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A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.
A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.
31,497 backers pledged $1,204,726 to help bring this project to life.

Shadowrun:Hong Kong Keys and Rewards Update!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

We are THISCLOSE to launching Shadowrun:Hong Kong and are excited to let you know that we have distributed Steam, GOG and Humble keys for the game into BackerKit accounts! 

Included in this update are details on how to claim your keys for the game along with information about the delivery of the remaining Shadowrun:Hong Kong Kickstarter rewards.

Where to Find Your Shadowrun: Hong Kong Key
If you answered your BackerKit survey and it has been "locked down," you will find your SRHK key in your BackerKit account. The key will remain there in case you ever need to find it again. If you are eligible for multiple keys at your pledge level, you are welcome to share them as you like with friends and family.

Here are links for further direction on how to redeem your key. Please follow the appropriate link.

GOG: (Note that GOG keys won't activate until Thursday, Aug 20 10amPST and you will get a "code expired" message until then.)

We have also included a link in your BackerKit account where you can download the Shadowrun:Hong Kong Soundtrack for an early taste of what the game sounds like.

IMPORTANT: If you haven't filled out your survey and your BackerKit account is locked or you are unable to access your account, we can't give you your key. Please go to the bottom of this update to see what to do next.

Rewards Delivered on Launch Day
On August 20, we will also distribute the Shadowrun: Hong Kong Wallpaper ($15 Backer level), The Art of Shadowrun Hong Kong pdf ($55 Backer level) and a code for the Exclusive Set of In-game Player Character Portraits ($65 Backer level).

Rewards You Should Already Have
These rewards should already be in your BackerKit account (depending on your Backer level):

- Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall-Director’s Cut Soundtracks ($15 Backer level )
- Shadowrun 5th Edition Digital Tools Box ($35 Backer level)
- Out Of Print Sourcebooks ($55 Backer Level )
- Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Dragonfall game keys ($65 Backer Level)
- Custom Backer Portraits ($500 Backer Level ) Also, Custom PC and NPC portraits have already been emailed directly to $500+ Backers and will, of course, appear in the game. If you haven’t received yours yet, please contact us at (The exception to this is if we previously discussed including your NPC in the mini-campaign. These portraits will be delivered closer to that release date. Oh, and if you never sent us your picture, it's gonna be hard to make your portrait.)

What About the Rest of the Digital Rewards? 

Looking back at the estimated reward delivery dates on our Kickstarter page, we realize that they’re a little convoluted (which can happen when you’re adding rewards that will be ready at different times). Here’s when you can expect the rest of your rewards:

- The Shadowrun Hong Kong Audio Commentary will arrive in an update after the game is released in the next month few months.

- The remaining digital rewards, Into the Shadows Anthology, Shadowrun Hong Kong Sourcebook, HiRes Panoramic Timeline and Glossary Posters, Shadowrun: Hong Kong Digital Map and Shadowrun: Hong Kong eNovel are all slated to be delivered in December.

As soon as the team is finished with Shadowrun: Hong Kong, we'll be rolling onto the Shadows of Hong Kong mini-campaign. We anticipate releasing it in early 2016.

What’s Up with Physical Rewards?
Both the Messenger Bag and the Collectible Figures are in the process of being manufactured and we think they look great! We expect them both to be delivered to your doorstep by the end of the year.

Important for International Backers with Physical Rewards: We’ll be sending you an email in mid-September with more information on how to make the payment for shipping of your physical rewards. Payments will be made through your BackerKit account and the email will give you more specific instructions

Whew! That was a lot of information. If you have general questions, we’ll be watching the comments section of this post and try to get them answered as quickly as we can. If you have a question about your BackerKit account or specific situation, please send BackerKit Customer support an email at We’ll be working with them closely to help resolve any issues that come up throughout the fulfillment process.

See you in Hong Kong!!

- HBS 

I didn’t fill out my BackerKit account before the deadline - what do I do? If you did not fill out your BackerKit survey, we are unable to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards. If that’s you, go to and fill out your survey ASAP. Your digital rewards will be in your BackerKit account soon after that. 

My BackerKit account is locked - now what? If you find your BackerKit account is locked, please contact BackerKit directly at and let them know the answers to your BackerKit survey so they can update that information for you. Your digital rewards will be in your BackerKit account soon after that.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrik on

      So I did not know Humble link meant no Steam key... To me that was a valid assumption. Is there no way of fixing this?

      You cannot seriously expect me to remember every message for every Kickstarter, among the hundreds of emails and feeds I get. Not to mention being busy with work and other things...

    2. Ursus Maior on

      I now have the Key, but the link you provided to Steam doesn't work. Where do I get the game? :-/

    3. Steve Poirier on

      I still cant get the survey to get my game key, any support link I should contact? :(

    4. RC on

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHH!!!!! We're almost THERE, Chummers!!! I'm so excited, it's like a CRANIAL BOMB of AWESOME exploded in my MIND!!!! ^_`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,.-'`'-.,_

      ...cleanup in aisle RC...

    5. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!

      Just a reminder, Arvan Eleron will be live streaming from HBS's studio a few hours after the game launches, with voice actors reading dialogue, and some of the HBS crew joining in the fun.

      Arv's videocasts REALLY are pretty fun, chums! Spread the word if you can't be there to check it out. ^_^

      Starting: 5PM PDT / 8PM EST / 12AM GMT

    6. RC on

      Hoi Zimmie! It's 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 5PM GMT ^_^

    7. Missing avatar


      Out of curiosity, are you sure you mean the game goes live at 10 AM PST? Most of the U.S. is on daylight time now (a few counties don't observe it, and a few are on it year-round), and the daylight time abbreviation for Pacific time is PDT. 10 AM PST is 11 AM PDT.

      Not a huge difference, but it can be significant for people planning to log in and redeem codes while at work.

    8. RC on

      Null Sweat, Chummer! ^_^

    9. Missing avatar

      Isane on

      Thanks for the speedy response, and yeah, that clears up everything, and sounds way better than what I thought it was. Much appreciated.

    10. RC on

      Hoi Chummers! Just a reminder to check out, and contribute to the Official Shadowrun Wiki for HBS's Shadowrun games and more! ^_^

    11. RC on

      Hoi Isane!

      The NPC/PC Special Code is the code that allows a higher tier Backer to play *as* the character they backed in the game. That code is unique to that backer. For example, from Shadowrun Returns, I had two different characters created as a thank-you for my urm...exuberant support. The first was an NPC known as the LoneStar mage that guarded the Renraku basilisk lab. (d' cute cuddly wittle basilisks...~_^) So, the "NPC" code would allow me to *play the game* as that NPC LoneStar mage character model.

      The "PC Special Code" is similar, though instead of being a character in the game, it's only a unique character model based on the Backer's description of a personal character they want to play in the game. Keep in mind, they paid for this, and it helped support development of the game through their higher tier pledge. It's not necessarily intended to be a publicly available player character model unless the Backer shares their personal code.

      Why wouldn't a Backer want everyone to play as their personally created characters? Because some chummers have inappropriate senses of humor, and what they might do with an individual's character, that's based on real-world photos of Backers, for screenshot or machinema purposes and linked to a real person's name/social media account can be uncomfortable for some Backers.

      Finally, the Backer Exclusive PC Portraits are just that, exclusive to the Backers who pledged high enough to support the game and have launch day access to that particular portrait set for use with their character creation. Of course, we all know they will eventually be hacked or shared and everyone could use them some time down the road, but for now they're just a thank you from the devs to the Backers who kicked in a little more for the reward tier that includes them.

      Does that help Chummer? ^_^

    12. Missing avatar

      Isane on

      What's up with the "Backer Exclusive PC Portraits" and "NPC/PC Special Code"? Them both being a code seems to imply only backers will get to use any of the backer reward portraits and NPCs in game? Could HBS please clarify just what exactly these codes are for?

    13. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      @Steven Poirier: I assume you've checked your spam / junk mail folder? Also try adding to your safe list / address book and request it again. If you still can't get it then probably contact hbs support.

    14. Steve Poirier on

      I didnt get the survey in my e-mail even if I fill the request on what should I do?

    15. Fitheach on

      @Hampus Jensen I have a vague recollection of something being quite specific that Humble was distributing only DRM-Free downloads and if you wanted Steam to pick it not Humble. As to where that recollection originates my memory is insufficient and I'm too lazy to look, I had associated it with this game but who knows.

      Personally with regards to redemption I'd prefer if Humble had been used for redemption of everything you can put music there books too and it can handle steam and gog keys too not to mention any other misc keys. To go along with that I feel that giving backers keys for all stores isn't too much but I have no idea what its like working with these sites and what costs are involved with Humble (I do know that keys are free from Steam and GOG).

    16. RC on

      I'm guessing the portrait codes aren't personalized. It's likely just one code that unlocks the Backer reward portraits. However, this is just conjecture. ^_^

    17. Vryl

      @HBS - took a look at the codes on backerkit, and I can confirm Blue-demon's statement that the two portrait codes appear to be identical.

    18. RC on

      @Hampus Humble was supposed to be a DRM-free option, not just a link to Steam. We'll see how it goes, 'eh, Chummer? ^_^

    19. Missing avatar

      Hampus Jensen on

      @Fitheach I'd be both surprised and a bit disappointed if the humble unlock doesn't include a Steam code. Why wouldn't it? Most games in the Humble store/library does include Steam keys, Returns and Dragonfall among them.

    20. Blue-demon on

      @ Harebrained Schemes LLC

      At backets kit, for the Backer Exclusive PC Portraits, i have 2 codes, however both of them are the same even though they are named

      Backer Exclusive PC Portraits
      Backer Exclusive PC Portraits #2

    21. MS on

      Thank you for fixing the soundtrack!

    22. Daniel Riegler on

      Wiz! I was worried that the game was going to end with a massive battle, set to some rather intense industrial noise. My totem's been dogging me for a Hong Kong steam code for weeks. She still hasn't gotten 100% in Dragonfall, from being too shy to be a bother for Glory.

    23. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!

      If you'd like to check out the Fragments of Silicon podcast interview with HBS's Mitch Gitelman, here's the direct link of the recording! ^_^

    24. HenitoKisou on

      Thanks HBS, Whistleblower finally makes sense. ;P

    25. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hey All! We've uploaded a link to access the new 320kps soundtrack files and you'll find that the files that were corrupted have been fixed. Head over to your BackerKit account to find it. Cheers!

    26. RC on

      WOOHOOO!!! LESS than 48 hours until Shadowrun HongKong launches!! I'm so excited, it's like a CRANIAL BOMB of EXCITEMENT exploded in my MIND! ^_`'-._

    27. RC on

      *Mitch Gitelman ...fraggin typos...

    28. RC on

      Hoi Chummers! Just a few reminders...

      There's a pretty WIZ .pdf intro Primer to Shadowrun from the devs! (FREE, unedited)

      Later TODAY, Mite Gitleman and Mike McCain will be interviewed LIVE on the Fragments of Silicon podcast at 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT / 1AM GMT - intel here:
      NOTE: The link in the body of text is to the page you can listen to the podcast LIVE. If you miss the LIVE podcast, the link above has a web-player you can use to listen to their recorded shows. Their podcast is also available on iTunes.

      If you want to dive in to some *very good* User Created shadows, check out the totally WIZ Mercurial UGC on Steam (coming to non-Steam venues soon)… - this adventure is based on the original 1st edition Shadowrun adventure of the same name, and requires Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut!

      There's also the recently promoted UGC Codename Cherise to check out, and then scan its creator's AWESOME Shadowrun dwarf rigger cosplay!

      And, there's a slick private Shadowrun community on Facebook, the Shadowrunners Union. It's a little more focused on the Shadowrun tabletop community, but all are welcome, Chummers!

      Now, if you know of Arvan Eleron and his awesomely fun story and narrative-based game live streams streams on - he'll be hosting a...well, lemme quote him on it!
      "On August 20th at 5 p.m. PDT / 8 p.m. EDT, the release date for SRR: Hong Kong, I'll be doing a special stream live from HBS studios in Seattle, a three hour (roughly) voiceover of the first few hours of the game, with myself as narrator and NPC and three professional voice actors (plus one or two of the HBS folks) as the party members! This is exclusive to Twitch and my channel, and I'm obviously pretty pumped up about it" Wiz! If for any reason I can't be playing SRHK myself at the time, this is what I'll be watching, Chummers!

      Then there's the Arcology Podcast chat with Mitch Gitelman of HBS with intel on SRHK and more!

      And Finally, Jon Everist, Shadowrun composer extraordinaire created the SRHK soundtrack as a full album, plus a handful of tracks of his own that HBS aren't using in the game. And, we can order Jon's OST, signed, as an optical disk, for only ten nuyen! I'm already in. It's limited quantity so... ~_^ and if you just want the extra 6 digital tracks, it's only 3 UCAS bucks, omae.

      Have I missed anything, Chums? ^_^

    29. Blue-demon on

      @Philip Featherstone Blyth

      Quoting from an earlier comment
      Harebrained Schemes LLC 1 day ago

      re: soundtracks - we'll be replacing the downloads on BackerKit with better quality files soon but likely not until after we've released the game.

      This could also mean they will add the cover art and other info.

    30. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Jeff - Backer keys will be for the game only. All other rewards will be delivered through BackerKit.

    31. Philip Featherstone Blyth on

      Thanks for the soundtracks, but you folks could have put in 15 minutes to properly tag the MP3's w/ artist / album / track #, etc... as well as a quick lil' cover artwork? It's a shame when a reward from such a renowned studio looks like a family's shared drive...

      Can't wait to play the game, though! :D

    32. Jeremie Lariviere

      Looking forward to it, thanks

    33. Jeff on

      There is no Deluxe Game. Not in the sense which usually happens a year or two after a game is released, and a Deluxe Game Edition is released, or a GotY Edition, which contains all add-ons/DLC/Expansions, ect. The game that is being delivered via Steam/GOG/Humble Keys for backers, will be the same game that is delivered during Pre-order, and even Normal Purchase after 20 Aug. All of the games will be the same, nothing new, or special. It cannot be Deluxe, since there is nothing new/extra to add to the game.
      Now... at the $15 backer level, you will get way much more than those who Pre-order the Deluxe Package (not game) at $20. Unfortunately, the $15 backer level does not include the Art of Hong Kong .pdf. if a .pdf is worth $20 to you, then by all means, Pre-order the "Deluxe Package".
      Keep in mind, that the $15 Backer Level also includes the 4-5 hour, Shadows of Hong Kong extra content. Which you would have to buy if you Pre-order the "Deluxe Package". The question is: Will the extra content be tied to your backerkit account, via another key, or will it be tied to the Hong Kong key. You might really want to know that, before you give/sell the Backer Key for Hong Kong.
      If anything, keep the Backer Hong Kong key, and give/sell the Pre-order key. That is, if the .pdf is really that important to you. This way, if HBS does not answer how the extra content will be delivered, you at least know you are covered.

    34. Missing avatar

      King Quincy on

      Soundtrack is beautiful, entered my Steam key, good times!

    35. Marek Homsi Andráši on

      Will there be some "launch trailer" soon? The game is due to come out in 3 days, but it doesn't really feel that way...:/

    36. Missing avatar

      Ari B. on

      Whoops! Saw that it's available now. Noice!

    37. Missing avatar

      Ari B. on

      When will the Hong Kong soundtrack be available?

    38. RC on

      Hoi 011284mm! It should be standard, not deluxe. We get the "extras" with our Kickstarter rewards, if our tier warrants it.

    39. Fitheach on

      @HenitoKisou I know that we don't have anything to download from Humble just now its just that given the often long wait for updates that both the DRM-Free sites have had with the previous games if the only folk with DRM-Free Humble downloads is we backers its possible we will be even lower priority.
      I have to admit I've not even looked at any of the mods folks have made for the previous games and likely wouldn't bother with anything that was steam only no matter how good its rep.

    40. 011284mm on

      Hello, I was just wondering. Is the GOG copy going to be of Shadowrun Hong Kong Deluxe Edition, or the standard.
      As the keys cannot be redeemed before the game is released and do not revel what is unlocked by them. I want to know if it is worth buying the game now on GOG to get the DE and do a give away with the key or if it activates as the DE?

    41. HenitoKisou on

      @Fitheach even if we have keys we can't use them yet and must use special script for greasy/tampermonkey to download all that awesome UGCs later from Steam Workshop or rely on Nexusmods. ;P

    42. Fitheach on

      @SteveW I'm pretty sure that the Humble redemption is DRM-Free only so if you picked Humble you won't get a Steam key.

      That said clarification would be appreciated as the Humble Store shows only Steam no DRM-Free being available there. I'm kinda wishing I had picked GOG now to avoid the worry but no I decided to keep my Shadowrun games in one place. Oh well hopefully it will all be sorted before release.

    43. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      re: soundtracks - we'll be replacing the downloads on BackerKit with better quality files soon but likely not until after we've released the game.

      @Mattew Garmon - For some people, just clicking the link isn't working. See if cutting and pasting helps. If not, just email us at or and we'll be able to send you an invite to your account.
      And to answer your question about why we use Backerkit for reward fulfillment tracking and support, it's because we want to be able to focus on making games instead of account management tools. We learned the hard way just how difficult and time consuming building our own is during the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter. We know that there is no perfect answer and there will always be glitches which is why we distributed keys to Backers before we released the game. We wanted to have plenty of time to make sure everyone has their game keys when the game is released.

    44. drow on

      because its the internet, chummer, and its third party websites all the way down. the game's produced by HBS, which makes kickstarter itself a third party website. so is backerkit, which helps projects manage the post-kickstarter process better. so is steam, which manages your keys and games. and so on.

    45. Missing avatar

      Matthew Garmon on

      The link didn't seem to work. I tried to log into the backerkit website, but it's saying I do not have a account. Not sure why I need to go to a 3rd party website to get my steam key for this.

    46. Felipe Machado on

      I was here listening to the Hong Kong soundtrack... Prosperity is soooo beautiful! And, also, kinda sad...
      Like a song you would listen to when you're preparing for a run you think that you won't return from.

    47. Missing avatar

      Nico van Driel on

      Just noticed it has Heoi also mixed through it. The ending is the same for sure, but there seems to be a third track as well since Heoi is rather calm and combined with Redemption it's not the same yet as Whistleblower.

      So the question is, what is the third track? Is it what Whistleblower is supposed to be, or yet another existing track mixed through?

      It could be intentional but I'm just guessing it's a mistake

    48. RC on

      Heh, I assumed it was intentionally cacophonous track, similar to the Lightninghold track for Dragonfall. ^_^

    49. Missing avatar

      Nico van Driel on

      I think there's something wrong with the track Whistleblower. It has the track Redemption playing at the same time through it, turning it into a mess of sounds.