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    1. ChristopherPollard on

      Heh. I was getting all worked up tonight about having not received my game key but then I realized it's still in beta and I didn't back at the beta level. Take your time, but might want to update the front of the kickstarter, it says "delivery estimate: may 2017"

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Egger

      I find it rather sad that this is getting more and more delayed but instead of letting all backers into the beta this late you're asking for more money. As a big fan (and supporter) of HBS games I don't feel like this is the right move.

    3. RC on

      Backers that didn't back at the MechWarrior (Beta access) tier and above, can still upgrade their pledge to get into the Beta by paying the difference between their current pledge level and the MechWarrior level. You can contact HBS for instructions:

      Bear in mind, it's GenCon week. Their responses may be delayed. ^_^

    4. Jan

      @Blue: that would be awesome. i would like to play the beta. can't wait till 2018 ^^

    5. RC on

      HBS devs are dropping some clarifications/info on their forum about the new Beta update's gameplay. Check out their Dev Tracker to follow their posts ^_^

    6. Daniel Krauklis on

      Thanks for the update - looking better and better as the project progresses. Looking forward to the coming beta releases, and will easily repeat what I wrote before (by quoting you, now): Don't rush it, just make it great.

    7. Matt Eiffel on

      I trust HBS to put out a good product. This is why I pushed hard against multiplayer during the campaign. We will never know but if the focus was on the storied campaign and not split with the PvP we may have had the game this fall.

    8. Blue on

      Sounds great! For those of us without beta access, would it be possible to honor the original release date estimate by allowing regular users into the beta?

    9. Eryst on

      Keep up the great work, looking forward to multiplayer

    10. David Desmond Lee on

      I'll take it.

      Please make it awesome and don't DLC/Microtransaction us. I don't mind waiting.


    11. Rick on

      All good, take as long as needed to make the game, and in particular the campaign the best Battletech PC game you can.

    12. Scott Snelling on

      3ish month delay = sad

      That said, delays are better than a worse game. Take all the time ya need, just keep us Backers in the loop! Screenshots and gameplay vids would be cool to see too :D

    13. David S on

      happy to wait like so many others have said
      can we try to get more mechs in please for testing
      also please fix melee combat to better reflect tabletop - not being able to use weapons & melee sucks

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael A. Atkinson on

      Great update; thanks for keeping us in the loop so well. Add me to the voices saying to make it great.

    15. Peter Kelly

      Looking forward to it.

    16. Missing avatar

      David on

      Firestarter? "Flame ON"

      Looking forward to playing around with the final game once you're happy with it.

    17. Justin

      Thanks for the update :)
      And of course take the time you need to feel good about the state of the game, no reason to rush to release. I'll enjoy it just as much (more?) after waiting a bit longer while the game gets polished.

    18. Missing avatar

      Lanky on

      Whoot sounds great! Can't wait to see how things play out :)

      @Jason Stapleton: - The AC damage has always been a little odd - HBS are updating the damage amounts to make seldom used weapons more viable. This does lead to some name issues, maybe light/heavy AC's instead of damage numbers?.

    19. Jason Stapleton on

      The autocannon damage looks weird. In the original game the AC2 did 2 damage and had long range. Likewise the AC5 did 5 damage at moderate range. The AC2 doing 25 is out of place, it should be 10 damage if the AC20 is 100 damage.

    20. Jason Stapleton on

      The autocannon damage looks weird. In the original game the AC2 did 2 damage and had long range. Likewise the AC5 did 5 damage at moderate range. The AC2 doing 25 is out of place, it should be 10 damage if the AC20 is 100 damage.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Crystall on

      You have a very solid record and if you need the time, take it!

    22. Mihael Dreo on

      I'm all for waiting if it makes a better product, so polish the game until money allows it.

      ... besides i'll have more time to play in 2018 :D

    23. David Voderberg on

      give me more time to get a good computer:->

    24. Devin C. on

      Thank you for taking the time to do it well.

    25. Sebastian D.

      I have no issue with the delay. Based on your previous communication it seems that the game is progressing well and people seem to have fun with the beta (I have it downloaded, but decided to finally play through SR:HK instead of trying it). The only thing I ask: please make sure that feature-freeze comes early enough so that you can spend some time polishing the game - preferably more time than industry standard :)

    26. RC on


    27. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hey y'all! Guess what? This bullet point detailing an addition to the Skirmish Beta was accidentally deleted from the update:

      * The Firestarter BattleMech! We’re excited to see how flamers change your gameplay.

      Flame on! Have fun!

    28. Krzysztof Zięba on

      Hey, guys. I'm one of the "wait and make it great" people, so I just wanted to drop in with some encouragement. BATTLETECH is my most anticipated game at the moment, and I'd rather wait a few more months and get something awesome - especially since I'm also mostly interested in the stuff that's been unlocked during the campaign. I'd hate for the single player campaign to be rushed, for example, and while I'm not super interested in multiplayer, I understand many people are and it'll be crucial that it works well out of the gate.

      I don't think I've ever been this excited about a Kickstarter project, so please please please keep doing what you're doing. I know from the previous projects that you make great games that speak to my heart, so I have full confidence in the team. Please pass my best wishes to everybody at Harebrained :)

    29. Thadeus Dietzen on

      I love you guys. I have never been less than fully impressed with your games and all your projects that I have backed through Kickstarter. I believe that this is how game development, and project fulfillment should truly be handled through Kickstarter. I cannot wait to receive the full single player Battletech game and in the meantime I will continue to have a lovely time in Hong Kong... Shadowrun and Battletech are two of my all-time favorite IPs to immerse myself in and your team's love for them shines through as well. Keep up the good work! Next on the docket, an ARPG in the Shadowrun universe.... Let me know when you want to do that and I'll apply for a position. ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      Scott Watson on

      When will new mechs be released in the Beta?

    31. RC on

      @Goatee @Chistopher James ...HBS does a monthly livestreamed Battletech Q&A, taking questions from their forum ahead of time, and answering questions live from the chat.

      When they have time, they also dip into the forum.

      There's a TON of information they provide on a regular basis, even when crunching.

      Kickstarter just isn't conducive to them doing it, which they've explained before, because Kickstarter's tools suck, not allowing them to engage with us properly. What they say scrolls off the page. And many many backers complain, a lot, about being spammed when they Update too often.

      Just check out their forums. and the monthly Q&A's which are also archived on Youtube if we can't make it when they're live. It's significantly more information than they can provide in a Kickstarter Update, and unlike Kickstarter updates they don't have to spend a lot of time writing copy, reviewing it, getting it partially approved, going back to make corrections, getting it approved again...etc because, you know..they're kinda like a real company or something ^_^

    32. Missing avatar

      Goatee on

      Cool deal, I'm in the camp on "would love more updates" as well. I love just getting new messages on things I backed. A new screen here or there, ridiculous stat, some dorky message from a team member. Anything, it adds to the fun of development which is what a kickstarter is for. I don't back just for the end product, I could just buy it when it's done. I back to comment, have fun, and watch the journey take shape.

    33. Richard Groller on

      Can't wait! That said, do it right the first time - am willing to wait as long as it takes for an excellent product! Keep up the great effort - it has been outstanding so far.

    34. Ben Greene on

      Late and working properly is much preferred to on time and a steaming pile of horror! ;-)

    35. Christopher James on

      i agree, make it good, but maybe a little more updates... I was just looking at this the other day and noticed that prior to this update there hadn't been anything in a while, which on Kickstarters always has me concerned.

    36. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      This is a great IP ... do it right, do it justice. A couple of months are nothing.

    37. Jan

      If i knew before that it will come 2018 i would have paid for the beta :D i thought when its coming early 2017 i dont need the beta for that short time :/

    38. Missing avatar

      Jason Stocks on

      Take your time, I'd rather enjoy the more polished release of a quality HBS title.

    39. Sam Brown

      Just adding +1 vote to, "Take the time needed to do it right. I'm chomping at the bit to play this game, too. But the good version, not the buggy one. Take the time it needs to do it right."

    40. Missing avatar

      Patricia-Jean Cody on

      Take the time you need to make the game the best it can be. As others have mentioned this isn't just a Battletech game but the first in, hopefully, a series of games to come. Ever since Shadowrun I've always appreciated you guys keeping your backers updated on how everything is shaping up and this is certainly shaping up to be the game that knocks Mechcommander off it's perch as my favorite Battletech-adapted game (Just after Mechwarrior and Crescent Hawk's Revenge of course).

      An since nobody else has mentioned it.... A salute and toast to you Lord Commander. #ForZathras #MarauderForever

    41. Bad_Syntax

      With every update, its less and less like battletech! Thank goodness it still looks nice and is a little bit fun to play!

    42. RC on

      @Joel This Update says there'll be another Update with info about the double secret multiplayer test when it's live. (They even bolded that part!) ~_^

    43. Joel Steverson on

      So... how do we volunteer for the double secret stress testing? Color me interested.

    44. RC on

      ...can't wait to play that upgraded AI... I hope it's a serious challenge! ^_^

    45. RC on

      @Nebojša They likely won't talk about it publicly due to how it could affect their legal defense. US law can be a funny thing. They shouldn't risk discussing it until they're confident it won't hurt them in court.

    46. RC on

      @Jeff they've commented before that Beta won't be on Linux, but Linux support will come when the game launches. Some Linux users have reported running the game under Windows emulation. I realize that might not be feasible for everyone who uses Linux for various reasons.

    47. Nebojša on

      So any news with the lawsuit?

    48. Ragnarok on

      Chris: they are doing what they can to hold to the original game. They stated it would be close but not a perfect recreation in the original KS campaign.

      The change to water and heat makes it not an automatic fight zone. In the beta I find my mechs standing in water pretty much the entire fight because heat was too important and water to effective.

      The way initiative works gives it better flow and makes the mech sizes matter.

      The autocannon changes are likely because AC10s were just too much bang for the buck.

      Making a game where you can't just spam the same weapon and win is important.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jeff Craig on

      What is the likelihood that we'll get the Beta on Linux?

    50. Chris on

      I guess my assumption was incorrect it is in the "spirit" of the tabletop game. I am OK with ifjust don't stray too far off. Also I agree Early 2018 is fine as long as the game is done right. I have been waiting 4+ years for games here on KS.