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Launch Day!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

In May of 2015, I emailed Jordan a sketch I'd been working on - the iconic Atlas, looming over a party of nobles and MechWarriors meeting on a snow-swept plain. (Subject Line: "Too many banners?") This was the very first piece of concept art for the project, and we ended up using it at Gen Con 2015 when we unveiled our plans to take BATTLETECH to Kickstarter.

Turns out, a lot can happen in three years.

When I look back on this painting now, I'm still really happy with how it was able to capture the tone and aesthetic that we wanted for BATTLETECH. But sheesh... the quality of the art, writing, music, gameplay, and audio on-display in the game today - everything about the BATTLETECH experience has blown so far past this initial goal-post, it's come farther than I could have imagined.

It's been a long (and sometimes arduous) road from the Kickstarter campaign that September 2015, to the version of BATTLETECH that launches this morning. And in success, this is just the beginning!

We can't say this enough - without your support as Backers, this project would not have been possible. THANK YOU. And thank you also to Piranha Games for their fantastic 'Mech designs, on whose shoulders we were able to build and expand the visual trappings of BATTLETECH. To Catalyst Game Labs for their lore support over the years (even if they did steal our beards...) And to Paradox Interactive for their support and expertise in bringing this game to market. To Jordan, for the opportunity to come full-circle, to work with you in crafting a new experience for this universe that I (and so many others on the team) grew up with. 

And, most of all - thank you to the incredible team here at Harebrained Schemes. No one idea or person makes or breaks a game, at least not at this scale. There's no "eureka" moment or single hero who always saves the day. Games are always bad before they're good. And good games are the result of years of hard work, passion, and slow incremental change, channeled into a single experience by talented collaborators with a shared vision. BATTLETECH may not be perfect, and our sales and review scores remain to be seen, but by all metrics of game development and teamwork - I am proud to call this project and team a success.

From all of us here at HBS: Thank you again, and enjoy BATTLETECH!

-- Mike McCain, Game Director

A Note From BattleTech’s Creator

The future history of BattleTech has a storied real-world history as well. Starting as a tabletop game 35 years ago, BattleTech merged the rich narrative setting of a role-playing game with the mechanics of a competitive multiplayer miniatures game.

Hundreds of game products, novels, and miniatures later, the video game Crescent Hawk’s Inception was released in 1988 by Infocom, becoming the first graphical game for the previously “all text" publisher. The game, developed by Westwood Studios, was a classic RPG with tactical combat and was a touchstone for our team as this new BATTLETECH game (which you helped create) is the first turn-based ‘Mech combat game since then.

In 1989, the first BattleTech Center opened in Chicago, offering the world’s first publicly available Virtual Reality multiplayer game. Over the next couple of years, BattleTech Centers opened around the world, and in 1994 we held our first World Championship with teams competing from Center-to-Center and a live broadcast of the finals from the BattleTech Center in Las Vegas.

Of course, a landmark for BattleTech and the video game industry was the release of MechWarrior 2 in 1995 which, according to articles released last year, is still Activision's highest unit seller to-date. MW2 introduced millions of people to the BattleTech universe and to 3D gaming. The MechWarrior series went on to be one of the most successful video game franchises of the 1990s and early 00s.

MechCommander, released in 1998, took the real time strategy genre in a tactical direction by focusing on the management of a smaller set of highly detailed units rather than generating large numbers of disposable units and over the years, many games have taken this approach.

BattleTech again made history in 2002 when MechAssault became the launch title for Xbox LIVE, ushering in the current era of online console gaming. All up, more than 20 video games preceded ours in the BattleTech / MechWarrior franchise, and, along with your help the Harebrained Schemes team is proud to contribute BATTLETECH to this outstanding lineage.

On a personal note, I am so happy with what this team has accomplished, as I feel that it represents the most immersive dive into the universe of BattleTech that’s ever been realized. The game really allows you to feel what it’s like to be responsible for the lives, fortunes, and futures of the men and women of your little mercenary company within the context of a large and complex world of deadly politics surrounding you. The turn-based nature of the game allows you to engage in the balancing act (in more ways than one) of effectively managing a lance of `Mechs in combat and finally frees the game’s camera from being locked into the cockpit so that it can really tell the story of how these huge machines dominate the environment and decimate each other. But most importantly, the campaign makes you cringe every time one of your `Mechs loses a limb and swear to whatever gods you hold dear when one of your MechWarriors takes a wound, or worse dies in combat.

I could not be more in awe of the team’s creativity and talents, or prouder of the enormous effort they invested over the last two and a half years of the game’s development - a game that we could not have made without the enormous financial and emotional support that you, our Backers provided us.

So it is to you that my heartfelt thanks go out on this very exciting day, for without you, none of this would have ever happened.

Jordan Weisman

Backer Rewards Update and FAQ

At this time, all Backer rewards have been delivered to BackerKit accounts (except for the 4th novella which is still being written).

You can get to your BackerKit account following these directions:
Go to  

 - Enter the email address you used to back the game into the "Kickstarter Email" box and click on "Get My Survey"
- When you get the email from BackerKit, follow the link inside to your account Click on "Get Your Digital Rewards"
- Copy and paste your key into your gaming library of the platform

BETA players: please note that you must retrieve your *new* game key. The Beta *will not* update to the final release version of the game

I got my key the other day but what about my other digital rewards like the code for the 'Mech skin, soundtrack, or art book? When do I get them?
The remaining digital Backer rewards and Unlock Codes for in-game rewards were uploaded to BackerKit accounts yesterday-- except for the 4th BATTLETECH novella that is currently being written. If you have any other issues, emailing us directly at rather than through Kickstarter messages will help us serve you faster.

I can’t access the email address connected with my BackerKit account to recover my account - what do I do? Send us an email at with the old address AND the new address and we can update that for you.

BackerKit says I don’t have an account - what do I do?
Please try again following these directions:
Go to
Put your email into the box labeled "Kickstarter email" and click the "Get My Survey" button.
If you get still get this error message: "Sorry, we couldn't find a survey for that email." -- then contact us at and we will help you out. Include as much information about your pledge as you can, including your current email address and any old email addresses that you may have used when you pledged and if you backed on Kickstarter or BackerKit

I didn’t fill out my BackerKit account before the deadline - what do I do?
If you did not fill out your BackerKit survey, we are unable to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards. You’ll need to go to the survey recovery page to fill out your survey. Your digital rewards will be in your BackerKit account soon after that.

I only see the Add-Ons that I purchased in BackerKit and not my rewards - what’s up with that?
It’s likely because a second account was automatically created for you when purchased the Add-Ons. On the page with the Get Your Digital Rewards button, you'll see a yellow band at the top. Just click on "Switch to another survey" and you'll be given the option to access the first account.

If you have any other issues, emailing us directly at rather than through Kickstarter messages will help us serve you faster.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dennis Andree on

      This is indeed a great day for all of us - I‘m totally excited to finally get my hands on the game. You guys did an incredible job with the game! Thank you SOOO much for bringing Battletech back - you made an old nerd really happy :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Lanky on

      This is the best day ever. HBS hope your day is going as well as mine now :)

    3. M. Stumpf on

      And i got it... if you use 7zip it just does not extract the file correctly.
      I used the Windows internal zip engine and viola - >that works.

      If anyone have the same issue, try the Windows build in zip engine.

    4. Jabsloth on

      I am stuck in boring meetings all day!!!!!! As I sit here listening to this guy drone on and on about absolutely nothing, all I can think is, “I COULD BE PILOTING A MECH RIGHT NOW!”

    5. M. Stumpf on

      Hello Harebrained Team,

      i backed Battletech and i am very interested to play it some day.
      I got delivery via HumbleBundle.
      I downloaded the big 11,7GB file...
      Checked the MD5 Checksum -> Yep everything ok

      And i cannot extract the zip file... it just says failed Header on the setup-windows.exe file...

      Could you please check with HumbleBundle (i've written them too) and get that fixed? Thanks

      Still waiting... still exited...

    6. Tars Talsma on

      Congratulations to all of you at HBS for making this possible through us, for us. A brilliant new title in the world of Battletech and PC gaming.

      I couldn't have been more proud to do my part to keep the genre alive.

    7. RC on

      If you require that temp fix, Oruyai on Steam reports:

      "Can watch the videos / cutscenes from here :\Program Files\steam\steamapps\common\BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\Video"

    8. RC on

      For those encountering the "Black Screen" after the Logo, and nothing else... The 7th cat on Steam reports that:

      "a temporary fix that works for me. I went to the game files and renamed the "AVProVideo.dll" file located in .../BATTLETECH/BattleTech_Data/Plugins to something else (in my case to "AVProVideo.dll.old"). This will unfortunately skip the cinematics but enabled me to play the game :)"

      Others have tried this temporary fix and it has worked for them too to get into gameplay.

    9. Missing avatar

      MiN3X on

      Thank you , its awesome

    10. Missing avatar

      sergk on

      Congrats Mike!

      Looking forward to play it on Linux in couple of months.

    11. Graeme Bayless on

      Thank you guys... congratulations on making it through. Now the agony of having to deal with GoG installs :(

    12. Troy Lenze on

      If only a Microsoft update hadn't screwed up my computer yesterday, I could play this tonight. Once I recover, I'm all over this. Congrats on the launch!

    13. Missing avatar

      jeffrey moon on

      cannot get past login screen, comstar needs to boot up more servers or get paradox caught up

    14. David A. Hendrickson on

      Congrats! Happy launch day!

    15. Missing avatar

      Shawn on

      Can't sign in and every combo of my call sign is taken. Can't even claim my Valhalla rewards.
      Need to fix that. There's no way every call sign is taken. No matter how many numbers you add it's all taken

    16. Missing avatar

      James Buckett on

      Congrats to all of you at Harebrained Schemes! Never expected to be back in a Mech, but am overjoyed to be so lucky. From FASA at Milwaukee Gen Con to HBS at Indy Gen Con it's been a wonderful journey and more to come I hope?
      Btw, who has the rights to the Crimson Skies IP now? ;)

    17. Missing avatar

      Kashim9999 on

      Ho what a day, what a lovely day!
      A big thanks to the hard working team and my fellow backers that made this project possible.
      Cant wait to start playing \o/

    18. Missing avatar

      Dan Kraus on

      Congratulations on the launch! I've been really looking forward to getting in the game and leading a lance of MechWarriors.

      I hope this game does well and we can look forward to more BT/MW games in the future too!

    19. Missing avatar

      Eli Tuttle on

      As a fellow game Dev that launched a product in the last 5 months I want to extend a HUGE Congrats!!! I hope you and the team have a great launch party and can have a little downtime and revel in all the positive notes online.

      Very much looking forward to getting home firing up the PC and playing to night!

    20. David Voderberg on

      Battletech started it all for me.
      Been here since 2nd edition.
      Veteran at the Battletech Center in Chicago
      Mechwarrior from 286 to present.
      XBOX Live... All of it....
      Heck I was even a Worlds level competitor for Mechwarrior: Dark Age and AoD

      We are here today because of the hard work of everyone involved.
      As a dedicated gamer, lover of this universe, and ardent fan...
      Thank you one and all.
      I know you didn't make this for just me, but for me...this is a project I waited for my entire life.

      Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      What's the best way to report bugs? Not so much for technical support but to help the bugs get fixed?

    22. RC on

      Congratulations Mitch, Jordan, Mike and the entire HBS team! And THANK YOU ALL for pouring your time, souls, and love into bringing us all this MECHTASTIC BATTLETECH Launch Day! ^_^

    23. Sebastian D. on

      Congratulations! Battletech was the first Kickstarter I supported, and although there were others that finished earlier, for that reason it makes me doubly happy to see it come to completion. And now on to some Mech punching and shooting! ;)

    24. elorebaen on

      Woo hooo!! Congratulations all!

    25. Erich Cranor

      Nice to see the Crescent Hawks mention. I put the poster from that back up a few months ago in anticipation of this launch.

    26. Mike Duynhoven on

      It was nearly 34 years ago that I started with Battledroids (Yes I'm dating myself). I've seen every iteration of boardgame. Hell I still have the individual Mech combat books by Nova from way back when... I just yesterday saw a youtube with the intro/char gen. The look and feel seem to be well done. Thank you HBS for continuing the BT legacy. (Just please never ever again allow Dark Ages hero clicks games. UGH!)

    27. Adam Sherman on

      Congrats, just started Pillars of Eternity but this game is next in queue!

    28. Matthäus Cebulla on

      First of: I'm in love and I will be gone to the Inner Sphere in just a few minutes. Thank you. For everything. :)

      But I have one question: Back during the Kickstarter, we managed to unlock the community goal of a new Battletech e-novella. That was a few points above the four individual stories to be written by Mr. Stackpole.

      Does this mean that the four stories will, later down the line, be bundled into a single "volume", so to speak? :)

    29. John Snoopy Henson on

      Long live Battletech!!
      Still good memories from FASA Corp & that first pc Battletech Cresent Hawks pc game!
      Mechwarrior was like wow!!

    30. Missing avatar

      JD on

      Really looking forward to playing this when I get home tonight! Congrats on the launch and continued success!