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Linux Beta is LIVE!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

The long-awaited, much-anticipated Linux version of BATTLETECH is now available in Beta on Steam! When it goes live, the official Linux version will release on all supported distribution platforms. If you are a Steam Linux user interested in participating in our Linux Beta, you can opt-in to the "public_beta_linux" branch on Steam.    

If you're interested, we've also published release notes along with our live Update 1.2.1 release on Win/Mac.

Please post Linux bugs in the Paradox BATTLETECH bug report forum.  

Linux Known Issues

  • When customizing the name of a ‘Mech or a Lance, the characters you type are doubled. So a W would appear as WW. Some menus may be extra light or extra dark depending on your system’s screen resolution.  
  • Some menus may be extra light or extra dark depending on your system’s screen resolution.
  • Hyperlinks are not functional on SteamOS only.  
  • Logging into a Paradox account always ends in a failure on the first attempt on SteamOS only.  
  • Multiplayer on SteamOS has intermittent connection issues (better as host than joiner). Refreshing the save game list can sometimes hang on the main menu. Restarting the game should fix the issue.
  • Refreshing the save game list can sometimes hang on the main menu. Restarting the game should fix the issue

How are the Localized versions of the game coming?  

We are still hard at work on the French, German, and Russian versions of the game and our translators have delivered a full first pass of all the text in the game. We still have a lot of testing, bug fixing, and adjustment ahead of us, but this is a big milestone! 

If you weren’t aware, this thread is the place to find the latest news on the state of localization.  

Thanks for your patience and your support!  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Monte Watson on

      I was a windows user, tried the game on Steam, now I am an active Linux/Steam user. However, I don't see an option to opt in to the Linux Beta. How do I do that?

    2. Nich Weidman on

      @amigacooke - re-read my post. I *am* a Linux user, so I was lumping myself in with them and poking fun.

    3. kvark on

      Thank you for not dropping the ball on this one, much appreciated!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeff Craig on

      Ugh, I'm seriously about to fly out on a work trip for the next week. Terrible timing.

    5. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Richard Cohen - if you chose Humble, the Linux Beta is not available to you. Windows/Mac still are.

      @Ron Hatch - correct. Steam only during beta.

      @Valeriy - It would be unwise to announce a release date until we see how the beta is going and what folks are finding out in the wild.

    6. Alex Broque on

      Sweet! maybe this'll rekindle my interest!

    7. Missing avatar

      Richard Cohen on

      So, to be clear, if I chose to get a Humble Bundle key, the game is still not available to me?

    8. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      Great, now I can run BattleTech as a desktop background while I'm working. :-)

    9. Ron Hatch


      Um... I take it the GOG version isn't available just yet, though?

      Not that I have much time to play these days anyway, but I'd totally have downloaded it. In any case, not needing to reboot my system in order to play makes it take noticeably less time. (Yeah, the actual reboot doesn't take long, but invariably it's been long enough since I've done it that there are Windows updates that insist on hogging what little bandwidth I've got.)

      As an aside, login on the Paradox website has not been working for me for a week or two - Firefox on Xubuntu 18.04.

    10. Valeriy on

      When is the release date? When I'm finally be able to play the game?

      P.S. I'm not interested in Steam™ at all.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      I am no Linux user yet. But still...thank you.

    12. Jadey McSpadey on

      Awesome! Thanks for the build!

    13. Peter Kelly

      Awesome, thanks HBS.

    14. amigacooke on

      Perhaps there were constant complaints from the Linux backers, because they had something genuinely to constantly complain about.

      Congrats to Harebrained Schemes to sticking to their Linux promise.

      \Also not a Linux person.

    15. Nich Weidman on

      Oh good, now maybe the constant complaints from the Linux people will trail off...

      \ I'm a Linux person.