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The BATTLETECH BackerKit Invitations are on their way!

Posted by Harebrained Schemes LLC (Creator)

We are excited to announce that we have transferred all Backer pledges to our pledge management tool, BackerKit. We know that we have a lot of Backers who have not used Kickstarter or BackerKit before so we’ve included a thorough set of instructions and FAQ items below. 

How do I get my invitation?You should receive an email from BackerKit this week with a link to your account that includes all your Backer information in it. Due to the large number of Backers, it will take a few days for ALL the emails to go out. Please be patient. (And don’t forget to check your spam folder.)

  • If you do not receive your BackerKit email by December 8, just go to this link, enter your Kickstarter (or Paypal) email address, and click on the "Get My Survey" button. You will be sent a new email with a link to your account.
  • If you use your Facebook login for your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey will be sent to the email address you use for your Facebook account.
  • If you have another email address that you would prefer to use, please contact BackerKit support at and they'll get you sorted out.

Do I *Really* Need to Go to BackerKit?
Yes! All Backers must go to their BackerKit account to let us know the type of game key to deliver (Steam, GoG, or Humble).

This account is also where you will return for all your digital rewards (most importantly, your game key when the game releases) so when you’re done, we suggest you make a BackerKit login and password so you can easily return to your account at a later date.

In addition, if you backed at a reward level with physical rewards, this is where you'll tell us which Heraldry set you’d like, what size and color jacket you want, and what your shipping address is.

What If I Included Extra Funds for Add-Ons?
If you pledged extra funds for Add-Ons, you will find a credit in your BackerKit account. As you go through the survey process, you will choose your Add-On items.

Can I Upgrade My Pledge Level or Purchase Add-Ons?
Yes, you can upgrade your pledge level, purchase Add-Ons (and even send some extra support to the studio in the form of bagels!). If you upgrade or purchase Add-Ons, you will need to input payment information in BackerKit - but you will not be charged until we “Lockdown” accounts on January 15.

BackerKit Lockdown and Distribution of Digital Rewards
We will “Lockdown” all BackerKit accounts at 10pm PST on Friday, January 15th. When we hit the button to lockdown accounts, the following will happen:

  • You will no longer be able to make changes or additions to your account (except to update/change your shipping address.)
  • All outstanding balances will be charged
  • Digital Add-Ons of Sourcebook PDFs and ‘Mech Blueprints will become available in your BackerKit account. You will need to return to your BATTLETECH BackerKit account, click the “Get Your Digital Rewards” button and download your rewards

Customized Rewards
For those of you at the Mercenary MechWarrior pledge level ($1000 or above), we’ll be in touch by email in the coming months for more information on your customized rewards. We’ll also make arrangements for you to connect with Michael Stackpole about your E-novel character and visit to HBS.

BackerKit FAQ

1. I didn’t get my BackerKit email invite. What do I do? The easiest thing to do is resend your invite to yourself! Just go here:, enter your Kickstarter (or Paypal) email address, and click on the "Get My Survey" button. You will be sent a new email with a link to your account.

2. I forgot my BackerKit password. How do I get it? Just go here: https:/, enter your Kickstarter (or Paypal) email address, and click on the "Get My Survey" button. You will be sent a new email with a link to your account.

3. I want to sign back into, but I don’t remember the email I used for my account. How do I get it? It should be your Kickstarter (or Paypal) account email. If that doesn’t work, please email and they will help you.

4. I have a question about BackerKit that isn’t covered here. What do I do? Head over to, or email the team directly at They’re happy to help!

5. Why do I have to use BackerKit again? The BackerKit folks are experts in streamlining the process of delivering crowd-funded rewards. Using their service allows our team to maintain focus on making a great game. 

While our Community Team has been busy getting BackerKit all set up, the Dev Team has been driving hard on preproduction. We’ll be back with an update before the end of the year on what’s been keeping them busy. Now, go look for that BackerKit email and fill out your survey!

And when you're done with that, come hang out with us over at ComStar: The Global BattleTech Community Forum! The forums are a much easier and enjoyable place to communicate with your fellow MechWarriors than the Kickstarter Comments page (for sure). Join the community, share and enjoy fan works, and pledge your affiliation to your House!


PS: Our friends at Catalyst Gaming Labs recently announced the Beta Release of the first of a new line of sourcebooks for Alpha Strike - Combat Manual: Mercenaries. The limited-time Beta PDF sells for $5. While the deadline for feedback was originally December 10th, due to holidays and the excellent feedback received to date, it’s been extended to January 10th! When the final version is released at the standard price, Beta version owners will automatically receive a free upgrade.

BattleTech Combat Manual: Mercenaries contains information on the soldier-for-hire trade and their place in the Inner Sphere. This manual takes a look at some of the most renowned mercenaries of the 31st century circa 3025-3050, detailing their histories, tactics, unit crests, paint schemes, and notable personnel. The Alpha Strike expansion includes special rules for unique character abilities, faction-specific rules, force-building, and a mini Technical Readout—everything you need to field your favorite mercenary command on the tabletop or create your own.

Catalyst is also offering a few specially priced combo packs for the Alpha Strike Core Rulebook and Alpha Strike Companion PDFs. And for a limited time, all Lance Packs are now $14.99 instead of the standard $19.99. If you haven’t given Alpha Strike a try yet, you can download a free QSR PDF of the rules. You can find it all on DriveThruRPG or BattleCorps

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    1. mike on


      I am almost there with you, just change Davion for Kurita and 7th Crucis Lancers for your 6th Alshain Regulars. Just finished my mech regiment, will later expand it to a reinforced regiment, but working on the rest of my RCT right now.

    2. Missing avatar

      thomas herzog on

      Got a reply from backerkit support (a while back, they were quick!). Mandatory address was indeed not intended and has been fixed! thanks everyone concerned/involved! :)
      Just for the record: I added the poster PDFs to the standard game package...

    3. Missing avatar

      TheJTrain on

      @HBS, w00t that's great news, thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Marco Tritschler on

      hrm.. i was like "YAY, finally news on the project" and then its no news on battletech itself at all :/

      will we get anything soon? sure you have some new insights and rough concepts for us after a month?

    5. ZephyrSB

      Just filling mine in, and the House Davion handbook appears to be missing from the options for individual pdfs.

    6. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Michael Kohne and TheJTrain - And we have confirmation - Our backend is platform agnostic so we anticipate that PvP will be functional between the different distribution platforms.

    7. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Michael Kohne and TheJTrain - not ignoring the question, just want to confirm with Chris A, our lead engineer, that it will be "cross-platform" and he's been out sick the last couple days. Thanks for your patience!

    8. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Jun Ting Ho - you won't need to choose which House Wallpaper you want, you'll have access to all of them and can just use the one you want

    9. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Andy - if you find that your jacket doesn't fit properly, we'll probably need you to mail it back to us and then cover the shipping cost for the second jacket.

    10. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @thomas - you shouldn't need to give us your address unless you are receiving physical rewards. There must be a toggle that's not set correctly. Could you email us and let us know which items you chose so we can go back and check them. Thanks!

    11. peter woolford on

      Got mine last night , and do Injoy the bagels :)

    12. RC on

      @thomas I've seen other backers comment on it. Just drop a message to let them know.

    13. Missing avatar

      thomas herzog on

      Why do I need to provide full name/phone/address info, when the pledge and add-ons are purely digital? *dislike* happened after adding the pdf-blueprints, might be happening to others?

    14. Robert Mills

      Alpha strike is an excellent game for mass battle Battletech - lacks the chrome of full BT rules but is a great way to play 20 vs 20 mech combat in an afternoon

    15. Missing avatar

      TheJTrain on

      "Are the different "store" options going to be cross-platform playable, or will it be steam vs steam only, etc?"

      That's a great question, and I'll be waiting for an answer before I do the BackerKit thing.

    16. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Are there any provisions made for being able to exchange a jacket for one of a different size if the original order doesn't fit? I'm not particularly worried about it, since the sizing is pretty much a dead on match for the sized of all my other jackets and coats, but last time I ordered a coat online, what should have fit just fine by the measurements was several inches too small across the shoulders.

    17. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on

      Never mind, I just found it. Its a tiny little link that I completely overlooked when trying to do this on my iPhone. Sorry for my rant a minute ago.

    18. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on

      Ok I have a problem. I was hoping to "upgrade" to the Elite MechWarrior pledge level when I had more money so I could get the Jacket. However, I don't see an upgrade, I see a add-on. Which requires me to spend another $290 to get the jacket. I expecting an upgrade so I only had to pay another $155 for the Jacket. Whats the deal?

    19. Jun Ting Ho on

      When will we get to choose which House Wallpaper we get?

    20. Colin Duff on

      Shucks - was really hoping to see more physical rewards by this time, like banners and/or pins. :( Fooey.

    21. RC on

      @Michael Kohne BOTH GoG and Humble will provide a DRM-free download of the game.

      Steam will -not- be DRM free.

    22. tarasis on

      Cheers the update, got the link in the mail.

    23. Michael Kohne on

      If I want my copy of the game to be DRM-free, do I have to choose a specific parter (GOG vs Humble vs Steam)? Or can I get DRM-free through any of them?

    24. Christoph Sapinsky on

      You have the choice between Steam, GOG, and Humble; it is great to see choice, but I would love to have Windows 10 store as a choice.

    25. BattleFalcon on

      I hope that when you lock down the surveys, you'll post a pie chart showing how many pledged to each House. I am really curious to see that distribution.

    26. Ken Mencher

      Are the different "store" options going to be cross-platform playable, or will it be steam vs steam only, etc?

    27. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Andres Silva - Hm. Took a look and nothing jumped out as set wrong. We'll contact BackerKit to see if they can help.

    28. Doktor Jones

      @Harebrained thanks for the quick response! They're all really sexy, but my father and I are sworn to House Marik. I intend to send him the jacket for his birthday (it's in June, so that'll be plenty of time right?), then when I fly out to visit I'll be wearing my hat :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Andres Silva on

      There seems to be an issue when selecting the blueprint set. Set the quantity and select add to cart and it fails to do so asking for an option to be selected. Since there are no options this seems stuck.

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @Doktor Jones - Here's a link where you can see all the Herldry set images.

      Thanks for asking - we've added it to the pledge question now.

    32. TheRealCuran on

      Already got my invite (was a little worried, since I didn't see this KS show up in my login immediately) and answered the questions.

      Btw, is still an issue for me. Can you reach out to Catalyst and have them fix this? (I don't have problems with other cloudfront backed pages so far, including BackerKit.)

      Also a note about the survey: when choosing an additional copy of the game as an addon I get asked for what platform and immediately after that I have to answer a survey, asking me on which platform I want to get that copy. Not sure if this is a bug with BackerKit or with how you set up the addons. Just thought I let you know.

    33. Harebrained Schemes LLC 4-time creator on

      @vinente - If you backed the game through Kickstarer in addition to your Vanguard Elite pledge, you should find a $50 credit in your BackerKit account. You can use this for Add-Ons or, if you would like a refund, please contact us at

    34. Michael Barnhart on

      Got mine already AND it included the $50 I pledged at GenCon! VERY nice!!!

    35. Kyle Schleich

      Done and done!

    36. Doktor Jones

      What is the "BATTLETECH" heraldry option, in addition to the five houses?

    37. Karlen on

      Done and done! And added a Mad Cat print too! That is too bad ass not to get.

    38. Missing avatar

      Vicente Cartas

      How are we getting the money we put on PAX refunded from our pledge?

    39. Missing avatar

      Ezraen on

      IGNORE ME! I just noticed I had multiple surveys to complete once I clicked on this link:

      All is good!

    40. Missing avatar

      Ezraen on

      Hi! I got my backerkit invite, but it only shows my $1 pledge that I had to keep getting my kickstarter updates. I pledged $125 through paypal using the same email as the one I use for kickstarter, and that $125 tier isn't showing up in backerkit.

    41. Elliot Jenner on

      Any word on the physical addons?