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Skirmish Beta Update is LIVE! And the Double-Secret Multiplayer Beta Test Is LIVE, Too! And Gen Con 50!!!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)


Happy Update Day, y’all!

The update to our Single-Player Skirmish Backer Beta is live on Steam right now and your game should automatically update in your Games Library with no action needed from you (assuming you keep Steam running on your machine - if not, just launch Steam and the beta will automatically begin the update). One addition we neglected to tell you about in our last Kickstarter Update - the beta now includes:

  • The Firestarter BattleMech! We’re excited to see how flamers change your gameplay.

We shared the highlights and big changes in our last update, but for those interested in all the gory details, you can find a complete list of changes here.

Your Backer Beta Manual has also been updated to reflect all the gameplay and balancing changes we’ve made in response to all your great feedback. Thanks a ton for all the help!  

Have fun everybody! 

Double-Secret Multiplayer Beta Test is LIVE too!

As we said in our last Kickstarter Update, the Double-Secret Multiplayer Beta Test is for those hearty souls willing to opt-in and help stress test the system in the wild. All Backers with Beta Access are invited to participate but by opting-in, you accept that you may experience connection issues, crashes, and dropped games - which is exactly what the test is aimed to fix.

The Double-Secret Multiplayer Beta Test is separate from the current Skirmish Beta and will require a separate password. Again, once we’ve eliminated enough bugs and issues, we’ll shut down the Double-Secret Beta Test and automatically update the Beta for everyone to include multiplayer so all you MechCommanders out there can go head-to-head!

You can find instructions for getting in the Double-Secret Multiplayer Beta Test, a list of Known Issues, and some Troubleshooting info here: Double-Secret Mulitplayer Beta Instructions


If you’re at Gen Con and feel like you’re missing out on the Beta Update, swing by booth 2311 and give it a whirl. The booth is set up for new folks to play Single-Player Skirmish and all you old pros to try 1v1 Multiplayer. Jordan will be at the booth all weekend so even if you don’t have time to play, stop by and say hi!

A few members of our intrepid demo team.
A few members of our intrepid demo team.


Morning shift, reporting for duty!
Morning shift, reporting for duty!


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    1. RC on

      For those just joining... there doesn't seem to be a threat to the game. Only to a few BattleMech models. It would be utter shit if HBS can't use them, but that hasn't been determined yet, and we'd still have more BattleMechs at launch in this game than in any prior Battletech/MechWarrior video game except for MWO.

      We're still doing okay ^_^

      I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice.

    2. RC on

      @Tyle Unfortunately, the arbitration between HG and Tatsunoko isn't a determination by a court/judge/jury. It has no legal standing in the US except between those two parties who entered into it as a contractual relationship. Nothing has changed that we know of regarding HG and BT. And the rulings in Japan haven't yet been recognized by a US court, which is a completely different legal system. I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice.

      We just have to wait. :/

    3. Tyle Brown on

      @Andrew Ho, I believe that's still going, but after the conclusion of the HG/Tatsunoko arbitration, it's not likely to remain a thing much longer, as HG quite literally has no legal standing anymore with regard to trying to claim infringement over the Macross derived mechs in Battletech competing with Robotech.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ho on

      Is this lawsuit still ongoing? Harmony Gold vs Harebrained Schemes LLC.

    5. David Voderberg on

      See you guys tomorrow!

    6. Brian Poel on

      @Marco -- no, the Beta will only be Steam. (But you don't need to change your launch-key choice. Everyone (at the right pledge tier) gets a Steam key, even if they chose GOG or Humble for their launch-key)

    7. Brian Poel on

      @Simon -- if you pledged at MechWarrior tier or higher ($50), then your Steam key is waiting for you in your BackerKit account. Email HBS if you need help getting access to that ( -- you can also ask them about an Upgrade if you're at a lower pledge.

    8. Missing avatar

      Marco Zara on

      Can we expect a GOG beta any time soon?

    9. Leo Goile on

      Legends. Nuff Said.

    10. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      How do I play the game?

    11. Alex Clarke on

      Eric Smith, shut the fuck up dude. You dont own a company, and you always have a negative opinion in every project your in. Give it a break already. jesus.


    12. Missing avatar

      theo c on

      Why are you dropping this on a Friday morning? Now I have no time to credibly fabricate a food poisoning story to take a sick day, and on top of that I have to spend the day thinking about all the 1v1 action I'm missing because I'm in the office!
      And then on top of that you're rubbing GenCon in our faces too, GAH! You guys are insufferable!

      (Just kidding have fun and come back and make the game even greater plsthx!)

    13. tarasis on

      @Bad_Syntax also the staff on site could also be volunteers rather than the dev team.

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Graham on

      @Bad_Syntax because HBS doesn't have multiple programmers? We know for example that some of thsoe above have only polishing work to do, a weekend or so away from that isn't going to kill them and the 'core' guys that are needed ARE still working on it and NOT at GenCon (See the last video update where Mike specifically states he won't be at Gencon this year because.. Game has to come first).

    15. Bad_Syntax

      Ummm.... maybe its just me, but having all these people at GenCon instead of working on programming a late project *seems* wrong to me. I'm sure they are trying to drum up more sales, but it isn't even ready yet, so this just seems really premature to me.
      Oh well though, we'll get it when we get it, but maybe this motivated a few new features or something and a new demo which would be nice.

    16. Missing avatar

      Bradford J Griggs on

      I CANNOT STRONGLY ENOUGH say how much FUN this BETA SKIRMISH has been.

      I have not yet tried the new version but am about to.

      This game is GOTY material and once they have made their millions from it I hope they go back and do some SHADOWRUN.

    17. Brian Poel on

      @Christopher -- you can still get the final version of the game from GOG or Humble, you don't need to change that decision in BackerKit -- but, yes, the Beta is Steam only.

    18. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Christopher Muhlbach - that's correct. We announced that a few months ago.

    19. Missing avatar

      Lanky on

      thanks for the update :)

      have a great Gen Con

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher Muhlbach on

      only available through steam? so those that elected other ways to play don't have access?

    21. Jeff V on

      It was Gencon 48 when I saw the HBS booth, the HUGE Battletech streamer, and met the creator of the game universe that has been, and will always be, my favorite! Glad to see this game coming to fruition. Thank you, Jordan and the rest of HBS, for making this game.

    22. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      Have a crazy time at GC50!