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Important Harebrained Schemes News!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

We just announced some big news today and wanted to share it with you personally.

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    1. drow on

      and admit it, you guys did this just to gain access to the voice talent of Carlos

    2. Missing avatar

      Antti Hämäläinen on

      Congratulations Paradox seems to be one of few really good ones.

    3. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      Mixed feelings about this. Please don't adapt Paradox' style of releasing barebone games and sell tons of DLC to actually make the games worthwile. I really like their games, but in the last couple of years this really escalated. But I guess with you becoming a member of Paradox, we'll exactly see this happen. :( Congrats anyways, I guess. :)

    4. Jean-Luc Picard on

      Congrats guys, hope it works out.

    5. drow on

      at least you didn't sell to microsoft XD

      it looks like meat's back on the table, boys!

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Calhoon on

      Normally I wouldn't celebrate an acquisition but Paradox seem like good people, so grats!

    7. Ben Thomson on

      Interesting, text / transcript update would be nice though as others have mentioned.

    8. Thomas C Murphy III on

      Congrats on the acquisition and any chance of more Shadowrun or are you focusing 100% on Battletech? I'd love to hear a follow up post addressing some of the concerns others have voiced about Paradox. I don't have a ton of experience with them and I'm surprised at how polarized the comments seem to be!

    9. Missing avatar

      rex_grey08 on

      Congrats guys! Great job, and can't wait to see what's ahead!

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Congrats! I hope you guys will continue to put out awesome games in the FASA settings we love. I am not saying you have to revisit Crescent Hawks Inception or maybe put out some 2070 era Shadowrun stuff but that would be awesome.

    11. foducool

      "We just announced some big news today and wanted to share it with you personally."
      "Yes, that's right, we've updated our privacy policy."

    12. GODzilla on

      Oh...soooo many DLCs then, my bank account is so excited, buys! :D

    13. Kevin Alford on

      Congratulations guys

    14. David Heth on

      In his position as the new Paradox Liaison all Harebrained Employees are now contractually obligated to sit on Mitch's knee when delivering announcements. @}}>-----

    15. Ian Emmons on

      any chance of more shadowrun?

    16. theStark - Damon Law on

      Congrats. But why are you sitting in his lap like that?! Weird.

    17. Missing avatar

      jmaria on

      More Battletech to come + Paradox is a great publisher. They do an amazing follow up of their games (with a lot of free content on top of the DLC).
      Good news!

    18. Todd Jacobson

      Well, hope it all works out for you. Although cannot say I am overly trilled about this, personally. Not a fan of how Paradox markets and sells games. Guess, I will have to wait and see but this very well maybe the last game I get from HBS now. In any case good luck and thanks for the fun games up until this point.

    19. Van Uffelen Kristof on

      Great news.

    20. Roger Garner on

      As far as publishers go, Paradox are one of the better ones. If things continue with Battletech as they've started I don't see how anyone can complain as their track record here has been one of nurture and support. Looking forward to the future!

    21. Missing avatar

      Patricia-Jean Cody on

      Congratulations! Imagine you both and the rest of HBS are pretty happy at the moment.

      Does this mean that you guys will no longer do Kickstarter campaigns for other projects now? I hope not since, to be honest, you guys have really knocked things out of the park each time you've done so. And I'd still love to see you both possibly do other game properties that have languished such as Crimson Skies (I know I dream big but I never thought I'd see another Battletech game again so...).

      An Paradox? Treat these two an HBS right please? They're the heart an soul of games I've quite literally grown up with. They're good people as are all of HBS and I'd like to see them be around for a long time to come.

    22. Robert Bartholomew on

      "...more Battletech to come" Those are the only words that I needed to hear. Lol. Good luck with the new partner! Can't wait for expansions or whatever else is to come. 172 Hours put into the game already and have loved every minute of it. I have been a Battletech fan my entire life but live in a location where no one plays Battletech or Mechwarrior so this has brought me a great amount of joy! Lol.

    23. Andrew Pryor on

      More Battletech?!? Awesome, can't wait. Paradox has released some stellar games despite what the nay-sayers are going on about.

      Bring us the Fourth Succession War please.

    24. Larkin on

      Fix your old game Golem Arcana finally before venturing on to new shores !

    25. Nekron on

      Congratz, after the whole Fasa thing its good you got a payday on this company and they let you still manage it. Just hoping you guys dont put out 10 DLC for Battletech. They got your Golem game with the purchase didn't they?

    26. Ed130 The Vanguard on

      Is there a TL:DW version for those on mobile plans?

      And any more word on bugfixes/patches?

    27. Alexander Kügler

      Yes i like Paradox and i think that will be great. I dont think that it is a decision because of financial Troubles. I think they do it because they want great games with much potention for us.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Orna-Ornstein on

      Not sure this is good news at all - Paradox are the worst publisher for nickel and diming over DLC's (and yes I have quite a few of their games). Value is not something I'd ever associate with them but at least we'll receive lots more content (at inflated prices).

    29. Missing avatar

      Jason Durham on

      This is awesome! Well done guys on providing another outstanding product, and resurrecting this franchise. I look forward to supporting your future endeavors and AAA Battletech games to come!

    30. Missing avatar

      Six on

      As a customer I don't like this at all but I am happy that you all got a nice payday, you deserve it!
      If I'll ever play another game from you is up to Paradox now I guess...

    31. mike on

      One more who does not find this good news, my experience with Paradox is 100% bad, and I want nothing to do with them. So even though I love BattleTech and have been playing sense BattleDroids have almost 100% of the tabletop stuff it looks like you are going a way that I can not follow so most likely have seen the last $ from me. Very sad day I think and it may be big news but it is not good news.

    32. Missing avatar

      Timo Krüger on

      Fantastic news!!
      I love Paradox and their games and I love your Battletech. I want DLCs, lots of them! :-)

    33. Christophor Rick & Magnetic Spaghetti on

      WOOO! Paradox are a great group and I think it's definitely a really smart move. Congrats!

    34. Robb on

      I will wait and see if this is good or bad. I feel like it is bad but am not going just on a feeling. Sad to see someone else is in charge now even if day to day is still in HBS control. If it helps HBS become even better then I will be happy that my feeling was wrong.

    35. Missing avatar

      GawainBS on

      Some text update would be nice.

    36. Missing avatar

      Alistair Pope on

      @Elliot well I suppose this is better then POE and the tencent side of things

    37. Alex Clarke on

      DLC - as much as you want for however much cash you want.....Just make it GOOD.

    38. ThomasN on

      Independent - don't kid yourself - there goes my hope for a Battletech Real Time Mech Simulator like the one from Activision back in the day.
      I congratulate you for taking a stability deal in these trying times, you've earned that.
      Cheers for more interesting strategy titles!

    39. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      I wish there was more openness around HBS's financials. You might think "how is that related?", but the fact is, whenever there is anything like this my first thought is whether there is financial trouble involved. Maybe there isn't. If not, just say so, and put these concerns to rest. I'm not saying there are any issues, but by not saying anything at all, you beg the question.

      Ultimately, my concern is whether the claims that HBS will stay independent have any teeth to them. Again, not saying there are financial issues, but if there were, then frankly the result is HBS is less independent than it was before. I know, I know, I know, you promise. I get that. I want to trust you. But my experience watching similar situations play out in the past is that money is directly related to control. So I just wish the announcement were more open about this, so that we could have a clear and honest discussion about what's going on.

    40. Missing avatar

      Patrick Pittman on

      I can't help but see this as almost entirely unalloyed good. Paradox is one of my favorite publishers, putting out several of my favorite games of all time, and HBS seems like a natural fit in philosophy: long-supported, fantastic, somewhat niche games.

      And, honestly, I really appreciate Paradox's DLC policy, combined with their commitment to supporting games for the long-term.

    41. Missing avatar

      MXP#44 on

      It sure would have been nice if this had been a text update, or at least closed captions, you know, for the *hearing impaired.*

      Love the game, but c'mon.

    42. Matt Westlund on

      This is awesome news! More Battletech is going to be great. Any thoughts on more Shadowrun as well?

    43. Missing avatar

      Makali on


    44. M. on

      This makes me sad. In a couple years Battletech will have $200 worth of lacking DLC :/

    45. Christopher Sanders

      What does this move mean for the Shadowrun games you have been producing? I have enjoyed all of those titles and Battletech so I hope all goes well.

    46. Tactical Dragon Inc on

      If your gonna take the Paraddox way please make decent price DLCs with really well developed content. CK2 and others Paraddox games has a long history of lackluster DLCs.

      Keep on working and good job!

    47. Neville De Wit on

      Great news guys, congrats!