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    1. RC on

      @David The game is estimated to release later this year. Heavy on the estimate. Likely now that HBS has had a little time to collect Beta feedback, they'll be able to re-evaluate their own development timeline estimate. We might hear more about that in an upcoming update.

      If you're asking about a Beta Steam key, did you back the game at the MechWarrior or greater? Lower tiers didn't include the Beta in the rewards.

      If you did back the game at the MechWarrior tier or greater, then you should have your Beta Backer Steam key waiting in your Battletech Backerkit account by clicking on "Get My Digital Rewards"

      Do you know how to check your Battletech Backerkit account?

    2. Missing avatar

      david paul boulton

      Should I have gotten my steam code for this by now? Because I haven't

    3. RC on

      HBS is doing the next live Dev Q&A on August 9th with members of the AI team. We can submit questions for the animation team in the thread below and get more info ^_^

    4. RC on

      HBS is doing a live Dev Q&A on July 12th with members of their animation team. We can submit questions for the animation team and get more info ^_^

    5. Missing avatar

      David Socias on

      @David S , @Bad_syntax
      My opinion is that you are quite confused about what's Battletech and what's not.
      Your arguments try to portray the BT ruleset as the measure of what's BT but this is incorrect. You can adapt the ruleset a little bit, reskin it and you have... CrimsonSkies?
      Battletech is not the BT ruleset, but the universe with the Houses, the mech wars, the MechWarriors, the intrigues, the mercs, the clans, lost technology, etc.
      To me it doesn't matter if melee attacks do 1, 5 or 30 damage. That's not important. What it's important is that it fits in the Battletech universe. And it does. The Beta feels completely right, as if the events happening in one skirmish could be just narrated in one BT novel of in a BT movie, or told by a veteran Mechwarrior to the novices in the barracs.

      On the other side, the skirmish game is fun, it's solid in terms of tactics, it's fast to play and gives you interesting choices. I must remark the "fast to play" part. If I'm going to play a campaign with dozens of skirmishes, a quarter to half an hour per skirmish is a good time frame. 1 to 2 hours skirmishes would make the game too long or having to reduce the number of skirmishes per campaign.

    6. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      Hey all, there's a series of great beta discussions going on in our forums:

    7. David S on

      @ Bad_Syntax - I have to agree on a few points
      To me, it isn't battletech because:
      - physical attacks are now MUCH more powerful than they were in the game but they are also very limited - I used to be able to punch x2 & shoot weapons like an ac20 from my hunchback. Surely melee can be incorporated at a lower level of damage but allow weapons to fire. ie in TT I could punch but not use that arms weapon so I could punch twice or use arm weapons & kick but realised if I missed kick I could I made a piloting check. you could even list weapons in arms & legs & torso so help choose like MWO does for weapons - it would not be hard to fix the UI for this just group them

      - Missiles now scatter damage more - agree though I do find it more realistic to scatter I just had to get my head around it - TT was a time saving measure to group for so many lrms

      - You need special abilities to do things like attack more than 1 target - agree if you want a special ability give them a bonus/reduced penalty to hit but all mechs should be able to attack multiple targets

      - I want to be able to turn on spot & have weapons that can fire to rear

      I really love the models though - Piranha did a great job of keeping essence of BT mechs but updating to better models that looked more realistic

    8. RC on

      @Dan I've seen people posting screenshots to threads like this one on HBS's forum which does double duty letting the community know what bugs are being reported, and allowing the devs to see additional information.

      You can also use HBS's contact web form to attach an image (the paperclip icon) ^_^

    9. Dan Spezzano on

      I swore I posted this somewhere but I'm using an ultrawide monitor and the in game supports it and looks great but the lance selection screen had some wonky formatting with the UI on the left side of the screen. I could send a screen shot I just don't know to whom to send it.

    10. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Paul Wilson - Operating System - You don't say what your operating system is but if you're unable to play the beta and would like a refund for the difference between the beta and the next level below it, please email us at There's a little more information in the email we sent you directly today.

      @Andreas Udby - Please check your email regarding access to the beta

      @Jay Jay - are the system specs going to stay the same for the full release?
      We will continue to work on optimization to allow more people to play on "less" computer but it's *very* hard to say what those specs will be or how much they will change at this time. Sorry we can't give you a more definitive answer.

      @Tsunamisan - It's our intention to support Steam Cloud save games but we can't solidly confirm that we'll be able to get that in the game at this time.

    11. Paul Wilson on

      Well that is annoying - first time I have been on kickstarter for a month or so - Real life very very busy - so I get on to steam and use the code and what does it say Beta not compatible with my operating system - WHAT ---- I am very annoyed - looks like I wasted my money on this...

    12. RC on


      This game already has an engaged modding scene growing, lots of streamers enjoying it, and it's only in Beta. The skirmish beta has good reviews almost unilaterally across games media which will interest new gamers to Battletech overall, whether this video game perfectly aligns with tabletop won't stop them from learning about tabletop as they check out the lore. And a lot of Battletech fans from Classic through Dark Age are playing the beta, and I've seen a lot of excitement and good discussion for the game when I google around for info.Even from some people who do agree with your general preferences in HBS's own forum speaking up, there are mechwarriors there who are eagerly looking forward to multiplayer and the launch. And on other forums and communities there seems to be a lot of excitement for the game too. All indications show this game has legs, assuming those in the community don't try to drown it prematurely for not perfectly matching their stripes. There's a lot right being done in this game so far that shouldn't be discounted and Megamek will still be there, and we can still play it. It's not going anywhere. And HBS's Battletech will refresh our overall playerbase across the board.

      The second issue is the fact that CGL determines what's "legal" in Battletech, not us players except at our own tables. CGL's line developer said HBS's game content...storywise, will be canon. So whatever they're cooking up for the Argo it'll be "legal in Battletech" as far as the lore goes. If it doesn't pan out lore wise, then we get another "one off" to talk and joke about for another 30 years like the Phantom Mech Ability or bird aliens or how 3,000 Jumpships became inaccurate historical record and suddenly there are "as any as needed" by at least an order of magnitude more. (Engages Comms, calls for a LyftJump) ^_^

      And, am I wrong, but isn't the Argo a DropShip not a Jump Ship? It's special thing was a docking collar that allowed other smaller dropships to connect, allowing a 3rd party JumpShip to haul them all at the same time by helping provide ship data for the Jump ship's KF drive field computations or something, which does fall somewhat within canon as there have been examples in lore of mucking with Jump fields to encompass larger objects, such as the Ryan Ice cartel ships.

      Finally, we've only seen the skirmish Beta used as a test. HBS was clear that the numbers we see for the beta aren't the final numbers for launch. Don't let the beta determine your final outlook on the game, and I've already seen someone mod the beta so there are no MechWarrior abilities and all mechs have split fire. - Even if the launch version isn't what you want exactly, it'll be close, and the modding community seems determined to get even closer. The repeated doom and gloom really does seem premature, especially when most of your stated issues are addressable.

    13. Bad_Syntax

      Battletech is old, yes, but it has been a *consistent* universe minus a couple planets that have jerked around. The rules are the same, albeit a LOT more complex, today as they were then.
      The Argo is a space station that can jump. May as well have a warp drive as that is not legal in battletech.
      Multi-targeting was *not* optional, everybody could do it.
      The new skills in this game change the dynamics of combat. Now, some mechs can take less damage if they don't move. That is ridiculous in so many ways.
      I'm not saying it has to be the exact same, but for physical attacks to do 350% of their damage in battletech simply changes the game in a HUGE way.
      People haven't hung around this game for 25 years because it changes all the time. Changing everything for this game will quickly make the game VERY short lived, as there isn't that much of a fan base for turn based games, and not that many battletech fans who would prefer this over megamek (which allows larger battles, more unit types, etc, etc).

    14. John Pfeiffer on

      @Bad_Syntax: On the off chance that you're not joking...
      - FASA 1692, THE PERIPHERY, published TWENTY ONE years ago.
      - The Argo is just over half the size of an Invader-class JumpShip.
      - This is true, they're now more realistically scaled. (Haha, I had an Awesome OHKO a Commando earlier...)
      - How so?
      - Unless you're talking about the range and damage values, I can't imagine what differences you're talking about. (And the simple reasons why those are scaled up are 1. the game doesn't have to fit on a table. 2. the math doesn't have to be easy.)
      - After looking at combat logs, I'd put that down to the difference between dice and an actual RNG. #PraiseRNGesus
      - As I recall, multi-targeting was always an _optional rule_.
      - Every edition of the MechWarrior RPG, as well as BattleTech A Time of War have character trait/ability/skill systems. I don't see how this is different. (Especially given the persistent characters and the way they're supposed to continue to develop.)

      I'm Just Sayin' ┐(シ)┌ ™

    15. Missing avatar

      Alan the Alpal on

      Hmm my brand-new computer is having a bit of trouble with this on high resolution. That sucks almost as bad as my tactical ability in this game, lol. Of course, I've mostly been playing with whatever the preset loadouts are just to get in there quicker and test the combat system, but it's good thing I'm not really a MechWarrior, whew!

      @Bad_Syntax, so what if it's not exactly the same as the tabletop? Isn't that kind of the point? No offense, but if you want the tabletop game...go play the tabletop game. This is a computer game designed to try and capture the feel and spirit of it, not the actual mechanics and stats and whatnot.

      And...well...Jordan DID create the Battletech universe so why couldn't he say there's a region of space you didn't know about previously (if that's the case)?

    16. Bad_Syntax

      To me, it isn't battletech because:
      - They changed the universe to suit a story. They added a whole region of space.
      - The base is a space station that jumps
      - physical attacks are now MUCH more powerful than they were in the game
      - Heat sinks don't work the same way
      - Weapons have different capabilities
      - Missiles now scatter damage more
      - You need special abilities to do things like attack more than 1 target
      - Special abilities
      As I said, it isn't battletech, just inspired by it. That being said, it doesn't mean it won't be an enjoyable game.

    17. tarasis on

      Some Furf I think your thinking of Star Citizen, not Battletech.

    18. Some furf on

      I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun when it finally comes out of beta.

      In 2022.

      With about $300 of DLC.

    19. Missing avatar

      Andreas Udby on

      How do I get my copy of the beta? The only thing I've received are some wallpapers.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jay Jay on

      HBS - are the system specs going to stay the same for the full release? If so, I'd like to know sooner rather than later so I can start saving up for a new system. The laptop I purchased in March can't handle the beta...

    21. RC on

      Tabletop is where our experience began, but isn't the only thing that defines content in the Battletech universe. The Beta so far is an in-production example of one element of gameplay, and to me feels sufficiently like just that, an in-production piece of a Battletech game. We still have the Mechbay, mission selections and negotiations, various Battletech trappings, single player campaign, and PvP. In totality, it feels like this will be a solid Battletech game with a Battletech atmosphere, not just a theme. That doesn't mean it's a Battletech tabletop game. It does mean as it comes together, it will be a Battletech game. If they get the feel and atmosphere of being a merc unit the Periphery down, I think it's going to make for an awesome Battletech game. One that hopefully is a start down a road to ongoing improvements, content, expansions, and overall MORE BATTLETECH ^_^

    22. Drew Patterson on

      @Bad Syntax, this raises an excellent point. Is it BattleTech only if it uses the classic game rules? The classic game rules kind of suck for an interesting game. They're fun beer-and-pretzels rules, but there's a reason servers are dead. The BT rules, unlike D&D or Warhammer or any other game system, have more or less layered additional rules on top of the base game without ever rethinking the mechanics (like making initiative more dynamic, or offering a wide range of player skills or abilties), other than their halting support for Alpha Strike.

      Adding the extra fiddliness of BT tabletop rules to this game wouldn't make for a game with more strategic depth, it would just make the game take longer. I'm so glad they streamlined them.

      I don't know why MWO-styled models aren't BT. They're often cooler models than BT models. PLOG or Loose just can't be 3d modeled.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Martos on

      I've greatly enjoyed the beta so far and I'm eagerly awaiting the mechlab to be released, I can't wait to try and test those weird combinations that were so much fun on MechWarrior mercenaries

    24. Tsunamisan on

      Loving the beta so far. Cant wait to see what comes next =) I know its little off topic but i was wandering if once the game is live if it will support steam cloud for the single player campaign? Or Will there be a easy way to back up and share saved games?

    25. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Scott Alex - We plan to be!

    26. Scott Alex

      Will you be at GenCon again ?

    27. Bad_Syntax

      The delay is no problem, but I wish they would have chosen another name.
      This game is pretty good, but it is *NOT* Battletech, it just uses MechWarrior Online styled models which is itself *NOT* Battletech either.
      It looks very moddable which is great, maybe we can make it more like Battletech after the release.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alan the Alpal on

      The Argo and MechBay looked great! So excited!

    29. Alex Clarke on

      Pretty sure i speak for the collective body of reasonable backers when i say the delay for multiplayer is no problem, the current beta has left us feeling very satisfied and we eagerly but patientlt await the chance to blow up our buddies online. Lol

    30. Missing avatar

      Lanky on

      Thanks for the update - I am loving what I have seen so far - keep up the good work :)

    31. Joshua Borlase

      HBS, you should release the placeholder voiceover in a special backer voice pack!