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    1. Roman Romanchuk on

      Any plans to support OSX/intel combo? Or are we stuck on v1.1?

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      W D A on

      co-op multiplayer?

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      Matt C on

      If we got our keys through Humble Bundle, are we able to buy the season pass through any of the linked stores? Or does it need to be a specific one?

    4. Daniel Hippensteel on

      So we need to get a season pass?

    5. Ian Colin Strachan on

      I can't wait! Thank you for all of your hard work! I do have one question though...when shall we see the last Stackpole Novella? Thanks again

    6. Daryl McLaurine

      I second that question... how do we get the season pass if our keys went through Humble (and will it be DRM free?)

    7. Festy_Dog

      Is the season pass included in any of the backer pledges?

    8. Festy_Dog

      Is the season pass included in any of the backer pledges?

    9. Nicolo Dresp on

      Wait a second. Surely the season pass, alas the content updates (let’s not use the AAA industry’s sell tactics’s nomenclature), will be free for all the backers since we are the ones who made this thing possible, right?
      And oh yes, I’m demanding, not asking.

    10. RC on

      Updates (which are free) are adding Kickstarter related content/promises. This current free Update 1.3 adds cameos from two Legendary MechWarriors which are part of our Kickstarter rewards.

      Flashpoint is an expansion, not part of Kickstarter rewards. We knew these would come, as the game needs to be supported by revenue to keep growing and expanding post-Kickstarter so we continue to get MORE BATTLETECH ^_^

      The Season Pass isn't and never was part of our Kickstarter rewards. It's a package deal on 3 expansions, including Flashpoint. It saves us a few C-Bills, and helps support better quality expansions and updates going forward.

      We can also wait and just buy the expansions we want as they come out. The season pass is a good way to support more BATTLETECH development, if that's something you want like I do.

    11. Lee Wasilenko on

      Thanks for supporting gaming on Linux!

    12. Nich Weidman on

      Price is too steep for me. Will definitely buy when it goes on steam summer sale at some point, though.

    13. Mandrake on

      I'm another one that would like to know how to get the Season Pass if we have the game through Humble.

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      Flump - the flying turtle on

      The season pass content seems extremely weak esp given the high price. Seems like you sold your soul to paradox and the old hbs would provide decent content in a dlc.

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      Patrick Coyle on

      I'd like to know if the 1.3 update will include a new achievement for beating Eck's high score in Career Mode. Or is there somebody at the office even better at the sim game than he is...?

      Speaking of Career Mode, much appreciation for bringing so many changes in free updates instead of locking them all behind the DLC for anybody still on the fence about it.

    16. Larkin on

      Still no network coop or possibility to play with more than 4 mechs ?

    17. Morrison Woods on

      Hi there, I got my key through Humble and stopped playing when it looked like I had to copy saved game files, uninstall then reinstall the game and switch over my saved games. Am I correct in saying that's how I need to apply updates?

      If so, the only way I can see round this is to buy the game again on Steam which I don't want to do out of principle as I'd be buying the game twice.

    18. MsDemeaner on

      Where can I find the backer discount for the DLC?
      Or have you forgotten already that it was our money that allowed you to develop the game in the first place? A little gratitude outside of a few comments would go a long way to demonstrating that.

    19. Daniel

      I'm curious which pledge level some people think states that all future projects by the company should come at a discount? We got what we pledged for, no problems there. That some people seem to think they are somehow entitled to get free gifts from future endeavours done by the team behind the project is truly baffling.

    20. Donald M Pollack on

      Awesome, I just picked up the season pass. Happy to continue supporting the team moving forward on these future projects.

      I see so much future potential for the game. Maybe we’ll finally get some infantry in buildings/bunkers or runn8ng around in the urban warfare expansions? How cool would it be if we could add a Aerospace wing to the drop ship with recruitable pilots or commando units for ground operations.

      Of course, the clans ar somewhere on the edges of space ... for now.

    21. Some furf on

      Paradox expect a return on their investment, huh?

    22. tarasis on

      A little shocked that some people want the DLC for free or at least reduced because we kickstarted the game. We got what we backed for.

    23. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on

      Maybe one day we will get a proper campaign.

    24. Geomancer on

      The "Season Pass" you could maybe call an expansion, but no one knows what that will include. Individually, this first "expansion" is just what every other game calls DLC.

      Remember when many were afraid of the Paradox buyout that Battletech would be turned into a DLC mill? Well, here we are and the first batch alone is greater than the release day price of the base game.

      Your choice of course (or maybe Paradox's), but my choice will be to keep my wallet closed. For that kind of money, I'd rather buy a full up brand new AAA game.

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      Tory Middlebrooks

      You guys made a great game. I appreciate and understand the need to generate future Revenue by releasing expansions. I will buy them when my budget can afford it! Keep up the great work.

    26. Mordru

      Will there be any new mechs added with the expansions?

    27. Missing avatar

      Marco Tritschler on

      Career mode is played in Ironman mode by default - i hope thats optional :/

    28. Tsunamisan on

      @mordru Crab and Hatchetman if i recall.

    29. Tony

      season pass looks like a great offer. I'm signed up.

    30. Missing avatar

      David on


      I stopped playing the campaign ages ago... I've been waiting to organise the 'Mech bay since then.
      So glad to see it coming. Woot... I can continue playing.

      GREAT work people. Thanks.

    31. Jan Jolly on

      +1 for the question how to get the season pass if you have the HB version. I contacted humble bundle but they said they're only offering a steam key for the season pass...

    32. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      what tarasis and RC said. man, there are some greedy, ungrateful, self-entitled peeps out there.

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      Ash on

      I'm only bummed that the discount on the Season Pass only lasts a week, even for backers, when this is the first we've heard of it. Been a costly month, and while I'd love to buy it, it's just not in the cards until next month.

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      Durango on

      Whether people are right or not about asking for a backer discount, it's hard to deny that these price are steep as hell. It's the price of the full base game (actually it will be MORE than the full price, as the base game is currently priced at 39.99 while the season pass is announced at 49.99)

      Compared to what is done elswhere, it's harsh. I remember The Witcher 3 season pass being sold at 25 bucks at release, so half the price of the base game and delivering amazing content, HoS and Blood and Wine being huge, and filled to the brim with good stuff.

      49.99 is a bit insane, three DLC being more expansive than the base game. I really hope the two others will be chock-full of content because if the first one is indicative of the others, it the doesn't seem it will be worth the price (granted, it's too early to even judge the first one). I think I'll wait the release of the third one to judge how much content it represent, I'm not going to throw money again at undefined content that may or may not deliver what is promised.

      I personally agree we, as backers, do not magically deserve it for free, but price is still steep as hell.

    35. Aerouge

      yeah 50 bucks for some unannounced DLC??? Will be holding my breath till A) the stuff is done and good or B) Steam puts a 70% discount on it in 2 months during X-Mas Sales ;-)

    36. Nich Weidman on

      Pretty much exactly what Durango said. It's just so expensive for what it is. Right now, the first one boils down to a few extra mechs and chained missions. I'm not sure that's worth almost $20. If the other two are like that, it's just not something i'm willing to pay full price for. But that's cool - the people that think its worth it will buy, others will wait for a deep Steam discount, and the rest just won't buy it at any game, really.

      As for hoping for a backer discount, unless I'm remembering completely wrong, I seem to recall that the Shadowrun expansions/sequels/whatever had some sort of backer discount...and that's probably the same that some people are hoping for. (And, yes, I'm sure that others just want a freebie, period.)

    37. Martello on

      So many crybabies...

      I really don't get it. Do people expect game devs to work for free? Do the whiners have no jobs and don't understand the value of time and labor? Do they think that since they backed the game, they get to tell HBS how to run things? If you don't like the new expansions for philosophical reasons, don't buy them. People cry about Paradox's DLC model, but your average PDX game a year or two after launch is exponentially bigger and more feature-rich than almost any top-rated game from the old days of $20 release day in a big glossy box. CKII was a big game at launch. Now it's so big you'd have to play it as a full-time job to experience everything. That's not "adding back cut features." That's charging a reasonable price (per DLC) to add deep, meaningful features and upgrades to an already complex game.

    38. Stephen Fell on

      I quote " The Season Pass will normally be $49.99 (a $10 savings) but for this week only it's on pre-sale for only $39.99 on Steam, GoG, and Paradox Plaza."

      I saw that Season pass on and it was listed as $89.99, not $49.99 (or the $39.99). I am enough of a BT fan to pay the $39.99 or even $49.99 for a Season Pass... but Not $89.99, it is the end of the months, I have bills to pay.
      I will just have to wait for the prices drop or buy the DLCs one at a time as I can afford them I guess.

    39. Missing avatar

      WintermuteX on

      Ah, the Paradox game of DLC starts now. Well, you lost me when you started business with paradox. Bye Bye.

    40. PJ - Rising Phoenix on

      just picked up the season's pass and am very happy for the $39.99 price point for 3x DLC.
      This has been one of the best ROIs for me for a game in years.. So I have no problem wotsoever in handing over 40bucks (US) for lot's more great content from these guys!!!!
      The level of content so far has been above par.. so i would expect nothing less than awesome for everything that comes next!

      One of the best things I ever did was become a backer for this game..
      the ancient paper and dice FASA player in me is so SOOO HAPPY!!!

      Thanks Team Hairbrained!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      Career mode is just boring mode and an acknowledgement of how bizarrely disconnected the story missions are from the rest of the game. Reputation system still sounds like a joke. It's not like the different factions offer you different missions. So you're basically just doing all the "green" missions instead of the "blue" missions when they're all the same in every other respect. Boring. Using the phrase "feel the effect of your actions" in relation to this absolutely non existent gameplay element is borderline fraudulent.
      And there's a season pass now? Gross. What a bunch of sell outs. You asked for $25 to make the game you pitched on Kickstarter, and now you're asking for $50 for content you haven't even decided on yet? What the hell is wrong with you guys? How do you justify that? That people might pay it is no excuse, they're compulsive completionists. It sucks that your studio lost so much money because you made a terrible game that had slow down bugs that made it unplayable that you refused to even acknowledge for ages, but you should have just shut down instead of selling out to Paradox and buying into their broken DLC business model.

    42. ThomasN on

      So are these tiny buttfucks all we get now or are you making a real addon?

    43. Jamie McCormick on

      Hi guys, i only saw this now and missed the discount :/

    44. Missing avatar

      Jon Malamud on

      I have given up I was an original backer and really like my banner and patch. But the game has never worked and has now crashed my Steam account. Been talking to your help desk for a while as well as Steam but to no avail. I enjoyed the beta but am sad that I can’t play the game. Good luck mechwarriors!

    45. Missing avatar

      Denis Ipatov on

      49.99? Seriously? There is better be another game's worth of content in there if not more.

    46. Kevin on

      Should really think about your backers more... discounts for them etc...

      Was gonna say I probably wont be supporting anymore but y'all sold out to Paradox soooo...

    47. Phil salmon on

      Backers should get a hefty discount on the season pass. I guess loyalty counts for nothing