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BATTLETECH: What's Next?

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

First of all, to our Backers and new players alike - thank you for your incredible outpouring of love and support last week following the launch of BATTLETECH, and for sharing so many of your amazing game experiences with us. As a small developer, these stories mean the world to us. It's why we do this.

From the heartfelt reactions of our Backers, to the kind words from reviewers, to the epic marathons on YouTube, to the hysterical reactions on Twitch, to the goofy memes floating through social media, this week has been a whirlwind and we are thrilled to be on this ride with you.

We could easily fill this entire post and more just rounding up press and fan reactions to the game - but we'd rather talk about what's next. From the start of this project, we've viewed launch not as the end of the road, but as the birth of a living product. Over the course of development, you might recall that we often answered speculative questions about post-launch features or content with, "in success, all things are possible."

Well - thanks to you, this is the success we hoped for. And many things are now possible! We're working with Paradox on a roadmap for the next year of BATTLETECH development. This will include regular bugfixing, quality-of-life improvements, and free Updates adding new features to the game. Here's a look at the next few months of that roadmap.

BATTLETECH Post-Launch Roadmap

1.  Compatibility / Performance Investigations
Our launch last week wasn't perfect. A subset of players are experiencing hardware/system compatibility and performance issues that our team is working hard to investigate. Solutions for critical issues are always our top priority, and will be released as soon as they're available and tested. Typically, we will release patches to our public_beta branch on Steam for a few days for testing before we push them to the default branch.

On that note - last Friday we released our first patch to the public_beta branch for testing. Today, that 1.0.1 Patch went live - you can read the full changelog here. We expect to release more patches to public_beta in the coming days and weeks.

2. General BugFix (Late May)
We expect to release at least one general bugfix/improvements patch later in May.

3. Localization (French, German, Russian) and Linux Support
These are both Kickstarter commitments and high priorities for our post-launch roadmap. (Along with a couple other Kickstarter commitments that didn't make it in for launch.) We don't have a more precise ETA yet for these items but will update you as soon as we do.

4. Update #1: Customization & Player Options (June/July)
We're already beginning work on our first larger free Update to BATTLETECH. This Update is all about customization and reacting to common pieces of feedback that we've received from you on the game. Here's a list of items we're currently looking at for Update 1 this summer

--Accelerated Combat Options - We're working on options for players who would like to accelerate the pace of combat missions.

--MechWarrior Customization - We know that many players would like to change the appearance, callsign, name, and voice of all their MechWarriors, not just their Commander. This didn't make it in for launch but we'll be adding it in Update 1

--Granular difficulty settings - A set of discrete options for players to customize the challenge level of the game in different areas.

--MechLab / Store / Salvage Quality-of-Life Improvements - Interface additions to reduce friction when buying and salvaging new items.

--Tutorial-skip Option - Allowing players who have already played the prologue missions to skip those missions when starting a new campaign, and get right to the Leopard. 

--Addressing Difficulty Spikes - We'll be working on smoothing out some issues with unexpectedly hard (or easy) content. Not to remove all difficulty variance, but to address clear outliers.

--Live-streaming Quality-of-Life Improvements - Audio persisting when alt-tabbed, for example.

It's important to note that the exact contents of Update 1 may shift during development. Please consider these general directions and priorities. We'll post a more detailed and updated list of what's in the Update closer to its release.

The above is just the beginning! We'll be continuing with more free Updates after Update 1, and we'd also love to release a larger paid content Expansion or two - but right now we're staying focused on bugfixes and immediate reactions to launch feedback. 

With your support, we could not be more excited to continue making BATTLETECH even bigger and better. 

Thank you.

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    1. Hellspark

      @Robert Colt If it's a free update then everyone will get it when the game is automatically updated by whichever client application you activated it on, e.g., Steam, GOG, etc.

    2. Robert Colt on

      How do we get the free update. I got my game through Humble, so i'm uncertain if will get one or not.

    3. Missing avatar

      Raith_Sienar on

      How about some options for blonde hair? Dunno how you remembered to have blue and pink hair but forgot natural colors.

    4. drow on

      any idea of how long it'll take for the patch to show up on hope it'll fix my saved games not showing up. assuming they're actually being saved. i mean, i love ironman modes as much as the next mechwarrior, but campaign start-to-end with no saves? that's super-hardcore.

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Matt on

      When you select your mech salvage part rewards at the end of a mission, it indicates if you already own any of the three required parts to make up a mech -- which is good. It might be nice if it also displayed any matching full mechs you own, or gave us a way to view to our inventory to check. (e.g., if I know I already own one complete SHD-2D, I'll likely want to prioritize parts for other mechs I don't have yet).

    7. Angelic_Scars on

      Mod support please, eventually. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bauer on

      This game rocks! I love every aspect of this game and will gladly contribute financially for future expansions.

    9. alcaray on

      -Accelerated Combat Options: make it so that when a move destination hex is selected, right-mouse-click unselects it. Rather than having to fumble for the escape key every time.

    10. Robert Bartholomew on

      Great game! Let's take my company all the way to the clan invasion. Make those initial encounters hurt, then give us the option to help a united Inner Sphere fight back at Tukayyid. After that, operation bulldog expansion? =) You guys said a lot of things are possible. Lol.

    11. Gary Schafer on

      THANK YOU for delivering on your Kickstarter promise and producing not just a great game- but absolutely the best BATTLETECH experience that has been created to date. You hit it out of the park. I am nursing the campaign experience (and LOVING it) but I know it will end all too soon. I sincerely appreciate the promise of additional enhancement and your commitment to your users in providing the free updates... but once the bugs are fixed and the other platforms/localizations have been addressed... don't delay that paid DLC additional story-based scenario content / campaign too long! As of today, if you could offer 6-10 more story-based campaigns comparable to the first one (set in different eras or in locales focused on different houses/factions etc.) I'd buy them ALL. Gladly. GREAT JOB HBS!

    12. Mike Duynhoven on

      Love the game. Far too many hours already soaked into it! Cannot wait to see more mechs and such.

    13. Odin has left the building.... on

      Best of luck for the future...and yes happy to $upport expansions :)

      Multi Lance / Company Play?

    14. Andrew Hess on

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy to have been a backer.

      If I had one wish for the future, it would be for Clan mechs. I came into the fandom with a MS Sidewinder 3D bundled with Mechwarrior 2. I’ve always identified more with the Summoner and TimberWolf than the Thor and Madcat.

      Regardless. Keep up the work. Hats off to all involved.

    15. Drake on

      Thanks from the bottom of my assault mechs fusion core <3

    16. Callum Heinrich on

      Guys, congrats on bringing this to life; I have been having a ball playing this and love the story which harks back to being a teenager reading the books. Kudos.
      All I ask is please consider more post campaign endgame content. I haven't hit endgame yet but I am enjoying playing single player and picking missions to do. Even if its not a fully developed new story arc, please provide new missions and opportunities in future updates.

      Oh... and if there is anyway we can as a community play a massive online event and recreate the battle of Luthien that would be awesome!!!!

    17. Renalis on

      Looking forward to customizing all of my mechwarriors! Keep it coming, HBS, I'll keep giving you my money :)

    18. J M on

      A skip tutorial option and a Timberwolf please!

    19. Justin

      Great update and priority structure.
      Also I agree with Travis , continued expansions will be of interest on question, and a hard mode would be an appealing update to the base game at some point down the line :)

    20. RC on

      @Shawn Enable V-Sync in your graphics card driver settings and set it to ON, not "app controlled" while playing Battletech. Also enable V-Sync in the game settings too, but make sure the graphics card driver settings have V-Sync ON/forced. You should see less stress on your GPU's. Also, you can use a driver or program to lock the framerate to 60fps (or set your display to 60Hz) and you may see improvement too. (This is something they're working on)

      Regarding 'mech modding beyond the MechBay config, check out the modding community and also,…

      There's a strong modding community out there already ^_^

    21. Toxicant on

      Any chance we will see a move towards some clan tech way later down the road?

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. Nat Ng on

      Playing this game brings me right back to the days when I used to play tabletop, ages ago. This is 3 PPC work.

    24. Missing avatar

      Shachihoko on

      Sadly, I haven't had a chance to try playing Battletech yet; according to Can You Run It, I at *least* need to update my video card drivers, and I have questions about how much I can rely on this computer for serious gaming beyond basic 2-D stuff.

      But I congratulate you on shepherding this game to release, I'm proud to have been a backer, and I look forward to a chance to play it for myself sometime in the future!

      (... and if you wind up porting it to, say, Nintendo Switch, I'll be happy to buy it again for greater convenience and on-the-go tactical 'Mech battle. ;D )

    25. Michael Scheu on

      Thanks for this. I feel like I've had a pretty positive experience with the game thus far. My biggest issue right now is that while my MWs scale up at the same rate as the enemy, the enemy's Mechs scale up and I'm still desperately patching together whatever I find three pieces for. :) Looking forward to the updates!

    26. Nicholas Faubert on

      Really, I'd be happy for this game to act as a base for a library of games in the Battletech universe. Maybe a set of downloadable campaigns: smaller in scope, but puts you in control of a battalion during one of the fronts in the Succession Wars or one of the other 31st century conflicts.

    27. Missing avatar

      Shawn Ruester on

      On another note this game seems to be UNUSUALLY graphics card intensive. I have a pair of liquid cooled videocards and if I am playing for a prolonged period of time it causes heat problems with my cards, so much so that I have to shut everything down to the desktop and let everything sit and I MOST DEFINITELY don't have low end hardware.

    28. Missing avatar

      Shawn Ruester on

      One thing I really miss and didn't know was changed in a later version of battletech was the ability to put anything in any slot. Now slot specific weapons, etc. If you had the tonnage you could cram it in. Apparently this is not so in the new rules, however it'd be nice to have it as an option for modder. At the very least let those of us basically familiar with coding be able to make all the mechs this was with a basic layout (with some randomization) on the NPC encountered mechs.

    29. Carl Wippert on

      Awesome news! Just finished the story and looking forward to many more playthroughs and DLC! :D

    30. Xenophon on

      Really hope you guys include support for widescreen monitors in future patches/updates.

    31. RC on

      @Mason Updates shouldn't overwrite your saves. You can also always copy the saves to another folder while the update installs, then copy them back if you find that you need to, but you shouldn't have to just for a game update ^_^

    32. G.Bueno on

      Outstanding Home Run!! Looking forward to buying any expansions coming out, thank you!

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Keller on

      I'm pretty disappointed to still not have any concrete news on Linux... I get that it isn't a primary platform where most of the sales are going to happen, and that resources are being used on those that are, but I'm starting to feel like this is another game that promised Linux and then doesn't deliver. Only this time I've paid over $100 for it. It's a real bummer, and I'm happy to have contributed to making this happen for everyone that is getting to play it now, I just wish I weren't stuck here on the sidelines waiting, and hoping, that I might get to play it some day too.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      You guys have knocked this out of the park. Please for the love of everything continue to make paid dlc so that this epic story and universe can play out!!

      Congrats this game is so bloody good

    35. Missing avatar

      Edward Carmack on

      Loving this game especially since it takes place in my favorite era of the lore. So far I'm actually loving that lostech is SUPER RARE and makes you treat them with white gloves.
      This game is 90% of what I wanted when I backed the project. Of that remaining 10%, half are changes that I think work great. The last 5% are things almost no one other then me would want. Overall excellent game. My favorite kickstarter

    36. Alex Clarke on

      Couldnt be happier with the end result of my pledge. Well done HBS and long live #Insuccess!

    37. systewart on

      I'm really looking forward to the linux client so I can actually play the game =)

    38. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      You delivered the game I've always wanted ever since playing MechCommander. Thank you! This was the second thing I've ever Kick Started in my life. No regrets. (I love my jacket and hat). Besides more content (TAKE MY MONEY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE), I'm hoping to see a hard mode where your mechs get truly destroyed (center torso destroyed)like the table top game and only get back salvaged pieces from them. I'd also like to pay for armor replacements. Hard mode activate!

    39. Missing avatar

      Kenyon Burguess on

      I set aside funds for the next Kickstarter. Whenever you are ready to announce, you earned it.

    40. Missing avatar

      Chosen_Chaos on

      @Matt Malone There's already a way to get rid of those reminders - make sure to check your MechWarriors after every mission to allocate unused XP and ensure that your available cash supply stays healthy :D

    41. Aaron Johnson

      Loving it! One minor Quality-of-Life suggestion, mousing over weapons showing their location, when inspecting in battle, instead of having to mouse over each limb to see what's in it

    42. Mason on

      Since I got my copy through humble bundle and apparently have to redownload the game everytime there's an update, will doing that overwrite or hurt any of my saves? I've never had to update a game like this before...

    43. Missing avatar

      Thomas M. Shaffer on

      This game is everything I hoped for! It’s like being a kid again and playing those first B-Tech games all over again! Keep up the great work and I’ll be waiting for the next expansion to back!

    44. Chris R. Crawford on

      Great work, BATTLETECH team! You guys delivered. Super-happy to read you'll be adding options to accelerate the combat, too.

    45. Nich Weidman on

      Compared to some other projects I've backed (CoughEVILDEAD2cough) it's so refreshing to see you guys get another project out the door, playable, fun and promised post-launch support.

    46. Melvin Poon on

      Thank you, since launch day, I am 12 again.

    47. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Hans Kokx - Backers were given a choice of a Steam, GOG or Humble key. If you'd prefer a Steam key, email us at and we can help you out.

    48. Sebastien Garand on

      Aight guys, great game overall, didnt play much Multiplayer but you have everything in hand to make a fun/challenging game. Keep up, For easy money you could add some visual upgrades as paints/warpaints. Over expectation (damn you PGI !!)

    49. JusitnKase

      Congrats on a great launch - I put this in my top spot of best Kickstarter experience to date - I am EXTREMELY happy with the product, and looking forward to the things to come.

      I know 4th SSW and 3050 are likely coming down the pike - but give some consideration to a Star League era expansion (maybe the Amaris Civil War) or a Clans only battle that leads up to the invasion.

      Keep up the awesome work :)

    50. RC on

      A great roadmap to MORE BATTLETECH! *chef's kiss* Magnifique! ^_^/❤