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Golem Arcana combines miniatures with mobile technology to deliver a tabletop game that's easy to learn and fast to play.
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The FINAL Shipping Update

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Brian Poel here, with an update on shipping for the final round of rewards for Kickstarter backers and some important information about what you need to do if you want to play with Wave 2 figures.

Before I get started, IF YOU HAVE MOVED since we sent out Wave 1 shipments last summer, EMAIL US ASAP at .  

Okay, with that out of the way, here’s what’s up...  

US backers

Cases of Golems have just arrived at the Amazon warehouses and the first shipments are going out this afternoon. I’ve sorted my lists with a priority to sending out rewards to the Forsaken 500. BUT I can only fit so much inventory in the Amazon warehouse at once, so just like last August, I will be cycling through the inventory as quickly as I can. I expect that it will take a few weeks before everything has gone out the door.

Canadian backers

In my past Update, I said that we’d be shipping the Gudanna early but I jumped the gun on that a bit. After discussion with our Canadian shipping partner, they felt that it was impractical to create extra shipments when a single shipment could be made when the other Wave 2 products arrive. Those products are on a truck going to their warehouse right now and I’m hoping your orders can start going out late next week.

We may be in touch with you to get Phone Numbers if we didn't get them during Wave 1. It made a HUGE difference in reducing undelivered packages.

Australian & European backers

Cases of Golems are all the way through customs and in the hands of our Shipping Partners (Ral Partha and Good Games) and we are coordinating on the addresses and packing plans. I expect boxes will begin going out next week. These will include all Wave 2 products.

Just the same as in Canada, we may be in touch with you to get Phone Numbers, especially in Europe.

Playing with Your Wave 2 Kickstarter Rewards

So here’s where it gets a little tricky…

You are receiving your physical figures long before the general public is able to buy them and we don't want non-backers to have their in-app Army Builder swamped with Golems they can't go out and buy yet. That just seems like too big a tease.

But, at the same time, we want Backers to be able to play with their figures. So - in order to do that, we are going to add all Backers to our 'Beta' mode in the App. Starting (about) next Wednesday, after you launch the app, you’ll see an “Application State” button on the main screen -- just tap it and select “Beta”. Now you’ll find all the non-released Golems in your Army Builder.

Please note: you'll only be able to play games with these Golems while playing on your own device. Your opponent will need to sign in as the secondary account on your device. (If you sign into your friend’s device, it won’t be in Beta mode).

Also, Story Scenarios like The Battle of Two Rock will not be available in Beta mode - so that backers don't have an unfair advantage. So if you want to play a Story Scenario, just switch back to Retail in the Application State.

Kickstarter Email Addresses: need to match your Golem Arcana Account

We are going to use the Kickstarter email that we have on file to set up Beta access -- which is the email inside BackerKit. If you created your Golem Arcana account in the app with a different email address, we won't be able to set you up correctly. SO -- if by the end of next week you don't have Beta access, contact us at and we'll sort things out.

Beta and Emissaries

One side-effect of the Beta mode -- until our next code update in December, Backers with Beta Access will be sharing the same data access as the Emissaries -- which means that your Scenario list will be a bit cluttered with “Demo” scenarios that Emissaries use when showing brand new players how to play. Sorry for the inconvenience -- we’ll separate these two player groups again as soon as we can in December.

Updated Retail Release Schedule

We also want to share our up-to-date retail schedule, which will affect when your Wave 2 figures will be available for play outside of Beta mode.

  • Charred Reavers (web): Nov 12
  • Urugal - Wave 2 (retail): Nov 19
  • Iron Earthfall & Carapace Brute (web): Dec 3
  • Gudanna Valkali & Map Tile Set #3 (retail): Dec 10
  • Jade Guardians (web): early Jan - Durani
  • Wave 2 (retail): mid Jan
  • Rangers of the Oath (web): early Feb
  • Zikia - Wave 2 (retail): mid Feb 

The Earthfall and Carapace Brute

You might remember from way long ago this year when we explained the Retail schedule, these two figures were going to be part of Zikia set 3 and Urugal set 3. That’s still true, BUT the figures we are shipping to Kickstarter Backers are now the “Elite” versions of those far-future Golems.

This is just like how the Winged Vanguard is an Elite version of the Winged Preserver. One benefit is that when Zikia 3 and Urugal 3 come along, and you’re interested in the Ogre and Warsprite in those sets, you won’t be buying a duplicate Earthfall or Carapace Brute. Another benefit, to our designers, is that we’ll be designing those future figures to more closely match the ongoing evolution of the game, instead of being locked into a figure design created half a year earlier.


As always and forever, thank-you for your support the past year -- we're so happy to be sending you the final shipments of your rewards. We look forward to hearing all your battle-reports from the front lines.

If you have any questions about shipping, send us a message here inside Kickstarter or send us an email at

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    1. Missing avatar

      Pepal on

      Does anyone have got his wave 2 shipment in Europe?

    2. daskindt on

      @Aaron That was my guess, but I just wanted to check. Pretty sure I'm in that group.

    3. Aaron M. on

      @daskindt The backers who experienced the longest delay in receiving Wave 1 of rewards.

    4. Brian Poel on

      And Aaron, re: Earthfall and Carapace Brute -- yes we are re-using the sculpts later on for the 'normal' versions in Zikia 3 and Urugal 3. (Elite versions are always an alt version of a regular version -- even tho we are doing it out of order)

    5. Brian Poel on

      Grrrrr, yes January is Durani Wave 2.
      Typo oops.

    6. daskindt on

      When is the Durani Wave 2? I thought that was up in November?

      There's a blank Wave 2 listed in mid-January, is that the Durani?

    7. Marc Aranha on

      Kudos on the Earthfall/Brute solution. Getting special elite versions is great and not being forced to buy duplicates is always appreciated.

    8. Aaron M. on

      Thanks for the solution with Earthfall and Carapace Brute. Just curious, does this mean there will ONLY be elite versions of those units available? Or you'll be reusing the sculpts for regular versions in Wave 3, just waiting for now to design actual abilities and the like for their regular versions?