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Golem Arcana combines miniatures with mobile technology to deliver a tabletop game that's easy to learn and fast to play.
2,194 backers pledged $518,538 to help bring this project to life.

And Away We Go!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Hey Everyone! 

THANK YOU for the great start! 20% of our goal on the first day??? Huzzah! 

Here’s more great news - we've been listening to your feedback and have decided to move our figure unlocks from the Stretch Goals section directly into the Optional Items Menu.  

That means you can purchase the Urugal Necromantic Fencer, Gudanna Blood Channeler, Zekia Fen Lord, AND the awesome Durani Colossus right now!  

Seeing a Colossus on the battlefield can cause even the most seasoned warrior’s knees to tremble. It takes up an entire terrain region on the board. It has four attacks. And it requires three Golem Knights to control it - which means you can take advantage of all three Knight’s special abilities! 

But that’s not all! Because all the figures are being unlocked for purchase without a stretch goal, we’re going to lay out a roadmap, so you’ll know what figures are coming and which codex they belong to. They’re still in development so we can’t show all of them to you today but the roadmap will show you how many there are and which codex they’ll belong to. We will reveal which ones they are and what they look like over the next several weeks as their concept art becomes available. 

Because we’re moving all our figures from the Stretch Goals list onto the Optional Items Menu, we’re reworking our entire set of stretch goals. That means some really cool Software Features and Bonus Items will appear earlier in the stretch goals - so stay tuned! We’ll put those up at a later date. 

To purchase Optional Items: 

1. Find the stuff you want to buy on the Optional Items Menu and add up the prices  

2. Choose a reward tier (if you haven’t backed the project yet) or press the blue “Manage Your Pledge” button (if you’ve already selected a reward tier).

3. Enter the TOTAL of all the stuff you want AND the amount you pledged in the “Pledge amount” box.

In the example above, Robin backed the project at the $110 Warrior Tier and wants to buy a War Sprite for $11, a Titan for $15, and a Colossus for $44, bringing her total to $180.

4. Select “Continue to the next step” and follow the instructions. All you’re doing at this point is “banking” a lump sum to use on figures after the Kickstarter is over.

5. Once the Kickstarter ends, we’ll send you a link to a special backer tool that will contain the lump sum you’ve already banked. All you need to do then is select the stuff you want!   

Lastly, where do you get your tabletop gaming news? Please send us the names of the Websites, Blogs, Podcasts, or YouTubers that you think should be talking about Golem Arcana. And if you have access to their creators - send them our way! You can reach us at

That’s it for now. Again, we’re actively listening to your comments and suggestions, so keep them coming. 

Oh, and don’t forget to tell all your friends about us! 

 Take care, HBS 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joe F

      My favorite place for tabletop gaming news and the other fun stuff:

      This guy posts a lot of great info including rules and demos.

    2. RC on

      Hoi Knights!

      Mitch from HBS did a live video interview discussing Golem Arcana! Check out the recording here!

      And here's an article on discussing Golem Arcana, with blurbs by Jordan Weisman!

      Then there's the Golem Arcana Wiki started up by our own Kickstarter community member Blair (Thanks UriAhkah!) - pitch in to fill out the wiki if you can!

      Oh! If you haven't already, check out the AWESOME intro lore to Golem Arcana on under the "World" menu! ^_^

      And finally, TELL ALL THE PEOPLE about Golem Arcana, EVERY DAY, multiple times a day! It will help make sure we get to future stretch goals, and more importantly, make sure this game can be produced the BEST it can be!

      So, even if you don't like Twitter, tweet about Golem Arcana using keyword hashtags!

      Good examples are: #Tabletop #iOS #iPad #Android #Boardgame #Kickstarter #GolemArcana...and more!

      Think of creative ways to use popular hastags like #Music or company names like #Samsung - here's one example!

      And here's another!

      The more tweets that use popular or game related hashtags over the course of a day (morning, noon and night) that links people to the project, works to spread the word, and get more people interested in joining our community!

      It also gets more people funding this AWESOME hybrid of tactical tabletop fantasy wargaming and technology, and moves us towards not just the goal, but through stretch goals as well!

      Also, Facebook Facebook Facebook, and find forums to post in too!

      Be courteous, and don't spam, but even if a forum isn't related to games, but does have an off-topic section...let them know about Golem Arcana! ^_^

      And here are the links to share!

      Ja Mata!


    3. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hey folks, Brian here -- was so focused on the main Comments thread, didn't come back over here to answer questions...

      > JIM
      > Will we be able to add on to our pledge after the KS is over using the backer tool?

      That's our goal, yes.

      > REDEND
      > Are the figures on the roadmap all the ones intended to be released over the kickstarter ?, if so awesome and ill pledge for all of them, if not may have to wrangle more money, thanks

      Yes, those are all the figure designs -- no future 'unlocks'. There's a few extra doodads to reveal (like Terrain Tiles set #2), and I'm sure we'll find some other surprises, but those are all the figures models planned for the Kickstarter.

      > JOSEPH
      > Thanks for listening! Resin titan and colossus added! A question did arise though, do the resin versions come with bases?

      As someone else already pointed out -- yes, they all come with bases. Likely we'll have the micro-dot strip come on a sticker sheet so that you don't risk painting over them.

    4. RC on

      Hoi UriAhkahz!
      - Hoi a greeting from my other favorite game, Shadowrun! And UriAhkahz, the plural form of UriAhkah! It's my own made-up word from the Sumerian word Uri for Blood, and Ahka the Egyptian word for Warrior! I've related it the Golem Arcana lore to mean Blood Knight! I also found out it is a real word meaning "humanity" in the dead tongue of Opata, an Uto-Aztecan language from the Mexican/US border region. I think UriAhkah (buddy, chummer, person, fellow warrior or Blood Knight) makes great starter slang for Golem Arcana, which draws on Sumerian, Egyptian and other ancient cultures!


      Did you know you can dig in to the introductory lore of Golem Arkana? Written by acclaimed award winning author, J. C. Hutchins! Read it here!


      And don't forget to look around for more lore and information about this AWESOME game as it develops! (hint: check the World dropdown for more introductory lore!)


      And, help spread the word! Tweet about @GolemArcana and include the Kickstarter link:

      Do the same on Facebook!

      Post in forums! Tell other potential UriAhkahz about Golem Arcana and why it interests you! Use interesting phrases like "- GolemArcana's a lore-rich, tabletop miniatures fantasy wargame cyborg evolution! Networked mobile devices handle the rules for fast paced, deeply tactical meatspace gameplay! (Because it's true!)

      If you tweet about Golem Arcana, include hashtags such as #boardgame #tabletop #Android #iOS #iPhone #iPad #tablet and #Kickstarter - If it makes sense in your tweet, include popular hashtags like #music.

      Here are some examples I've used!

      ...and do you #LOVE #Tabletop #Minatures Board #Games with deep #Story and #Plot worked in to its lore? @GolemArcana!


      Do you like atmospheric #Game #Music? How about for a #Tabletop #Minatures #Boardgame? #GolemArcana (from the intro video)


      Ja Mata, my fellow UriAhkahz! See you on the battlefield! ^_^


      -RC Blood Knight of the Vanguard

    5. RC on

      @Joseph During the GenCon demo they said the resin figures will come with the base. They would be useless in the game if they didn't ^_^

    6. Naz on

      I reckon upping the pledge to 500 from warrior ought to cover any new surprises...

    7. Joseph Figueroa on

      Thanks for listening! Resin titan and colossus added! A question did arise though, do the resin versions come with bases?

    8. Redend on

      Are the figures on the roadmap all the ones intended to be released over the kickstarter ?, if so awesome and ill pledge for all of them, if not may have to wrangle more money, thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim Wuerch

      Will we be able to add on to our pledge after the KS is over using the backer tool? There's enough extra bits that I hate trying to remember exactly what my added-on lump sum is supposed to go towards if I pledge a non-obvious extra amount ahead of time.

    10. Matt Razincka on

      I am poor and you make me MORE poor. And I love you for it. This game is going to be amazing!

    11. Harrowed on


      No need to control that OCD, they have a couple of reward tiers just for that condition.

    12. Harrowed on

      Thanks Jordan! I am already trying to imagine what it is going to be like to have two of those monsters on the field.

    13. Kosongz on

      Great! Hope I can keep my "must-own everything" OCD under control.

    14. Marc Aranha on

      Oh, wow. Just noticed they also answered the demand for an extra base game add-on option. Nice call #2.

    15. Marc Aranha on

      For those in the Warrior tiers, the "all figs" pledge is now $398/$408.

    16. Lee Stanford on

      Just got another $88 from me. The Colossus figures are too good to pass-up! Can't wait to see the mysterious second one.

    17. Joshua R on

      Fantastic update... Going to do some math and up my pledge now!

    18. RC on

      WOOHOOO! Bring on the Colossus and that fraggin AWESOME looking Gudanna Blood Channeler Titan! ^_^

    19. Marc Aranha on

      Colossus NOW, ftw! GREAT news :)