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BATTLETECH Keys Are On Their Way!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

We are excited to let you know that we have begun distribution of BATTLETECH game keys into BackerKit accounts!

With over 50,000 Backers, it will take some time for all the keys to be distributed. You will get an email from BackerKit when your key has been delivered into your account so you don’t need to keep checking it. If you go to your account and see a “Pending” message, please be patient.

The game will be available for pre-load on Steam on Monday, April 23rd at 9am PDT but the game WILL NOT unlock until April 24th at 9am PDT. Neither GOG nor Humble will have pre-load available so you’ll need to wait to download the game until April 24th at 9am PDT if you are on those platforms.

All other digital Backer rewards - the Official Soundtrack, Art of BATTLETECH pdf, and codes for in-game rewards - will be delivered to BackerKit accounts in time for launch. You will receive a BackerKit email when that happens and must return to your BackerKit account to retrieve those rewards.

How to Get Your BATTLETECH Key: If you answered your BackerKit survey, your account has been "locked down," and you will find your key in your BackerKit account. The key, codes and digital rewards will remain there in case you ever need to find them again.

Go to
 - Enter the email address you used to back the game into the "Kickstarter Email" box and click on "Get My Survey"
 - When you get the email from BackerKit, follow the link inside to your account Click on "Get Your Digital Rewards"
 - Copy and paste your key into your gaming library of the platform 

BETA players: please note that you must retrieve your *new* game key. The Beta *will not* update to the final release version of the game.

If you have trouble with your BackerKit account, please see the FAQ below.

We’re almost there!

Thank you for all your support over the last 2.5 years!


In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the intro video for the game. We attempted to capture the epic story of humankind's ascent to the stars and its eventual fall from the height of the Star League to the declining years of the Succession Wars. Hope you like it!


I can’t access the email address connected with my BackerKit account to recover my account - what do I do?
Send us an email at with the old address AND the new address and we can update that for you.

BackerKit says I don’t have an account - what do I do?
Please try again following these directions:
Go to
Put your email into the box labeled "Kickstarter email" and click the "Get My Survey" button.
If you get still get this error message: "Sorry, we couldn't find a survey for that email." -- then contact us at and we will help you out. Include as much information about your pledge as you can, including your current email address and any old email addresses that you may have used when you pledged and if you backed on Kickstarter or BackerKit.

I didn’t fill out my BackerKit account before the deadline - what do I do?
If you did not fill out your BackerKit survey, we are unable to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards. You’ll need to go to the survey recovery page to fill out your survey. Your digital rewards will be in your BackerKit account soon after that.

I only see the Add-Ons that I purchased in BackerKit and not my rewards - what’s up with that?
It’s likely because a second account was automatically created for you when purchased the Add-Ons. On the page with the Get Your Digital Rewards button, you'll see a yellow band at the top. Just click on "Switch to another survey" and you'll be given the option to access the first account.

What about my other digital rewards like the code for the 'Mech skin, soundrack, or art book? When do I get them?As noted above, all other digital Backer rewards - the Official Soundtrack, Art of BATTLETECH pdf, and codes for in-game rewards - will be delivered to BackerKit accounts in time for launch. You will receive a BackerKit email when that happens and must return to your BackerKit account to retrieve those rewards.

If you have any other issues, emailing us directly at rather than through Kickstarter messages will help us serve you faster.  

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    1. Briareos Kerensky on

      This might be a very stupid question, but where can I find my backer's custom badge?

    2. Alex Wong on

      Hi, Where do I download the game and get my key? Thanks in advance.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Clements on

      Its time but my game still won't launch!

    4. RC on

      @Jason I'm not sure how the Humble provisioning is working for Battletech, but it's possible it won't "unlock" until official launch time (the same way GoG and Steam won't unlock until then too). You might see your game download in your Humble library at that time. Which is 4 hours from now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jason Birzer on

      So redeemed the gift on Humble from the backer kit, but still don't have a key. What's going on?

    6. RC on

      @Torp You only need the Paradox account for the multiplayer PvP portion of the game. It provides the back-end service which allows players on different platforms to play against each other. It's not required for the single player campaign.

    7. Missing avatar

      Torp on

      What's all that about a Paradox account? What worries me the most is the requirement for one to get some kind of reward skin. I really hope making that account isn't REQUIRED to play the game....

    8. RC on

      @SectionOne roughly 3 months give or take a month was the time frame that's been mentioned. It might be sooner or not depending on how well the translation process goes which I understand Paradox is managing as they've had multiple games translated into other languages well enough ^_^

    9. SectionOne on

      Did you have anything ETA for the localized Versions?

    10. SectionOne on

      Did you have anything ETA for the localized Versions?

    11. Seth Glenn on

      Super excited!!! This may have been answered already, but when can we expect the 4th installment of the Novel? Everything has been so good! Looking forward to playing the campaign and getting back into the Battletech universe!!

    12. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Shawn Loader -If you haven't received an email from BackerKit that your key is available, it's likely that we have an old email address for you in our system. lease email us at with that email address and we can update that for you.

    13. Shawn Loader on

      still waiting on my key code

    14. Merc452 on

      @harebrained Why 9AM on the 24th and not 9PM on the 23rd? Wont be able to play till evening on the 24th ;(

    15. Missing avatar

      FrUnit7 on

      Got the key. Currently pre-loading the game (8.6 GB). Can't wait to play.

    16. Drake on

      Holy moly I can’t wait!! Thanks so much for all the hard work!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Johannes on

      Got the key, activation on steam done. ♥

    18. Kevin on

      Key locked in and ready to play! Best of luck on launch day. Had to stop watching the weekly streams as to not spoil anything and it was making the wait even harder.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Harebrained Schemes LLC
      I join the other backers dissatisfied for the fact that, again, you are delivering the base version of the game to backers of the deluxe edition when that version is available in their store of choice. Even if you deliver them thorough Backerkit, you know well that they wish to have those contents also on those store of choice for convenience. I don't see an issue in providing that version to them in the first place but you keep repeating the same mistake again and again neglecting your backers. It's not your first crowdfunding anymore, so you should be more accostumed to listening to your backers feedbacks.

    20. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @RicBret -
      The Forum code should give you badges that you'll find in your account under "Owned Items". You need ot click and drag them from the Inactive box to the Active box for them to show up. You may need to log out and log back in to see them.
      The PDX Store Discount Code was a gift from PDX and can be used for a purchase from their store.
      Sorry for any confusion and hope that helps!

    21. RicBret

      Just not getting the two Digital Downloads related to the PDX site. Instructions don't match what I'm seeing when I go there. I created an account, logged in. I don't see anything in the "My Games" section, and when I try to enter the PDX Forum - Recruit code from Backerkit, it says the code has already been used. And I have no idea about the PDX Store Discount Code at all.

      That and as I transition around the PDX / Account / Forums links I watch the damned thing log me out every now and then. Not at all impressed with PDX .


    22. K.G. Orphanides on

      As the Linux version is going to be delayed, do you have any beta playtest feedback on how it runs under Wine?

      There's nothing in the AppDB at the moment. (Otherwise, I guess I'll be finding out first hand!)

    23. Missing avatar

      Richard Cohen on

      @creator Thanks - waiting patiently!

    24. Timpo on

      Woo! I have my key and I am excited to play Apr 24th, but my only question is when I will expect the extra key that I purchased? I only see the one right now, and I am willing to wait. I am just hoping it wasnt overlooked!

    25. Sebastian D. on

      Thanks! Must have skipped this part.

    26. ThomasN on

      Thank you for giving me the key before release, this is one thing less to bother on launch.
      I wish you a successful launch!

    27. RC on

      @MechWarriors! If you don't know Eck, he's a fellow long time Battletech Tabletop fan who ( actually knows his stuff and...) was skilled and lucky enough to be hired by HBS mid-development as a tools designer (he develops the internal software tools that other HBS game designers use to make the game). And...

      Eck posted a BATTLETECH Tactical Combat Guide! So you can brush up on the basics before delving into the game on Tuesday! ^_^…

      It's worth checking out!

    28. RC on

      @Sebastian If you're a backer at the MechJock tier or greater, the Art Book and Soundtrack will be available by launch in your Backerkit account for download after clicking (or tapping) the "Get Your Digital Rewards". They'll update in our Backerkit accounts separately from the game key, but will be available on the same Backerkit page as the game key once they do update ^_^

      From the FAQ in this Update:

      "What about my other digital rewards like the code for the 'Mech skin, soundrack, or art book? When do I get them?As noted above, all other digital Backer rewards - the Official Soundtrack, Art of BATTLETECH pdf, and codes for in-game rewards - will be delivered to BackerKit accounts in time for launch. You will receive a BackerKit email when that happens and must return to your BackerKit account to retrieve those rewards."

    29. Missing avatar

      Six on

      +1 on wanting the deluxe edition on gog.
      Also to alleviate the pain of time zones a countdown timer would have worked great, something I'd hope all developers would make use of.

    30. Sebastian D. on

      Thanks, got my key!

      Art book and soundtrack will come later, I assume? Or will they be included in the game download?

    31. Peter Petermann on

      Awesome, I'm excited.

      But why are you giving time in PDT on an international release? People usually know their own timezone, and the offset of their own timezone to UTC, while it is unlikely for anyone from say CEST to know what's the offset of PDT. Which means people have to look it up..

      PSA: it's 16:00 UTC. (for us in the EU thats: 17:00 BST, 18:00 CEST and 19:00 EEST)

    32. Ryan Allen on

      Woot! The one project I backed that actually delivered. Thanks, guys! :)

    33. Remember Citadel on

      @RC: I know, thanks. That doesn't help much though, since I really want the Deluxe Edition on my GOG account. And because it's the same thing anyway, why not send the premium version of the game to backers ._.

    34. RC on

      @Jon Snoopy Henson email HBS

      @Remember Citadel - If you backed the game at the MechJock tier or greater you get the same rewards via Backerkit as the Deluxe Edition. Recruit tier backers didn't pledge for the Deluxe edition benefits but got a nice discount on the full core game.

    35. Remember Citadel on

      So if I want "the full package" on GOG, I'll need to buy the deluxe edition again? Why not distribute deluxe edition keys to backers? I don't get it.

    36. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Richard Cohen - We're slated to release Linux in 2-3 months with an update.

    37. Missing avatar

      Richard Cohen on

      Any news/ETA on Linux release?

    38. Joshua Midgette

      That was the youtube streamers getting early access. I really don't mind as I learned a few things about the mission structure when watching them.

    39. John Snoopy Henson on

      I was supposed to get two gog keys and one steam key, but I only received three gog keys? What do I need to do??

    40. Missing avatar

      Lanky on

      oh god i thought I could wait, it has only been an hour :(

    41. Missing avatar

      Aliasalpha on

      Now the agony of waiting...

    42. Missing avatar

      Alan the Alpal on

      That's what I'm confused about. Steam-users don't get to play until Tuesday, but people are talking about the BS and avoiding spoilers for a week, etc.

    43. Joshua Midgette

      That does not make sense. Preload is not available until Monday and the game releases Tuesday. All steam users can do right now is add the game to their library for later installation.

    44. Missing avatar

      Alan the Alpal on

      I'm sorry - what's all the hate about Steam-users for? Because they can pre-download it, but still can't PLAY it until Tuesday like everyone else? Am I missing something?

    45. Missing avatar

      Six on

      Just got my key and redeemed it on GoG without issues.
      Now it's just to set an alarm for release time and prepare some cold beers!

    46. kylania on

      So I got an email about my backer kit having new things available, but not only is it the same novellas and keys I had before, but the key for the soundtrack is now missing (was on the list yesterday). No game keys are showing. Is this expected?

    47. R. Power on

      Super excited! One thing I've been wondering about though, are the Tuesday releases a Steam thing? I've always wished that stuff would come out on a Friday or Saturday but it always seems to be Tuesday.

    48. Missing avatar

      Lanky on

      I love that there is more hype building more people getting into Battletech, the bigger and better the next game will be.
      I have been waiting a while for the release - I can wait a few more days.
      For now watching the streams is making me happy :)
      All the best to HBS and I hope the release goes well

    49. Missing avatar

      Miquel Ramirez on

      I am not very impressed by the game being out and about amongst streamers, while the backers just twiddle their thumbs. Publisher streams are totally fine, if spoilery sometimes. YT randos streams not so much.

      You may well be poisoning the crowd funding well with this. But maybe that doesn't matter any more.

      All the best with the release.

    50. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Konig-Wolf - Those codes have not been delivered yet. They cannot be used until after you download the game and we'll send more information when we add them to BackerKit.