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A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.
A Shadowrun cyberpunk cRPG set in 2056's Magically Awakened Hong Kong by the developers of Shadowrun Returns & Dragonfall.
31,497 backers pledged $1,204,726 to help bring this project to life.

Well, hellooooo Kickstarter!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Wowzers, you guys are amazing! 

With your support, we were able to hit our first funding goal in less than 2 hours and we just hit our third one. That means we'll be able to add Enhanced Player Controls, Animatic Scene Transitions and Racter, our favorite Russian, to your team!

The team is really appreciative of the opportunity you've given us. All we want is to do our very best work for an audience who wants what we're making. So, thanks for the (rapid) outpouring of support.

As you can imagine, that warmth means a lot to us in the chill of the Pacific Northwest. The team is trying hard to focus on their work but it's tough not to hit "refresh" on your browser every few minutes. Nevertheless, good stuff is happening in the studio and we're working on all sorts of production-y things simultaneously. 

For us, sharing the process of how we make our games is one of the best parts of running a Kickstarter project. We love to take you behind the scenes so you can find out how your magical cyberpunk dystopian (digital) future will come to pass. Tomorrow Tristin Ishmael, our Concept and Lead Environment Artist (and the guy who created that cool SR:HK teaser image) will give you a glimpse into his process. 

In the meantime, we've been updating our FAQ all day and will continue our attempt to keep up with the deluge of communication we're receiving. On that note, one of the things we've been asked for is some art for folks to share on social media. 

To that end, our Crack Art Team (tm) prepared this set of goodies for you...

Hong Kong 2056
Hong Kong 2056
Teahouse Shootout
Teahouse Shootout
Facebook Banner
Facebook Banner
Facebook Profile
Facebook Profile
Twitter Banner
Twitter Banner
Twitter Profile
Twitter Profile

Thanks again and talk to you soon!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Sasha Kozak on

      Keep up the good work! Loved Dragonfall! Returns was fun to but Dragonfall was just on a whole new level! Wonderful writing, interesting characters, good dialogue and a good story!

    2. Paul R. Dominguez Gutierrez on

      Very excited about getting this game. The last two games were so much fun especially Dragon Fall. I'm hoping that it reaches all its goals especially the expanded magic goal. Hope to see some drone specific magic

    3. RC on

      Hoi Andy!

      there's a FAQ at the bottom of the main page that addresses multiplayer ^_^

    4. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Hello Team, is is planned to implement co-op or multiplayer modes? It could be so much fun! :D You could also give a stretch goal for that! ^^

    5. Lars Bonnichsen on

      You deserve this. Not only did you work hard and prove to everyone out there that gameplay is still important, you did it with stile and added life to your work. Something alot of AAA game times have had a hard time with lately. Its an honor to trow money at my screen to help get this product made.

    6. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!

      Remember to join us in the main Comments discussion! Up there, next to the Updates, just click on Comments! (It's not the comments to the update where you're reading now!) ^_^

    7. Puppet on

      Hey SR fans!

      Please check out this relatively new group on Facebook. The aim is to build a stable group of Shadowrun fans to share their passion and support new Shadowrun projects.…

    8. Missing avatar

      Gnostic on

      @George Kelion

      In the future when tablet memory and processing power can rival the PC of today, then maybe they will release a tablet version with interface for it.

      Then again the tablet market demand and profit need to be worth the porting effort, because according to stardock, their poorest selling DLC generates more income than IOS Android they got the numbers for

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan Jeffrey on

      I have a suspicion that interface options are as much a reason as anything to keep the focus on PCs, I played through DragonFall on a touchscreen PC and still found some things that were easier to do with a touch pad / mouse than using the touchscreen and it seems like an easier interface to design for.

    10. RC on

      @twincast the rate tablet processing is developing, we won't need to port it...we can just run it in a VM! That's assuming the tablet doesn't already run, or duual-boot Windows. Why, drek, Chummer...with that in mind, some tablet's might even run it now! ^_^

    11. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      I'm happy about the focus on PC, but let's be honest, the game won't bring any remotely recent PCs down to their knees.
      So wait a year or three, and I'm sure whatever they're doing that tablets can't handle now, won't be an issue then, and they'll port it over.

    12. Missing avatar

      Legio Morbidius on

      @T.J. Brumfield & George Kelion: As I understand this kickstarter it is about getting the game to PC, Mac and Linux. And really take advantage of the the power of computers compared to smartphones and tablets which would cripple the game if you make the same game for all plattforms (due to phones and tablets being weaker compared to computers).

      But they haven't saidanything yet about what happens after this kickstartergame for computers is done. Maybe after they released the game for computers they make a special version which works on smartphones and tablets.

      I think the easiest way would be to ask them if Shadowrun Returns sold well on smartphones and tablets. And if it did generate more money then it cost them to develop the game for these specific formats.
      If smartphone and tablet versions of Shadowrun Returns was a success and generated extra money, then I think we would get those versions again! :)

    13. RC on

      Hoi Chummers!


      Some items of interest regarding Shadowrun: Hong Kong!


      An interview with Mitch from HBS on RPG Gamer!

      A great article on Game Informer about Shadowrun Hong Kong!

      And another interview with Mitch from HBS, with different intel, on Polygon!

      And here's a mention on Joystiq! (Comments here could use some love, Chummers!)

      And an AUDIO Shadowrun Podcast guessed it, another ROCKIN interview with Mitch!


      If you're in INTERNATIONAL BACKER (outside the USA) you should READ THE FAQ's at the bottom of the main Kickstarter (Story) page regarding SHIPPING! Here are the direct links (you may want to check for additional FAQ's)

      FAQ: I’m not in the USA - How will I pay for shipping?

      FAQ: How can I estimate what my International shipping costs for the physical rewards will be?

      FAQ: Okay, I figured out my International Shipping costs. How do I give you the money???


      And remember, Chummers...log on to to the Shadowlands BBS...err...*cough* social media sites you love, hate, hate to love, or love to hate...Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, you name it! And TELL EVERYONE...even the suits 'n salarymen you think might go, "muh?" You never know where burns the heart of a Shadowrunner! And to find HBS's feeds in the Matrix....
      Https:// or @WeBeHarebrained and the forum @ (yes it says Returns, but it's all-inclusive!)


      Do you think some additional intel should go here? Let me know, Chummer! Reply in the comments, or ping me on Twitter @RCluvsShadowrun ^_^

      ...more intel to come, chums! ^_^

    14. Missing avatar

      Pimpollo on

      Hi guys, just chiming in to say thanks for emphasizing the pc as the lead platform, thanks for keeping it single player, and thanks for keeping it voice free (love the "cerebral theater" you guys are going for) Also, how realistic is the 2015 release date?

    15. George Kelion on

      @T.J. Brumfield: I can still hope, though! Maybe one day in the future, if HBS get pledged a large amount of dough (and they feel like doing it), perhaps we could get a slimmed-down lite version ported to iOS? Please?

    16. RC on

      WE'RE AMAZIN!?! No, YOUSE CHUMMERS ARE AMAZIN! ROCK ON! And show uz wut youse got! ^_^

    17. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Congrats, guys! You're on your way! LOVE seeing the strong support shown today, as it clearly shows there's a demand, and that people are happy with your work!

      Happy to be a backer again!

    18. Fawzi Menkhour on

      Congratulations on the very successful first day, it's well deserved given your previous track record.

      With the way things are going you'll have to come up with new stretch goals soon. I really hope you considering some really interesting gameplay additions, like co-op (considering how it's the main way to play the PnP game it's a sorely missing feature from SR:R)

    19. T.J. Brumfield on

      @George Kelion - They address that in the FAQ, that a mobile/tablet release may be difficult and that they want to focus on an engine without worrying about memory concerns.

    20. LordCrash on

      Congrats, guys. Already installed that twitter banner on my account. :)

    21. Platysaur on

      Will there be a lot more hair styles and other customization? I loved what you had on Shadowrun: Returns but I feel like there could have been more.

    22. George Kelion on

      If you get pledged oodles and oodles of cash, *please* make an iPad version! Then I will be able to play, as well as bask in the glory of knowing I've helped bring this worthy project to life :-)

    23. Raymond Croteau on

      Considering the hoops you had to jump through to get the license again, go ahead and pump them out!

      Keep up the awesome, that's all I ask!

    24. Missing avatar

      Aiddon on

      Good times, hopefully you can give us more insight into what you can really do with an expanded budgets.

    25. dulBIRAKAN on

      You have been good to the Linux people, it is only fitting we be good to you too...

    26. Ross Sharp on

      Happy to support the awesome HBS crew on another Shadowrun adventure. But will we get another fireside chat update video where you throw your glasses down like a boss?


    27. Paul Stachniak on

      you guys deserve it. series has been awesome thus far. glad to be a backer.