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BATTLETECH Update 1.1.0 is Live!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

We’re happy to announce that we've just pushed BATTLETECH Update 1.1.0 on Steam and GOG!

This Update is all about giving you more ways to customize your experience, as well as reacting to common pieces of feedback that we've heard from you about the game. While we’re still working on the Tutorial Skip feature that’s been requested, many more things DID make it in beyond what we mentioned last month such as ultrawide monitor support and some additional quality-of-life improvements.

In Update 1.1.0 you’ll find improvements across all areas of BATTLETECH including new features & content, balance changes, UI and AI improvements, and a healthy dose of optimizations and general bug fixes.

Here are a few highlights:  
- MechWarrior customization
- Granular difficulty settings
- Ironman Mode
- Ability to accelerate the current combat action with SPACEBAR
- Speed-Up mode to accelerate all combat actions
- Cancel combat actions and selections with right-click
- MechLab quality-of-life improvements
- Current inventory count in Store and Salvage
- Several new events and improvements to event generation
- Ultrawide monitor support
- A new, optional BATTLETECH Launcher with compatibility & troubleshooting settings and a crash reporter -
...And Much More!

The full list of updates and changes is WAY too long to share here (they came out to an 8-page google doc!), but you can read the full release notes here - be sure to update your game soon to check it all out!

The next items on our roadmap are Linux and localized versions of the game. We’re making good progress on Linux and hope to have more specifics to share soon. Unfortunately, we hit some unexpected setbacks on localization which means German, French, and Russian will take longer than we previously thought. We're actively working through it and bringing more people onto the effort, as it’s a top priority for the studio. We’ll update you on Linux and localized version release dates as soon as we have them.

Finally, in our last update, we shared the exciting news that Harebrained Schemes has become part of the Paradox Interactive family. Here's a message for all of you BATTLETECH Backers from our friends in Sweden!

You should now find a Steam key for Stellaris in your BackerKit account - thanks, PDX! - and if you don’t see it, please email us at

Here are the directions to recover your account if you need them:
- Go to
- Enter the email address you used to back the game into the "Kickstarter Email" box and click on "Get My Survey"
- When you get the email from BackerKit, follow the link inside to your account Click on "Get Your Digital Rewards"
- Copy and paste your key into your gaming library of the platform

As always, the place to go for BATTLETECH Support is and specific HBS question should go to

If you have general BATTLETECH questions or thoughts, interest in finding ‘MechWarriors that want to play multiplayer, or modding, head over to the BATTLETECH forum where there’s a great community over that would love to welcome you! 

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    1. Blackghost on

      You really don't care about backers. Where is the translations ?? The game was suppose to be localizated on release, you failed to do that and said, we need 3 months. Guess what,
      YOU FAILED again...

    2. RC on

      My posts need some editing work too.

    3. RC on

      @Marcel LAtest word is the Mr. Stackpole has been busy. Grapevine says he had run into some personal challenges, but he submitted a draft for editing. Based on timing, (this is conjecture) likely it still needs some of his attention for additional revision work once he's able to focus on it.

    4. Marcel van Leeuwen on

      Any ETA on the last Novella ?

    5. Sichr on

      I kind of get used to regular newsletter from HBS related to progress of development of games etc. I have to admit, I am missing it. I dont know what is going on, the silence is deaffening. Is it some corporate PR mojo? There is new update (or so it seems as steam is downloading it) already but no enthusiastic speech except for list of technical details. HBS...I realy am missing your community engagement...I realy hope this isnt Paradox effect...

    6. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Tom Brazeau -
      You'll need to download the game in it's entirety to get update 1.1. That's just the nature of the platform. If you'd prefer not to have to do that every time we do an update, we can swap your Humble key for a Steam or GOG key - just email us at and let us know which platform you'd prefer.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom Brazeau

      Okay, so I don't generally do PC gaming, so maybe it's just my lack of experience with that, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to DL this patch. Is there a link to it or something? I see comments that it's available on Humble, but hell if I can find it. Can't say I made an account when I got the game, so maybe that's the issue.

      That aside, I've been really enjoying the game, so thanks for bringing back the kind of Battletech experience I had as a kid!

    8. ThomasN on

      Oh and I played it through - 10/10 rock solid PC game. Kudos.

    9. ThomasN on

      If I delete all but about 5 saved games and restart the game, it responds normally to e.g. button clicks in the mech-bay whereas if you have about 200 of them, the game responds really sluggish to button presses.. e.g. you press it and you have to wait for a few seconds. Hope that helps to look into it or maybe you already have lol

    10. Jonathan Krarup on

      This sounds like a fantastic update - it addresses almost all my concerns with the game! I can’t wait to get home from holiday to try it out :)
      GJ guys! ❤️

    11. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Humble Bundle has released updated installers for Update 1.1.

      If you don't see the new version, you'll need to do a force refresh in your browser (usually Ctrl-F5). That will refresh the cache on that page and you should see the new versions.

      The Windows version is dated 6/21/2018 and the Mac version is dated 6/22/2018.

    12. Ben M. on

      Stellaris is a great surprise! Thanks for that. You guys are awesome. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Medron Pryde on

      Thank you for the update and I will certainly check it out.

      I also congratulate you on joining Paradox. I will admit to some reservations on the matter, since I tend to dislike change, but I will reserve those reservations until I see the final results of the matter. ;)

      A question about Stellaris. I am interested, but I do not have Steam. I backed via GOG. Is there a way of getting Stellaris via GOG?

    14. Missing avatar

      Charles Layman on

      Do not give these people money! Supposedly I am a backer and there was supposed to be some reward for that, when I tried using the key I was given, system response said it was invalid, contacted HBS, response, not our problem.

      Lesson learned.

    15. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      We've delivered the update to Humble but it takes them a bit of time to make it available.
      If you prefer to change your platform to GOG or Humble, please email us at

    16. Missing avatar

      Dominik Schwarz on

      Oh, and the loading time is still horrid. The Witcher 3s gigantic open world loads twice as fast as your character editor, or any mission for that matter (to put it in perspective), and it pains me that you thought this is an acceptable performance.

    17. Ted S. Sunhede Fulk on

      Another Humble Key backer. Please have updating done in the program itself. I can't even find out what version the program that I have is. (Hint: in Mac programs that information should be listed in the "About Battletech" menu item.)

    18. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Shaver

      As others have stated, I'm a Humble Key backer. What steps do I need to take to update the game?

      As an aside for your next update/patch - include a manual "Search for Update/Update" button in the Options menu for future use.

    19. tarasis on

      Thanks for the great update and for the key Paradox (although I already own Stellaris, I'll pass it to my son)

      Like Peter, I hope novella 4 drops soon, I want to see how the story ends :)

    20. Peter Petermann on

      Let's start with a thanks to paradox, I'll make sure the key makes it into the hands of someone who doesn't have the game yet but should have =)

      Also thanks to harebrained for the update, looking forward to try it out - however, here a suggestion that you could still add: I'd love Steamworks support on the steam version, that would make dealing with mods so much nicer.

      And then I have a question, what ever happened to the novella 4/4? I'd love to read the conclusion of the story..

    21. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Joining Paradox was the last blow to Harebrained Studios career. It was an awful event in the campaign and only brought disgrace to the final product and to the trust people put in crowdfunding, trumpling on all the backers that supported the project.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dominik Schwarz on

      Well thx, Paradox, for a game you broke with overpriced DLC and the developer with faulty patches. That's a parting gift worthy of your company.

    23. Massimo Cesario on

      Good news. I hope I can finally play the game. It crash too often to be playable.

    24. Missing avatar

      colin pritchard

      Thanks for the Stellaris key. Like tobi said though, can I give the key to a friend?

    25. Nathan Camp on

      That is a really nice gesture ^__^

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Langner on

      OMG thank you, I was hoping for ultrawide support for ages!

    27. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      I already have Stellaris. Can I give the key to a friend? Or does it only work on my Steam-Account?

    28. Missing avatar

      Gleb on

      Thank you! But could we humbly remind you about Humble Bundle backers, too?

    29. alcaray on

      re: Stellaris key:

      Any love for those of us who don't do business with Steam? (As a fond farewell from HBS who will likely not distribute from a place I will ever buy from again?)

    30. Sichr on

      Just need to add a comment to Fred....when I backed Harebrainded Schemes (nad I think threre would be more of us around) I did it not just for the love of Battletech, but also Shadowrun. It would be sad if Battletech would be the only focus for the HS team in the Paradox future

    31. Missing avatar

      Mark Smith on

      Looking forward to the Linux release. I’ll actually start playing it more often if I don’t have to reboot into windows and spend the obligatory 2 hours doing OS Updates. ;-)

    32. Ryan Heck on

      Planning to share my copy with a friend so we can play together! Thanks Paradox!

    33. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      Hey, that's pretty nice, Paradox did not have to do that. I already own Stellaris myself (it's pretty fun!) but good on you Paradox.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Man, I hate KS still does not allow editing comments. I meant:
      "Besides their marketing emails I have personally NOT much issues with them..."

    35. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Thanks for the great update.
      Man, I almost forgot HOW spammy Paradox can be with mails. I canceled their info mails several times before they finally stopped...until the next sale I guess. I hope they finally honor the unsubscribe option and leave me alone.
      Besides their marketing emails I have personally much issues with them even I hope BT doesn't get the same DLC flood treatment like the other Paradox titles.
      A big thanks to them for the Stellaris key. I just hope it's not a bribe of some sort with more email spam from them in the future. ;p

      I look forward for more content updates int he future like (hopefully) more (or all) mech and ground vehicles from all the tabletop source material.
      Well, at least we can dream. ;)

    36. Missing avatar

      Jon Webb on

      Any chance we can get a fullscreen windowed mode? PLEASE?

    37. Missing avatar

      Jon Wright on

      No love for those who chose Humble as the distribution mechanism?

    38. Rob Giles

      Wow! You have been very busy making a great game better. Nice work.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      This patch is awesome, love the balance updates. And while a Linux and localized versions of the game sound good I am selfishly and eagerly awaiting DLC that will add new missions, mechs, weapons, or game modes... I know, I know, your plates are pretty full... but still... can't wait until you finally get to that stuff

    40. Missing avatar

      Markus on

      Does this update mean that heat generation/management will not be such a strong focus of the game anymore? Heat generation is down everywhere and flamers nerfed? They were risky to use before, but seem pointless now.

    41. Missing avatar

      Grant Swire on

      @Daryl maybe we can gift it?

    42. Daryoon LoneWolf on

      The King Crab has opened its claws.

    43. Missing avatar

      Sprocket on

      Do we have an ETA on HumbleBundle update?

    44. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Abrams

      Anyone know if white men now exist as playable options? Or is that not "diverse" enough?

    45. Daryl McLaurine

      I already have Stellaris. And all its DLC. How about a refund on the cost? 😊