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Important Harebrained Schemes News!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

We just announced some big news today and wanted to share it with you personally.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lure the Lion on


      But also- more Shadowrun also?

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Sirney on

      Good Work! Very Exited! Might this mean more Shadowrun too? I don't want to get greedy, but it's cool too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Darren Foster on

      This seems like an excellent partnership to me. Paradox's history of long time support of their titles (with both free and paid content out to years or even decades after release) is exactly what I want to see with Battletech.

      We will get more mechs, additional customisation, and new story lines at a relatively regular interval. I am looking forward to buying all of the Battletech expansions just like I have all of the Stellaris ones over the last 3 or so years.

    4. Ben M. on

      Congrats! Sounds like a great match. :)

    5. Gary Schafer on

      Congrats, HBS! I am especially overjoyed to hear Jordan affirm that this means "more BATTLETECH". As a backer and paying customer, I'm here to say: Sign me up! From my viewpoint the base game delivered exactly what was promised to backers- especially the campaign which was a BLAST! But this first edition definitely leaves us wanting more: We want to explore immersive campaign content in more corners of the incredible BATTLETECH universe, use tech and Mechs from more eras, have more options for multiplayer formats (bigger battles? Multiplayer campaigns? SWEET!)
      Thanks for sharing this great news... now please get back to work!

    6. Darien Liddell

      Renegade Legion: Centurion, Interceptor, Leviathan all waiting to be made into games.. Hint Hint!!

    7. Eric on

      Wait... what?! I guess I haven't been keeping up on the comments for this Kickstarter? Reading below there are people upset with what they delivered on this campaign?! The game is awesome and pretty much exactly what they promised! Man, some people will just never be happy.

    8. Randal V. on

      Love it! Congrats! \0/

    9. Peter Kelly

      Fingers crossed that Linux support keeps being part of your forward plans.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      What's news about this that you work with Paradox? This sounds more like one of those 'shotgun' videos the producer forced you to say.
      Well, congratulations for you guys nonetheless. I am quite wary about those 'news' with look on Paradox' history. I hope you guys stay really independent as you wish for and that you keep creating good content and DLC but hopefully not like the other Paradox titles with their DLC jungles. Good luck to you guys. Please stay focused on quality over quantity.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Congratulations! I hope things keep working out well!

    12. NH@KS on

      Man, I love these guys! "Living the dream!" Paradox is a great publisher. Good quality games, few politics (good PR), and I like that they stick to what they know & they don't try to overextend themselves pretending to be what they aren't. Good on 'em. HUGE fan of Stellaris, by the way. (...mmmaybe a Stellaris/Battletech crossover DLC for April Fools??? ha ha) But seriously, good luck to HBS for partnering with them. I shall be following both of your future works very closely!

    13. Missing avatar

      William on

      I always love how you guys are direct to the fans. It's, not to be a softy here, touching. Keep up the good work.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kidzin on

      Not a fan of the news, it will really depend on how much of a impact it will have on your games. The moment i see worthless DLC that's where personally i'm out because that would mean Paradox methods have taken over. Just look at HOI IV or EU IV steam webpages, hundreds and hundreds dollars worth of garbage.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Stamm on

      I like that you guys will remain an independent studio. You have produced continually fun content and with each release of something you've only gotten better. I think Paradox will be a great partner for getting you to market and advertising.

      Congratulations guys.

    16. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Not sure what to think about this news. I am a bit leery. But will wait & see. As long as you keep making interesting RPGs / turn-based strategy games & sell them *DRM-free* (GOG) for reasonable prices, I will continue buy them (or back on crowdfunding as the case may be)... More Battletech is AOK (I'm waiting for patches before diving into campaign mode but am enjoying skirmish mode), but I am also hoping for more Shadowrun (e.g., Returns 2.0).

    17. ThomasN on

      Sexual offensive themes in the World Of Darkness series? Get out!

    18. Kyle Schleich

      I love Paradox, they constantly are involved in deep and enjoyable games. Hope this leads to much more Battletech content!!! Paradox has yet to disappoint! Good luck!

      Also @Darryl......seriously? do you think vampires are do gooder super heroes? Take your babble and go play my little ponies or something and dont let the door hit you on the way out.

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Graham on

      Couple of things here for both of you..
      1. How does this impact the items you guys still have to bring us that were not cut from the game?
      2. Does this have an impact on your promise that there will be no nickle and dime DLC 'ever' only expansions that offer meaningful content?
      3. Does that mean we get mod support now :P

      I think if you can address those two a lot of the oh great paradox comments will go away. The announcement is great but it doesn't address any of the issues people can see happening due to the 'merging' of HBS and Paradox Studios even with HBS staying as it's own studio within that family.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      At least now you don't have to resort to crowdfunding anymore as you now have a partner and a publisher. And it's probably good as you ruined your reputation on this last campaign showing you cannot be trusted and that you are not truth to your promises. Hopes it was worth it as it would not be wise to try another crowdfunding, especially with Paradox on board.
      It was a long run, you made very interesting games, but now it's all sadly gone. I'll cherish your previous products but I'll be wary of what happens next.
      Well, so long HBS.

    21. LordZon on

      Darryl, no one cares.

    22. Darryl Mott Jr. on

      I find this incredibly disappointing to hear since Paradox's tabletop RPG publishing arm - the resurrected and rebranded "White Wolf" that shares no staff with the original White Wolf from the 1990s - has multiple serial harassers on staff which Paradox has openly defended. Paradox also published a "pre-alpha" release for a new edition of Vampire: The Masquerade which included incredibly offensive content including rules for mandatory sexual assault, playable player characters that force the player to commit sexual assault in game, and a player character who is a serial killer and serial sexual assaulter of children.

      I was troubled when Harebrained announced they were publishing the game through Paradox, and now I am incredibly disappointed that you have decided to make this relationship with such a company this deep. I'm sorry, I will no longer be able to financially support any of your future efforts.

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew O'Connor on

      Congratulations! Now I just need some Crimson Skies to add to my Battletech and Shadowrun and my gaming catalogue will be complete.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Addis on

      I'm ready to Kickstart Battletech 2!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ho on


    26. Amanda Ramsey on

      Congrats! Paradox games are some of my favorites!

    27. Turk

      great , i guess i shelve this until the end of the year bundle to include all the DLCs, Mappacks, skin changes etc each costing anything from $1 for a colour change to $29.99 for a DLC.

      Paradox is a ok publisher with a horrible nickle and dime DLC record. I guess i wont be seeing HBS release anything good anymore

    28. Scott Snelling on

      To everyone complaining about Paradox "nickel and diming" approach:

      For most of their games, when they put out an expansion, it is a a LOT of free content, and then a paid expansion that adds more content (usually related).

      Ie, expansion for CK2 adds a bunch of new game mechanics (free), new area of map (free), and the ability to play as nations in the new area of the map (paid).

      So yes, the total cost of Paradox games becomes higher than many others if you buy all the major expansions (never mind the cosmetic stuff they put out as well). But that's also because of how *much* they put into each game post-release. This isn't some 2-3 expansions then move on to the next game. The expansions just keep coming. Year after year.

      It is one of the best marketing schemes in terms of benefit to players AND publisher. There are no abusive loot boxes. There are no hidden traps to catch you. Their past expansions are reliably put on sale on Steam. Their forum is pretty well ran & moderated.

      Sure, maybe HBS 100% independent is more ideal for us as players and paying the lowest price we want to. But I'm still in favor of this because of everything it means for the future of the game and continued love & care.

    29. Josh on

      Crimson Skies next.

    30. Andrew Tuckett on

      Congrats guys and thanks for all your hard work.

    31. Eric on

      Haha, *dlux*... I hope you are kidding... if you are not. Holy shit.. get a life.

    32. Elliot Jenner on

      So I guess that means we can look forward to Paradox's usual plethora of miniature expansions and things like "art packs" and "unit packs" nickel and diming us to death. Get ready, the price of the game will bloat out to 4 times it's initial ask within 3 years.

    33. ☆ dlux ☆ on

      You embraced cancerous far left politics and went full SJW with Battletech - now you have to sell your souls for nickles and dimes.

      Congratulations! I guess.

    34. Andrew Gibbons on

      Whatever makes the Clan DLC/Sequel Happen .. I'm all for it! .. Congrats guys!

    35. Missing avatar

      Robert Hughes on

      Gratz all. This proved all the hard work was worth it. I am looking forward to many great BattleTech releases from HBS and Paradox.

    36. John Johnston on

      Congrats and here to seeing more BATTLETECH

    37. Charles Orr on

      Usually i instinctively respond to mergers and buyouts with dismay or alarm... What exactly is the opposite of "selling out"...? Moving up? Going legit?
      In any case, congratulations! Paradox is a company that I respect that has published games I enjoy, I hope you at HBS have a great run under their aegis and produce many titles together in the future.

    38. Nick Hanson

      I'm terrified that this could mean an end to support for Paradox doesn't have the greatest track record for releasing their new games on

    39. Kevin Biasci on

      Congratulations guys!
      That's a fantastic validation of the quality of your hard work.
      Time to celebrate!

    40. Joe G on

      I'm a big fan of this deal. I put many hours into Solaris whole waiting for BattleTech. I'm especially happy that they are preserving your creative control.

    41. Aaron on

      This is great news! Can’t wait to see more Battletech, and perhaps more Shadowrun?

    42. Michaeljack on

      Gratz guys! Just promise us you won't adopt Paradox's practice of putting out $300 worth of tiny DLCs for every game!

    43. Michael Harris on

      Does this also mean more Shadowrun?

    44. Zhylaw on

      congrats on selling out I guess...?
      I mean yay more...paradox..I love the never ending DLC and online account stuff they push!

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrew Beard on

      Battletech out of the dozens and dozens of RPGs I have played or run as GM still holds a special place in my heart. I backed this project minute I was aware of the kickstarter and the game has delivered on everything I hoped it would. Because I have been a huge fan of all of paradox 's grand strategy games for a long time I hope that this strategic relations allows HBS to dream even larger with the Battletech universe.

    46. Alpheus Kosky on

      I'm excited for this and for more battletech. However, please don't neglect your Shadowrun IP! Battletech is a great game and IP, but Shadowrun is definitely your better series. Your storytelling in Shadowrun is top notch. I love it so much. Please don't stop making them.

    47. Enzo Maini

      @James Austin +100
      @Sean Gallagher +100

      I hope the HBS team is working on more updates. The load times are still slow beyond slow and I am above your min specs.

    48. James Austin

      Now you just need to convince the Paradox folk to whisper to Microsoft about licencing you the Crimson Skies IP.

      Hey, a guy can dream.

    49. Deane Geiken on

      Could this also allow you to return back to Golem Arcana in the near future to bring it back to life. One of my biggest disappointments in gaming... such a great game that was left to hang and die.