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Important Harebrained Schemes News!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

We just announced some big news today and wanted to share it with you personally.

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    1. Bill Sempf on

      Paradox has proven themselves to me. I am OK with this.

      Don't screw it up. :|

      Love the DFA shirt. Need one.

    2. Michael Guenther on

      Succession Wars Boardgame redone as a Grand Strategy game confirmed!

    3. Tim Albers on

      Huzza! So when is BattleTech 2 coming? ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on

      Will you be able to avoid the DLC spam that is Paradox calling card ?

    5. Christopher Baughman

      Now at least we know there will be a steady stream of DLC..

    6. P. R.

      A lot more Battletech! I want my MadCat! (And ultra-widescreen support, pretty-please.)

    7. Missing avatar


      Awesome! Absolutely love this game, love HBS, love Paradox too. Can't wait for more content! Congrats HBS 👍

    8. Tobias on

      Paradox becomes better and better - thank you!

    9. Pawel Daruk on

      Lots of Battletech!! Woohoooo!!!

    10. James Neglia on

      Awesome! I think this is great news!

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike Emrie on

      @Evan B Harebraind Schemes is officially partnering with Paradox studios.

    12. Missing avatar

      JD on


    13. Missing avatar


      @Evan B they're joining Paradox.

    14. Cliff Hicks on

      Good times, guys. I'm a big fan of Paradox from the Stellaris games, and it seems like a good fit.

    15. Kurtis Peterson on

      Evan: Harebrained Studios is becoming a part of Paradox Interactive though they will still be managing their studio as normal.

    16. Jason Frey on

      Sounds like a great partnership. If you're happy with it, then I'm thrilled for you!

    17. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      So does than mean possible Succession Wars Paradox strategy game or something similar in the future as well as more tactical Battletech?

    18. Jesper Anderson

      One year with no BattleTech and counting. So much for Linux support.

      Yeah. I'm bitter. :'(

    19. Jessica Hawthorne

      They sold their soul to one of my favorite publishers. ;-)

    20. David Anderson Bell III on

      Good for you!
      (I’m sorry I have to be this guy today...) so this will help those Linux and Mac ports happen sooner? Please?

    21. Missing avatar

      Kiel Winch on

      That’s amazing! Congrats! I was at PDX Con and it’s so clear that you all share a design vision and a deep love for characterful strategy games 🤗👍🏻

    22. Evan B on

      I can't watch the video, could someone explain?

    23. Jacob Albers on

      Congratulations guys!