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Golem Arcana combines miniatures with mobile technology to deliver a tabletop game that's easy to learn and fast to play.
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Did Someone Say 20% Off?

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

The end of the year has brought some interesting developments to Golem Arcana and we want to share them with you. Here’s what you’ll find in the update:

20% Off Web Exclusives Holiday Sale!
International Webstore is Open!
Golem Arcana Will Work With More Tablets!
Wave 2 Shipping Update
Living World Scenario Lords of the Line Is Live!
Recorded History and Living World Fiction


20% Off Web Exclusives Holiday Sale!

 Have you been eyeing one of the Elite sets for awhile? Or maybe thinking about getting an extra sylus? Now is the time to grab them! Our web exclusive products are now on sale through December 24. Please note that the website says that we are sold out of The Charred Reavers and the Carapace Brute but all you need to do is email us at to get a Rain Check.

International Webstore is Open!
We are also very excited to share that we have set up new web stores for CANADA and EUROPE. In Europe, we support over 25 EU countries and will continue to add them as we can but please double check the website for confirmation that we’ll be able to ship to your country. (We haven't forgotten Austraila and will be working with our Aussie distributors to figure out how to make a webstore up for you as well.)

Golem Arcana Works With More Tablets!
Golem Arcana is now available in Amazon for the Fire HD 6 and HD 7. This is a pretty exciting development since they are relatively low-priced tablets at $99 and $114. If you were thinking about asking for a tablet so you can play Golem Arcana for the holidays - these might be a great option.

Wave 2 Shipping Update
We hope that those of you that are expecting Wave 2 figures saw our last update regarding the issues we’re having with Amazon fulfillment shipping. After a couple weeks of nearly zero movement, this past week we saw a trickle of orders going out - about 10 a day, though mostly 'partial shipments' instead of entire orders. We’re deeply sorry for the delay, and are working closely with Amazon customer service to see if there’s anything that can be done. We’re hoping that as we get through the holiday rush period, that our orders will start to ship out.

Living World Scenario Lords of the Line Is Live! 

Lords of the Line, the last chapter of the inaugural Living World campaign, Shadow of the Khan, is now live! We hope you had a chance to play the first two scenarios and contribute to the fate of Eretsu. If not, no worries! We are making the final scenario of this campaign available through Sunday, January 4 instead of the usual 2 week period. Play as many times as you'd like with friends and family over the holiday. The more you play, the more influence you have on the Fate of the World of Eretsu! Please note: the scenario is designed for 1000 point army, but you can play with a 500 point army, too.

Recorded History and Living World Fiction
So how do you know you're affecting the fate of Eretsu? You can read the Recorded History of The Battle of Two Rock and the Caves of Mahtis and the data that led to the final results. In addition, you can read the two stories that incorporated the actual results from the games played. A Trail of Riddles corresponds to the The Battle of Two Rock, and A Catacomb of Lies corresponds to The Caves of Mahtis.

As always, if you have any questions about these or any other topics, please email us at



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    1. Jeremy Kuhne on

      Glad you have Kindle Fire support started. Fire HD 8.9 and HDX 8.9 would be great... My copy still sits boxed as I can't use it yet. :(

    2. Brent Disbrow on

      Thanks Brian! Obviously, I'd love to give the money to you direct but I understand the reasoning. Cheers!

    3. Brian Poel on

      We stick to MSRP on all products that are available at retail, so as to not undercut our distribution partners. Not that we'd say no to the orders, but if you can buy from you local hobby store, please do so.

    4. Brent Disbrow on

      I want to say I love this update...but the Canadian prices are already being beaten (for non web-exclusives) by up to 25% on (prior to shipping costs). Sad panda.