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LIVE - BATTLETECH 1.2.0 Release Notes, MechWarrior Abilities Re-Spec Beta, and More!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Welcome to BATTLETECH 1.2! This release contains a number of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, as well as some cool new features. We have also released an overhaul of MechWarrior special abilities to Beta (see details below), and have updates on Linux and Localized version of the game.

HIGHLIGHTS: Players using the Custom Campaign options introduced in 1.1 can now take advantage of a new "Prologue Skip" setting to fast-track new campaigns (this is definitely not recommended for first-time players, though!). The combat Morale system in the campaign has received a significant overhaul (and is now called Resolve - more on that below). We've added a Memorial Wall in the Argo so that you can honor Dekker's sacrifice whenever you want. We've made several improvements to our save game management systems (and you can now name Manual Saves when creating them). And lastly, we added new events for you to discover during your mercenary adventures.See further details below.

Linux update: The team is still actively working on our Linux release. We hit a snafu with playback of audio (as in, “There’s no sound in the game”) but we’ve gotten support from an external party and appear to be back on track. We expect the Linux version to be available in Beta within the next few weeks.

Localized versions of the game: Players looking for BATTLETECH in French, German, and Russian still have a wait ahead of them. Our localization testing team recently discovered a bug that was preventing our translators from seeing a large quantity of content waiting to be translated. The issue has been fixed and localization is back on track. Unfortunately, release will be delayed for another couple of months.

We apologize to our Kickstarter Backers and to others waiting to play the game in Linux or their native language and we’re doing our best to get this work done as soon as possible. More details regarding localization can be found in this BATTLETECH Community thread. 

MechWarrior Abilities Beta: We're also excited to share a big revision to MechWarrior abilities, now released in Beta form. Before putting these live, we wanted to give interested players the opportunity to try these ability revisions and share their thoughts. Thus, we are releasing this work on a separate "public_preview" beta for dedicated testing. This beta is identical to the live state of 1.2, except for the abilities revision. We'll be reviewing beta feedback on these abilities in weeks following and expect to push this revision to live in our next big release, Update 1.3. Please read BATTLETECH Lead Designer Kiva McGinn’s Dev Diary post describing the new abilities. 

Note: Players switching to the public_preview beta will have all of their MechWarriors XP refunded, since the new abilities change each skill’s progress fairly significantly. This free re-spec will also be offered to players on the live branch when it’s officially released. It is highly recommended that you make a backup of your save games folder, as you will not be able to use a save game file from the new version in the case that you roll back to the live 1.2. This is especially important if you are in the middle of an iron man play through.

Please enjoy BATTLETECH 1.2, and also consider jumping in to the "public_preview" branch to give the MechWarrior abilities revision a spin!

-- HBS

IMPORTANT: If you experience any issues after updating, or see a popup like this one when trying to run the game...

This is a known issue with Steam, where it can occasionally fail to apply the update as expected. Here's the most reliable way we've seen to get around it:

1. Remove an existing game file in your installation directory (e.g. BattleTech.exe)
2. Verify Integrity of Game Files (Right-click on BATTLETECH in your Steam Library, select Properties -> Local Files tab)
3. The update should now download and apply normally.

IMPORTANT: Additional note for players who mod various game files…Reminder that modding is not officially supported. If you have saved a game with any mod active, that saved game will not work after an update has been applied unless you replace all modded files exactly as they were when the save game file was created. Saved games require the exact same data state in order to function properly.

As always, if you experience further issues please contact Customer Support at:

New Features & Content  

New Prologue Skip Option. Added the ability to skip the opening missions and cinematics of the campaign and skip to your first mission as a mercenary commander, helping a group of miners.

Combat Morale replaced with Resolve. Players now gain a consistent amount of Resolve every round of combat, and can use it to activate Precision Strike and Vigilance. The amount of Resolve gained each round is determined by the Morale on board your ship.

New Memorial Wall added in the Argo. Players can now access a list of fallen MechWarriors and view a variety of statistics they logged during their mercenary careers. You can only find the Memorial Wall on the Argo ship in the Barracks.

New Events. A number of new mercenary events have been added to the game.

Improvements to save game management
- Added ability to create custom names for manual saves- Permanent saves are marked with gold triangle icons and tooltips- Added percent progress to save game refresh
- Added the ability for users to disable warning when deleting saves
- Deleting a save game no longer scrolls back to the top of the list each time 

Quality-of-Life Improvement
- Added the ability to restart in any combat mission without loading a save game (excludes iron man)
- Added initiative status icon overlays for MechWarrior portraits in combat
- Added more sorting options for inventory items
- Components are now sorted logically in the Store and MechBay
- Added more color swatches for mercenary outfit color schemes
- Added new floating text for Precision Strikes
- Added popup message when ‘Mech with invalid configuration is detected- Added new popup for selling multiple items in the store
- Added ultrawide version of main menu cinematic for 21:9 aspect ratios
- ‘Mech selection weight class filters changed from individual toggles to exclusive subsets, including new "All" button added to show all weight classes. 

- We now show the proper number of health boxes and Xs on the After Action Review screen when someone with low guts is incapacitated or killed
- Fixed the mechbay storage list so that we don't clear the filters when you scrap a ‘Mech part.
- The Timeline now reflects modified MechWarrior names and portraits
- Pressing ESC now closes "Delete Campaign" prompts in the Load Campaign menu - Fixed an issue with a “Discard Changes” prompt displaying in certain circumstances after exiting Video Settings with no changes made
- Fixed an issue with using square bracket characters in save game search field
- The ENTER key now works on Mission Success / Mission Failure screens
- Tooltips no longer displayed for planets behind planet summary panel in navigation - Added a default firing arc when no weapons are available (or when an Ace Pilot moves after shooting)
- Removed the Back button during heraldry creation when a new account is registered
- Fixed a warning prompt message in the MechBay
- Fixed a visual-only issue with Heat Efficiency rating after equipping Heat Exchangers
- Fixed an issue in which items purchased from the store via the Mech Lab ("Check Store" button) disappeared until a refit is reloaded after reverting changes
- The Mech Lab underweight warning now only displays if at least 0.5 tons are free
- Removed the empty month option when registering a new account
- Fixed a tooltip on incomplete Mechs in MechBay
- Fixed game options menu opening when using Esc to close the withdraw confirmation popup opened via button in upper-right corner
- Fixed Heat Exchanger icons sometimes not loading
- Fixed empty available weapons and equipment sections when customizing ‘Mechs
- Fixed several layout and fill issues in MechBay
- Fixed save game slot hitbox area so rapid deletes won't double click and load saves
- Fixed text overflow in Welcome Commander message popup Hardpoint icons are now consistent with Weapon icons
- Fixed scroll position of event descriptions persisting between events in some cases
- Fixed an issue where the ‘Mech paperdoll was mirroring the structure displayed for the rear view Fixed overheat warning not always showing for melee or DFA attacks
- Updated MechBay tutorial information Fixed some orange buttons being transparent
- Updated Game Tips to reflect new morale mechanic
- Fixed display of overheat/shutdown warnings overlapping when Called Shot is active
- Fixed bug where canceling the commander's customization without changes could still cause the confirmation popup to come up- Fixed disabled ability tooltips being displayed in tutorial under specific circumstances MechWarriors killed in action no longer display injury text in the ARR
- Disabled zoom camera during multi-target attacks 
- Fixed cases where melee camera would spin around rapidly prior to attack- Fixed camera taking too long to focus on player ‘Mech when attacked, sometimes missing the beginning of impacts- Prevent the "Follow Cam" from moving up over the top of the unit it's following

- Mountain Hold map bug fix, widening a specific path to prevent inefficient AI movement.
- Fixed convoy escape zone on Escarpment Valley map to prevent units from blocking mission completion
- Escarpment Valley map bug fix to tweak the road area to remove rocks that were bottlenecking and blocking convoy units.
- Expanded play bounds on Alpine Cathedral Destroy base map to include spawners to prevent pathing issues for reinforcements.
- Bleak Ridge map update to fix broken spawns.
- Sunken Hills map bug fix. Moving some spawners and shifting the terrain slightly to improve play and stop units from being blocked.
- Fixed the possibility that the AI would take paths that would get it stranded
- Fixed a bug in jump selection state where it was looking through the wrong list of enemies, which included dead ones, and was causing DFA selection to not work sometimes
- Fixed a bad spawn location on Toxic Mire map with a movement of a spawner
- Fixed enemy vehicles spawning in Assassinate contracts on Split Range map sometimes not being able to reach the player
- Bleak Ridge map bug fix moving rocks to prevent movement blocker
- Improved patrol route pathing
- Fixed case where AI would look at player's morale instead of its own when deciding whether to use Precision Strike
- Fixed instance where an enemy ‘Mech takes no action when deciding whether to make a melee attack based on its target's unsteady state
- Fixed case where AI would brace instead of performing opportunistic DFA attacks
- Fixed multiplying support weapon damage by melee/DFA multipliers  

- Updates and adjustments for GDPR compliance

- MetaDataDatabase switched over to using Natural Keys instead of Guids where possible

- New "Force Focus" option in Launcher to skip the disabling of ghosting in Windows to address potential crashing issues on some system

- Footsteps VFX now differentiate between biomes

- Fixed a case in the skirmish MechBay where copying a ‘Mech, then canceling, would leave that phantom copy as the active ‘Mech
- Fixed a Timeline freeze and planet arrival saves not being generated- Fix for game not progressing after loading specific auto saves
- Fixed an issue where adding illegal characters to the search filter would cause saves to not appear after text is cleaned up
- Removed old clear achievement debug hotkey
- Fix to make the negotiation sliders reset properly after backing out of the lance configuration screen
- DFA can now produce a pilot injury if you take both your own legs off with it
- On Capture Base missions, the player can no longer target the friendly dropship
- Updated portrait manager with new beard skinning
- Fixed cases where Ultra and High quality settings could be reversed after changing quality settings and restarting
- Fixed Highlander animation when transitioning from idle to brace
- Fixed some background textures in Mech Bay
- Fixed visual issue with MRB rating stars disappearing after reaching max rank
- Fixed MechWarrior training prompt for pilots with already maxed out skills
- Fixed some text that could show through the finance widget- Fixed weapon hit effects sometimes applying when weapon misses
- Fixed background shadow in Lance deployment menu
- Fixed facility decals in Sandy Mesa map
- Fixed galactic background showing during Navigation menu transition in ultrawide resolutions
- Fixed rare cases where Forest buff didn't apply on tiles with trees in some maps- Fixed missing tooltip in Mech Bay for right leg armor bar
- Fixed tooltip hit box in Mech Bay when multiple icons are present in the selected lance configuration
- Fixed building in Raw Cliffsides missing collisions
- Fixed cases where objective success sound would play unnecessarily
- Fixed display of some Rough Terrain movement pips on Hidden Lagoon
- Fixed redundant VO barks when selecting "Done" to end turn prior to contact with OpFor- Added collision to tunnel on Highway map
- Equipment/Weapons sold while in the Refit screen are removed from the refit interface to prevent work orders that include sold parts from being created
- Fixed potential soft lock if ejecting last MechWarrior and withdrawing at the same time while confirming both prompts with Enter key-
- Fixed cranes not falling when lower strut is destroyed by ‘Mech impact- Fixed parts of destroyed buildings reappearing after loading combat save
- Fixed some Assassination contracts completing early after loading combat save (not retroactive)
- Fixed case of camera clipping through pirate base
- Capturing all three silos during Itrom Attack now auto-completes the mission (no longer requires moving ‘Mechs to the Evac Zone)
- Fixed ice regions missing from map after loading a combat save
- Fixed incorrect max head armor on Commando and Spider in Mech Lab (was 30, now 45)
- Fixed possibility of sprinting ‘Mechs onto same position as OpFor Mech in specific circumstances
- Fixed some missing/incorrect movement pips in Hidden Lagoon
- Fixed case where losing silo Bravo could cause explosion of silo Charlie in Itrom Attack
- Fixed flickering shadows when ‘Mechs are idle
- Fixed some hair styles in character creation being too reflective
- Fixed incorrect shadows displaying in Barracks when switching between rooms
- Fixed potential soft-lock state after loading a combat save created by pressing Enter to confirm save dialog
- Fixed missing rain effect in Medium and High graphic settings
- Fixed lightning issue in character creation with specific hairstyles and light combinations
- Fixed scars in portraits getting more intense after each save game load (until game restarted)
- Fixed display of rings around planets on loading screen
- Fixed enemy reinforcements being unable to reach the player's ‘Mechs during simple battle contracts on The Mine map
- Fixed last applied portrait changes being applied to both Commander and hired MechWarrior
- Fixed deleted saves showing again after entering and removing text in the search field
- Fixed buff icon for destroyed buildings
- Fixed item selection not clearing in the Store when switching to an empty tab
- Fixed overheat audio alarms, VO, and VFX from not playing in certain circumstances
- Fixed several cases where enemy units could spawn in stuck positions (unable to engage player)
- Fixed a spammy warning about melee weapons that "can't technically fire" (but actually can)
- Fixed enemy contact being reported multiple times
- Fixed bug where standing in an Evac Zone area prior to its appearance as an objective could block progression in specific missions
- Fixed bug that put player in combat during Itrom Attack prior to enemy unit contact
- Removed mid-air floating rocks in Smithon
- Fixed path in BarterTown to be walkable as expected-- Fixed cases where ‘Mechs would turn in place prior to attacking a target already in melee range
- Fixed a bug with entering combat where neutral tab target buildings weren't starting combat (including some turret generators)
- Fixed Ace Pilots getting stability reduced twice if they fire and then move- Fixed Ace Pilots using "done" not getting the appropriate stability reduction applied
- When Reserving an entire lance only one pilot's VO bark is played instead of the entire team
- Fixed issue where wrong the ‘Mech shadow was cast in the MechBay
- Fixed typos in some pilot bios- Fixed Restore Defaults in video settings not impacting resolution when in fullscreen mode (PC only)
- Fixed potential item duplication issue
- Fixed incorrect lighting when loading a save game where ship is docked to JumpShip
- Fixed stuck Panther on Smithon map
- Many additional small improvements and bug fixes 

Known Issues
- If you load a save game that was in the middle of combat into the public_preview MechWarrior Re-Spec version from a previous version of the game, you will still have the old abilities even if the UI represents the new abilities. You will need to be back at the Argo before the Re-Spec process will take place.


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    1. Ian King on

      Maybe I missed it, but is there a fix for 'Escort Missions' in the pipeline?

      Only I have not only had to cancel and replay many times due to one 'stuck' APC, but in a recent game an APC left the pickup zone after reaching it, and caused the mission to become stuck.

    2. Broose on

      Was the AVPRO video issue ever resolved for Unity? I had to rename that file to "old" in order for the game to launch past an initial video. It was very sad playing the campaign and not getting to watch the story cut scenes.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Graham on

      you guys need to allow GOG to also do beta's or provide a way for those who have it on GOG to access the steam beta's, seems you made no distinction during the kickstarter etc that if some one asked for 'GoG' they'd not be able to participate in such.
      Also why no news on the 'missing' features? You announce an expansion yet we still don't have all of the kickstarter material yet.. would be nice if some one would give more then 'More on that later' answer to things like the missing legendary people and the last chapter of the book etc.

    4. Donald McCalmon on

      So how do I get Steam to update the game? I tried verifying the integrity of the files, and even switching my download region. Still not updated.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brown

      Basically starting here there's a whole bunch of good piloting skill feedback that's getting hidden by a mod:…

    6. Tom on


      Putting my own games design hat on today. I think HBS Kiva is maybe not looking at this from the correct angle. With an eye to nerfing popular skills rather than boosting unpopular skills.
      Yet buffs have similar problems.

      Have you considered combos? Have each skill combo with two others as a network, each characters skill could generate up to three other passive abilities.

      One could then balance those and provide a list of weighted secondary benefits that make unused combinations of skills more attractive without changing core gameplay.

      For example:

      Sensor Lock and Breaching shot will allow any single weapon to be fired, without further benefit, after engaging Sensor Lock.
      Alternately Breaching Shot could automatically place a free Sensor Lock on the chosen target, after all the EW focused pilot is aiming at it. The price of this could be activation of the secondary ability only at reduced range or when stationary.

      Multi Target and Juggernaut allows the mech to have a shooting phase after the melee attacks if the target is destroyed.

      Bulwark would offer nothing, though as shown Juggernaut would. As Multi Target is also considered a must take skill it synergises only with weak skills. Underused skills however have powerful passive effects.
      As shown from the examples there are lots of options for combos and ways to limit them being too powerful such as activation of passives only in specific conditions such as after a kill, or when travelling a set speed, or working only at certain range brackets.

      The beauty of this is that you dont need to effect the core skills, or add new skills but still get to add new skill effects which you can even name. So the combo of Juggernaut and Multi Target could be named say 'Reaper' and the word Reaper would appear in your HUD as the game pauses for the extra skill benefit so the player knows they are getting a bonus not a glitched game.
      Likewise a skills that allows a single shot after a Sensor Lock is named 'Trick Shot' and loads as an action automatically after the Sensor Lock is chosen and its target selected rather than proceeding to the next mech. If the Trick Shot is too powerful in your eyes limit the weapon it can be used with, or the range bracket.

      Lots of ways this could play out, and because your are intentionally boosting unpopular combinations of skills, not skills themselves you are not fiddling with the meta.

    7. Missing avatar

      David on

      I'm pretty sure Dekker dying is just an in-joke.
      Apparently he gets taken out in a lot of people's games.
      He's still alive in my game (mind you, I've paused playing until we're able to re-organise the 'Mech Bay).

    8. Missing avatar

      Dwargh on

      Great improvements! I will start the game over, if the german localization is online! I'm looking forward to it!

    9. David S on

      Can we get more mechs added to the game please like Archer etc as free updates NOT purchaseable DLC

      please increase lance (4) to company size (12)

    10. Alexander L on

      Any update on the final installment of the Michael Stackpole Novella?

    11. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brown

      It'd be nice if you'd stop the forum mods from burying feedback critical of the pilot ability ability changes by moving it to off-topic dump threads.

    12. Michaeljack on

      When you guys release a patch you don't mess around! Nice work.

    13. C. on

      I wish you would provide the old patch version as a beta in Steam to enable those who are waiting on a mod update to continue playing until everything works on the new patch.

      I understand this would fragment the online play but you offer the option for 1.04 and it would be nice to have it for the current build when each patch is released. At least for Single Player.

    14. Missing avatar

      theo c on

      All well and good but does it still push my pc to 100% gfx/cpu by uselessly cycling frames? I basically stopped playing because any machine I tried to run this on was being pushed to 100% for no discernible reason (my pcs are not top-spec but they can handle contemporary AAA titles without this kind of issue)

    15. Konig-Wolf

      Awesome work guys, keep it up! And best of luck on the Linux situation...Linux needs this game.

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard Cohen on

      Not all that awesome, to be honest... If the Linux release is blocked by a fairly fundamental issue at this point, months after general release, it suggests that you've only started looking at the Linux builds quite recently. Guess we're a minor afterthought. Does not bode well for backing any future campaigns.

    17. Missing avatar

      Alexander Brown on

      I wish we could get the ability that increased our chances to hit and reduced the damage we took from DFAs from the Beta into the game. That was one of my favourite abilities, and really encouraged me to USE the DFA more..

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert S. Reeg on

      I still dont see under Bug Fixes:

      Fixed enemy mechs using multishot to shoot at targets not in their firing arc.

      They are still constantly multishotting targets that they can't possibly shoot at from their position.

    19. Eric da' MAJ on

      Kewl! And how did you fraggers know Dekker was my first team mate to get geeked!?

    20. Missing avatar

      Dennis Raines on

      ... Dekker always dies? I just thought I was bad.

    21. alcaray on

      I'm playing the campaign right now. Are my saves compatible with the new release?

    22. Mandrake on

      Everything looks great as far as fixes. Any idea when the update will get updated on the Humble Store website for those of us using that. Also, any word on whether we can get an updater for that rather than having to redownload the entire game each time the game is patched?

    23. Leinad

      doh - due to computer issues and being an anally retentive gamer I've restarted the campaign and taking it slowly to enjoy this amazing game - just now engrossed on the Liberate Smithon mission - I'm a little behind others... I guess it doesn't work out so well for Dekker!?!

    24. Peter Kelly

      Awesome news on Linux - can't wait. The rest of the fixes look like solid work :)