux"?
      It's DRM-free, we're on a mutual-trust basis anyways - so why do you do that? I just don't get it.

    21. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hey y'all!

      We just updated the update video. Call it the Director's Cut.

      Have a look.


    22. Gonchi on

      @Matt; Hey, thanks for that pic.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Yoon on

      Thanks for sharing the memories. Raised my pledge.

    24. Matt on

      Wallpaper-friendly version of the Shadowrun Returns full screen shown at the end of this update:

    25. Arturo Aguirre on

      Damn you people. I just realized how incremental everything got.... "You know for /just/ $75 more I can upgrade to...."

    26. Darrell Delph on

      unemployed student my last 60 bucks went into this, I think I can live on top ramen till fall quarter. :D Its going to be so worth it.

    27. Wayne F Newton on

      Nice to hear th stories from the team... you can feel the vibes coming of of them.

    28. Ryan Freseman on

      In for nearly 2% of my annual income. I can't say what my progress tracking is showing is ideal, but there's still a chance of making the last stretch goal. I love Phys Adepts and play them quite a lot, so this last goal really spoke to me.

    29. Jeffrey C. Anthony on

      37 years old, and usually hate themed tshirts... this is one I'll actually wear. I cant wait to hear the soundtrack.

    30. Nicholas Russell on

      As a 27 year old man my first thought here is "Wow, I'm actually older than one of your team. Never thought I'd say that of a game developer". Still this is the reason you join up on a kickstarter because you know the people who'll be working on the project you're backing are just as interested in making it fun as you are. Really looking forward to seeing how this game turns out.

    31. Belcaw on

      Can't wait to proudly wear my TShirt as a 37 year old man... :-) Hope this turns out to be something my 9 year old son can enjoy with me.

    32. Roh on

      It's almost over. What do we do once the kickerstarter wraps up? I hope they keep active dev blogs to help keep us sane while we wait.

    33. Martin Tan on

      Reach to 2 million

    34. Missing avatar

      Ron Ames on

      I cannot freakin' WAIT for this! I'm not even as excited about the Diablo 3 release as I am for this. I swear, I'll put down whatever I'm playing for a long time when this comes out. I'm really proud to be a supporter of this project