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Countdown to Zero Hour!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

MechWarriors of Backer Company!

High Command has confirmed deployment and WE ARE GO FOR LAUNCH on April 24, 2018 at 9am PT.

Backer Company will retrieve their keys from BackerKit accounts before launch to become operational. Watch for additional communication with specifics closer to that date.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, MECHWARRIORS: Full Operational Success of this mission requires the bolstering of our ranks. To that end, we have enclosed the following TIME SENSITIVE material - a new trailer focused on the story of the campaign. Make sure you get this into as many MechWarrior's hands as possible across all forms of communication.

High Command also notes that we are prepared for rapid induction and training of new MechWarriors. To that end, we offer the BATTLETECH - Shadowhawk Pack which includes an alternate skin for the formidable Shadowhawk 'Mech plus an exclusive wallpaper, to be delivered at launch.

REMINDER FOR “BACKER” COMPANY… All Backers at the Recruit level and above will ALSO receive this special edition Shadow Hawk skin upon deployment. High Command thanks you for your continued support of the cause.

 Backer Company, our time is nearly here and the countdown begins now. Check your neural-helmets, strap on your cooling vests, and look alive. The countdown to launch starts NOW

HBS Actual, out!


In case you missed them, here are the two brief BATTLETECH BASICS videos we’ve put out so far. These are perfect for sharing on social media.

And here’s an extended Combat Strategy Livestream with Jordan and Connor so you can share the basics of combat with those who are new to BattleTech.


I already backed the game - do I get a game key or do I have to pre-order?
As a Backer, part of your rewards includes a key to the game so you do not have to pre-order it again. Launch keys will be distributed into BackerKit accounts in the day or so leading up to the release of the game and we'll send out a Kickstarter update when that happens.

When will I get my game key?
Game keys will be delivered to BackerKit accounts a day or so before launch. We will send another update announcing that distribution of keys into accounts has begun.

If you are a Beta Backer, note that you will need to retrieve your Launch Key from your BackerKit account - the Beta version of the game will NOT automatically update to the final version.

Can I pre-load the game so it’s ready to go when I want to play?
We'll have more details about pre-loading when we get closer to our release date.

How do I double check my BackerKit account or get the digital rewards that have already been distributed? 

1 - Go to
2 - Enter the email address you used to back the game into the "Kickstarter Email" box and click on "Get My Survey"
3- When you get the email from BackerKit, follow the link inside to your account Click “View Confirmation” in the upper right hand side to see all the rewards that are included in your pledge OR “Get Your Digital Rewards”

Depending on your pledge level, you’ll find the Great House Wallpaper Pack, 3 BattleTech novellas, a Paradox Forum Code and a Paradox Discount Code. Stay tuned for more information on delivery of remaining rewards.

I didn’t fill out my BackerKit survey - what do I do?
Over 400 Backers have not filled out their survey and we are unable to fulfill your Kickstarter rewards until you do. To fill out your survey, go to and fill it out ASAP.

My email has changed and I can’t access my account - what do I do?We need to manually update your BackerKit account. Email us at with both your original email address AND the one you would like us to change it to.

I want to change the game platform I originally chose to get my key from - what do I do? This is a manual process so you’ll need to email us at Please be sure to tell us which kind of key you’d like us to make available for you.

My BackerKit account is locked - now what?
If you find your BackerKit account is locked, please contact BackerKit directly at and let them know the answers to your BackerKit survey so they can update that information for you.

What are the final system requirements for the game?The minimum and recommended system reqs for the game can be found on the BATTLETECH pre-order page on Steam 

What if I still have a question?
Contact us directly at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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    1. RC on

      We get our Steam Keys in our Backerkit Accounts this weekend. There'll be a Kickstarter Update within the next few days with the info you need. ^_^

      But to answer your specific Steam question, you'll copy the game key from your Backerkit account and then follow these Steam instructions to activate the key on Steam… which adds the game to your Steam library.... but it won't pre-load until Monday, and it may not unlock until Tuesday (April 24th).

    2. Cobus Saunderson on

      Have not been here in a while, but see the release is around the corner.
      I have done the survey things, forums account and have BattleTech as an owned item.

      What now, where will I get the game key ?

      How do I link with STEAM and the game ?

    3. RC on

      @Mike Email HBS directly for help.

    4. Mike C on

      Backerkit support is MIA. I had to update my password on backerkit, which worked, but the login then demanded that I verify my account through my email without ever actually sending me a verification email. After 3-5 tries to login to the Backerkit website it has now blocked my IP. I've emailed backerkit support twice and I have not received any response.

    5. RC on

      @Allen I'll be...uhh...busy...on your birthday, so an advance Happy Birthday, Mechwarrior! ^_^

    6. Missing avatar

      Allen Owen on

      Release day is also my fitting.

    7. RC on

      @Tim The streamers are running a non-final build which they're NDA'd on. They're required to not go past a certain point in the campaign. I think the version they're supposed to have actually limits them from going that far. Paradox made a mistake with one of the streamers who had a much earlier version of the unfinished game intended for a weekend event and it didn't have the campaign restriction built in but when he went a little too far he was contacted and the stream ended so he could be provided with the correct promotional version of the game.

      Ultimately, streamers promoting the game is GOOD FOR US ALL because the more promotion and sales HBS gets the more post-launch updating and features they can do for us, in addition to hopefully contributing to enough success to develop expansions or sequels.

      Advertising for games is now deeply rooted in streaming. A small handful of people getting unfinished NDA'd copies of the game for promotion is both reasonable and not the same as all 50,000+ Backers (I'm including late backers) getting an UNFINISHED copy of the game a month early AND THEN COMPLAINING NONSTOP about minor issues the devs would have had fixed up or polished over the next few weeks leading up to launch. The kind of complaining that would have hurt sales, but the streamers are selected to know in advance what to expect and to not shit on the game for some minor issues they might encounter...which some of our fellow backers wouldn't be mature enough to handle well.

      This is one of those "Your understanding would be greatly appreciated" moments because the promotion of the game leading up to launch benefits us all and is more important than us getting it before it's completed for release.

      We're all itching to get the game already and waiting can be frustrating. But roughly 5 people or so getting a buggy/almost-finished version of the game a little early to show the basics of the combat, mech bay, and early campaign bits to tends of thousands of potential new Mechwarriors isn't a problem, it's a boon that many gamers may be interested in joining us because we already paid our dues, and now if we want ongoing development of the game we're so eager for, we need them to join our ranks.

      And as a side note, "Especially after it is WAY past when it was supposed to be delivered" is CRAP. We all know that the initial "delivery ESTIMATES" weren't guaranteed launch dates. The only launch date we've ever been given has been April 24th, 2018. And it looks like HBS will meet that delivery date. For which I can't wait! ^_^

      Join us in being happy it looks like we're getting a great game in less than two weeks instead of letting your anxiety get the best of you. o7

    8. Tim Chatterton on

      I have backed every Harebrained Schemes project to date, but I must say this will be the last. As an actual backer of the project it is VERY FRUSTRATING to see "streamers" playing/spoiling the game on Twitch, YouTube, etc. What about your BACKERS?! We get told... nope, you have to wait until the 24th, but all these streamers get the game 3-4 weeks early!!?? I'm sorry but that is just CRAP. So these people get to actually stream the game and make money on it... I spent money on it and still don't have it? Especially after it is WAY past when it was supposed to be delivered. Sorry, that just isn't right. Nothing I can do about it this campaign but I certainly won't be backing the next one. Not much point.

    9. RC on

      @Martin I backed a number of projects that used Backerkit. Never received spam from them. I do know that some *project creators* were spammy with their email updates that get posted through Backerkit, but that's on those project creators who misused, were confused, or abused the service, not Backerkit itself.

      Anyway, if worse comes to worse you can email HBS and see if they'll email you back your digital rewards codes and links if they can. If they can't, then just update the email address you used with Backerkit and HBS to a non-primary email address. That way, if you do get spam on it, who cares, it won't affect your primary email. ^_^

    10. Martin Seeger on

      I have a problem: I do want to give backerkit any personal data. My past experience is: they are not careful enough handling it. A few years back they started sending me SPAM after a Kickstarter i backed went through them. Since then, they're blacklisted with me.

    11. RC on

      @eMash correct ^_^

    12. Missing avatar

      sMash on

      @RC thank you for the reply.

      So here (around 3-5 mins) HBS gentlemen were talking about the arena thing, right?

      And at launch we'll have pvp multiplayer in the format of (more or less) the beta skirmish?

    13. RC on

      @Von Quiroz Did you change your email address with Kickstarter? Backerkit won't automatically update it. Either way, if you're not receiving the survey email from Backerkit, contact HBS for help

    14. RC on

      @sMash PvP Multiplayer is being included at time of launch. You definitely missed something. ^_^

    15. Missing avatar

      sMash on

      Hey HBS!

      Being honest and transparent devs as you are, I think it's better to mention that pvp multiplayer will be released as a post-lunch update in game description (steam, gog, etc), which will most certainly prevent negative feedback from those who will be disappointed in lack of mentioned feature on release. Unless I'm missing something, in which case, I'm sorry!

      Best wishes on making your own luck on a finish line!

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Graham on

      Yeah kinda agree with Dave, little sad that the backers get told 'no you have to wait until the 24th' I get the whole 'build hype for the game' but it always feels like a slap to the backers when others get to play and worse stream the game before the ones who helped get the game made even have their keys.

    17. Von Quiroz on

      Anyone else not getting a response from backerkit? I have been trying to get the survey link & reset my password for 4 days now, and still not a single email to any request.

    18. Missing avatar

      Six on

      I am watching Cohh stream it right now and I love it!
      Expected to like the game but this looks so much more fun than I had anticipated, can hardly wait for the release.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Sorry phone autocorrected that. Last sentence should have said 'the codes you gave to streamers'

    20. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Congratulations on the upcoming release but I have to admit there is a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth over the fact that we have three weeks of story spoilers ahead of us on account of the cord you have to streamers.

    21. Missing avatar

      Louhikarme on

      awesome news! well done! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Oliver Buenaflor on

      Can't wait! Im gonna run this on my main PC and work laptop hahahahaha

      also getting extra copies for my brother and cousin so we can bring back our 1988 tabletop memories ;-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrew Crystall on

      Absolutely hyped for this :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Looks good. :) Finally a new mech game.
      Just a short question to confirm as I hate guessing. Can the campaign and/or MP also be enjoyed without the management system? Is there some 'autopilot' for that part of the game if one just wants to focus on the missions?

    25. Tar Andfeathers on

      Story seems like weak sauce to me. I hope there is more focus on your merc group and managing it then there is about this bleeding heart whiner and her plight. Before, I was concerned we weren't going to get any story with the game. Now I'm a bit disappointed in what the story his based around.

    26. Jason F on

      April 24th?!? That's my birthday and this is a great birthday gift!

    27. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Hubbe King - Yes, Eck is right - we anticipate releases Linux 2-3 months after launch.

    28. Eck on

      Wooo! Can't wait!

      @Hubbe King - A linux port is coming sometime after release.

    29. Hubbe King on

      Any chance of a Linux port at some point?

    30. Jim Tetrick

      So, no April Fool's joke release announcement, then?

    31. vsampedro on

      This is the final countdown!!! Could somebody link the Scorpions video with some BT images?
      Also, I’m really happy it’s not the 30th of April, but in my timezone is almost the 25 :-(

    32. RC on

      I am humbled before the anticipation rising within my soul for the unleashing of the BATTLETECH! ^_^

    33. Missing avatar

      hulio tello on

      The countdown begins......

    34. Missing avatar

      Stewart Giles on

      Well done all at HBS, proud and happy to be a backer.