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    1. Arthur Marquis on

      I appreciate it takes time away from the development, but I am ready for a hard date on the beta being available.

    2. RC on

      During a long discussion on the forum, HBS's Tools Designer, "Eck" mentioned he hadn't had a chance to play the internal development PvP skirmish game yet. Then, he completed his current workload, had the opportunity to play, and kicked ass! Check out what he had to say, and some of the internal HBS PvP rankings here:

    3. RC on

      @Nick Gray - Upates aren't monthly. They're *roughly* every 4 to 6 weeks. With the live HBS Dev Q&A coming up on May 10th, and us entering the 6th week since last Update, if they keep to schedule, we should see a new Update within the next week or so. ^_^

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick Gray on

      Where's the monthly update??

    5. RC on

      @Frank No info yet HBS posts Updates roughly every 4 to 6 weeks, not exactly every month. ANd when they have info to give us. They also provide a lot of information through their forums which they keep telling us to go to (because they're rightfully not happy with Kickstarter's comments system for so many reasons).

      There's an "Ask the Devs" section there to scroll through for hundreds of answers ^_^

    6. Frank Wuerbach on

      Any news about the Beta?
      It is almost one month again since this update ...

    7. Missing avatar

      Russell Selkirk on

      @Dunc Wilson - Just remember the penalties to jumping into rough terrain for your piloting rolls. ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Russell Selkirk on

      I still remember the "people who ripped off Japanese anime movies" (who shall not be named) somehow won in actual court, the right to solely use those now missed 'mech designs, even though they themselves stole 3 entire movies and turned them into an Americanized television show.

      I remember it with pain and sadness, because I genuinely enjoyed both the show (and RPG based on it) and Battletech immensely in my youth. It was like watching a bad divorce where the obvious criminal got sole custody of your child somehow. :/

    9. Missing avatar

      Dunc Wilson on

      Looks good, I hope we can actually use jump jets to perch in silly places as pictured.

      I don't understand why 'Apparent Catastrophe' made it as a title, it's a catastrophe, oh wait we only thought it was one.

    10. Maxwell LaChance on

      What's the timeline like at this point? When can we expect this project to actually be finished?

    11. rodabon on

      @Chistopher, I appreciated your insights and that helps. I came to the realization that some of my difficulty might be due to different loadouts on the mechs. The MWO version of the Quickdraw is very different from the classic one but I can appreciate the more 'western' silhouette and stance the re-envisioned version has. I can live with it.

      @Khell, I was busting a gut at your humorous anguish over trying to identify some of these models. I echo some of your sentiments over the loss of the older classic models that I was more familiar with. It will take some getting used to.

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Missing avatar

      Trevor Capp on

      The environments we'll be fighting in are stunning

    14. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on

      Looks gorgeous to me. I am so glad that we have finally a round based game again without all the constant hectic. Allows nice 'chess-like' games with long breaks if necessary and doing other stuff on the side. Just two questions:
      - Can the game be saved between any round?
      - Will there be at some point mod support where people can create own maps? I really hope that game will get a workshop as that's what made MechCommander such a blast.

      Keep up the good work and take your time with the release.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher Werling on

      @Khell: I think the MWO designs is the only thing that somehat redeems that game... sure they're not like the originals, but let's face it, those aren't up to snuff these days (YMMV however :) ) and they're a hell of a lot better than what the mechcommander series did (this i consider objective fact :P)
      IDing the pics top down (several hundred MWO hours on this hunched back):
      1: Griffin firing at Atlas (unsure) in the river left to right: Centurion, unknown, Quickdraw
      2: Trebuchet and Centurion
      3: Shadowhawk firing at unknown, Atlas in backdrop
      4: Battlemaster
      5: Orion
      6: Atlas, Trebuchet to the left, Kintaro coming down the hill
      7: Orion vs Jenner
      8: Battlemaster on fire, Centurion in river
      9: the hard one, left to right: unknown (trebuchet?), Atlas, unknown (Hunchback? behind the hill), Orion, Jenner, Shadowhawk, unknown (guess battlemaster because of shoulderpads, but unsure)
      Hope that helped a bit.

    16. William Janak on

      Those lighting effects with the dusk and almost night pictures are great. Really looking forward to this and I will not lost my Backer key for this! I will never admit to exactly how many games where backed and download email deleted.

    17. RC on


      If you've backed multiple projects that on backerkit, make sure you're in the Battletech Backerkit.

      Did you click the "Get Your Digital Downloads" button? That takes you to the Digital rewards page with the downloads.

      The novellas are rewards available for the MechWarrior ($50) tier and greater. Check to see if you qualify. If not, and you want to, email HBS and they'll work out the difference with you.

      Did you back the project with more than one account? Check to make sure you're logged into the account that qualifies for the novellas.

      If none of this helps, contact HBS directly on their web page Good luck! ^_^

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    19. Missing avatar

      michaelAmiller on

      I went to my backerkit and no novella?

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. Missing avatar

      VeiledMalice on

      Holy crap, those models. Even up close, they look amazing. I suppose that fits, given they're from MWO, but wow. And yeah, everything looks great. Super looking forwards to that beta, but only when it's ready!

    22. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Wow! Just wow! At the last update I said to be patient and take your time, get it right… and that's exactly what you're all doing... but man, the feels, you hit me right in the feels. I'm struggling to be patient! Waiting another month or so for an update feels like a Centurion. But Atlas we'll have a fantastic BattleTech game & thankfully we don't even have to go all Mad Cat or Rifleman about looking for one. It's right here - this team delivers and has Catapulted to new heights.
      This is evidenced by those screenshots; yep nothing Spartan or Locust here and no Hatchetman job either. Unlike an Urban myth, BattleTech will rise again. It might not quite be the Phoenix but there is no Shadow of a doubt that the devs are putting in a Valiant effort and should feel Vindicated.
      The only Stinger here is we all have to wait longer. I might just have to keep myself amused playing Blackjack, Warhammer or watching Commando reruns. Might even watch ant-man again as I heard Wasp makes an appearance. If I have to amuse myself watching movies, I might as well watch Wolverine or even Mauraders. What has been seen cannot be Unseen. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to JumpShip now and can't wait to see who the true Battlemaster will be.
      In other words... Keep up the Awesome work! ;-)
      P.S. I can't stop Raven to Jenner about how great this game looks!

    23. Mihael Dreo on

      You give us goodies and keep us updated, why shouldn't we put our trust in you. Keep up the good work and share it when you're comfortable with it.

    24. Dean Browell

      I just want to say, in case those of us watching this game develop don't see the forest from the (ahem) trees: this game is GORGEOUS. Like, seriously beautiful. I was thinking as I expanded the screenshots that if you had shown me this even a few years back I would have been skeptical it would ever be playable.

      Fantastic job everyone!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Brereton on

      "our team is working at a healthy pace"

      Speaking as someone who works in software engineering I'm very happy to hear this. I can stew in impatience for a little while if it saves people burning out.

    26. Nine

      Me gusta :)
      Nice Pictures

    27. Salvatore on

      What's wrong with this BackerKit? I can't download anything. Connection simply breaks in the middle of downloading.

    28. Josep Gaspar on

      Keep it up and take your time! Looks terrific !

    29. Kevin Delval on

      Still looking great; keep us posted!

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Bastien on

      I haven't been on the forums more than once so I apologize if this is something that was discussed or asked there but in the third screen shot, there's a grid. I was assuming the game would use a "hex" based system.

      I know you're not doing a 100% adaptation of the table game but is there a reason why you went from a hex based system to a grid one?

    31. rodabon on

      Looking at these screenshots I'm curious what scales the devs are using for the mech heights? It would be cool if they published a list of their mech heights in the game. Generally I'm thinking they look more vintage height and not the more bloated heights Mechwarrior published later on.

      For example early on an Atlas was around 12 meters, but later on in the Mechwarrior days it was around 16 meters if I'm remembering correctly.

      I'm having trouble identifying some of the mechs in these shots too. I am a bit rusty though after 20+ years without consuming anything Battletech/Mechwarrior related.

    32. BeCause on

      Wa, wait, what!? Star Wars analogy? C'mon man, should have done like a TAG or Narc reference with us backers supporting with LRMs or close range fire support.

    33. Bad_Syntax

      Looking great.

      Crossing my fingers somehow we get the ability to specify units on each side, a map, and so forth that will let us launch games from the command line. Would be a great campaign tool!

    34. Robert Colt on

      Love the progress notes. Is that a Primitive Wasp on the cover of the new Novella?

    35. S. D. Tortorice on

      Great screenshots! I hope we'll be able to turn off the UI and get near ground-level screenshots, too!

    36. Bernie Monsanto on

      Ohh, the shines are pretty. :) (If Mitch can make a Star Wars reference in a Battletech game I will make a Firefly reference.) lol

    37. Eck on

      So freaking pretty. It's crazy how awesome it looked just a month ago, and how much MORE awesome it looks now.

    38. [E] Caladus on

      Keep up the great work! Going to tuck into the novella meow.

    39. Benjamin Hunt on

      Holy mother, those screen shots are gorgeous! Keep plugging away, Mitch. I know the end result will be worth it (at least we always have Death From Above to keep us company!)

    40. RC on

      SUH-WHEEET! I love the close-ups as much as how the distance perspective works. Can't wait to play! ^_^

      (Checks Backerkit for 2nd novella...)

    41. Jacob Albers on

      Thanks for the update Mitch! We're with you guys! Based on the beautiful mech porn in this update it looks like things are headed in a consistently beautiful direction. Now to hit refresh on my backerkit in anticipation of the latest novella. Stackpole, you magnificent bastard, you've done it again!

    42. Devin C. on

      Thanks for the update and the screen shots! And thank for not working the team into the ground.

    43. alcaray on

      Question: Are there any visual clues that an opponent is getting into heat trouble (other than the obvious flames, when actually on fire)?

    44. Missing avatar

      Angel Rua Amo on

      Nice shots! Thanks you very much for the update. Since I'm a great fan of your previous work, I don't mind to wait a little more. I'm very confident that Battletech will be a great game.

    45. Eric Loken on

      Looking good. I thought the 'Mechs stood out too much in that first screen shot, they seemed to be too bright and not looking like they were part of the scene, and yet they look fine in all the other screen caps. Odd.

      I particularly like the second shot, the two 'Mechs look appropriately lit, the shadow on the one leg while the rest is in the sun, the smoke, the battle damage on the closer 'Mech. They also look like repeatedly patched together machines that have been weathered, not like a shiny machine straight out of the paint shop in the factory - it's all dead sexy! ;)

      Like I said, looking good. I had thought the Spring 2017 beta goal had been too ambitious, so that you are probably only going to miss it by a few months is not a big deal to me. I much prefer it being solid on release (after beta of course), than the usual Release and Patch (maybe) tactic that many big houses (cough)EA(cough) are so fond of. So, keep at it. You're clearly getting there.

    46. Frank Wuerbach on

      Well, one thing I have to say. Although sad that there are no news about the upcoming beta, I am so happy, that you are not rushing into this but really take your time to make sure it will be a great experience.
      I rather wait a while longer and will bite my nails than be frustrated about a beta I can not enjoy. Way to go folks, I am in a YT-1300 above the trench to blast them solar panel salesmen in their solar panel space crafts.

    47. Missing avatar

      Alan the Alpal on

      That is SO freaking weird! I LITERALLY had Star Wars A New Hope playing while I'm working and it was on the Death Star battle when this email came in!! =O

      Every time I see more of this game, the more I want to play it. And I'm SO glad HBS is being open and cautious.

    48. Chadwick on

      Again, thank you for your transparency. I applaud you not releasing the game until we have a solid product that we are going to he happy to play. The markets are unjustly fickle to games.