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Golem Arcana combines miniatures with mobile technology to deliver a tabletop game that's easy to learn and fast to play.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Pepal on

      Does anyone have got his wave 2 shipment in Europe?

    2. daskindt on

      @Aaron That was my guess, but I just wanted to check. Pretty sure I'm in that group.

    3. Aaron M. on

      @daskindt The backers who experienced the longest delay in receiving Wave 1 of rewards.

    4. Brian Poel on

      And Aaron, re: Earthfall and Carapace Brute -- yes we are re-using the sculpts later on for the 'normal' versions in Zikia 3 and Urugal 3. (Elite versions are always an alt version of a regular version -- even tho we are doing it out of order)

    5. Brian Poel on

      Grrrrr, yes January is Durani Wave 2.
      Typo oops.

    6. daskindt on

      When is the Durani Wave 2? I thought that was up in November?

      There's a blank Wave 2 listed in mid-January, is that the Durani?

    7. Marc Aranha on

      Kudos on the Earthfall/Brute solution. Getting special elite versions is great and not being forced to buy duplicates is always appreciated.

    8. Aaron M. on

      Thanks for the solution with Earthfall and Carapace Brute. Just curious, does this mean there will ONLY be elite versions of those units available? Or you'll be reusing the sculpts for regular versions in Wave 3, just waiting for now to design actual abilities and the like for their regular versions?