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    1. RC on

      Opps! @ApfelGardten Link correction. is the correct link ^_^

    2. RC on

      @ApfelGarten Log into your Battletech Backerkit account at Instructions are in Update #50 to get your game key for the distribution platform you chose in the survey (GoG, Steam, or Humble). ^_^

    3. Missing avatar

      ApfelGarten on

      How do I get my copy?

    4. Minghua Kao on

      To add to Derek's questions, if you do that, can you just move your savegames and settings over to the steam game?

    5. Derek Mackinnon on

      Thanks! I was looking for your email address, but couldn't find it before I posted! Sending it right away. Thanks again for the great game and fast response!

    6. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Derek Mackinnon - Email us at and let us know which platform you'd like to change to.

    7. Derek Mackinnon on

      Hello, I got a Humble Bundle Key and have had no end to problems. First I had to download the 11 GB file 3 times at launch. Now from them I apparently have to redownload and reinstall the game every time there is a patch as their version has no way to update the already downloaded game. Is there anyway to register my copy or to get a steam or GoG key? GoG wasn't an option when I first backed, and I thought about asking for a change, but I cannot afford the time and internet cap of downloading an 11 GB file every time there's a patch. I really love the game, but I would like to get the fixes that have been put forward with the patches..... Thanks!

    8. Navagon on

      Thanks for taking feedback on board and making this game even better! I would definitely like to see some expansions for this game. Hopefully something big that changes things up, like XCOM 2's Chosen DLC.

    9. Richard S. Hetley on

      Even as I see the large amount of updating-in-progress, I'd like to thank you many times for creating the game I downloaded on launch day.

      I started with Crescent Hawk’s Inception, a game I somehow managed to beat despite how little handholding that old thing had. Since then I've touched the tabletop game just a little, played a later computer game or two, and watched over the shoulder for yet more. This game, despite any existing bugs and frustrations, is a grand finale (hopefully with to-be-continued) of that experience.

      Bugs, yes, and I'm sure you have all sorts of reports for the things that got to me (like, say, the game becoming unplayable if my main character ejects). And of course the basic system was already there in advance, with a small and understandable assortment of lasers, missiles, etc., so that isn't a cause for today's celebration. Yet your extensions are terrific. I love the 'Mech weight balance and the expanding world of specialty gear: I've been developing a stock of "Diverse Optics" M Laser ++, myself.

      I also adore the visuals. Night mission in woods / Missiles strike the enemy / Fire among the trees. Haiku.

      And though the balance in certain missions needs work--e.g., the "optional" instruction to defeat all enemies is almost never "optional"--I have new experiences I will remember. Like how I had been thinking it was a pity I couldn't have area-of-effect attacks; I knew the rules and knew it wasn't in typical play. Then I partook in the liberation of Smithon. It was clear that I was supposed to trick the enemy into standing near ammunition crates. I managed to detonate one and was delighted that it ripped apart a light 'Mech and did real work on a medium. Excellent!

      Except for the part where I was dying under superior fire. I tried desperately to lead opponents onto another crate but they weren't having it. I did a "fighting withdrawal"--a fancy term for "rout"--into the far corner at the end of the road away from base, losing lancemates all the while. In the end, with a single light 'Mech, and my back literally against the wall, I watched as six enemy 'Mechs walked into the alley and stopped before the crate. I hit the "reserve" button. Enemies stepped into the blast zone. I hit it again. More stepped in. I had five in there, and the only one left outside had already lost all its weapons. I fired.

      Five 'Mechs detonated in a single action, and Lady Arano had to deliver all her "good job" sound clips one after another. And I kept the save. I can relive this mass detonation anytime I want.

      As an extra thrill, this was the first time any of my defeated MechWarriors survived being incapacitated, so they all lived to brag about their victory. I doubt this will ever get into the game, but I'll request it anyway: I would adore the ability to issue my MechWarriors custom medals to remember the things they've done.

      I thank you for this moment and for this game. Keep on doing what you do.

    10. RC on

      @Mo What are you talking about? 1.0.2 is in beta, and it's available on Steam in the beta branch, which you have to select manually. I understand the 1.0.2 beta is also available on GoG through the GoG Galaxy downloader. (I'm not using a GoG version so I'm just relating what I've read based on comments.)

      Either way, if the 1.0.2 patch is approved after opt-in beta testing, it'll go to the main branch and download as an update to the game.

    11. mo on

      still no 1.0.2 update for backers. next time I'll skip backing and wait for the fully supported version.

    12. Missing avatar



      *cough*. Sorry. This game is freaking amazing (especially considering the budget), and I'm just really excited about the legit expansion model and not the "we'll just add sprinkles of content here and there in the form of *air quotes* 'DLC', because this is the way of the future and numbers on a page told me this was better than utilizing creative brain cells to package together an 'expansion,' if you will, of the game world's content."

      Also, as awesome as the game is, never stop injecting it with more awesomeness! But like... artisan awesomeness. None of that bulk stuff. I want you to continue hand-picking only the finest specimens of fruit from the Awesome trees, and juicing them with tools lovingly carved from dragon bone. *encouraging fist pump* ^_^!

    13. William Janak on

      The game have been a load of fun so far. Exept the first time I came across an LRM Carrier. 60 LRMs coming my way was a bit of a shock for not even a two dot? Difficulty mission.

    14. Missing avatar

      T Stirz on

      I absolutely LOVE this game! Undoubtedly one of the best KS projects I've backed and so glad it is receving the success it thoroughly deserves! I can't wait for more content and hope to be playing this for years to come.

      Please, please, please can we also get ultrawide 21:9 support patched in as well :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Rose on

      Forgot one. What about a Deadbook, a log of fallen mechwarriors, with their final stats and kills.

      I'll say this again, changeable/upgradable hard points. So we could change say a ballistic hard point to a laser hard point for example.

      And if possible, can we change the 'Other' kills so we have vehicles and another for buildings/emplacement.

    16. Xenophon on

      Chiming in for ultrawide monitor support.

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard Rose on

      Additional items for the wish list (some will already be mentioned by others).

      Larger maps. So we can get more use out of those lovely a/c 2's and '5's and LRMs. Also so we could field two or more lances.

      Can the Argo support additional dropships? Or a bigger dropship? Like a Union or other? Then it would make sense with additional lances in play. Even then have an option to drop in a Union and have that as a battlestation in support of your lances.

      Enemy morale. They either eject and/or surrender. Or maybe flee the battlefield.

      Vehicles. Seen tanks, but no helicopters. If we could have vehicles, we could possibly make use of say, coolant trucks for additional immersion. At least in some battles.

      And look at the coding for the locusts. I don't know how many times those buggers have inflicted head shots on my mechs. lol

    18. Missing avatar

      Roger Buraga on

      @Noel Addley - AGREE100%
      Crescent hawk one would be awesome..
      Or how about the mechwarrior DOS game of old story line(Gideon Braver)rebooted to fit battletech game (that game also only did 1 lance)

      But yes *cough* Fantastic game I love it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Noel Addley

      love the game.. best since Ghost Bear or Crescent Hawk.. Hey maybe redo the crescent hawk campaign... or of course 2 or 4 lance mission campaign!

    20. Shaun Doré on

      Ultrawide resolution support, please?

    21. drow on

      oh huzzah, 1.0.1 has fixed my issue, and i can save and continue games! ONWARD!

    22. Missing avatar

      Damon Grummet on

      A thoroughly enjoyable game, well worth the kickstarter! Bravo, bring on more! (Especially a 'crescent hawk's inception' module :-)

    23. Marc Santos on

      I'm really enjoying the game! Thank you for bringing BATTLETECH Back! I also loved seeing a nod to the pods! The updates sound very promising. Keep it up!

    24. Peter Kelly

      Looking forward to the Linux Client. Keep up the good work.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ho on

      When/How do I update a Humble copy of the game?

    26. Missing avatar

      Renquin on

      This is the 2nd game I backed and am very happy with the result.
      Congratulations to HBS team.
      As other have said, I'm only unhappy because of the DRM/Paradox account mandatoryness but I'm too impacted, so that is ok.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      There's always the option of a refund for the fail in delivering the rewards (game is not drm-free, exclusive items are locked behind a shady 3rd party account). The game will be on sale eventually and if you have already gave up on exclusive content I don't see the point in keeping the backer copy (that btw on GOG is a special entry not recognized by the catalogue just for the sake of depriving the user of some content).

    28. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Actually, I am also not that happy that I got no key for the 'Digital Deluxe Content' DLC and just got the downloads of my extras as backerkit download only. But I guess Paradox demands you paying for those worthless avatar & icons for their forums.
      I am quite disappointed about that PR move. ;/

    29. mike on

      Overall I like the game, but I am very disappointed by Paradox account scam. I do not want an account with them, and should not be required to get a account with them to do anything with this game as that was not part of the deal we made. So it is disappointing that from where I sit you are not willing to hold up your end of the bargain and send me my backer rewards. I do like the game, but not sure if I will back anything else.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Sounds great. You guys had after all enough experience under your belt with all the Shadowrun games. I am looking so forward to the future of the game after the bug fix and tweaking period for new, additional content like new missions, more units (mechs and other ground vehicles from the extensive lore library, Star League stash missions, other Inner Sphere areas with new story archs and other 'work environments', etc.
      Hopefully besides new content also further improvements on more detailed damage models to catch the great board game atmosphere.

    31. Missing avatar

      David "Handlebar" Kingsley

      my problems, have been that when I move, I will not get the option to select my facing, (just one click for the location to move to, without a discrete second click to actually choose my facing) and have resulted in having a mech walk into a location, with their back facing the opfor.
      I built up the mech support / salvage functions, but the HGN 732B Highlander has lost it's Gauss Riffle and some of the Double Heat sinks, but I can't make replacements.

    32. Missing avatar

      Javier Angel Barrera Mora on

      aerospace fighters for the next update? ^^

    33. drow on

      is the intent for there to be a non-galaxy GOG patch for 1.0.1 sometime soon?
      because if not, i'm going to go start another SRHK run or something.

    34. Missing avatar

      zero2espect on

      Cmon guys...wheres the high res graphics options. 3440x1440????

    35. Emil Amundsen on

      This is awesome! Battletech is a master-piece as is.

      I love that it's getting Paradox'esque quality-of-life updates. Hope there will be DLC-galore aswell, although not everyone is on board with that. But your current plans are the important bit. Just awesome! <3

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard J on

      So, now that the game is out, how long until a 3049 update :D

      Loving the game so far, excellent work HBS!

    37. Jake Kinkaid on

      Even back when I first backed the game, knowing and being a long time Battletech person, I never expected to find myself addicted to the thing again.. From the moment of release... until about 15:00 hours this past Saturday, I was spending any free time (many 6-8 hour stretches) playing.....

      I probably would not have stopped then except for one problem... I had to stop at that time because they would not let me take my computer into the ambulance with me on the way to the hospital...

      Appendicitis.. for real.. suddenly and without warning! LOL Today, Thursday, I am home again and this is the first chance to get back to playing some but it will depend on how long I can stay sitting upright in front of the computer! Trust me .... "the pain is real" lol...

      Anyhow, great job to Jordan and the team! Looking forward to many updates, DLC's and new game play campaigns to come!

      (and since my appendix is now gone, I don't have to worry about that happening again!)

    38. Alastair Christie on

      Delighted with this game. You can feel the love of the source material in it, and the gameplay is gentle but really compelling. Thanks again for giving it your all.

      Delighted by how well it is being received. I'm pleased to see many of my non-backer friends are picking up copies and enthusing about it.

      Love the drift of the update. Glad to hear you are introducing new features and have confidence to continue to build on the platform you've created. You can count me in for the proposed expansion! ;)

    39. Eiji Anthony on

      I'm so engrossed in this game, thanks for all your hard work! As a long time BATTLETECH fan since 1991 with the novel Way of the Clans - you've caught the spirit BATTLETECH!

    40. Joshua Brumley on

      I only had a few hours free to play and I like what I see so far. And I'm looking foward to playing some more as time permits (OTR Truck, I don't have much free time).

      My Personal Wishlist for the game:

      1) Controller support. One of the issues I have with playing PC games on the road is that I rarely have the space to use a mouse and my trackpad skills suck (a lot). Being able to use a controller makes playing a heckuva lot easier when I'm in my truck, and having the ability to play on my big TV and couch when at home would be a massive boon too. Which leads to....

      2) Console ports, particularly Nintendo Switch. If controller support was made available on the PC version, it wouldn't be a big stretch to port to PS4/XB1 as they're practically PCs already. But I'd love to see this game on the Switch if it's doable; it's even more handy than my gaming laptop and I'd definately get more playtime out of it than on my laptop or another console.

      3) Adapting scenario packs from the tabletop game to PC, particularly the Starter Books. I'd definately be into an adaptation the books The Sword and The Dragon or Wolf and Blake, but there are a mess of other scenario packs that would be fun additions to the game, particularly if something like an open campaign mode was added.

      These are a few things I'd love see happen. Keep up the awesome work and watch your 6. :)

    41. Steve Mehr on

      Having a problem loading campaign missions after the update... 😔

    42. elorebaen on

      Thank you for the updates!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jim Cook on

      My Kickstarter copy was fulfilled by Humble Bundle, and I'm pretty upset that my option for patching it is to redownload the entire game. Please integrate some kind of patching utility into the game, or offer separate patch downloads, so I don't have to keep losing huge chunks of time to this kind of 'nuke it from orbit' approach to keeping my game updated.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Congrats on the successful launch! It is a great game!

      I only have one major complaint:
      When the actual combat initiative begins (And ends) feels a little weird: being 'surprised' (when I'm not really surprised usually) and losing out on moving the other lance mates.
      I don't mind it much on most missions, I can see why you'd do it that way, but on missions with a timer you're completely losing those pilot's actions and it feels unfair.
      Also related but on the other end of that, if combat ends when you still have units that haven't acted they also lose their action for that 'round' when there is a timer going.

    45. Scott S. on

      ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! The game has been a blast, and everything moving forward sounds wonderful. WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!

    46. Lorne Laliberte on

      You guys did a great job with the UI! There's a lot of data communicated very efficiently. However, some things are not explained in the game very well -- or even at all. It might be a bit late now, but it would have helped to have beginner tooltips on *everything* in the combat UI, which could be disabled in the settings, to explain things like the heat bar, the stability bar, the initiative bar, etc.

      Outside combat, being able to skip more of the transit cinematics would be nice -- it's annoying that hitting Esc skips some parts of the travel animation, but brings up a menu for other parts. If it isn't a veiled loading bar, please make it consistently skippable.

      My biggest UI annoyance though are the heat/firepower/movement/etc. bars in the mech lab -- THEY ARE NEARLY COMPLETELY USELESS. It's incredibly annoying not being able to see the numeric data for those things. At the very least, give us a hover tooltip for each bar with all the related data -- jump distance, move speed, heat sink capacity, damage, etc. Numeric data would make it much easier to compare different mechs, and it would be a great way to communicate some completely hidden things like the fact each mech can sink 30 points of heat per turn without any heat sinks installed, and that adding jump jets increases jump distance, etc.
      Haven't had any crashes, but I did end up in UI limbo at the end of a mission. Managed to salvage all 3 parts for an SHD-2D, and I was trying to decide which of my existing mechs to put into storage. Opened the timeline dialog to see if it would show the pending loadout for a mech being refit, found out it doesn't, closed the dialog, and was left with a half-blank Leopard UI...the mission end dialog was dismissed. Couldn't access the menu with Esc, could take a screenshot and access the Steam UI, the UI animation loop was still cycling, but no way to take any action in the game at all. Ended up having to kill the game task. Auto-save was from before the mission start, tried redoing the mission but no more SHD-2D in the opfor at all. :(

      It would be helpful to be able to see the pending loadout for mechs while they're being refit.

      Finally, you should rename this game Battlecrack. I've been "one more turning" my sleep away every night since release. My todo list is off in the corner crying. So happy I backed this gem -- LOVE the game.

    47. Missing avatar

      cmi on

      It would be nice, if you could add some details about the other "lost" kickstarter goals:

      * Legendary 'Mechs and MechWarriors
      * Famous character cameos in the campaign (a Social Mission Bonus from the Kickstarter Campaign.)
      * Famous AI Lances in Skirmish mode (another Social Mission Bonus from the Kickstarter Campaign.)

      Thank you :-)

    48. Jeff Allison on

      And to add...I've rarely seen a game of this type with so little issues at launch. Near-perfect Kickstarter, near-perfect game. So, yeah, keep up the great work!

    49. Jeff Allison on

      Even with the very small handful of actual problems (not whiny complaints by those that think their entitled to whatever, like the "faster repair times" bitching and moaning), this is a A+ game and you guys at HBS should be very proud of your accomplishment.

      Looking forward to improvements and additional content.