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Battle Stations! This is not a drill!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Listen up, MechWarriors!

Over two years ago, our forces launched Operation Alpha Strike, a coordinated effort to bring turn-based tactical ‘Mech combat back to PC gaming and to return BattleTech to its rightful place of honor.

Today, High Command reports that our launch window is confirmed for April, 2018.

Repeat, we are a GO for April and Steam pre-orders have officially opened.

High Command also reports a special mission incentive for new recruits, so spread the word!!!

Everyone who pre-orders the game on Steam gets  this!
Everyone who pre-orders the game on Steam gets this!


IMPORTANT INTEL FOR “BACKER” COMPANY… All Backers at the Recruit level and above will ALSO receive this special edition Shadow Hawk skin upon deployment. High Command thanks you for your continued support of the cause.  

Recruitment Materials

Enclosed are TIME SENSITIVE materials from High Command, whose goal is to expand our forces. Make sure you get this into as many MechWarrior's hands as possible across all forms of communication.

Here’s a hi-res wallpaper version of our new store art.   


Click for more sizes:
1920 x 1080 (no logo)
1920 x 1200
1920 x 1200 (no logo)

While Waiting to Drop...

High Command is also pleased to announce the third in a series of four linked digital novellas by Mike Stackpole is now available for Backers at the $50 MechWarrior level and above.

You’ll find a file including the pdf, mobi, and epub versions to download when you hit “Get My Digital Rewards” in your BackerKit account. It can take a little time for the files to populate to everyone's account so please check back in a couple hours if you don't see the files right away.

New Rallypoint!

The Global BattleTech Forum is moving and you can read all about it in this forum post.

To make the new forum feel like home, you’ll find a new forum code in BackerKit that will give you access to BATTLETECH Avatars, Backer Badges and access to the Valhallah forum if your rewards include that. You'll also find a second code for a 10% discount off an order at the Paradox Store - a Happy New Home gift from Paradox Interactive. Codes and directions on how to use them will be found in your BackerKit account. We’ll see you there!

MechWarriors of Backer Company: We have traveled the length of known space to deliver this package and though the journey has been long, we are very excited to finally get BATTLETECH into your hands.  

HBS Actual, out!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Will Findley on

      Beta tested the game and was happy. Launch day happened and the game now has issues with my graphics card. Why would you do this HBS?

      I supported you in Kickstarter and helped test the game in Beta. Now you make the game unplayable for me on Launch day? Very disappointed Kickstarter and Backer.

    2. RC on

      @vsampedro HBS updates the game keys in Backerkit for us (a couple of days early?) as far as I know. As long as HBS gets the keys from Steam/Paradox in time, we should be fine. ^_^

    3. vsampedro on

      @RC Let's hope that the game key works better than the key code for the Paradox Forum, I'm a Valhalla backer and knowing how shitty are Paradox launches I foresee having to buy the game if I want to play on release day.

    4. RC on

      @Stephane The beta ended. It can't be downloaded any more. You'll get a new game key in Backerkit next month just before Battletech launches ^_^

    5. Stephane Gagne on

      Hi guys... I have try to download the game again from Steam, but it's not working... What's wrong?

    6. RC on

      @Jonathan Shortly before the game launches if all goes well. Starting a day or two early maybe? From past Kickstarters it can take a a day or three for everyone to get their keys updated in Backerkit. So it depends on how long they think propagation of the keys will take.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      have they said when backers get their keys? I want to add this to my steam list =D

    8. RC on

      @Kenny that was for the old forum. It's no longer valid. HBS moved to a new forum. Info at the bottom of of the latest Update

      The new forum is here:

      Also check your Backerkit for a new forum code. It'll say "PDX code"

      You put the new PDX forum code into the "Register a Game" option at the top of the new forum. Yes it's just forum code, not a game code, but that's where it goes.

      Our game codes will be in our Backerkit accounts just before the game launches next month. ^_^

    9. Kenny Ng on

      can someone help me? What's the forum link to redeem the Recruit forum code? I got to the BattleTechGame forum but the description on how to redeem indicates that I'm on the wrong website...

    10. Scott Lemay on

      Have a LAN party on the 2nd weekend of April, any chance this is dropping on or before then?

    11. RC on

      @Alex not cool. The people who are dedicated to *nix systems tend to be the people who run the internet itself. Staying immersed in the OS that they're familiar with and work with isn't a bad thing, and wanting to game on *nix is both understandable and ultimately helps the rest of us because they've gotten a lot of issues that affects Windows and Mac users too addressed by forcing or campaigning for better graphics and sound drivers which resulted in solutions over the years that helped everyone.

      While I agree that gaming on Linux is niche to say the least, and not a breadwinner for most studio, we have to respect that the biggest name in games distribution, Valve/Steam actually uses Linux to operate their SteamOS based Steam Machines for gaming.

      I won't say it was the most successful effort but such experiments and ongoing products help provide much needed competition to highly locked down Windows and Mac hardware support elements of the gaming world that while in some ways helps provide a more unified gaming experience, also creates a lot of problems, inhibits competition, and slows new feature adoption or driver improvement.

      Some Linux adherents might take their evangelism too far, ignoring realities to demand things in a rude manner, that doesn't mean they aren't also in some ways helping the rest of us in their cause. Don't dismiss them. They fight for the user.

      And it's never an excuse to be rude back if they're civilly expressing their hopes and expectations. ^_^

    12. Alex Clarke on

      Linux not a priority? EXCELLENT!
      Smart move HBS. Dont throw your release date to appease 2% of the pc gaming market whos too stuborn or too stupid to attempt to game on a supported platform.

    13. RC on

      @Peter if you've been following their project they've been burned by giving specific dates so they try to just give us an idea of when they're aiming for. As they get closer to that window and know they can hit a target date then they give us something more specific.

      HBS did release 3 Shadowrun games for Linux (with a release delay for one of them too IIRC, but I'm not sure) and kept their promises. There's no reason to think they won't here too.

      That being said I'm completely empathetic to how you feel about this. Delays suck and when things don't go as expected they can feel extremely unfair.

      I'll just say HBS has lived up to their Linux promise 3 times before and then they went ahead and aid they'd do Linux again this time, but they need a little more time than they planned on to follow through on it. Not ideal, but I don't think there's a concerns *with THIS developer to think they'll bail on it after they made the "State of the Game" announcement letting us know where they had some problems and what they're following through on.

      You have my best wishes for a Linux release as soon as they're able to get it out. ^_^

    14. Peter Kelly

      @RC While I appreciate your response I'd love to see a detailed response, with some firm dates from the developers. My spider senses always tingle when theirs no Linux beta (which I paid for btw) because it shows that they don't consider it a priority. I only back games with a commitment to Linux releases and an expectation of a day one release along with all the other os's. I totally understand why Harebrained and Paradox want to get the game shipped until it does it's costing them money, but from a Backers perspective, one who dropped a pretty penny, a lot more communication and firm commitments would go a long way to soothing over disappointed Linux users. It's not unreasonable to have some trepidation about the Linux release when up to 2 months ago we where assuming we'd all be playing it together on release, I'll be months behind my friends, I'll be unable to partake of the cultural moment and thats disappointing. So more communication and a bit of empathy from the rest of the backers would be nice. Linux users are passionate abou the OS they use and back game that support their chosen OS passioantely. Look, the decision is obvioulsy made, nothing will change it and my life isn't going to be worse in any important way for waiting a few months, but the devlopers should be communicating with use a little better about the expected date.

    15. RC on

      @Peter They said it'll be a few months after the Win/Mac release. It won't be 2019. Probably around August give or take a month based on what we've heard and giving a little legroom.

    16. Peter Kelly

      So when is the Linux release, I backed at as an INITIATE OF THE ORDER, only because of the Linux support. Now it's being delayed and there little to no indication as to when we can expect it. I think you owe it to your loyal Linux backers to present us with a timeline. I'm happy for you that you're realising in April, just wish I could get excited about.

    17. RC on

      @Shawn No. You'll get a game key in your Backerkit when the game launches next month. HBS said there will be another Kickstarter update with instructions closer to release.

    18. Shawn Klaus on

      Wait, I backed this at $50. Do I now have to pre-order on Steam, too?

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Woot cannot wait to rain down justice, particle projection style! :)

    20. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Szymon Koralewski - Launch keys will be distributed into BackerKit accounts in the day or so leading up to the release of the game. Keep your eye out for a Kickstarter update for when that happens.

      @Xenophon - if you email us at, we can change the game platform key you'll receive

    21. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hey Everyone - Just a heads up that Kickstarter messages have been broken since Tuesday and we don't know when they will be fixed. Apologies if you've sent us a message and haven't received an answer.

      If you need assistance, please email us at

    22. Szymon Koralewski on

      When you start sending out backer's steam keys?

    23. Xenophon on

      It looks liked I'd selected to receive a Steam Key for the game. Anyone know if I can change that to GOG?

    24. Missing avatar

      Pixeldance on

      Wouldn't mind it if backerkit was flexible enough to let us increase our original pledges to a higher (digital) level, but I just checked mine, and it made it very clear that everything is locked in.

    25. RC on

      @Michael We'll get a game key (long string of letters/numbers) to enter into Steam (or GoG or Humble depending on what you chose during your survey) in April shortly before the game launches. It'll load into our Backerkit accounts under the digital rewards.

    26. Michael Johnson on

      So, when do backers get a link to download the full game via steam?

    27. RC on

      @Jeff Good to hear! And good luck with that...other...matter. ^_^

    28. Jeff Allison on

      Ok, I think I'm all up to date now. Angry, fretting mode off for the time being.

    29. Jeff Allison on

      Oh hell, now I'm confused. My backerkit shows that I got the $25 level and my preferred download was actually Steam. And I have digital downloads available, allegedly.

    30. Jeff Allison on

      Thanks RC. I know that I backed for more than $1, that's not in question. I haven't heard from Hairbrained yet. I'll check into the other things, but I'm dealing with the fallout of the Robotech kickstarter now, and I'm frustrated as hell at the moment.

    31. RC on

      @Johannes we were explicitly allowed to stream and make videos of the beta. I doubt that's going to change with the full release. ^_^

    32. Missing avatar

      Devin on

      Haven't commented much (or at all?) but I am looking forward to this.

    33. Missing avatar

      Johannes on

      ♥ I already love it. I started a youtube channel and i am 400 videos in right now. Will making a lets play on youtbube be ok? At some point in the distant future I would get revenue from ads playing alongside it.
      Also which of your projects can I back next? Another Shadowrun Adveture maybe?

    34. RC on

      @Brian "Down the road" I can't speak to. We do get the "pre release" promo Shadowhawk skin.

      Generally backers of Kickstarter projects don't get post-release promotions. So I doubt "down the road" will beget us more promos.

    35. Brian Blaney on

      So do the backers get all the addons that'll happen down the road to this game?

    36. RC on

      ...also, be patient with their responses. I'll bet they're totally swamped and overloaded right now with support tickets and email. They're not large enough to have a big support team. Their support people are fantastic though. ^_^

    37. RC on

      @Jeff Don't sweat it. Just follow my instructions and you "should"be okay.

      1) You're a backer. You can post on Kickstarter so this is a good foundation.

      2) Because you're a backer, you can probably upgrade your pledge WITH HBS so that it's reflected in your Backerkit. BUT...let's do some background work first.

      3) CHECK YOUR BACKERKIT ACCOUNT!! Does it also say $1? What does it say under your "Pledge Level"?

      4) If Backerkit doesn't show you have a higher pledge level (minimum $25 to get the game) then you'll want to upgrade your Pledge Level.

      5) You already emailed HBS. So it's likely they'll help you with this if it turns out your pledge level is below $25

      6) See if you can find your original email from Kickstarter for backing this project. See if it reflects what tier you backed at. This can help you in discussion with HBS.

      7) See if you can find your original payment method (credit card?) receipt email for when you backed the project to show how much you backed at at that time. This can help you in discussion with HBS.

      8) If you did end up only paying $1, then again, HBS might be able to help you upgrade your pledge to a higher backer level. You'll still have to pay the difference. So have your Paypal or credit card ready :)

      9) Only digital tiers will still be available. You'll want to get the MechJock tier so you get the art book and soundtrack and other goodies. UNLESS you really want the Backer Atlas and enovellas, then you'll need to get the MechWarrior tier but you'll have to clearly tell HBS you UNDERSTAND that you WON'T receive Beta access at this point because the Beta has concluded and is no longer available. Because it's part of the Reward Tier, they'll need YOU to TELL them that very clearly in email.

      10) Good luck, MechWarrior! ^_^

    38. Jeff Allison on

      RC, it wasn't the "intensiveness" about your post, don't worry about that.

      But I just found out a new problem...I pledged for a copy of the game back when the KS started, but for some reason, it was changed to just a $1 pledge. I've sent a message to Hairbrained and I'm awaiting a response and explanation. For this entire time, I thought I was a full backer, but something got fucked up and now I have to get the game like a normal person. That's unacceptable.

    39. Valeriy on

      @Harebrained Schemes LLC:
      "We expect to release the Linux version of the game about 3-4 months after the initial release of the game."

      Yeah, ans I *expected* it to be a day-1 release. Well, *expectations* fail sometimes, especially if they are expectations and nothing more. :(

    40. RC on

      @Jeff Allison & @Hugh Bob Fuller III - Also, that reads a lot more intense than I intended it. I was just trying to be clear, not forceful ^_^

    41. RC on

      @Jay Mac is on par with Windows (PC). They'll both release in April unless HBS announces otherwise. ^_^

      Linux will take them a little longer as it says in the Update.

    42. RC on

      @Jeff Allison & @Hugh Bob Fuller III - NO! You DON"T have to pay any more. WHEN the full game is available in April, we all get our game keys in our Battletech Backerkits.

      Do you know how to log in to your Backerkit account?

      Make sure you can!

      When the game launches, that's where your game key will be for whatever game platform you chose! (Steam, Humble, or GoG!) ^_^

    43. RC on

      @Andreas Null sweat ~_^ I can't wait!!!...can we just skip March to get to April?

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      @RC Thank you for the feedback. I know the choices of what we can control are limited and that's fine. I just hoped that battles are not including mechs only but include other units to battle, like it was also in the old MechCommander games. Man, I am so looking forward to the release.

    46. Michael Barnhart on

      All hands on deck! This is NOT a drill, I repeat, this is NOT a drill...

    47. Kevin Dietz on

      To those asking if you need to preorder a copy even though you pledged to the kickstarter, as long as you pledged $25 or more you are going to get a copy of the game, you do not need to preorder again ins team. You will get a steam activation code when the game is released. If you view your pledge you will see it states that :-)

    48. Hugh Bob Fuller III on

      So... do I have to pre-order through steam if I already paid $35 for the digital copy through kickstarter?

    49. Jeff Allison on

      Wait a minute...I paid for the game, but I have to pre-order it from Steam? I'm confused, can someone clear this up for me?

    50. Rob Crowther

      > Enclosed are TIME SENSITIVE materials from High Command

      > We expect to release the Linux version of the game about 3-4 months after the initial release of the game.

      It's like you're rubbing it in.