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A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.
A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.
31,497 backers pledged $1,204,726 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. RC on

      Null Sweat, Chummer! ^_^

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Fischlin on


      Thanks... that works for me.

    3. RC on

      Hoi martin!

      We're getting an Update soon with more information about all upcoming Rewards ^_^

    4. Missing avatar

      Martin Fischlin on

      Did a quick search on the comments, and didn't find anything. Is the schedule going to be similar for the physical rewards?

    5. Jeff on

      Dear John, Sorry, but I am leaving you... oh, never mind. Lets just go with sorry. ; p

    6. Sichr on

      Jerk is a man who keeps beating the dead horse in order to insult or confront other people. Despite jerk`s opinion that he is the most clever guy in the room, this applies only on the situation where jerk stands in the middle of morgue and no doctor is around.

      Looking fwd 20/8. I need to level up a bit the Chronicles char to ease the hunger...

    7. Missing avatar

      John Webb on

      These comments are tearing us apart! Please stahhhp! :(

      We are all one big happy family damn it, and we're all going to start acting like it.

    8. Jeff on

      Why am I a Jerk? I only point out the facts. Like...
      3) Your question was answered in the comments section. I know, because it was me. Then you asked again. Which was answered. Then ask a third time. You will probably ask again next week...
      This is not me being a jerk, it is me being upset with the same person continuing to ask the same question, but not bothering to read the answers. who is the Jerk?

    9. RC on

      Get a room you two. ~_^

    10. Gabriella Creighton

      So we're going with continuing to break the "jerk" section of that. Gotcha.

    11. Jeff on

      1) Your question was a Known from the start.
      2) There are only two pages of replies to this update, and the HBS comment is still on the first page.

    12. Gabriella Creighton

      Oh yes, because I didn't scan several pages down, and this being the first time they actually answered that question after I've been asking for two solid months since they were first actually able to issue keys... I need to learn to look and read.

      Ever looked at those big bolded blue words just under "Post comment"? Because you seem to need to learn to do the same.

      Anyways. Good to know, finally.

    13. Jeff on

      No, you will get nothing...
      Creator Harebrained Schemes LLC 2 days ago -
      Keys will be made available earlier and we'll be sharing more detail in the coming weeks.
      ...until you learn to look and read.

    14. Gabriella Creighton

      Are we getting keys before the release?

    15. CatInSpace on

      Awesome job guys! :)

    16. Crunch on

      Oh wow, Awesome looking stuff! Been playing Returns and Dragonfall again to get back in the swing of it again, having a blast!

      Really looking forward to this one as well!


    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew McNeill on


      This is wonderful news. You guys do really great work and its astounding that you're already delivering this project.

      One thing, though -- there is a writing an error in the Chinese characters on the "Club 88" sign in the Heoi screenshot. Not sure if it warrants changing the art asset this late in the show; I'm sure everyone will play and enjoy this game no matter what the bloody sign says, but I thought you might want a heads up since the area is a story hub and you'll potentially have a lot of eyes looking at it.

      Anyway, the sign reads "俱囗部“ -- the corrected word would be "俱樂部"

      That boxy looking character in the middle of the incorrect version appears to be the thing that gets subbed into computer generated Chinese text if a character can't be displayed in a particular font. In other words, It is not an error of any translator or language consultant you might have been working with, just a technical flub that can happen if you're copying and pasting a lot of Chinese.

    18. Shawn Jones on

      Fantastic news, everyone! Congrats.

    19. Ben M. on

      Amazingly fast and looks awesome! Thanks for all of your hard work and I can't wait to enjoy it.

    20. Ken Gagne

      Congratulations! But that timezone is PDT, not PST!

    21. RC on

      I need a better updated Shadowrun Hong Kong banner for Twitter ~_^

    22. Otoshigami No. 40723

      well that was fast. 6 months and you are already done. hope we enjoy this game. :)

    23. Anaxphone

      Kickstarter game to be released on time? What sorcery is this?

    24. Mattias Berntson on

      Shadowrun: Hong Kong releasing on the day before my birthday?

      Please and thank you.

    25. Missing avatar


      Team HBS's Precognitive abilities: CONFIRMED!

    26. RC on

      WOOHOOO!!!!!!! SRHK's looking TOTALLY WIZ!!! 26 days, 7 hours, 53 minutes and 07 seconds until Augist 20th!!! CAN'T WAIT! ^_^

      26 days, 7 hours, 53 minutes and 3 seconds...
      26 days, 7 hours, 53 minutes and 1 second...

    27. Epsilon Rose on

      Cool. Just in time for school to be starting up again... Wait a minute! That's not a good thing!

      Oh well, at least I'll have the OST to listen to while I'm working.

    28. CheeseGraterSuicide on

      Awesome, looking forward to the game!

      But wait a guys are ON TIME? But isn't this a crowdfunded project? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!

    29. Nathan Sanchez on


    30. tarasis on

      Yay for so soon a release date but Nnooooooooo because it comes out when I'm in the U.K. for a holiday. At least by a week later it should have had the first patch :)

    31. Davide Rubiconto on

      Such a good design. 20th of August can't come soon enough.

    32. janju on


    33. Missing avatar

      Sellos on

      looks very nice. i want it noooooooowwww!!!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Frederic C.Laurin on

      The game looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it! Once again, HBS proves just how proficient their team is. I am proud to be a backer for this project. Much, much love to all of you! Thank you and keep it up!

    35. Garrett Fitzgerald on

      Am I just noticing it now or did they really step up their lighting game for Hong Kong. This set of images look amazing.

    36. Solarhead on

      That means I have about a month to finish the Shadowrun: Dragonfall campaign. Christmas is super early this year!

    37. J.R. Riedel on

      Devil Rats make me happy.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kwan on

      This is the best Negaunee present i could've asked for. THANKS!

    39. Vryl

      If you count being released on Steam Early Access, I've backed a couple of projects that released on time before this. But it is a pretty rare thing.

    40. Nekator

      Birthday present for me.. nice :)

    41. drow on

      mmmmm... matrix.

    42. Ber on

      @Asa: thanks! That looks awesome :)

    43. Missing avatar

      John Webb on

      August 20th is so far away. I will encase myself in carbonite until the appointed day. Seriously though, everything looks amazing (especially the improved matrix omggggg). Congrats to HBS for another successful Kickstarter and holy cow I am so excited.

    44. Asa on

      @Ber Matrix photo is included in this post, don't know why it isn't anywhere else.…

    45. Missing avatar

      pioslik on

      @Ber: Maybe they want to surprise us :)

    46. Jussi Laine on

      Does this mean a CS kickstarter in September? (PLEASE) ;)

    47. Ber on

      Harebrained Schemes, well done! Everything about this Kickstarter project has been a brilliant example of how to KS a game right.

    48. Ber on

      @Asa - where is this Matrix picture? I looked on their facebook and on, but I can't see it!

    49. Asa on

      FYI - a picture of the new Matrix was included in the update on Harebrained Schemes website. Not sure why they didn't include it in the kickstarter update.