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BATTLETECH: What's Next?

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

First of all, to our Backers and new players alike - thank you for your incredible outpouring of love and support last week following the launch of BATTLETECH, and for sharing so many of your amazing game experiences with us. As a small developer, these stories mean the world to us. It's why we do this.

From the heartfelt reactions of our Backers, to the kind words from reviewers, to the epic marathons on YouTube, to the hysterical reactions on Twitch, to the goofy memes floating through social media, this week has been a whirlwind and we are thrilled to be on this ride with you.

We could easily fill this entire post and more just rounding up press and fan reactions to the game - but we'd rather talk about what's next. From the start of this project, we've viewed launch not as the end of the road, but as the birth of a living product. Over the course of development, you might recall that we often answered speculative questions about post-launch features or content with, "in success, all things are possible."

Well - thanks to you, this is the success we hoped for. And many things are now possible! We're working with Paradox on a roadmap for the next year of BATTLETECH development. This will include regular bugfixing, quality-of-life improvements, and free Updates adding new features to the game. Here's a look at the next few months of that roadmap.

BATTLETECH Post-Launch Roadmap

1.  Compatibility / Performance Investigations
Our launch last week wasn't perfect. A subset of players are experiencing hardware/system compatibility and performance issues that our team is working hard to investigate. Solutions for critical issues are always our top priority, and will be released as soon as they're available and tested. Typically, we will release patches to our public_beta branch on Steam for a few days for testing before we push them to the default branch.

On that note - last Friday we released our first patch to the public_beta branch for testing. Today, that 1.0.1 Patch went live - you can read the full changelog here. We expect to release more patches to public_beta in the coming days and weeks.

2. General BugFix (Late May)
We expect to release at least one general bugfix/improvements patch later in May.

3. Localization (French, German, Russian) and Linux Support
These are both Kickstarter commitments and high priorities for our post-launch roadmap. (Along with a couple other Kickstarter commitments that didn't make it in for launch.) We don't have a more precise ETA yet for these items but will update you as soon as we do.

4. Update #1: Customization & Player Options (June/July)
We're already beginning work on our first larger free Update to BATTLETECH. This Update is all about customization and reacting to common pieces of feedback that we've received from you on the game. Here's a list of items we're currently looking at for Update 1 this summer

--Accelerated Combat Options - We're working on options for players who would like to accelerate the pace of combat missions.

--MechWarrior Customization - We know that many players would like to change the appearance, callsign, name, and voice of all their MechWarriors, not just their Commander. This didn't make it in for launch but we'll be adding it in Update 1

--Granular difficulty settings - A set of discrete options for players to customize the challenge level of the game in different areas.

--MechLab / Store / Salvage Quality-of-Life Improvements - Interface additions to reduce friction when buying and salvaging new items.

--Tutorial-skip Option - Allowing players who have already played the prologue missions to skip those missions when starting a new campaign, and get right to the Leopard. 

--Addressing Difficulty Spikes - We'll be working on smoothing out some issues with unexpectedly hard (or easy) content. Not to remove all difficulty variance, but to address clear outliers.

--Live-streaming Quality-of-Life Improvements - Audio persisting when alt-tabbed, for example.

It's important to note that the exact contents of Update 1 may shift during development. Please consider these general directions and priorities. We'll post a more detailed and updated list of what's in the Update closer to its release.

The above is just the beginning! We'll be continuing with more free Updates after Update 1, and we'd also love to release a larger paid content Expansion or two - but right now we're staying focused on bugfixes and immediate reactions to launch feedback. 

With your support, we could not be more excited to continue making BATTLETECH even bigger and better. 

Thank you.

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    1. Mario Abraham Villarreal Perez on

      Great work guys! I think if you ported to Android, you will have more buyers ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert West on

      Started playing the other night. As a backer since Shadowrun, I am pleased, once again, with Harebrained Schemes' games.

    3. Hans Kokx on

      Steam? I've only got a direct download from Humble Bundle. Did I miss a Steam key somewhere?

    4. Chris Frye on

      Can't wait for the Linux support!

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexander Shvarts

      Any chance of infantry making an appearance?

    6. Blayne Watt on

      All great, but you didn't mention the most important thing of all... where are the CLANS!!! :P I want my Timberwolf / MadCat ... I want ER PPCs. Every weekend we had a pingpong table covered with a huge map playing battletech with miniatures... this is going a long way towards restoring my childhood game! Congrats on a fantastic game, and looking forward to much more to come. And Shadowrun. More everything, please!

    7. Missing avatar

      Sailingmaster on

      I can't wait to see the improvements and coming content!

    8. Mattaui on

      To say this exceeded my expectations is a huge understatement. Brings me back to my Crescent Hawk days!

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt Malone on

      and what i mean by that is that compelete removal or option to remove them and not have to be reminded every single time!

    10. Matt on

      Keep up the good work!

    11. Missing avatar

      Matt Malone on

      i agree with hans! it'd be great on xbox one. but also there are a few things i would like. like the constant reminder of"Warriors need training, money is getting low."That kinda option would be great

    12. Ian Price on

      Please prioritize implementing rare lostech drops in stores on research/former star league presence worlds. Otherwise it's too painful to risk losing the double heat sinks and Gauss rifle that can't ever be replaced.

    13. Hans Melius on

      So amazing! Maybe an Xbox One Port?! One can dream....

    14. Matt Eiffel on

      Well worth the wait. The young kid who fell in love with MC2 is back again!