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A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.
A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.
31,497 backers pledged $1,204,726 to help bring this project to life.

Launch Day!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Wow, Launch Day is finally here!

Thanks for sticking with us throughout the development of Shadowrun: Hong Kong. We've enjoyed giving you these "peeks behind the curtain" and sharing the adventure with you.

We know we say it a lot but thank you again for your generous financial and moral support. (And the bagels! Where would we be without the bagels?)

This game is the result of a true collaboration between artists, designers, programmers, writers, testers, and producers who put the game and their audience above all else. A lot of blood, sweat, tears (along with long, long hours) went into making Shadowrun: Hong Kong and knowing you were out there, excitedly waiting to play the game we were working so hard to deliver, really helped to motivate us.

And so, without further ado, you’ll find everything you need to know to get the game and your rewards below. We appreciate the opportunity to make games for you and hope you enjoy your trip to Hong Kong.


Here’s a peek at our exclusive Backer-Reward wallpaper - check your BackerKit account for a link to the variety of size options to suit your desktop, tablet or phone.

Where to Find Your Game Key and Digital Rewards
If you answered your BackerKit survey, your key and Backer rewards should be available. Just follow these steps: 

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click on the small “Log into your Backer Account”
Step 3. Click Review Details
Step 4. Click on "Get Your Digital Rewards"
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Enter your Kickstarter email in the box
Step 3. An email will be sent to you with a link to recover your account.
Step 4. Click on "Get Your Digital Rewards"

IMPORTANT: If you are one of the over 600 who haven’t answered their Backer Survey to tell us what kind of key you’d like, go to the FAQ at the bottom of the page for more instructions!

Rewards You’ll Now Find in BackerKit
According to your Backer Level, these are the rewards that should be in your BackerKit account.

Chummers - $15 Backers and Up
-Key to Shadowrun: Hong Kong
-Link to the Shadowrun: Hong Kong Wallpaper
-Link to Shadowrun: Hong Kong soundtrack
-Download of Shadowrun Returns Soundtracks
-Download of Dragonfall - Director’s Cut Soundtracks

Sprawl Ganger - $35 Backers and Up
-Shadowrun 5th Ed. Digital Tools Box

Mercenary - $55 Backers and Up
-A code for the Exclusive Set of In-game Player Character Portraits
-The Art of Shadowrun Hong Kong pdf
-1 Out of Print Sourcebook (Note: this reward was not included in the $65 Operative level )

Operative - $65 Backers and Up
-2 Keys for Shadowrun: Hong Kong
-1 Key for Shadowrun Returns
-1 Key for Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut

Courier - $150 Backers and Up
-2 Out of Print Sourcebooks

Prime Runners - $500 Backers and Up
-Custom Backer PC and NPC Portraits been emailed directly to $500+ Backers and will appear in the game. If you haven’t received yours yet, please contact us at (Note: If we previously discussed including your NPC in the mini-campaign, your portrait will be delivered closer to that release date. Oh, and if you never sent us your picture, please get in touch with us so we can get started on it!)

The rest of this update is a repeat of the information shared in last Thursday’s Kickstarter Update. If you already read last Thursday’s update, you’re all up to date and can go play the game!!

For the rest of you…. 

What About the Rest of the Digital Rewards?Looking back at the estimated reward delivery dates on our Kickstarter page, we realize that they’re a little convoluted (which can happen when you’re adding rewards that will be ready at different times). Here’s when you can expect:

- The Shadowrun: Hong Kong Audio Commentary will arrive in an update in the next month few months.

- The remaining digital rewards, Into the Shadows Anthology, Shadowrun: Hong Kong Sourcebook, HiRes Panoramic Timeline and Glossary Posters, Shadowrun: Hong Kong Digital Map and Shadowrun: Hong Kong eNovel are all slated to be delivered in December.

As soon as the team is finished with Shadowrun: Hong Kong, we'll be rolling onto the Shadows of Hong Kong mini-campaign. We anticipate releasing it in early 2016.

What’s Up with Physical Rewards?
Both the Messenger Bag and the Collectible Figures are in the process of being manufactured and we think they look great! We expect them both to be delivered to your doorstep by the end of the year.

Important for International Backers with Physical Rewards: We’ll be sending you an email in mid-September with more information on how to make the payment for shipping of your physical rewards. Payments will be made through your BackerKit account and the email will give you more specific instructions

Whew! That was a lot of information.

If you have general questions, we’ll be watching the comments section of this post and try to get them answered as quickly as we can. If you have a question about your BackerKit account or specific situation, please send BackerKit Customer support an email at We’ll be working with them closely to help resolve any issues that come up throughout the fulfillment process.


I need to access my BackerKit account. How do I do that? Go to and fill in your Kickstarter email address. You will receive an email so you can recover your account.

I didn’t fill out my BackerKit survey before the deadline - what do I do? If you did not fill out your BackerKit survey, we are unable to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards. If that’s you, go to and fill out your survey ASAP. We will need to manually “lock down” your account before your keys will appear so there may be a bit of a delay between answering and delivery.

My BackerKit account is locked - now what? If you find your BackerKit account is locked and you did not answer your survey, please contact BackerKit directly at and let them know the answers to your BackerKit survey so they can update that information for you. Your digital rewards will be in your BackerKit account soon after that.

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    1. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!

      It looks like the wiz crew of Deckers from the Shadowrun Identity project, which brought us the suh-wheeet Mercurial UGC for Shadowrun Dragonfall, are now working in the Shadowrun Hong Kong Editor to bring us another oldschool Shadowrun adventure, namely...Bug City!

      Now, fer those 'o youse who dinna appreciate yer taste 'o action wit bug spirits in Shadowrun Returns, null sheen. Der's lots 'o depth there youse dinna get ta experience in 'Returns. So, dis might be a real unexpected treat fer ya, omaes. ^_^


    2. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Carl - Looks like you've already answered your BackerKit survey so you just need to log into your account and click on the "Get Your Digital Rewards" button.

      Just enter your Kickstarter email address at this link: and you'll be sent an email with a link to your account.

    3. Carl Eugene Hawkins on

      I've been deployed and i guess somehow I missed the survey, is it too late for me to get the items that I pledged for? Thank you and I can't wait!

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Cooksey on

      @ Dave, Shadowrunner
      Thanks very much for your suggestions - I think it might be time to upgrade the old dear - last time I did much to my PC was when I put it together 5 years ago (though it's still a reasonable spec for such a venerable machine), it's gotten pretty noisy.

      Definitely going SSD next time too.

      I'm having another play through trying to have some fun with the cyperweapons. 'Whipping Boy' was looking forward to his monofillament whip and has just realised he'll need quickness/ranged to use it rather than strength/close combat. so it's spreading him a bit thin there too - hey ho there's plenty of cyberware to improve him there.

      Anyone had any characters types that were particularly fun they'd suggest we try?

    5. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!

      Jordan Weisman discusses the inspiration for Shadowrun's original pencile & paper RPG creation through to Shadowrun Hong Kong, it's Editor, resulting UGC, and more! Totally WIZ, Chummers!

      And... not the worst Google Search results, 'ne? ^_^

    6. Dave, Shadowrunner on


      Other than beefing up your "deck", about all you can do to increase load times is make sure you aren't running any unnecessary programs in the background.

      If you want to minimize your load times, you should have at least 4GB RAM (I guestimated this based on alt-tabbing while I have SRHK running and about 3.5 GB of memory is being used). I'm guessing your computer probably has 4GB RAM, but if not it's definitely worth upgrading.

      However, the absolute best thing to do would be to install the entire game on an SSD. When I got my current computer built, I bought a 120 gb SSD; only thing I install on it is Windows, my Web browsers, and a few of my favorite games. I have SRHK installed on there and it has cut down I bought it a few years ago, but the prices for SSDs has dropped a lot. If you play a fair amount of games on your PC it is definitely looking into.

      I'm a bit ambivalent about the new Matrix too. I love the new look. The stealth is OK even if this engine isn't really ideal for it and I kinda like the symbol matching minigame, but I'm not so crazy about the Simon / memory game part of it.

      I actually like that the stat bonuses are no longer in armor... You can still get a lot of them but just have to either get cyberware or fetishes for mages / shamans. While there isn't any cyberware that specifically improves RIgger abilities, I think a rigger would definitely benefit from Wired Reflexes (it's an extra AP point, which is important for any character, but especially when you need to use 1 AP to activate each of your drones!). Also The Jolt Arm for in case you get stunned. And everyone can benefit from the shiawase magnet arm, too.

      It's definitely advisable to specialize and focus on a couple of abilities in this game... If you do all of the optional missions, you'll have enough karma for a few extra things (like some charisma) but you don't want to spread your karma too thin . Anyway, don't forget we still have the mini campaign coming up, so you'll likely be able to earn some more Karma to get your drone control to 9.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex Cooksey on

      Hi All,

      Finished my first run through the game as a Decker Rigger and thought I'd add my two cents.

      First and foremost - I *loved* the writing it stands out head an shoulders above everything else (the other games in the series, and other games I've played recently). Hugely well done there.
      It's also very pretty - It looks great from the drab to the spectacular, all the elements look good. So much so, I really wanted to be able to turn the camera round to have a bit more of a look. I really liked the tarted up Matrix look too.

      I was a bit ambivalent about the new matrix - possibly it needs a little tutorial? I didn't dislike it - but suspect it could stand a little more tweaking. I think the stealth elements were fine, though would have liked to be able to use my programs when outside actual combat (heal / suppression etc). I think the hacking could be tweaked a bit. There's a sort of Simon Says followed by a patten matching game, and I think if they were altered to something a bit more puzzle-y it'd be cooler and more in line with expectation.

      I did miss having stat improvements through clothes etc. I was desperately trying to get rank 9 in drone control for that sweet, sweet +2AP. Failed in the end - I'd have to be more specialist. Ho hum. If you want them away from clothes then how about in Cyberware. In the end I barely used any - wasn't really relevant to my build - and it feels like drones could be well looked after there. There's even two runs (not wishing to spoil) it could slot into easily.

      All in all a great game - well done and am looking forward to the expansion (and count me in for the next instalment, wherever it be set).

      I do have one real complaint though - is there any way you can reduce those load times? I was generally able to get at least two games of backgammon in on my phone while waiting for load.

      Thanks very much

    8. Missing avatar


      Loving it so far! A list of constructive feedback, though:

      - I second that the run pacing could be a bit better. I just completed my 2nd run, and I now have 7 more to do, right now. Something like 3-4 at a time probably would've been a little nicer. Also, IF it doesn't matter already (not sure, 'cause I've not completed the game yet), it would be interesting if which runs you did first actually affected other runs, etc.

      - I still wish the paydata were more than a delayed finding of nuyen. What I mean is, the only difference between finding paydata and finding "You just hacked into a node and transferred X nuyen to your account" is the delay of having to post it, then do another run, then getting the payment. In... Returns, I think it was, you had a fence you could go to to sell things you found. That would be a great idea, *IF* there was more than one fence and/or more than one buyer, etc. There should be some level of decision-making (above binary) when it comes to paydata and the like. Maybe you use paydata to your advantage somehow, to gain leverage, or a new technology, etc., INSTEAD of money. Maybe you hold onto it, and get paid later, but get paid much more, etc. It's just so immediately understood that "Yay, I found some paydata. Post it, get money." There's no wonder, whatsoever, with who you'll sell it to, or what value it could have for you besides money, etc.

      - The cover map needs to be fixed. It's very frustrating when a solid concrete parking garage column (for example) that's wider than any of my characters provides zero cover. I'm playing on Hard, and in some of the fights I've been through (again, I've only done 2 runs, so I haven't even played LOTS of the fights/maps throughout the game) there are, if I'm lucky, 2 full-cover spots and 2 half-cover spots throughout the whole area between myself and many, many foes. Especially as an Adept (melee), my options are either stay where I am and just use ranged the while fight, or run to a light-cover spot, maybe (despite the fact that there are plenty of big, solid objects in the map to hide behind), get the crap shot out of me, then next turn, run the rest of the way to a foe, then attack them (finishing my turn "in the open"). That, and some of the flanking angles are really weird. I've had people shoot "around a corner" to hit my people, and get flanking shots on them. Big, solid corners. If you want to make areas that don't have a lot of cover, that's fine. I trust your judgment in the combat difficulty derived from cover availability. But, if you're going to have a spot on the movement grid that's bordered on a side by an object that's more than like... 2 feet tall, it should probably provide at least light cover. If something completely covers my entire character and isn't made out of cardboard, it needs to provide good cover, etc.

      - Just a suggestion... I think it'd be really cool (and an efficient use of maps/scenarios) if, SOMEtimes, you could take the "same" run from multiple parties. In other words, maybe The Spiffy Corp thinks someone's gonna hit their new building's grand opening to steal or sabotage something, AND some other faction is looking for runners to hit the Spiffy Corp's building tonight. So, if you don't like Spiffy Corp, you can hit them. Or, if you do (or just hate the other faction), you can be extra hired security. That's a simplistic example, but... yeah. Also, if that happens at some point in the game, then great.

      - Lastly, the maps are SO big and gorgeous, but there are a lot of them with very little to interact with in them. Even if it's little stuff that just supports the exposition, etc, I encourage you to, simply put, fill your maps with more interactibles.

      All in all, though, I'm freaking loving it! Definitely a VERY solid cRPG, and very spot-on for Shadowrun. And, I've gotta say, the writing is through-the-roof quality, ^_^

    9. drow on

      i can't speak for HBS, but we all know the answer. time. money.

    10. AlexVSharp on

      If you don't mind me asking: Will I ever be able to play all three campaigns as part of a single game? I mean the decking stuff you've added to Hong Kong is cool and all, but it definitely feels like it would be more at home in the Dragonfall campaign. Not to mention that all the extra functionality is missing from the first Shadowrun game. Any plans on "porting" old stories to new features which can be played from a single menu?

    11. Marek Homsi Andráši on

      22 hours (ALREADY!?) hours in and I'm loving it!
      The only issue I have is the pacing, sidequest overload and well... UX. I already have 5-6 different runs lined up and do not know what to do first... and also fear that if I wait too long I will fail some of them.
      Also I already have a feeling a know almost everything about my team and that the stories of people in Hanoi are reaching "conclusions".
      But so far I didn't progress much in the main storyline, so I fear i will soon reach the point where they (team and Hanoi residents) will have nothing new to say to me... and at the same time I fear that if I skip talking to them after each run, I will miss some unique interaction.
      The optional "rests" make you wonder If you should do it... I'm roleplayer so I do, because that is a thing people do - you can't go on days without resting, but the game makes me feel that there will be some bad concequences if I do so....:/

      I may be wrong of course - it is possible that the quests will wait for me, that there is a lot more to experience with and about the NPCs and that "resting" is just a optional way to experience some more information about the plot and world.... BUT it just isn't well communicated to the player so I sometimes feel anxious whether "I'm playing the game right". That is not the way player should feel...

    12. Jeff on

      Hello Tiago:
      Try this:
      Harebrained Schemes LLC 2 days ago

      @Steve Poirier - Sorry you still haven't gotten your invite. Please email us at with the platform you'd like your key from so we can get that key to you at the very least.

    13. Tiago Campanário Braga on

      so, how do i get the key for the game?

    14. Devon Mullane on

      Isn't one of Is0bel's rats white? I could have sworn when you first talk to her and she tells you their names that it clearly described one as white, yet none of the art has it depicted as so? Did I just misread that text? I'll go back and check, I guess :P

    15. Heiko Misselwitz on

      Uh crap, should have backed for 65$ instead of 55$ since steam is the lazy way of organizing your games.
      Well, I can't blame others when I'm stupid.

    16. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!

      AWESOME voice-acted #LetsPlay of #Shadowrun #HongKong w/ @GregoryAWilson & interview w/ @WeBeHarebrained @ the end!… ^_^

    17. Dr.Claw on

      ... and that bug I mentioned last night? Already fixed! Day after launch 'aint bad in my book, thanks HBS! =)

    18. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Steve Poirier - Sorry you still haven't gotten your invite. Please email us at with the platform you'd like your key from so we can get that key to you at the very least.

    19. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Dan Cruickshank - How long should people who are just now filling out the backerkit survey expect to wait to get their keys?
      At this point in the process, locking down accounts which distributes keys is a manual process. We're doing it regularly in between answering customer service issues but if you fill out your survey just after we've just locked down, it may be a few hours before we do it again. Thanks for your patience.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dan Cruickshank on

      @Steve Sorry to hear that. I thought I was having that issue but realized I was putting in the wrong e-mail.

      Also, I just got unlocked now, so thanks to who did that!

    21. Steve Poirier on

      @Dan Glad you manage to get the survey, I cant get the e-mail for this survey since 2 days I try over and over.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan Cruickshank on

      How long should people who are just now filling out the backerkit survey expect to wait to get their keys?

    23. Kai Pardo on

      Thanks for another great addition to the series. I can't wait for the weekend to play more SR: HK. I only managed to squeeze in a few hours of play since launch. The limitations of being a wage slave.

    24. Rob B. on

      HBS I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for putting so much heart into this game. I'm only a small way through the game and it's already clear that it's a whole 'nother level above Dragonfall.... which I didn't think was possible. Your quality of work makes me proud to to have backed all of your Shadowrun projects and I'll continue to do so happily.

      Your work, and other such as inExile, has restored my faith in quality games by teams that really know how to produce a game that the players want. The story, game play, depth of characters,etc make your products stand out in a industry that has been trying to make a quick buck for a while now.

      Enough of the sappiness lol, keep up the fantastic work!!

    25. Missing avatar

      brandon marlborough on

      Something I noticed today when I got up opened the game all of my saves from yesterday are now gone.

    26. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Keys are free as much as I know. You could have given the Deluxe key to backers for their convenience. Also, if you are so afraid of giving back something to the backers the key could be for the deluxe edition and not for the upgrade from standard so that they have to use them instead of giving it away if they wanted to play.

      A light shadow on an otherwise brilliant campaign.

    27. Shane-o - WoOS on

      I'd also like to add my voice to the annoyance that is splitting rewards between Backerkit and other file distribution services. The keys are free so why not make it easier to have all the files in one place, ie. GOG ? Just a thought
      No, this isn't going to be a discussion to others that want to disagree with my opinion
      Other than that minor hiccup, I'm glad release day is finally here. Well done HBS and to my fellow backers :D

    28. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Downloading now! :D
      Also so looking forward to your next Kickstarter! ;-)

    29. TheRealCuran on

      @Epsilon Rose: Time and effort? For clicking on like five to ten links and selecting "Save as"? Come on now. (Plus investing that "effort" ensures you keep access to the files, even if Humble, GOG, BackerKit, etc. get shut down.)

      And space isn't really a problem either these days, is it? I mean, when you had to pay a leg and a limb to get 16 MB, ok. But these days I can get 4 TB (WD Green) roughly 130 €. 20 € more gets you a WD Red of the same size. Even if you don't want to buy a HDD, I'm sure you have some (free) space with some online service (example: I got 100 GB free from my ISP).

      Anyway, I think we have to agree to disagree. ;-)

    30. Missing avatar

      Isane on

      I'm trying to determine that myself, and so far I am not liking what I am seeing. Going to test it with a few more friends, but from what I can determine, going solely by the Human Female portraits (since that's what my portrait is) the $55 and up exclusive portraits' code unlocked just one more human female portrait. My one friend had to put in my specific "NPC/PC Special Code" in order to unlock my portrait.

      Considering that the reward level says "Everyone will be able to choose YOU as their character!" with absolute no mention of needing a code, I am feeling quite a bit misled. I'll save judgement until I can confirm this with a couple more people.

    31. M Terrell on

      Just curious but which portraits are the backer only portraits that I got from entering the codes? How do I know I got them?

    32. Missing avatar

      brandon marlborough on

      Just have to say great job on the game guys I am loving it.

    33. Dr.Claw on

      Hey HBS! I'm getting crashes on Ubuntu with some summons (Air works fine, Nature crashes). I posted a full report to the link it printed on stdout, lemme know if you need more info. In the interim I'll just get all cybered up, who needs essence anyway? ;)

    34. Nor Azman

      Hello. I am an Operative backer and I am so so so glad I had the chance to support SR:HK when the campaign was running. Finally got around to installing and playing SR because of all the promotion you guys are doing in steam, and I have to say 'Hats Off!' Seriously.

      I am playing SR:Dragonfall first because of all the positive reviews and I am wonderfully engrossed . I havent felt this goose bumps since playing Bladur's Gate I & II. (Currently still trying to earn enough for Alice but what great runs I am having)

      I cant wait to have SR:HK unlock for its shadowrun editor assets. I am being playing around with shadowrun editor and watching the tutorials at youtube. There's a steep learning curve but I really want to contribute something to the community. I really hope HBS continues to support and grow its shadowdowrun editor. That is SR's real strength I feel.

      Lastly just want to say Bravo HBS. What you are doing with the shadowrun IP and how you run a crowdfunding campaign. Bravo.

      Ps. Am a long time Battletech fan. Watched the animated series when I was a kid. All time fav battletech or battletech related game is forever Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries. Epic!!! Oddly have fond memories of Battletech in the Sega Genesis. (A desert strike type game) Anyone remembers that? haha. Had the opportunity to be in the beta/alpha access of Mechwarrior Tactics. Unfortunate how that went but I had fun. Would honestly love a turn based Battletech game. Have missed that feeling since my Front Missions days. Am itching to see what you guys at HBS will come up with and cant wait for the KS campaign to start! BTW, would you guys be open to adding Actors cutscenes like they had in MechCommander 2? That would be max!

      Anyway HBS. Keep doing what you are doing. You are on the right path. You guys rock! ^_^

    35. Mark L

      I, for one, appreciate that you used Backerkit - it took me all of 30 seconds to log in, download the files enter the Steam code, and be done. Much faster and easier than most of the alternatives, like when a Kickstarter project tries to 'roll their own' and make a mess of it. Backerkit (or HumbleBundle) are definitely the way to go. Thanks, guys.

    36. Missing avatar

      hin on

      I love you guys. Not only was I looking forward to this since the start of the campaign, you also are my first kickstarter project to have delivered on time! extra points for that.

    37. M Terrell on

      *starts clapping slowly* *claps faster* Well done HBS, well done indeed.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jerry on

      @alcaray code are in backerkit digital reward section and mini-campaign is the one that they are developing outside of the original game as a bonus for raising as much as they did during kickstarter campaign. Read the campaign page for details if not withing the previous couple updates it was mentioned (I believe #37)

    39. Epsilon Rose on

      @Harebrained Schemes: I have no doubt that backer kit is better for managing deliverables and figuring out what backers need, but it's also rather cumbersome for backers to deal with. You're already relying on other services to store and manage the game itself, is there a reason you couldn't have used those same services to manage the other things as well?

      @TheRealCuran Not everyone wants to take the time, effort, and space required to manage there own media, particularly when there are plenty of services that will handle that for you and three of those services are already involved.

    40. drow on

      you want to keep your data forever, you keep it on your own deck. any node can disappear off the matrix whenever, omae.

    41. Steve Poirier on

      I cant get the survey so no serial key, who should I contact ?

    42. TheRealCuran on

      I really don't get how you can get worked up about the location where you have to download (DRM-free) files. Just get them and store them on your disc, make a backup and be happy? At least that's what I did: stored it locally and to my NAS.

      Sure, it shouldn't have made much difference, what key HBS gave away, but then we do not know the contracts. And while Valve might not charge you for giving keys out (what they call retail copies), GOG and Humble might. Plus, maybe, HBS is going to add more files to the backer rewards version in the future? Like when all digital rewards are ready in December? As long as I get everything that was promised, I'm good.

    43. astuffds on


      Though ugh, I still need to finish a lot of stuff before I can immerse myself into the game T___T Really envy you guys who have started your run.

      Anyway, well done at making it on time, Harebrained Schemes! (With all the improvements added in the game, yeah you guys must've worked really hard)
      Enjoy your cigars and pop out the drinks! Thank you very much everyone :D

      Keep working!

    44. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Fair enough.
      However, would have changed for you, management speaking, to give the deluxe edition redeem key to all the backers instead of the standard one. I mean, a key is a key.
      Are you so afraid to give away a content twice? A content that, could be shared anyway if someone is willing to? To the persons that trusted you with their money for make a great games (no complain on that, you surely delivered)?
      I won't say you are the only one as there are many developers that does that. But there are also devs that do thing with gamers in mind and avoid those issue. There's a trend on kickstarter in which on release the authors always mess up and try to give back the less as possible for many reasons. It's hard to be trusting, I understand that, but it is also true for giving money on a promise.

      It's true that backerkit maybe there for years, but we cannot be sure. Even you could not be there for long and it's not guaranteed you'll be there to replace links and stuff (to dropbox and amazon).

    45. Darkangel on

      Looking good so far. Got my crew ready for their first 3 runs, and trying to guess how the story will unfold gives me a warm feeling.

    46. Missing avatar

      Travis Howell on

      @drow: Backerkit isn't actually hosting any of the files themselves though, the soundtracks are links to other web sites. The Shadowrun Hong Kong soundtrack is particular, is hosted on Harebrained Schemes web site.

    47. drow on

      i'm in through [redacted] and the first mission in [redacted], where [redacted] joins. you magnificent bastards, that's heartless. incredible so far, i'm really chuffed.

    48. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      And we'll always have it, too!

    49. drow on

      backerkit is as likely to be around long-term as GOG or Steam are.