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Yes! Physical attacks and Death From Above are in the game!
Yes! Physical attacks and Death From Above are in the game!


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    1. Vadim Miturev on

      its fantastic results

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      Roberto A Maisel on

      My favorite moment in the Mechwarrior campaign was sitting in the marauder and snipping with gauss rifles and a targeting computer!

    3. Zirujauak on

      Death from above? My favorite MAD attack. Also, want that t-shirt.

    4. Jon Hallin on


    5. Krazus on

      I'm just not excited enough about this. It looks and sounds awesome!!!!
      Now if only I could persuade my better half the merit of a battletech jacket :)

    6. Trevor Reeve-Newson on

      I love the t-shirt, can you offer those for sale? please

    7. Missing avatar

      DM on

      The reward I really want is that Death From Above tee shirt on the update pic :)

      I'm tempted by the jacket but it looks a little baggy.

      Oh, and SUPER excited about this awesome game. I remember reading all the core novels and the rule book.... Since no one near me actually played it!

    8. David Heth on

      Thumbs up, it's not Battletech without death from above and sifting through building rubble for a makeshift melee weapon.

      BTW Nice shirt, I got that artwork as a Poster at Gen-Con. :)

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      John Vilnis on

      @Brian Ledbetter,
      Yeah ammo explosions are a fun way to kill a mech along with an engine explosion.
      But as to making it so that any explosion of ammo will vent outside the armor, that is exactly what CASE is for. You basically have to armor the inside of the ammo storage and put in a venting system that allows the explosion to escape without the pressure and heat destroying the surrounding parts of the mech.
      As to mechs being passed down through families, well that will happen a lot but also there will be a lot of mechs being destroyed by various means where they have to be totally rebuilt.
      And not every battle will be to the death as the old saying 'Those who run away will live to fight another day' holds true.

    10. Eddy on

      Damn, I wanted to have enough money to back at the 2k level but college books and materials drained my funds, I'm studying Concept Art so maybe someday I can design some cool mechs of my own. The Mad Cat will be in the game right? it's so iconic, no way you'll leave it out. Congrats on achieving the funds so fast!

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Goens on

      I'm assuming that sizing and other stuff that's customizable (like house banners) are going to be specified in upcoming emails/etc. since I didn't see anywhere to select them in the kickstarter signup/payment page?

    12. Brian Ledbetter on

      Hey HBS!

      Can you put this post in front of Weisman? It is really my biggest and only complaint about the Battletech system and it directly relates to the 3025 rule set.

      A Long time CBT player here and I want to talk about ammo explosions and the math of the game.

      As the rules stand now an ammo explosion is one of the single most devastating events that can happen to a mech, causing literally hundreds of points of damage. Some people have gone so far as to brag about how much damage their mech took as it blew into a million pieces. No unit in the game can mathematically survive the amount of damage a full ammo bin exploding can cause or cope with it in any sort of moderation. As it stands now, you either have CASE and your mech survives (even if it's taken out of the fight) or it doesn't and you now own a rapidly cooling debris field.

      Not all ammo explosions are fatal, there are certain mechs that are ammo hogs and it's very possible that your recently critted bin only contains a single shot or two, thereby allowing you to suffer a moderate amount of damage that your internal structure might be able to cope with.


      The game effects of ammo explosions directly contradict the "Fluff" of Battletech books going all the way back to the 1980's, where the mechs of the succession wars were passed on from generation to generation as valued family possessions. Realistically in game terms, before the return of CASE, any mech with an ammo bin couldn't be counted on to survive more than 2 or 3 engagements in a campaign before it took an ammo hit and was cored out, rendering it useless for salvage purposes. So much for time tested battle machines hundreds of years old. There's just no way that anything other than Locust 1E'S, Awesome 8Q's, and other energy boats would be salvageable on a regular basis.

      As an aside, I think this very vulnerability is what turns more new players off from even thinking about playing level one (3025-3039) games. Why field a mech that can die from one lucky crit?

      My solution is this:

      Ammo explosions do 1/10th the damage they do now, rounding up (Machine gun ammo does 1/100th). Just ammo, Gauss and other explosive components would remain the same.

      So, in summary, this is the damage a full ton of the listed ammo would do:

      SRM 2 or 4:                  20 points
      SRM 6:                         18 points
      LRM:                            12 points
      MRM:                           24 points
      MML:                  LRM 12 / SRM 20 points
      ATM 3/6/12 ER:             6 points
      ATM 3/6/12:                12 points
      ATM 3/6/12 HE:           18 points
      ATM 9 ER:                     7 points
      ATM 9:                        13 points
      ATM 9 HE:                   19 points
      AC 2:                            9 points
      AC 5/10/20:                 10 points
      Narc:                            2 points
      iNarc:                           2 points
      RL 10:                          1 point
      RL 15:                          2 points
      RL 20:                          2 points
      Vee  Flamer:                 4 points
      LMG:                            2 points
      MG:                             4 points
      HMG:                           3 points
      AMS:                           3 points
      cAMS:                          5 points

      This same rule would apply to all units, but due to their simpler construction and internal structure rules, I don't see it changing the outcome of ammo explosions for vehicles and aerospace fighters very much. This is on purpose to maintain the fact that the mech is the king of the battlefield.

      Now take a good long look at that list. That is the damage your mech will take from a full ammo bin exploding. If there is less ammo, it will take less damage. You may have to pull out a calculator, or merely brush up on your 3rd grade multiplication, but this is not an overly complicated process.

      Before you dismiss this post, I would ask you to look over some of your designs, levels 1 and 2, and imagine how things would play out if you tried this as a house rule in a game or two. Can most of your mechs take this level of damage and continue to fight on, even though this may seriously cripple them? Could they be salvaged if the pilot fries or passes out? Could they retreat from the battle to fight another day? Would this be more fun, realistic game play, and better for campaigns?
      The math of the rules we use now just doesn't make any sense. Why record 120 points of damage from an exploding ton of LRM 15 ammo if nothing can take 120 points? If you would like some kind of "real world" justification for why I think this is a sensible rules change, imagine this;

      Today, we have invented the technology and the design philosophy that ammo stored in a military vehicle should explode outward from the vehicle. Can you really see, even in thousands of years, that military contractors will ever forget this simple idea? If it helps, think of this rule as representing that every unit has this design perk, this primitive form of C.A.S.E., automatically built in to everything.

      I'm not saying that the ammo explosions don't still do the damage listed, just that 90% of it is directed out and away, so that your multimillion C-Bill machine doesn't turn into a firecracker.

      I'd like to think that this would make CBT a better gaming experience, open people up to more level 1 games, and cause players to think of IS XL engines as something other than deathtraps.

      Well, maybe not that last bit.

      I hope you like the idea, it's a pretty simple rules tweak and it changes how the game punishes you for carrying ammo, it also gets rid of the ridiculous/game-math breaking amounts of damage a unit can suffer.

      Thank you

    13. Robert Ostrowski on

      All i can say is best of luck for all the jackets and other battletech swag you guys have to dish out

    14. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      Congrats on the quick initial raise!

      Curious if we can get an add-on for the full set of dogtags? Seen a couple people mention that and I would like it, too. I did the $50 package since I don't want a jacket, and I don't want to be locked into one faction only. But I'd gladly spend a bit more to get all the faction dogtags. Heard this option was available at PAX earlier this year. Thanks!

    15. Leiðulfr Von Link on

      I know I'm thinking ahead here and probably concerned about the wrong thing; but, could you later detail the measurements for that Flight Jacket? It looks bad ass. I'm sure there won't be any exchanges for sizes, so I want to make sure I get the perfect fit. Sometimes I wear smalls, sometimes mediums; depends on the measurements.

      Thanks and good luck with the project!

    16. Caio Alves on

      No prisioners? Sorry, but I'll take the prisioners and treat them well. I'll leave the war crimes for Draconis Combine, Capellan Confederation, Federated Suns, and Lyran Commonwealth ;)

    17. John Lacy


      I'll still boot up Mechcommander to this day, and even Mech Merc for when I want that Sweet, Sweet Solaris action!

      Tell me, please, that we will get the announcer back!

    18. ThomasN on

      It appears the people trust your leadership, sir. Can't wait to beat somebody up in this game :-)

    19. Micheal T. Dodson

      Many Happy Campers and Backers at MWO. Have spread the message to World of Warships, Star Trek On-line (both sides) and Star Citizen.

      As the Kickstarter grows, the money will flow, which means the game will grow! Qapla'

    20. Sleet01 on

      Jake demands Hermes II tackle attacks. He DEMANDS them!!!

    21. medivac on

      Oh will there be Goliaths? I loved taking out Goliaths in the 80's, been playing Battletech table top and Mechwarrior since it was released in the UK, then built a 486 dx4/100 just for Mechwarrior 2 (Matrox Mystique FTW \o/) Loved and still Love the Mike Stackpole Books Warrior En Garde in my top 10. I know your going to do this justice. Good luck peeps :D

    22. Solkan on

      Bawidamann pin'up ? You are a man of sure taste !

      May be could he make some Battletech shirts for this KS ?

    23. Tsunamisan on

      Love it i was alway hoping for this specialt since Mechwarrior Tactics didnt really catch my interest with the card game addition slow loading times ect. I hve high hopes for a real battletech game =) But i also wanted to ask as this is already a sucessful kickstarter what do you plan next after this title in a few years like mission disks or Maybe another Mechwarrior title going back to the roots like the originals Wher i thought Mechwarrior online fell short. It was more of duke it out single mech not commanding your lance of mechs lik in MW2 you had 3 other lance or 4 other if a star if i recall it has been a while.

    24. Solaris on

      I want that shirt!

    25. Mark H. Walker on

      Yep, I knew it! It was the shout out we gave on the Tiny Battle Publishing Facebook page.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stefka Kerensky on

      Stage 4, guys.
      Stage 4!

    27. Jefferey McDowell on

      Now include the TEE! ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Misiuk on

      Physical attacks... love it

    29. Rentier on

      >>>The enmey front is crushed and they retreat chaotically
      >>>ATLAS'es move forward at high speed
      >>>no time to reload - thats for later
      >>>ammo-trucks are stuck but we get them moving right in time

    30. Missing avatar

      cmdrnmartin on

      I have that shirt Weisman! Love Bawidamann's work!

    31. Ezekiel on

      Awesome, great to see ! :)

    32. Velociraptor on

      Primary mission accomplished. Commencing attack on secondary social media goals. Analysts predict 100% chance of victory.

    33. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      Spreading the word as best I can, too.

    34. TheRealCuran on

      Yay! HBS, you make me a serial backer, is this a condition I should have my doctor look into? :-D

    35. Matthäus Cebulla on

      I am now offering a "Brownies for Backers" program for friends and family: Whoever backs, gets a tray of brownies!

    36. Missing avatar

      jon barrett on

      Roger that commander. Im gonna rock the hell out of that jacket and hat. :)

    37. RC on

      FORWARD!! Once More Unto The Breach, MechWarrior! It is time to unleash the BATTLETECH! ^_^

    38. Missing avatar

      Nicklaus on

      Is that shirt a backer incentive?

    39. Jeffrey Gordon on

      Copy that. Social Media targets acquired. Engaging now.

    40. Otoshigami No. 40723

      YES keep spreading the word. GOGOGOGOGOGO!! :D