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A First Look at the Campaign and a Production Update!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

Hey everyone, Mitch here! 

Last week we did a press tour with our friends at Paradox to spread the word about BATTLETECH. Mike and I flew to San Francisco to meet with journalists there, while Jordan did the same in London. We gave the editors some hands-on time with one of the first story missions in the game and walked them through the full scope of the single-player campaign. We're looking forward to seeing what the press have to say this week, and hope to get people excited for our release next year. 

Here’s a few we found just now! 

Anyway - for all the new screenshots, head on over to this forum post!


And here's a full playthrough of the early story mission we showed:


While we were in San Francisco and London visiting the press, we also got a chance to hang out with some awesome BattleTech fans and a good time was definitely had by all.

Just a smattering of the great folk who showed up.
Just a smattering of the great folk who showed up.


Another smattering of the UK crowd.
Another smattering of the UK crowd.


It was an exciting, whirlwind tour but we're definitely glad to be back in the studio, working on the game. Speaking of which, how about a production update?

Production Update

Things are rolling around here! We have the entire singleplayer campaign and mercenary simulation fully assembled and now we’re working through the game chapter-by-chapter, screen-by-screen, feature-by-feature to get everything to a shippable level.

Most mornings, Mike (Game Director) leads playtests/critiques of BATTLETECH in our break room. He holds them in our break room so everyone on the team feels comfortable wandering in and hearing what’s being said. He and Kiva (Lead Designer) determine what they’re going to look at ahead of time and invite the people responsible for that section of the game to play together and collaborate on a plan for improving things. This visibility is key to improvement. When you’re in the thick of making a game, it can be challenging to step back and play it from an audience member’s point of view.

The whole team is methodically working through every part of the game to “up-level” it - missions are getting second and third drafts, designer-created maps are going through full art passes, temporary voice-overs are being replaced with professional actors in missions and cinematics, quiet missions are suddenly filled with dramatic music, and programmer-created interfaces are getting the full art and audio treatment. 


It’s a ton of intense work and the whole team meets briefly for announcements and general direction every day before breaking up into small groups for tight communication and progress updates. After that, it’s heads-down for the rest of the day. We try to keep meetings to a minimum and if we have to have one, we do our best to keep it tight and action-oriented.

In addition to all of this, a few members of the team have been diligently progressing on our multiplayer network infrastructure, analyzing data and updating the Double-Secret Multiplayer Beta with important changes. Expect a separate update on that soon.

There’s still a lot of work to do (including tons of balance work) but we can see the next milepost up ahead - the plan is to be feature and content complete by the end of the year, so we can go into full-on bug fixing and polish mode after a much needed break. As Jordan noted in our mid-August update, all indications are that Paradox & HBS will release BATTLETECH in early 2018.

Thanks for sticking with us as we develop our most challenging, complex, and aspirational game to-date. It’s a big one and we truly appreciate all your support.

-- Mitch


Jordan, Mike, Mitch and the rest of the gang are heading to Vancouver on December 9th to attend Mech_Con, a HUGE gathering of BattleTech fans and developers. We had an absolute blast last year and we encourage you to come and hang out with us. Here’s a video to give you a taste of what you can expect.

More ways to stay up to date!

You can catch up with our latest Dev Q&A from October as well as all the previous Q&A’s on our Youtube page. Note that information may be outdated the farther back you go.

Find tons of awesome BattleTech fans on the BATTLETECH Forum.

This Twitter thread by Lead Designer @HBS_thratchen shows the process of building a Battletech map.

And our music composer Jon Everist created a YouTube series on the creation of the game's music, which he also sometimes tweets about @JonEverist.


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    1. RC on

      @Bad_Syntax The Argo (our dropship) isn't a jumpship.

    2. Bad_Syntax

      Can't wait to see grav tanks and fusion weapons!
      I mean, we have a space station that can jump, which is 0% canon, so why not grav tanks and fusion guns???

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hughes on

      Would be sweet if you release the next novella to tide us over ;-)

    4. Matt Vasili Stanley on

      "I am completely discouraged by the way this products release date has been pushed back so many times. I am soured by this and will probably never find a kickstarter project again. I know that it is the designers fault, but sting me once is all you get to do. So sad I liked the idea."

      While I understand your frustrations at the lack of release, I do appreciate HBS's drive to get it right and get it done before release. Things slip all the time, even at Triple A studios (I'm looking at you, Bethesda).

      I hope you give the game another try when it releases fully.

    5. Mike Duynhoven on

      Looks great. I see in the Playthrough video that the SHD-2H has been modified in the Mechlab (I hope). Nice. Any chance to see a video of the Mechlab if completed?

    6. Smaug on

      Looks awesome guys! I gave my beta key to my brother and so haven't seen much of the game, great to see its looking so good

    7. Missing avatar

      William (Bill) Reger

      What a great campaign episode! I love the way the combat and chatter is working. I expected a computer game to take a while to develop and I appreciate the dedication and attention the game is getting! I have been playing a RPG/Board Game campaign the last three years and only wish we could have had a customizable electronic version that looked and played as smoothly as this to handle the combat! I expect to play and enjoy many hours of game with this one.

    8. David S on

      & make melee more like table top - I hate the way it does it now eg let me shoot & melee not as is currently shoot or melee (small lasers flamers & MGs don't count)

    9. Adrian Tai on

      oh ya... i didn't try out the beta. ;)

    10. Adrian Tai on

      saw the playthrough on Youtube. just minor feedback and not a major concern:
      * noticed the 3D terrain/ graphics isn't really "cohesive" in the sense that some bits, you can see mech looks like they are floating or standing almost off the ledge
      * some terrain don't interact like trees not burnt down after airstrike

      again, these are really minor issues.

      but i might see myself wanting to do my attack/ moves in 2D (or almost 2D) and then watch the fights in 3D. wonder if this is going to be possible.

    11. ThomasN on

      Oh, and make the AI actually good.

    12. ThomasN on

      lookin' good. please don't forget
      - Chatter / Taunts by enemy
      - Adjustable animation speeds
      - Auto-Resolve in case weaker enemies attack you and you just want to be done with them

    13. Jim Tetrick

      Thanks for the campaign gameplay video. It left my son speechless. It is too bad it stopped before we got to see how the game handles salvage, though.

    14. Geoffrey Thomas on

      So happy to see some great teasers of the single player campaign and mercenary management system! Thanks for all the hard work guys, and I am looking forward to the release next year!

    15. Eric Grahn on

      i cannot play this game :(

      i am as me

    16. Ragnarok on

      Having been playing he beta for too many hours I am more than fine with the delay as it means even better gameplay when done.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lanky on

      As always thanks for the update, and special thanks to the art department - the game looks so pretty.
      I am not concerned about the release date I have been a fan of Battletech since the first Mech Warrior PC game - I can wait.
      Best of luck with the upcoming mech con

    18. Eric Smailys

      Okay, maybe it's just all the anticipation, but that campaign mission was awesome! I really can't wait to get my hands on my new Merc company.

    19. Otaku Hanzo on

      Naysayers be damned, I am fully ready for this game when the time comes. Even if that time is still a ways off. Besides, the longer it takes the better it will be. Of that I have no doubt when coming from you all. Great work so far!

    20. RC on

      @Some furf - HBS retains development control. They've already stated they're not doing microtransactions or "Day 1 DLC". We'll get (free) updates with more content if the game is successful enough, and later they'll sell expansions. I doubt we'll see "mech packs" - though, knowing how costly and time consuming the 3D 'mechs PGI creates that HBS then has to adapt and create animations for, and work into the game logic and Mechbay...I wouldn't mind affordable 'mech packs to expand our roster, assuming they're not $500 "gold mechs" but maybe something like $15 for 3 to 5 new 'mechs. But, again...HBS retains development control...we'll more likely see new 'mechs come with full expansions, not piecemeal DLC. ^_^

    21. RC on

      @Michael The release data was never announced, so it hasn't been pushed back. The estimated date initially provided was based on ONLY funding the low-end $400,000 upgrades...meaning a much smaller game, so less time to develop. Instead, backers funded ALL the expansion stages, for a much better game, which takes more time to develop, so the estimated launch was reevaluated. (Kickstarter doesn't allow Creators to change their initial low-end estimate despite greater funding for more features.)

      So, I;m sorry to hear you're disappointed, but it's based on getting a much better game that we all funded more of, and it takes time to do that, which requires patience.

      Yes, the updated launch estimate was revised by a few months, but the launch date was never announced for it to be pushed back. These are important distinctions, and we benefit from the developers having a few more months (not years) to polish and bug fix the game. ^_^

    22. Some furf on

      Great, nearly done. Can't wait to see it finished so I can find out how bad the Paradox influence is. I'm betting on three increasingly-expensive editions at launch, with plenty of DLC mech packs to come.

    23. Missing avatar

      michael on

      I am completely discouraged by the way this products release date has been pushed back so many times. I am soured by this and will probably never find a kickstarter project again. I know that it is the designers fault, but sting me once is all you get to do. So sad I liked the idea.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alistair Pope on

      reading one review I now need a team with Spike ,Jet and fay as the core

    25. MikeHumphreys on

      I gotta say, I've backed your last 2 Kickstarter campaigns and I'm glad that I did. HBS has been awesome with regular updates, listening to their backers, and meeting promised deadlines. I can't say the same with some of my other Kickstarter pledged projects.

      I'm looking forward to playing Battletech when it's finally ready.