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    1. RC on

      HBS's monthly Dev Q&A list including October's livestream.

    2. RC on

      HBS's monthly Dev Q&A for September - interview with the Artificial Intelligence team:…

    3. Missing avatar

      David Karl on

      Man, this looks awesome. I'm really looking forward to playing this.

    4. Brandon Keith Fero on

      Enjoyed seeing all the people lining up in the gaming hall to have a whack at BATTLETECH. I walked by more than a few times. Keep it coming, boys and girls. In the meantime, I'll rock on with my stuff. -salute-

    5. Robert Colt on

      It's looking good. I can't wait to play it.
      Its too bad it can't have LAMs in, be interesting angle to have in there.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dav on


    7. Missing avatar

      Lanky on

      The map looks great :)

    8. Bernie Monsanto on

      Wait, Shadowrunner? Here? *starts to eye everyone suspiciously* Don't let Lone Star catch you here. lol

    9. Aaron Liu on

      Are you guys going to be at PAX again?

    10. Bernie Monsanto on

      I got to meet Jordan Weisman (finally) and was hoping to get a picture with him and Mitch Gitelman but I never saw him. Now I know why. lol

    11. RC on

      @James Hah! It was damn good ta see you again, Chummer! Hopefully it won't be another 4 years between GenCons for me again ^_^

    12. James Herbert

      I got to meet for the first time and as well as reacquaint myself with some of you wonderful folks at Gen Con (REPPIN' LOWKEY, RC! Like a 'runner do.) and got my ass thoroughly kicked in multi (Both arms shot off? GRIN-MAKING MELEE ATTACK CONFIRMED!). Keep on with the keeping on. Excelsior!

    13. RC on

      Looking forward to Battlefields on new biomes! ^_^

    14. Andrew Hayford

      Looking forward to seeing more details about the solo campaign. That is where I will spend most of my time.

    15. JusitnKase

      That 'martian' environment is beautiful - nice work indeed :D

      Can't wait to see a 'moon' or alien jungle ;)