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    1. Snapjaw Anklekicker on

      I pledged with the Atlas mech, but redeemed the code after I started the campaign. Now I can't see where I could get that mech. And... well... I don't want to start all over again if I don't have to. Any ideas, hints?

    2. RC on

      If ya'll haven't seen it yet, one of the HBS Devs (Tyler who also GM'd Death From Above) did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday and there's some great info in there about the game, its development, and a few comments on future plans.

    3. RC on

      @Derek There's another workaround that lets a lot of people who previously couldn't play the videos, do so now. It requires ffdshow and specific settings. You may need to reverse what you did before to be able to play the game in order to test it.

      This is the thread:…

      You'll have to read back from this point to get more details. I suggest going over all the comments before trying this if you decide to. Also, backup your saves before trying anything. ^_^

      Save location info

      Also, if you haven't yet. enable v-sync in both your graphics driver and the game.

    4. Derek Mackinnon on

      @Sergent Zimm Have you tried turning down the graphics settings? My brother noticed that his computer was struggling, as the defaults seem to be set to max. As for the videos, if that's causing problems, there's a temp fix that disables them that was posted here on the first day. I did it, means I can't watch the videos, but can play the game fine.

    5. Missing avatar

      TheJTrain on

      @Paul Thibodeau, the link posted in the update has two trailing spaces that make it 404, but the link you yourself posted in your comment works great since it's missing those trailing spaces.

    6. Paul Thibodeau on

      I didn’t fill out my BackerKit account before the deadline - what do I do?
      If you did not fill out your BackerKit survey, we are unable to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards. You’ll need to go to the survey recovery page to fill out your survey. Your digital rewards will be in your BackerKit account soon after that.

      The link is a 404 error and yes I didn't fill it out and I'd like to get my key please.

    7. Sergent Zimm on

      I could not be more disappointed. Games runs like crap. Can't even progress past 2nd campaign mission because the game takes over my pc and won't let go. Intro screen makes my pc cry. Can only skirmish and that takes forever.

      Did not expect this even with my cheapo pc which does fine on anything else.

      Hope it gets better. Not like I can do anything about it. Sad

    8. Carlos Moya on

      @Jon Webb - For you and those like us who just won't do fullscreen, I've tried Westech's "Windowed Borderless Gaming" free app and it works without a hitch. You could give it a try too until the next official patch solves the problem.

    9. Emil Amundsen on

      Gratz on the release, and thank you! <3
      I'm completely addicted 48 hours in. This is a sure contender for game of the year. Way beyond anything I hoped for.

    10. drow on

      since i'm one of the poor sods whose install either won't save games or is utterly oblivious to the existence of saved games, i'm skipping the campaign for now and playing in skirmish mode. where, i'd like to brag, my thunderbolt PUNCHED a king crab to DEATH. that THAT, turkey-legs.

    11. RC on

      From HBS's forum on Paradoxplaza regarding public release beta:

      "Thank you for playing BATTLETECH! We appreciate your patience and support as our team works to quickly investigate and address reported issues with the game. Release 1.0.1 is now available on the public_beta branch on Steam and GOG. If you are experiencing any of the issues listed in the Release Notes below, we recommend opting in to the public_beta branch at this time. If you are experiencing any issues running the game that aren't listed below, or if updating to public_beta does not address your issue, please contact Paradox Support here:"

      See the rest of the post here which includes the issues they're trying to fix in the beta…

    12. RC on

      @Michael As HBS mentioned in the Kickstarter Updates, Linux support is targeted for about 3 months from now, give or take a month.

    13. Michael Stopa on

      What's happening with the Linux version? I was looking forward to playing this without having to reboot, I don't like statistics listing me as a Windows user.

    14. Missing avatar

      Will Findley on

      I was all hyped up and ready for Launch Day. Game doesnt work. Worked in Beta for me. But on Launch Day ... no dice. HBS was more than happy to take my money and let me help them test the game.

      All I can say is that I am one disappointed Kickstarter. I wish I hadnt given HBS any money.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. ragnarok now on

      Truly impressive work, I'm looking forward to the game.

    17. RC on

      @Mathew use this one the link you're using might be broken.

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Riddle on

      the link to backerkit isn't working for me, is it down?

    19. Turk

      Review. TB gameplay solid and fun. Need some QoL additions tho. 1. Too much wait for things to change. I spend more time waiting for the random headshots to heal or the 12 days to switch a weapon queue. Needs a faster transition. Also need a way to speed up enemy turns with the animations and movement. I actually started playing something else in the background as i got annoyed from waiting for the blip blip to shoot 1 laser to remove Evasion turns from the enemy. Lastly random encounters need to be more meaningful.

    20. Missing avatar

      James Buckett on

      Bankrupt after "76 Days"! LOL. Having a blast playing a sim that makes me plan and think! What fun!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jerry Ozbun

      I was a bit late, but I got this installed this morning and am working my way through the campaign during my "Downtime".

      Fuckin stellar work folks!

    22. Jason Frey on

      I've been looking forward to this since day 1 of the Kickstarter, and after a few hours of gameplay last night, I have to say that I'm thrilled with the result so far! I can't wait to spend more time digging into the campaign over the coming weeks, and eventually doing some skirmish play with friends. I really appreciate how it provides that same feel as the old tabletop game did. Managing a down-on-its-luck mercenary company was, for me, the most appealing way to play back then, and I'm loving the chance to do that again without needing quite so much table space. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike Boaz on

      I have one complaint after playing last night.

      I had to go to bed so that I could get to work this morning. DAMMIT!

    24. Missing avatar

      Louhikarme on

      Well done guys!

    25. Missing avatar

      Alan stanton on

      Top stuff guys great to see a Top Notch IP getting the attention it deserves instead of just fading away. Hope many more years to come for you guys all the best.

    26. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      I'm having issues with the UI not scaling properly to native monitor resolution of 2560x1080.

      While in a skirmish the UI is ok but when I get back on the ship that's where the UI stops scaling properly and a lot of crucial buttons are off screen and therefore prevent me from advancing any further.

    27. Missing avatar

      Isthiriel on

      So I got the beta on Steam and never got around to playing it and now I need a new different Steam key to play the game post-launch? Will I need another new-new-key in a month's time? When are they getting added to BackerKit?

    28. Missing avatar

      Romiras - Super Mutant of Obsidian Order on

      Only one comment

      This game is all I ever hoped it will be

      Thank you

    29. Giuliano Liguori on

      code redeemed on gog. game installed. game launched... just one comment:
      nothing short of amazing :) congrats guys, an awesome game

    30. Martin Seeger on

      Remark: I already had a Paradox account. I was able to login sometimes and sometimes not.

      I was unable to complete the customisation. The error messages I received were:
      "Unspecified error"
      "This login already has a Battletech account"
      (not 100% accurate, messages come from my memory)

    31. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      Just played through the tutorial and first campaign scenario. I am so amazed and happy, it brought me back to playing the original game in the cafeteria in high school. Very well done, and I love seeing the damage as Mechs get hit and take damage.

    32. Interstellar Marine on

      So you can't have blond hair in this? That was a disappointment. Also, I didn't find any faces I liked.

    33. Derek Mackinnon on

      I also had the video crash error. Strangely enough it loaded the game launch cinematic fine, but every time I tried to load a campaign video it crashed. Using the temp fix definitely worked, but makes me miss the videos :( Which takes you out a bit.... Luckily I was soon excited that I watched a bunch of streamers play through advanced copies, so know the videos up to (but not including Liberation Panzer). Still hope they can patch it soon. Also, for any staff reading this, I have my crash reports that the game produces, and am happy to send them along if you'll let me know where! I did also have one of the glitched Humble Bundle sets initially, but they have now corrected it, so anyone with a zip you couldn't extract? Re download it and it should work (though maybe with the video crashing bug). Still it was so much fun to finally play the game that it made up for everything! (and the Zip error is Humble's fault not HBS.

    34. EAA00

      What do we do about rejected codes? For the skin?

    35. Missing avatar

      Jon Webb on

      I got the game, downloaded it finally, entered my code and it was rejected the first time. second time it accepted it. Problem is i loose part of the window if I play in windowed mode. Kinda kills the reason i have a second monitor to look at! why can we not have a borderless windowed mode?

    36. Missing avatar

      Denver Martin on

      Backerkit url comes back 404

    37. John Metzakis on

      clicking on the link ust gives me a 404 error ><

    38. David How on

      Liking the game. Had a crash just after tutorial, but after reboot it's been good.
      This reminds me of Divinity: Original Sin. Good game, engine could have used a little more optimization to improve performance, particularly loading times..

    39. Dan Spezzano on

      Waiting a day??? The frickin UI has been broken since beta and reported repeatedly for those of us with widescreens, WTF is waiting a day going to do they had 6 months.

    40. Wushu on

      Great job guys! Game runs/performs perfect here though I understand some have issues. I know there are always issues at launch and this is no exception. For a those with problems I suggest waiting a day or few to play so that you can have a pleasant experience. Hopefully a patch is incoming. As well hopefully possibly more content goodness from such an awesome company/people. More mech types and maps as well as possibly new multiplayer game types?
      Keep up the good work guys and again well done with the excellent games and fan communication.

    41. Dan Spezzano on

      @Pickle Cat Games I was coming here to say the same thing. I reported it at least 15 times during the beta. I'm astonished this is still a problem. What a lazy, sloppy release., it's not good when your launch day message is the game isn't perfect. The game itself is good but you can't fix the UI which is as basic as it gets? Are you effin kidding me? I literally couldn't click next and previous during character creation, I had to use enter and ESC keys.

      I'll be sure to post a Steam review of this that is for sure.

    42. Joel Fox on

      Well, seems like a good game is underneath all the mess somewhere, but I'm done trying to get to it until there are some major patches. Game needs a *lot* of optimization work (I'm at rec. settings and getting 12-50 fps @high presets 1080p, and 12-50 fps @low presets 720p, which is ridiculous, not to mention 3+ minute load times and rampant menu lag).

      After that it'd be nice to see some menu work, too. Like, a "mission select" menu or something at the very least. But I'll be happy if I can just get the game to a playable state someday.

    43. nick.does.bags

      I hope this get ported to Android as well. Instant buy for my phone it would be!

    44. nick.does.bags

      @M.Stumpf - Wish I read your 7zip comment ages ago. Would have saved me re-downloading the 12GB !

    45. Pickle Cat Games on

      You've had numerous requests and feedback about bugged out 21:9 ultrawide UI/HUD elements from your beta testers and all you've done was brush it aside like it doesn't matter. This problem should've been classified to get fixed PRIOR to release. Hud elements, mouse over information, story text and menus are either cutoff, overlapped or running off screens edge leaving the game in a non playable state for those with ultrawides.

      Extremely disappointed & frustrated that you ignored this given the beta reports you'd received and decided to ship an unplayable game.

    46. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Thank you guys for the great work to give us finally a spiritual successor for MechCommander and for future additions to this game. I am looking forward to the support of the mod community to let this game live on hopefully for a long time.
      Good luck with all the patching and tweaking work, HS. And again, Vielen Dank.

    47. Carlos Moya on

      That said, I'm trying it with WindowedBorderlessGaming and apparently it seems to work fine until you patch it.

    48. Carlos Moya on

      It doesn't support borderless windowed (AKA fake fullscreen) natively at launch? I'm MILDLY DISSAPOINTED!

      Anyway congratulations. I'm gonna check it now :D

    49. Ron Gilbert on

      Gtatz on the launch and I can't wait to get home from work tonight and play!! Been looking forward to this one for a long time :)

    50. nick.does.bags

      Congrats on the launch! What a year this is gonna be a fantastic one :)